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Seoul Station’s Necromancer - Chapter 162


Chapter 162 - Bibi's Castle

’’Yes. They'll all be safe.’’

Woojin was very serious about this subject.

While he was out in the battlefield, he had to believe that his family was safe. It wasn't just about his workers. Woojin's mother and Sooah would be here.

’’What happened to Kim-kahngchul?’’

’’He completely fell off the radar.’’


The bastard will someday try to contact him again. Woojin didn't need to put much effort into catching him. He had more important tasks to accomplish.

’’When is the guild general assembly?’’

’’It is scheduled to be at 7 at night.’’

’’We still have a lot of time left.’’

It was a little bit past 9 in the morning. There was quite a lot of time left until dinner.

’’Ah. The aircraft carrier is anchored at the Busan Port.’’

Woojin had been heading towards Alandal, but he stopped walking.


’’Yes. However...’’

’’What? Is there a problem?’’

’’We've sent employee ahead to receive it at Busan, but it seems the aircraft carrier is not in a good state.’’

’’So they gave me an old one.’’

The aircraft carrier was going to be put out of commission about 5 years ago, but the UK lent it out to India when they asked for its use. In Alandal's deal, this same aircraft carrier was sent to Korea.

Jung-minchan had a slightly seriously expression on his face, and he carefully spoke to Woojin.

’’If you don't like it, I'll renegotiate the deal.’’

’’It's all right. Can it move?’’


’’I'm asking if it can sail.’’

’’It can sail, but....’’

’’Then it's fine.’’

Woojin didn't care about types of weapons mounted on it or what was given along with the deal.

’’The deck of the ship is in rough shape, and it'll cost us a lot of money to mount more weapons on it. Moreover, we'll need to hire people to operate it. The convoy ships were also excluded from this contract. If we want to make a decent fleet, we'll have to spend two to three times the money....’’

’’I don't need that stuff.’’

What would an aircraft carrier be without aircrafts and convoy ships?

’’Then it would basically be a really big boat that can move....’’

’’That's the most important part.’’


’’I want a ground that moves.’’


’’I'll be back before 6.’’

Woojin headed towards Alandal's Safari. He headed towards the nest of the Wyverns.

’’W...where are you going?’’

’’I'm going to go tidy up our new house.’’


Did he hear wrong?

’’Slowly, get everyone ready to move.’’

’’A...are you perhaps···.’’

Woojin grinned as he got on top of a Wyvern.


The Wyvern pushed off forcefully against the ground with Woojin on it. When Woojin was far into the distance, the surprised Baek-jungdo approached Jung-minchan.

’’Prime Minister Jung. Where is brother Kahng going?’’

’’···he said he was going to go claim the aircraft carrier.’’


Jung-minchan opened his smart phone, and he called Kim-haemin, who was already down in Busan.

’’Haemin-ah. The president just left towards your direction.’’

[Ah. Is that so? When is he getting here? Which route is he taking?]

’’He is riding the Wyvern over there.’’

[What? Then where should I go greet....]

’’Ughh. You can take care of everything.’’

[P...Prime Minister-nim?]

Jung-minchan ended the call, and he looked at the people around him.

The new employees were talking to their family, and the reporters across the gate was taking pictures. Then there was Baek-jungdo and Do-jaemin, who had come here in a moment of confusion.

’’So have you seen Mr. Sunggoo anywhere? I haven't seen him.’’

’’Ah. Sunggoo hyung still has some training left to do.’’

He nodded his at Do-jaemin's words. Sunggoo was able to solo clear a 6 star Dungeon, so he didn't have to be too worried about Sunggoo.

’’Sunggoo hyung might die.’’

’’···Planet Jaku is that dangerous?’’

’’No. Jaenis-nim and Sunggoo hyung is playing hide and seek over there.’’

Why the heck would they be playing hide and seek...

Do-jaemin left behind the puzzled Jung-minchan.

’’I'll go see my sister.’’

’’Oh my. You guys just came back from the battlefield, yet I'm holding you guys up.’’

Usually, when Roused comes back from a Dungeon Exploration, they were high strung. Recently, Jung-minchan had been supporting Kahng-woojin and Hong-sunggoo, so he had forgotten about this fact.

’’Hurry up and go rest. Also, you can move around during the day now?’’

Jaemin grinned.

’’Well, I'll be a bit lethargic, but it won't kill me. Not any more, heh heh.’’

He was a Vampire Lord.

He was a noble amongst nobles now. His existence itself was too esteemed for him to die from the curse of the sun.

’’I'll have to go too, if I want to participate in tonight's general assembly.’’

’’Yes. I've already contacted KH, so they will be here soon.’’

After sending off Baek-jungdo, Minchan furrowed his brows.

’’Ha-ah. We are moving?’’

Minchan knew Woojin's personality. He brought to fruition anything he said, so their move was basically guaranteed. There were 1000 family members living here, and Minchan's head hurt just from thinking about moving them.


They were in the control tower of the aircraft carrier, Invincible, which was anchored at Busan.

Kim-haemin looked down at the decks.

’’Hmmm. Is this bigger them the ROKS Dokdo?’’

’’Yes. It is a little bit larger.’’

He nodded his head when he heard the words of the specialist that had joined the Alandal city state recently.

’’It if it this short, will we be able to launch planes into the air....’’

’’It doesn't matter. I thought our state didn't have any pilots?’’

’’We could just hire them.’’

’’If it is a vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, it might be possible... Can't we just stick to using the helicopters?’’

Currently, there were 15 helicopters placed atop the deck.

’’I don't know. I'm not sure what he wants to do... Uh whew. We bought it, but I have no idea of their uses.’’

’’We have to quickly hire the right personnel.’’

Kim-haemin let out a sigh. The crew had exited before they were able to claim ownership of the aircraft carrier. It was the property of Britain, but it had been used by India for the past 5 years.

Since they've finished their duty, they were heading back to India. If there was a problem, the crew told Haemin to take it up with the British government.

’’What the hell is this? Is this supposed to be some form of a f*k you?’’

Haemin had quickly come to Busan with 30 members of Alandal.

How long would it take for them to gather enough people to actually get this aircraft carrier moving?

They would have to replace the weapons, which was old by several generations. Moreover, they would have to purchase the convoy fleet, and the deck had to be redone.....

He didn't get why a small country like Alandal needed an aircraft carrier.


At the monster's roar, the surprised Haemin looked around his surrounding.

’’The king is here. Let us go out.’’

’’Yes, director.’’

When they descended the control tower, they saw a Wyvern lightly land on the deck. Woojin jumped off from the saddle. Haemin quickly ran towards him as he waved his hand.

’’How did you know it was this one?’’

’’Didn't you say it was the biggest boat here?’’


Woojin saw a man arrive with Haemin. When Woojin looked at him, the man bowed towards him.

’’This is Park-gilsoo. He used to be a lieutenant commander. When he was an officer, he was dispatched to an aircraft carrier for 6 months.’’

’’Oh. An experienced person.’’

Woojin shook his hand.

The rest of the employees came running towards them, and Haemin introduced all of them.

’’These three here has helicopter pilot licenses.’’


Woojin took a peek at the helicopters.

’’Will we ever use it?’’

He guessed he could give it to Dolsae, but he couldn't think of any other uses for them.

Haemin's eyes turned round.

’’What? If you don't want helicopters, are you planning to purchase the vertical takeoff and landing aircrafts?’’

’’Vertical take off and landing aircraft?’’

Woojin slightly turned his head to look at the Wyvern that had been calmly sitting on the deck. It was as big as a fighter jet or a helicopter. There were Wyverns that was much bigger than this one, and it wouldn't be a problem for several people to ride it.

’’I have one of them right here.’’


He had never thought about this possibility. Wyverns on the aircraft carriers...

That didn't sound like a bad idea.

’’I think that'll be an appropriate location.’’

When Woojin headed towards the control tower, Haemin and Gilsoo followed after him.

’’I'll give you a tour.’’

’’No. It's all right.’’

Woojin didn't go into the control tower. He just stood in front of it.

’’I hope this works.’’

Woojin took out a Dimensional Fragment from his Inventory. He didn't know the prerequisites needed to form a Colony. However, he knew the other Dimensional lords had done it, so it was possible for him to do it.

’’Why won't it work?’’

He stared at his Dimensional Fragment for a long time, and nothing happened. Woojin took out another one. If this didn't work, he planned on combining three Dimensional Fragments to make a Dimensional Proof.

When he held two Dimensional Fragments in one hand, he heard a familiar voice.

<Will you combine two Dimensional Fragments to for a Dimensional Shard?>

It seemed he had found the easy way to do this. Woojin combined the two Dimensional Fragments to make a Dimensional Shard. It looked like a long crystal pagoda. The Dimensional Shard was about the size of a small wand.

Woojin embedded it into the control tower.

<Will you form a Colony?>

’’Of course.’’

Light leaked out of the Dimensional Shard, and as if it was a projector, several symbolic icons appeared as holograms. The pictures started to flip before it came to a stop on a tree symbol.

<There is a restriction on the types of symbolic icons that can be formed on Earth.>

Who cares on what it looks like? The important part was the fact that he'll be able to create a Colony on a moveable aircraft carrier.

<The Dimensional lord Kahng-woojin's Colony City will be created. There is 24 hours...>

As the Dimensional shard let out a light, a tree started to grow. The Dimensional Shard acted as a seed. It was like the Jack and the Beanstalk. In a flash, the tree vines grew as it surrounded the control tower.

’’Uh uh?’’

Haemin and the employees, who had been watching, became surprised at the sight.

’’Don't let anyone touch it for a day.’’

’’···yes. So what the heck is this?’’

’’What do you think it is? It is our new home.’’

The vine-like roots had completely surrounded the control tower, and the tree was starting to grow slowly. Woojin looked at it with a satisfied smile on his face.

A Dungeon and a Colony allowed him to use his full power as a Dimensional lord. Anything was possible through using the Points. Of course, it had to be within the sphere of influence of the symbolic icon.

Woojin would basically be akin to a god in this place.

If one wanted to travel through his Portal to his Dimensional Domain, one had to be a Roused.. However, the Colony City created on a planet can be accessed by almost anyone.

It was a place where Alandal's family members would stay. They would be staying in a powerful Colony City protected by the power of a Dimensional lord.

In one day, it would be possible to move this powerful fortress city after its creation.

’’Shall we start the cleaning it first?’’

The deck was large, but it felt small if one was thinking about building a city on top of it.


When Dolsae was summoned, Woojin looked at Haemin.

’’How many helicopter pilots did you say we have?’’


’’I guess we don't need the rest.’’


After being summoned, Dolsae acted as Woojin willed. It charged towards the helicopters.

Zzooohng, koo-koohng!

The steel plates on the helicopters were crumpled, and it coalesced to form an Iron Golem. In the corner of the deck, a pile of crushed old metals were starting to form.


Those were very expensive..... If Woojin was just going to move it to the side, Haemin could have sold it instead.

Haemin's lips became drier as Dolsae cleared away the helicopters one by one.


Jejudo Island's Manjang cave.

There was a magic circle drawn on the flat ground, and it was letting out a bright light. The magical energy of the Bloodstones placed in various locations around the cave was feeding it. Moreover, this had been going on for the past couple days.

When the magic circle's light disappeared, a portal was formed.


Lee-sahngho knelt in front of the portal.

The Hwarang guild members took notice, so they knelt alongside Lee-sahngho. They lowered their heads.


The Portal rippled, and Iello appeared.


The cave was dark and dank. This was why he liked it.

[You are pretty useful.]

’’It is an honor.’’

Iello could feel that the light from magic circle had spread throughout the cave, and now he had control over this location. Lee-sahngho had made a foothold, where he would be able to safely materialize on earth.

He had gained a Dungeon that would directly connect earth to his Dimensional domain.

Iello didn't immediately start his takeover of earth.

[Bring me the information regarding the Immortal.]

’’I will carry out your order.’’

Lee-sahngho and his underlings carefully exited the cave.

Iello was careful, and he had humans of earth, who could carry out his orders.


Iello was still not synchronized with earth. It was unfortunate that he couldn't use 100% of his power. However, as time passed on this planet, magical energy would become abundant.

He didn't feel down about it. He felt incredibly happy.

[Has It returned?]

It was the planet that had been sealed away for so long.

He had returned to the starting point.


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