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Seoul Station’s Necromancer - Chapter 161


Chapter 161 -We are the New Recruits (2)

'I'm dead.'

Kim-joonyong already had this thought before, and this thought had repeated itself countless of times.

The ground was sticky, and the overgrown trees were blocking his vision. It caused him to feel irritated.



He was now used to the sound of the Lizardman's cry. It was telling its comrade to gather, since it had found the preys. Unfortunately, the preys was the humans.

The prey was his Alandal comrades including himself.

[There are two target to your 9 o'clock. Set the trap, then retreat to your 3 o'clock.]


When Haesol's commands rang out in his head, Joonyong hurriedly set the magical trap, and he retreated. Unlike his grumblings, his footsteps didn't cause any sound as it brushed by the surrounding vegetation. His movements were stealthy.


At the sound of the trap's activation, Haesol's additional order rang out in his head.

[Rejoin the team by heading toward your 7 o'clock. You'll be participating in the close combat.]

Joonyong hurriedly oriented himself towards the direction indicated. The battle wasn't too far away from where he had set the trap.


His comrades will be there.


He let out a shout of concentration, and he started running with a low-grade sword in his hand. It was something he stole from a Lizardman. It had a pretty good balance, so it was quite useful.



He was trying to extract the sword that was stuck on its thick hide. Joonyong was frantically kicking at the Lizardman, and he gathered his magical energy to emit an Electric Shock.


Before he came here, he was a Rank E Roused that was able to use Telekinesis and Electric Shock. He was most often sent to the rear of the party. However, it was useless to have a strict structure in this place.

He had a role, but the work he had to do differed depending on the situation. One had to swing a sword, cooperate with others, use magic and set down traps. However, this wasn't special to him. All the members of the group had to learn numerous skills, and they were now quite adept at using those skills.

Only those who adapted quickly survived.

There were only 7 comrades left around him.


Kim-joonyong looked at the battlefield with a cruel light in his eyes. Twelve Lizardmen had been ruthlessly killed.

’’Good job.’’

Joonyong quickly turned his head when he heard her actual voice. Che-haesol was looking at him as she smiled. He looked back at her with murder in his eyes.

’’Lower your eyes. If you have a complaint, come at me.’’


Joonyong grudgingly lowered his gaze to the floor. He could oppose her, but it would all be in vain. He couldn't even measure up to the tip of her toes. She was only a Tamer, yet she was very good at fighting....

’’All right. We'll end the hunt right now, and we'll head back to the camp. Gather all the loot.’’


Everyone wordlessly cut apart the Lizardmen to extract the Bloodstones. They were used to doing this now. Afterwards, they collected their weapons and defensive gears.

They had reached a point where it was more awkward to talk to each other through spoken words.

Haesol's Telepathic ability was most useful when commanding her own troops. However, the actual people being commanded felt like puppets on a string. It felt dirty to them.

’’We are heading back.’’


Haesol got on a puma that had been Tamed in a jungle. Haesol led them to a hidden camp that was located within a cracked boulder. Moreover, there were others already there.



The one that yelled out in joy was Joonyong's teammate. Haesol had taken him away in the prior battle.

’’Uh? How....’’

His limbs had been cut, and he had received a wound that would have killed anyone in short order. However, he....

’’The Holy Maiden healed me.’’

’’Huh. You are alive. You are still alive.’’

Had it only been several days since they started working together?

It had only been 6 days. However, they had formed an indescribable sense of kinship and camaraderie from the experiences they shared.

They operated under the stress of battle, and the devilish Che-haesol kept pushing them forward. Of course, a tight bond would form under these circumstances.

The comrades he assumed to be dead were all alive. Moreover, they were in better shape than ever.

Che-haesol threw cold water on top of this meeting.

’’Get in a column of fours.’’


At Haesol's command, they quickly moved to get in formation.

’’This is the supplies sent by the king. Only take the ones with your name on it. Go to it.’’

There were numerous supply boxes stacked at the corner of the camp. It meant the content of each box varied.

They all picked up pretty large boxes, and they returned to their original spots.

’’After you absorb all the Reinforcement Stones and Skill Books, you will all put on your equipments. Start!’’

’’Get to it!’’

Joonyong's eyes widen when he opened his box.

He held up a Reinforcement Stone that was the size of his fist. His eyes were spinning. In the past, he had guessed that the Reinforcement Stones given to him were expensive. However, he could now feel the immense magical energy within it now. His magical control and detection ability was heightened as he experienced neardeath situations.

'As expected of our king.'

He was giving them such precious Items without any qualms.

Joonyong absorbed all the Reinforcement Stones, and he learned 3 additional Skill Books.

'These Skills!'

When one inserts magical energy into a Skill Book, the knowledge contained within the book was absorbed. He could see in his mind's eye as to how these abilities would be used. Kim-joonyong's body was trembling.

These were all the abilities he had wanted to learn in the past. These were the abilities he needed.

'I'm sure of it! He is looking over me!'

The media spoke about Kahng-woojin's overwhelming martial abilities, but they didn't look too kindly at his policy of ruling by force. However, Joonyong knew the truth now, since he had experienced it.

Kahng-woojin was a caring and thoughtful man. Even the Roused on the lowest rung was getting personal attention from him.

’’Oh. I can't believe this.’’

’’This is everything I needed.’’

It was the same for his comrades. They were all happy when they found out that the supplies were customized for them. It wasn't just the Skill Books. The equipments also differed.

’’Wow. Look at this body suit.’’

’’It's a sword. This is perfect for me.’’

This sword couldn't be compared to the one he stole from the Lizardman. He didn't know how his personal preferences were discerened.

Everyone held in their hands weapons that were perfect for them.

Then there was the armor that looked like a motorcycle suit. It clung to their body, and the key parts of the body were protected by a reinforcement of metal. This armor would allow them to avoid critical blows.

The armor was a mixture of red and black. Moreover, there was an engraving of a yawning cat on the shoulder and the chest.

It was the distinct emblem that represented the Dimensional Domain of Alandal.

Aside from the equipments, there were all types of consumables in there too. There were expensive potions and antidotes one could use in emergency. Then there were the artifacts that could be used for offence.

'The king's kindness is....'

Joonyong couldn't stop his body from trembling. What other guild would support their members to this extent? He was only a Rank E Roused. He had never received such a treatment before.

’’Hurry up and put it on!’’

If it wasn't for the ball busting drill instructor Che-Haesol, who was also his immediate superior, he would have basked a little bit more in this ecstasy. However, there were still 6 days before they were scheduled to return to earth.

Che-haesol had on a strict face, but she was smiling inside.

'Everyone is happy.'

Haesol had kept track of all 23 new recruits. She had come up with suitable weapons and Skills that would complement their battle styles. She also assessed their abilities before she had sent a report.

Kahng-woojin unhesitatingly bought the equipments and Items from his Dimensional Store, and he had sent it to her.

In terms of worth, these Items was worth millions. However, if one thought about the task they would have to accomplish in the future, it was a good investment for him.

’’We'll start the training again.’’


Haesol's special forces troop revved up their training.


The promised 12 days had passed.

The portal to the Dimensional Domain Alandal was opened. The 23 Roused under the care of Haesol appeared. The look in their eyes and their auras were completely different than before.

’’We've finished our training.’’

Woojin listened to Haesol's report from his Throne. He once again purchased Reinforcement Stones from the Dimensional Store. Every time the absorption standby period ended, it was best to provide the Reinforcement Stones on time.

The development of abilities was important, but the advance of one's personal stats had a big influence on one's combat ability.

’’You guys all did well.’’

He looked indifferent, but he looked dignified. When Woojin took out the Reinforcement Stones as rewards for their training, the new recruits became stunned. This was very true for Kim-joonyong. It looked as if he was about to cry.

'What a benevolent person! He really is the king of our time..'

He couldn't even be compared to his instructor Che-haesol. She was someone he didn't want to come across even in hell. Haesol's actions were all done for the training. However, Kim-joonyong had challenged her authority the most, so Kim-joonyong had been beaten the most by her.

He wasn't burning with a sense of revenge, but he couldn't think favorably of her.

He was mature enough to recognize the hierarchy of their poisitions. This was why he was keeping silent.

’’You guys should eat it.’’

’’We are worthless. Are you sure you should be giving these Items to us so freely?’’

’’Investment. It is an investment.’’

’’Ah ah.’’

As expected, he was magnanimous. He was the king of kings.

Joonyong was moved.

Woojin grinned.

If he killed them now, they would merely be corpses. At the very least, if he could raise them to the 7th Circle or Rank AA, he could recycle them into Death Knights....


’’Yes, sir.’’

’’Well, do you have a name for your team?’’

’’I haven't thought about it.’’

Woojin looked at the newly recruited Roused.

’’Well, do any of you have a good idea for a team name?’’

Joonyong was the first one to pose a question at Woojin's words.

’’We are always going to work as a single team?’’

’’Of course. Moreover, this team will be under Haesol's command..’’

At Woojin's words, everyone including Joonyong frowned.

'Chet. I don't like it, but it is an order from our king.'

Woojin was deep within his thoughts as he started to tap on the Throne's armrest.

Kim-joonyong raised his hand high into the air.


’’How about Phantom?’’


’’We want to become your elite guards, who will protect the king, even in our death as ghosts.’’

Woojin smirked.

Was he giving Woojin permission to take their souls if they died? Their souls would cease to exist....

’’Well, all right. The name is cheesy, but it fits.’’

Woojin looked at Haesol, who was standing in front of her unit.

’’Let's call it the Phantom Unit. As their commander, you have the discretion to separate them into further teams.’’

Haesol's eyes shone.

’’I am willing to give my life for Alandal.’’

’’Why is everyone talking about serving me in death today?’’


If they died, he would have to waste his Control Points on them. It would be better if they worked for him in life.

At that moment, Baek-jungdo, Do-jaemin, Blanka and Melody appeared as they passed through the open portal.

’’Ho-ooh. The end is finally here.’’

’’You all did a good job.’’

The tension they felt dissipated when they arrived at Alandal. They were patting each other on the back when they realized the new recruits were lined up in front of Woojin. Most of the new recruits were slightly acquainted with the other group.

When they were at death's door, the Wyvern raced towards the Holy Maiden for treatment. Several recruits expressed their thanks to her with their eyes.

’’You guys should greet each other at a later time. Let's head back to earth.’’

’’Uh? I don't think Sunggoo hyung is here yet.’’

Do-jaemin looked around once again as he asked the question.

’’Sunggoo died.’’


Do-jaemin and, of course, everyone else had a surprised expression on their faces.

Woojin smirked as he opened the portal connecting to the Seoul Station's 1st exit.

’’I'm joking. Sunggoo will join us when he head towards Alphen. Let's head to earth.’’

’’Whew. I really thought he died by the hands of the Lich.’’

Jaenis continuously chased after Sunggoo. The Lich's power was overwhelming. Jaemin had really thought Sunggoo was dead. Do-jaemin let out a sigh of relief, and he followed after Woojin.

Kim-joonyong passed through the portal to arrive at the Seoul Station's 1st Exit. They were standing atop the soil of Seoul.

'This is structured like a high rank Dungeon.'

He was a Rank E Roused, so he had never experienced going into a high rank Dungeon. However, he knew about them. The Dimensional Domain Alandal was set up similarly to a high rank Dungeon. No, this was beyond being similar. This really was a high rank Dungeon.

Joonyong's eyes landed on Kahng-woojin's back.

'What's the identity of our king.....'

Every deed he did created a huge ripple across the world. His curiosity as to the real identity of Kahng-woojin was skyrocketing.

There was a crowd of reporters that was several times larger than usual in front of them. They were continuosly taking pictures.

They walked between the parted crowd, and it felt as if they had come back from winning a war. It felt a little bit weird for Kim-joonyong, since this was a reception one would get in a return from a triumphant campaign.

He was merely a Rank E Roused.

He used to make rounds at the Mines, but now numerous people were giving him attention as a Roused of Alandal.


They walked down the road, and when they arrived at Alandal, there were people gathered at the front gate. Joonyong's eyes widened.

’’Aigo. Joonyong-ah!’’


It wasn't only Joonyong's family. The family of all the newly recruited Roused was all gathered here. Their family had been waiting for their return.

The new employees didn't know what was going on, but Prime Minister Jung-minchan laughed as he spoke.

’’You guys are now soldiers of Alandal. Of course, your family has the right to become citizens of Alandal.


Jung-minchan had invited the family of the newly recruited Roused, and he had taken care of almost everything regarding their family's daily needs. Moreover, the newly recruited Roused would be issued credit cards, private cars and even personal drivers.

They had spent 12 days on the Planet Jaku, but only 3 days had past on earth.

All this preparation had occurred in 3 days time.

’’Well done, sir.’’

Woojin grinned at Jung-minchan's words. He whispered into Minchan's ears.

’’Are they hostages?’’

’’Hahaha. I merely wanted to protect the family members in the safest location possible.

Jung-minchan gave a wink. Woojin put on a satisfied smile.

As expected, Minchan was good at his job. It had been worthwhile to make Minchan the Prime Minister.


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