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Seoul Station’s Necromancer - Chapter 160


Chapter 160 - We are the New Recruits

They had expected a dangerous Dungeon to be present across the red portal. However, their expectation was broken as a well-maintained castle appeared in front of them. They couldn't help, but be puzzled by this.

Kahng-woojin was unlike his previous self where he had put the fear of god in the new recruits. He was unusually free and easy.

’’Get in line.’’


’’I have a question.’’

’’I don't take any questions.’’

’’Yes, sir.’’

His words were still very rough.

’’You. Step forward.’’


Woojin stared at the man in front of him.

<Lv 22 Kim-joonyong>

’’You are Rank E?’’

’’Yes. You are correct.’’

’’How many abilities do you have?’’

’’I have three.’’

’’Show it to me.’’

’’You want me to do it here?’’

’’Of course? Where else are you going to do it? Hurry up and show me.’’

’’Yes, sir!’’

Kim-joonyong possessed a simple electric attack, telekinesis that could move objects, and a buff that slightly improved his physical ability.

’’You really learned a motley of skills.’’

’’I...I'm sorry.’’

It wasn't as if he had learned these abilities, because he wanted to learn them. He naturally developed these Roused abilities. The problem was that his abilities didn't complement each other at all.

Then he had hesitated in determining which ability he wanted to focus on. This in turn delayed his growth. He was what many people referred to as a mutt.

’’What are you sorry for?’’

However, Woojin liked the mutt characters the most. The strengthening of abilities could be resolved by working them hard. However, it was better to have numerous abilities. This man hadn't used Skill Books. He had naturally developed three Roused Skills, and that was respectable.

It meant he had high growth potential.

’’Eat this.’’

Woojin purchased a Reinforcement Stone that went well with Kim-joonyong from the Dimensional store. The Items he bought from the Achievement Store was non-transferable. However, the Items bought from Dimensional Store could be given to others, and the intrinsic effect within these Items weren't diminished at all.

Then there were the Items from the miscellaneous store, Reinforcement Stone store, weapons shop and others buildings located in his Domain. He had access to their products through the Dimensional Store.

’’W...what is this?’’

’’I won't take any questions.’’


He didn't know what it was yet he was expected to eat it?

Kim-joonyong looked ready to cry as he received the Reinforcement Stone. The Roused next to him had been watching Kim-joonyong, and he was cautious as he spoke up.

’’It looks like a Reinforcement Stone. Just shut up and absorb it.’’


Kim-joonyong held the Reinforcement Stone as if he couldn't believe what was happening. Kim-joonyong was confused by his current situation.

His eyes met Kahng-woojin's eyes.

’’I'm always right. Hurry up and eat it. Do it before you die.’’


He wasn't sure if Woojin was nice or brutal.

Kim-joonyong opened his eyes after absorbing the Reinforcement Stone, and he saw several more laid out in front of him.

’’Eat it in order.’’

When he turned his gaze, he caught sight of all the other people absorbing the Reinforcement Stones.

'Is it really ok to shovel all of this into us?'

He wanted to ask the question, but he knew he would be disciplined again. So he didn't dare voice his question.

Even the ones that inadequately increased one's abilities were expensive. Even if he was given a inefficient Reinforcement Stone, it was basically a luxury item. He couldn't believe his luck today. He'll be able to absorb numerous Reinforcement Stones in a row.

The Reinforcement Stone were of the highest quality. He could feel his strength increase.

'How much was this all worth? Several hundred thousand dollars?'

These were amazing Items that he couldn't even dream about eating, yet Kahng-woojin was shoveling these Items towards him. Kahn-woojin looked like an angel to him right now.

’’I want you to learn all of this.’’

Woojin gave him consecutive Skill Books.

Even the worst Skill Books were worth couple hundred thousand dollars. This was how laughable money was in regards to Skills. The amount of Items he consumed was worth couple hundred, it might sell for millions on auction.

He was only a Rank E Roused. The gifts were too excessive to merely call it a kindness.

'I'm sure he is a Tsundere.'

Kim-jongyoon thought he had a rough idea on what was going on.

He now knew what kind of man Kahng-woojin was.

Kim-joonyong looked at him with eyes full of good will.

Woojin silently waited as the twenty three new recruits absorbed the Reinforcement Stones, and they learned the Skills.

They needed a basic foundation of Skills and Stats. Then they could be trained.

The fact that he knew their level, and what type of abilities they possessed didn't mean he could discern their battle style and tendencies. This meant he had to let them loose after teaching them the basics. The path for their growth will will eventually be revealed.

’’Well, if you are done, we are going to the training ground.’’

He had already closed the earlier portal he had used to return here. He had no choice, but to go through Necia's Pillar if he wanted to reach Planet Jaku.

When they followed him through the portal, they arrived at a Dungeon where the enormous Necia's Pillar was located at. These new recruits exited the Domain, and they took their first steps onto the Planet Jaku.

Their expressions varied. There were fear, excitement, anticipation, confidence, tension and other emotions. There was a broad spectrum of emotions on their faces.

They were scared, but it seemed they wanted to test out their newly learned Skills, and the newly absorbed power from the Reinforcement Stones.

However, it wouldn't be efficient for him to teach each one of them. This was the reason why he had trained underlings beforehand, so they could do the work for him.


A roar split the sky. The new recruits whispered to each other as they saw the Wyvern approaching their location.

’’It's a monster! It's a Wyvern!’’

’’Shit. Isn't it too strong for our first battle?’’

’’No. Look over there. There is a person on top of it.’’

They were talking to each other as if they were on a picnic. Woojin smirked when he saw this.

Grow up fast and well.

The person, who appeared on the Wyvern, was none other than Che-haesol. She had come here when Woojin called for her.

’’I'm sorry I'm late.’’

’’It's fine. You'll do well in teaching the new recruits. Try to find out their tendencies.’’

’’Yes, sir.’’

’’We are returning to earth in 12 days. These guys will now be directly under your command.’’

’’A unit under me!’’

’’This is why you learned the Telepathy skill. Now you can use it properly.’’

Haesol felt her heart beat faster.

She had learned the Telepathy skill, so she would someday directly command a unit.

’’How much do I have to train them?’’

’’Well, it is up to you. Just make sure they are adequately useful.’’


She spoke softly as she repeated his words. Woojin patted Haesol's shoulder.

’’I'll see you later.’’

’’Yes, sir!’’

Woojin summoned his Phantom Steed Shing Shing. He got on, and he disappeared in the opposite direction from where Haesol had arrived. She was trying very hard not to smile as she looked at the 23 new recruits that had been abandoned on a foreign planet.

'They are my new recruits.'

How long had it been?

This was different from looking at the new recruits during her military days.

These were her subordinates under her direct command! It felt as if she had been given the opportunity to lead a special forces unit.

’’Get into a column with 4 lines.’’


Haesol grinned when she saw their puzzled face.

’’Do as you are told.’’

The group was still slow to move. Kim-joonyong, who was in the front of the line, asked her a question.

’’Excuse me. Are you director Che-haesol?’’

These were Roused, who had interviewed, because they wanted to join Alandal. There were only few Roused in Alandal, so Che-haesol was already famous. Of course, he recognized her.

’’I am.’’

’’Heh heh. I look forward to working with you.’’


Haesol stared at the hand extended by Kim-joonyong.

Shoook, puh-uhk!

Haesol's fist moved past Kim-joonhyong's outstretched hand, and it buried itself deeply in his stomach.

’’If you aren't given a order, don't move.’’



Kim-joonyong was writhing on the floor as he moaned. The new Roused recruits were frozen in place.

Did everyone in Alandal not know about human rights?

’’Eeek. Why did you suddenly do that? I want to be trained by the president.’’

It looked as if Che-haesol was posturing unnecessarily to make herself look strong. Kahng-woojin had unhesitatingly given him Items, so he thought Kahng-woojin was thousand times better than her.

Instead of answering, Haesol's foot answered his hostile attitude.



Joonyong was sent flying 3 meters. He rolled across the floor as he let out a moan.

’’You can't even crawl, yet you are trying to fly?’’

He wanted to be trained by Kahng-woojin?

He was asking for his own death. The only person here that would most definitely kill a person for being slow was the King of Alandal, Kahng-woojin.

He didn't differentiate between the living and the dead.

’’You can't crawl yet. However, I'll make is so that you can walk.’’


She had received an order from the king.

She was told to make them into adequate Roused........

’’I am tasked to making you guys into Rank B Roused in 12 days. This is the start to your hellish training.’’


Most of them were Rank E. There were only several Rank D Roused sprinkled in the group, yet she was suddenly aiming for Rank B? If one reached that Rank, most guilds promoted one to director.

’’We'll start the training.’’


Che-haesol somehow looked very cheerful. As if to answer her cheerful voice, the Wyvern let out a long answering cry.


Lava was boiling across this large stretch of land.

It would have been better if this lava had been emitted by a volcano.

He couldn't avoid it. Dodging was useless.

From within the lava, the Flame Dragon Hydra was continuously letting out flame from its mouth. There was a person flying across this hot stretch of land, and he was nimbly dodging the Flame Breath.

There was 1 living being and 1 dead being watching from afar.

’’Sunggoo is pretty decent now.’’

[Goo-ha-ha. The bastard got quickly used to being wrapped in flames.]

Sunggoo's ability to adapt to Flame type magic was peerless.

No magician would get burnt from the flame that was made by oneself. One was able to safely control one's flame through magical energy.

However, there were those few that could assimilate other's magical energy. This type of person could then absorb the enemy's attack.

Sunggoo had just entered into a level where he was able to do this.

’’He always talked about wanting to be a magician. He got his wish.’’

Sungoo was desperately dodging from location to location. If one saw his face right now, it made one question if he was truly happy from achieving this goal. However, Woojin had helped him achieve the goal he always talked about.

’’We have 11 days left. I want you to teach him well until then.’’

[Goo-ha-ha. I'll make it so that he'll be fine even if he was roasted by the fires of hell.]

Woojin nodded his head in satisfaction.

Jaenis was always reliable.


The Colony took 4 days to clear.

The Colony city was occupied by a very striking ogre with a red beard. Do-jaemin and his party members continued to use guerrilla tactics, and they were able to lure out the Dimensional lord and kill it.

It was easy to clear a Colony without its Dimensional lord. The Dimensional lord could no longer refill his forces using the Dimensional store. They were slow and steady in their attack. The number of enemies were decreasing incrementally, and their eradication was only a matter of time.

Moreover, the forces defending the Colony weren't all elite troops.

’’Kneel before me. This is the difference between you and I....’’

’’Jaemin. Stop playing around. We have to go quickly.’’

’’Yes, hyung-nim.’’

Do-jaemin's movements were more relaxed than before, and his battles were more even keeled.

It looked as if he had lost some of the majesty of being a Noble of the Night, but this only proved to enhance his presence more.

’’Whew. Alandal is all full of monsters.’’

’’Haha. Jungdoh hyung-nim should join Alandal.’’

’’I have so many families depending on me. How can I do such a thing?’’

’’Heh heh. We'll move after I drink from this one.’’

Baek-jungdoh couldn't help, but laugh. Alandal was really filled with monsters. Even now Hong-sunggoo was the main reason behind the wildfire spreading across this planet, and Do-jaemin had easily leaped frogged Baek-jungdoh in terms of power.

Then there was the powerful Holy Magic of the Holy Maiden. She could bring anyone back to life if the person had a single breath left. Blanka's improvement in his abilities were slow, but he was quickly meshing well with the party.

Do-jaemin drank the blood from the troll he defeated. He was able to receive a portion of its ability, and his Stats would increase a little bit. His regeneration ability would slightly improve too.

’’You are eating well now.’’

Woojin appeared on his Phantom Steed. He dismounted.

’’Uh, hyung. You are here? Is it time to do a Dimensional Battle?’’

’’Yes. We have a little time left. I want you to finish what you are eating.’’

’’Yes, hyung.’’

Do-jaemin started to drink from the troll's neck again. It seemed he had fully accepted that he was a vampire. It seemed his sense of identity as a human had lessened. He looked pretty natural when he drank the blood.

However, Baek-jungdoh wasn't still used to it. He look on with a bit of uneasiness on his face.

’’We have two days left.’’

’’Whew. Time really flies.’’

In terms of earth time, one week had passed. In terms of how much time passed here, it had been almost a month. They would be returning to earth in 2 days. Baek-jungdoh also had gained a lot during that time. It was a little bit of a let down, only because the people around him were growing at the pace of monsters.

’’Will hyung go to Alphen on the 1st trip?’’

’’Hoo hoo. I'm thankful for the offer, but I can't. I have to form an official expedition group that'll be sent from the KH guild.

Alphen was a completely different situation from Jaku. Over half of the Dimensional lords in Alphen occupied one of the 72 great thrones.

Woojin had made a clean sweep of the Yellow Lizard Coalition on earth, so there had been a power vacuum in Jaku. The difficulty of the situation on Alphen was on a whole different level.

’’Well, I'll see you in 2 days.’’

’’With pleasure.’’

Woojin opened a portal, and he took Do-jaemin, who was used to traveling now, back to his Dimensional Domain.


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