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Seoul Station’s Necromancer - Chapter 164


Chapter 164 - Bibi's Castle (3)

Over half of the participants in the assembly were representatives from foreign nations.

One of them was from Japan. He yelled out.

’’In the end, aren't you just saying you are going to monopolize the spoils of war?’’

The word, 'vanguard', might just be a pretty word to cover up the fact that Kahng-woojin was trying to monopolize all the glory.

’’Then you go first.’’

’’...what are you..’’

’’If there is someone willing to go before me, I welcome it. I won't stop anyone. I'll just go when everyone in front of me gets wiped out.’’


The man had nothing to say.

Kahng-woojin had overwhelming strength.

That was the problem. The war itself broke down if Kahng-woojin was absent. Still, he wouldn't gain much if he just followed behind Kang-woojin's back...

’’Why are you being so greedy?’’


’’I guess no one is taking this situation as serious as me? I'm estimating 90% of the world's population would disappear in a month.’’


Kahng-woojin's words had caused a disturbance, but a heavy silence descended on the group.

’’Let's not get greedy. Let us pool our strength together.’’

A good number of people became trouble at Woojin's words. Several people became surprised at his words. Melody had been watching from the side, and her surprise was beyond imagination.

'The Immortal is trying to reason with others...'

She never expected such a thing to happen. If she told this story to anyone on Alphen, they'll think she was making a joke. They would tell her to buzz off.

’’Please don't sugar coat it with your hopeful words. Even if we do start a wasteful war, wouldn't destruction be waiting for us in the end?’’

A man's face alternately turned pale and red as he asked a question. Woojin smiled.

’’In the end, Earth will probably be destroyed, but there is hope. We have to find a way to permanently destroy the Dungeons. We have to last until that time. What choice do we have?’’

Woojin looked at the crowd, and he gave a meaningful laugh.

’’I'm sure there are some of you that wants to take the easy road. There will be those like Lee-sahngho. You probably want to attach yourself to a Dimensional lord. I'm sure there are traitors that would sell earth to save their own lives.’’


’’I'm sure that it will happen. Those bastards are the first ones I will kill.’’

Woojin stopped speaking, but none in the crowd was able to easily open their mouths. Some were making calculations regarding profit and loss. Some became resolutely determined on the course of action they would take. There were also those that couldn't think in such state of confusion.

’’This is the end of the open data. This is the end of the guidance I'm willing to provide before we have to act to save the earth.’’

The topic was heavy and grim. However, Woojin was speaking in such a cheerful tone, so hope started to sprout in everyone's heart.

’’All the Roused of earth should share in the task when the Dungeons Reset. You all have to do your best to clear them.’’

They had to lessen the number of paths the enemies could use to invade earth.

’’When a Dungeon Breaks, don't be cheap about using your resources. Do your best to eradicate the monsters.’’

They had to defeat the enemies by being on the same page.

’’The best defense is offense. Therefore, I'll be trying to find a way to demolish the Dungeons once and for all. This is why I'll be going to Alphen, which had been encroached on recently by Trahnet.’’

Woojin spoke as if he had repeated these words to himself before.

’’I'll be taking a vanguard to Alphen tomorrow morning. You all have to do a good job protecting earth until I get back.’’


It did seemed like Woojin would gone for an extended amount of time....

’’If you have any questions, I want you to direct it towards Prime minister Jung.’’

Woojin turned around, and he left the stage.

Minchan replaced the empty spot with a dark expression on his face.

’’I have a question!’’

’’Let me ask one first. How many members will be in this vanguard?’’

’’The rights to the loots one obtains from the Alphen expedition....’’

The questions were pouring out, and Minchan was a bit faint when he became bombarded with the questions.


He wanted to run away, but he was in charge of cleaning up after Kahng-woojin.

He started answering the questions one by one.


After exiting the KH hotel, Woojin immediately left towards Alandal. He searched for his mother and dongsaeng.

Sooah was playing with the dog, Bokhwee, which had gotten larger again. His mother had only eyes for her daughter, and she couldn't tear her eyes away from Sooah.

’’You are back?’’

’’Yes. Hey, Sooah.’’

’’Yes, oppa?’’

Sooah ran up to Woojin.

Even Bokhwee was shaking his tail as he whined.

’’Are you having any weird dreams lately?’’

’’Nope. I don't dream any more.’’

After joining the ranks of the Roused, Sooah returned to being her normal self.

She would be able to use her Holy Power, and she'll probably hear the god's voice sporadically.

’’What about your abilities?’’

’’Heh heh. I'm like a ghost.’’

Sooah looked at her two hands, which was dyed blue. When he saw the energy filled with Blessings, Woojin reacted like a magnet being repelled.

’’Other people really like it when I do this. It isn't working on oppa.’’

’’Oppa is a little bit different from others. Anyways, we are moving tomorrow.’’

’’Huh? Why are we suddenly moving?’’

The one, who became agitated by Woojin's words, was his mother Lee-soogyung.

’’I bought a boat. We'll be living there.’’

’’How can we live on a boat?’’

’’Mmm. It's a big one.’’

’’Is it something like a yacht? Does it have a kitchen inside?’’

’’It is something similar.’’

’’...all right.’’

’’You don't want to ask me any more questions?’’

Lee-soogyung shook her head from side to side.

’’I know how hard you are working. I know how much you think about us. I know you have your reasons for doing this.’’


Woojin just smiled. Sooah's ability had awakened. If he wanted to, he could take Sooah to his Dimensional Domain. However, his mother Lee-soogyung was different. She was a level 2.

One had to reach level 10 if one wanted to develop abilities of a 1st Circle. If one looked at her growth speed, it was very unlikely that she'll become a Roused.

This was why he had bought the aircraft carrier, which can move in a time of emergency. He was building the Colony city solely for Lee-soogyung.

He had gathered a significant amount of Dimensional Points. Even if he was absent from earth, the Colony could use the Points to defend itself.

’’I just wanted to give you a heads up.’’

’’All right. If you are busy, you should go do your work.’’

Lee-soogyung had a look in her eyes as if she wanted more time to spend with him. However, she couldn't take time away from him, so she couldn't look him in the eyes.

Woojin felt her feeling, and he felt sorry. However, he just didn't have the time.

One hand couldn't block all ten hands that was coming towards him.

The enemies were numerous, and there were over several hundred entrances that led to earth.

It would be impossible to clear all the Dungeons in time. The battle would start to slowly shift from the Dungeons to earth.

He had to make it so that he could at the very least be able to summon Yong Yong.

He was curious about the goddess that had made Sooah her vassal. However, he couldn't find out more about her until she appeared again out of her own volition. He didn't even know her name, but she didn't seem like a malicious existence.

In the Alphen expedition, he'll save the surviving allied forces. Then he'll let Sooah learn everything about being a Holy Maiden from Melody.

Woojin visited Jiwon's room next.

He entered after knocking. When she saw Woojin, she scrambled towards him. Cindy was with Jiwon, so Woojin glanced at her.

’’Huh? She hasn't left yet?’’

’’She received trauma from that time, and she knows this place is the safest location.’’


’’We are going to move.’’


’’Where? Where are you guys going?’’

The surprised Cindy asked Woojin. He spoke in a nonchalant manner.

’’I bought a boat. We'll be moving there.’’

’’Huhk! Is it perhaps the aircraft carrier?’’

Any news regarding Woojin was published in a matter of minutes. His purchase of the aircraft carrier was a topic of discussion for the past couple days.


At Woojin's words, Cindy's expression darkened.

’’What is it? If you have something to say, then say it. Stop acting like a constipated puppy.’’

’’Do you think I can go too?’’

’’Did you retire?’’

’’No... I haven't, but...’’

’’It is only for the employees of Alandal.’’

To be more precise, it was for the employees that took up the citizenship up Alandal upon their hire. It was for their family. He didn't want his employees to hesitate in going out to fight. He had arranged it in a way that their families would be protected at all cost.

’’So I'm not allowed on it?’’

’’What do you know how to do?’’


’’You are useless, so why should I let you on the boat?’’


It seemed Cindy had received a significant amount of shock from his words. She looked at him with a blank expression.

When had she ever been treated as being useless before?

It seemed Cindy's pride had taken a big hit, so Do-jiwon intervened.

’’Cindy is under my care... Can't she say until she gets a little bit better?’’

’’What is she recuperating from?’’

Woojin looked Cindy up and down.

’’Hmm. She doesn't look like she is hurting anywhere.’’

’’The trauma her mind received from that event....’’

Woojin smirked when Jiwon advocated for Cindy.

’’Even a kid is coping better than her. Is she being a little bit too whiny?’’

Cindy bit her lower lips at Woojin's words. She recalled Sooah, whom she had seen before.

She was aware of it. She knew there are a lot of people that were living a hard life on top of having mental trauma. She knew she was speaking with a full stomach.

Cindy's eyes turned red.

’’Yes, I was immature.’’

’’I'm glad you realize that now.’’

Wow... His words were...

’’I'll be going.’’

’’All right. I'll see you next time.’’

Cindy was trying hard not to cry, and she strode out of the room.


Jiwon was about to chase after her, but Woojin grabbed her arm.

’’Ah. Let me go.’’

’’What are you going to do if you catch up to her?’’

Did she really need comforting at this moment?

’’You were too harsh. You could have told her in a more softer manner.’’

Kang-woojin was too much of a straight shooter.

Jiwon's reproachful gaze slid off of him. Woojin shrugged his shoulders.

’’For what purpose?’’

’’...whatever. Let me go.’’


Jiwon looked up at Woojin.

’’When you act like this, I get really scared. Will you throw me away like her if I'm useless?’’

’’No. The weight of your soul differs from her soul.’’


Tears were about to be shed from Jiwon's eyes. She turned her head away from him, and she headed towards the direction Cindy had disappeared to. Woojin was left alone, and he shrugged his shoulder.


’’You were a bit too harsh, hyung.’’

Do-jaemin suddenly appeared out of the darkness. Woojin looked at him with a sour expression.

’’ long were you there?’’

’’I saw the whole thing.’’

’’So you've grown a little?’’

Jaemin's camouflage ability was on par with Ggaebi now.

’’Heh. Anyways, when is Sunggoo hyung-nim coming back?’’

’’Ah, I don't know. He'll be back when it's time.’’

He'll be coming back after he finished his training. Woojin had no idea how long that would be, but Sunggoo would be coming back within a day. He needed Sunggoo and Jaenis in the Alphen expedition. The presence of both of them were a must.



When she exited the door, Cindy let out the tears she had been holding back.

She knew it. Her whining didn't suit this crazy new world.

’’Uh uh? Excuse me.’’

She ran outside as she cried. The employee that had been passing by her tried to call after her, but she didn't look back.

’’You evil bastard. Hoo-ehhhhng’’

She couldn't control her tears. The fact that she had been attracted to such a cold man for even a brief moment made her that much more angry at herself.

’’If you go out right now.....’’

The employee was calling after her, but she continued with her walk of shame.

'Ah, this is so embarrassing!'

She planned on calling her manager immediately after she exited this place. She headed towards the front gate.

She followed the wall, and she arrived at the front gate. Several dozen cameras started flashing at the same time. They hadn't been waiting for her. The reporters were on standby. They were targeting anyone that was leaving this place.

Cindy had gotten herself caught in this maelstrom.

’’Wow. What the hell? Isn't that Cindy?’’

’’Jackpot! Why is she crying right now?’’

’’Is it a scandal with the king of Alandal?’’

Click, click!

Her tears dried up when she heard the endless soud of the shutters being pressed. She hadn't expected to run into this swarm of reporters, so she had a dazed expression on her face.

'Ah. This is bad.'

She had regained her wits too late. Her eyes became focused again.

She was embarrassed, taken aback and flustered.

She had to get out of this situation, but she couldn't come up with a solution.

Her unsightly look was secondary. What would happen to her public image when the gossip tabloids print out stories about her?

She had created a situation that was ripe for gossip. Alandal was the hottest news around right now, and an entertainer had just exited the place in tears....

She didn't know how to minimize the damage, so her eyes started to fill with tears again. She turned her body away, but the sounds of camera shutters being pressed didn't end.

She felt a panic attack coming on. Her world started to spin in a dizzying fashion.

At that moment, a warm fire fell from the sky and it encased her.



When she turned around, there was a burning man there.

’’Uh? Why are you crying?’’

’’...hoo-oohk. Ka-ah-ahng. Hoo-oohk-oong. That evil son of a bitch...hoo-ohng. The reporters and their cameras...ooh-eehhhng.’’

’’Hmmm. Please don't cry.’’

Human Flame.

The flame that was surrounding Sunggoo disappeared, and it ignited somewhere else.


’’Uh uh?’’

’’Ahk! What the hell!’’

The lens from the cameras all exploded, and all the memory cards started to burn. Cindy was so surprised that she looked up at Sunggoo's face.

’’Heh heh. Are you from Yuri Girls? Can you give me an autograph inside?’’


Hong-sunggoo's bright and untainted smile was reflected in Cindy's tears.


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