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Seoul Station’s Necromancer - Chapter 158


Chapter 158 - God of Earth


Woojin tilted his head.

Even Woojin had heard about him. Kim-kahngchul was the fastest to reach Rank A as a Roused in Korea. He was an eccentric Roused, who had refused to establish his own guild, and he also refused to join the other guilds.

He had a somewhat stocky body. His hairline had receded halfway, and he had broad facial feature. He was someone that gave off a favorable impression.

’’May I speak with you for a brief moment?’’

’’Why? You want to join us?’’

’’All I want is a conversation with the king of Alandal.’’

’’Then come back later.’’

’’...I'm Kim-kahngchul.’’

’’I know.’’


Woojin looked at the security guards below him.

’’Take him out.’’


The security guards rushed towards Kim-kahngchul.

’’Please leave.’’


Kim-kahngchul shut his mouth, and he dug in his heels. The security guards could do nothing. Kim-kahngchul used to have the title of being the best Roused of Korea. The security guards were normal people, so they didn't know what to do.

When they hesitated, Woojin frowned. Kim-kahngchul looked up to look at the man standing atop the wall.

’’If I last 30 seconds against this Death Knight, will you set aside some time to have a conversation with me?’’

Woojin shook his head from side to side.

’’You are barking up the wrong tree. I'm busy. Come back later.’’

’’If I don't talk to you right now, wouldn't it be difficult to get a hold of you later?’’

’’Then we won't have to ever meet again.’’


However, Kim-kahngchul stuck to his guns. If Kahng-woojin went into a Dungeon, Kim-kahngchul had no idea when he'll get to meet him next.

’’I just need a moment of your time.’’

’’How annoying.’’

Woojin jumped down from the wall.

Woojin wasn't a small man. When he faced Kim-kahngchul, he was very imposing. When the crowd felt the volatile atmosphere, they stepped backwards to give the two men space.

’’You are turning out to be a headache. What do you want? Do you want an interview?’’

At Woojin's words, Kim-kahngchul shook his head as if he had been put in an awkward situation.

’’I have something else I have to do, so joining your outfit might be problematic. I just need a little bit of your time to talk....’’


Woojin summoned his longsword and he swung it. Kim-kahngchul reflexively withdrew a dagger from his jacket. He parried as he retreated backwards.

’’What the hell are you doing?’’

’’This is the start of a special interview that will be conducted by me.’’


Woojin continued to speak.

’’If you last 30 seconds, you're hired.’’

’’What kind of nonsense.......’’


Kim-kahngchul couldn't protest any longer. Woojin's swords strikes were getting very close to hitting him. He didn't dare speak or breath wrong.

Kah-ahng, kahng!

The sudden sword fight had everyone in the surrounding retreating backwards.

'He's really trying to kill me.'

Kim-kahngchul felt the threat to his own life.

Kahng-woojin's eyes twinkled.

'He's pretty decent.'

Ten seconds.

Woojin's sword strikes changed.

Shoo-shoohk, chahk!

Woojin's movements was much faster. Kim-kahngchul was moving his hands and feet in a dizzying manner, but blood was starting to erupt from various parts of his body. However, these were very superficial cuts on his skin.

'Is he taking it easy on me?'

When that thought entered his mind, he allowed a significant attack to slip through his defense.



The sword had pierced through his shoulder, and Kim-kahngchul stabbed back with his dagger with ill intent. If he had known he was going to fight, he would have brought his main weapon. He regretted not bring it.

The dagger swung by him couldn't even graze against Woojin's clothes.


At Woojin's kick, Kim-kahngchul fell over. Before he could right himself, a low kick flew in to knock him down once again.


The unfortunate part was that a sword had come flying in instead of a kick on the following attack.



Kim-khangchul's leg was cut by Woojin's sword.

’’This...this is insane.’’

’’I'm leaving.’’

There was unrest amongst the spectators, and they were moving away as if they were running away. The scene was a pandemonium. Woo-soonghoon became mute, and Jung-minchan put his hand on his forehead.

The president had made another accident again.

Kim-kahngchul was.......



The sword didn't stop.

He cut the tendons in Kim-kahngchul's sword arm, and Woojin planted his sword on the opposite shoulder. The blade went through the shoulder, and it imbedded itself in the ground.

’’Ooh ooh ooh ooh.’’

As the blood was leaking out all over the floor, Woojin crouched in front of Kim-kahngchul.

’’Thirty second has passed.’’

’’C...crazy bastard.’’

Woojin grinned at Kim-kahngchul's words.

’’It is a waste to kill you like this, so you pass the interview!’’

Kim-kahngchul displayed hostility at Woojin's bright words.

’’Hoong! Just kill me.’’

’’Yes, I will.’’


In the end, it didn't matter if he was alive or not. Some people were more easy to deal with in their death....

Woojin gripped the sword that was embedded in Kim-kahngchul's shoulder. The sword had been placed in an excellent location. If he used a little bit more force, he would be able to separate the head from the body.

’’W...wait a moment!’’

’’What? Keep your last words short.’’

’’P...please spare me.’’


Hadn't he been the number 1 Roused in Korea? Did he have no backbone?

As if he had read the intent in Woojin's eyes, Kim-kahngchul spoke quickly.

’’I'll join your guild.’’

’’Yes. You will join in your death.’’

’’I...I want live and join.’’

’’You do?’’


Kim-kahngchul felt a sense of urgency.

Woojin frowned as if what he heard was disagreeable.

’’Wouldn't it be more convenient to use a bastard like you in your death?’’

’’You can't. I have something I have to do to save the earth.’’

’’Huh. Jeez. Are you trying to feed me a lie?’’

When Woojin gripped his sword again, Kim-kahngchul revealed his final card.

’’I'm here to give you a message from Dr. Toppler. ’’

’’Where is that son of a bitch?’’

Woojin's reacted as if he was infuriated.

Kim-kahngchul realized he had been too careless in coming here. He regretted his lack of preparation.

'He said I just needed to deliver a message.'

Anyways, the situation had turned for the worst. It seemed Kahng-woojin didn't have any good feelings towards Dr. Toppler. No matter how he looked at it, Kim-kahngchul was in a bad spot.

’’Let's go in....’’

There were still too many eyes in their surrounding. Woojin pulled out the sword stuck in Kim-kahngchul's shoulder in an annoyed fashion.


Woojin unsummoned his sword, and he looked around his surrounding. It seemed most people had run away, and only several dozen people remained. They were hanging around with fear in their gazes.

’’You guys over there.’’


’’A...are you talking to us?’’

When Woojin's attention fell on them, the remaining people spoke out with trembling voices.

’’Yes. You guys all pass. Come in.’’

Woojin turned around, and he headed towards the front gate. Al Assad had been watching from the side. Al Assad picked up Kim-kahngchul by his mangled leg, and it slung him over its back.


The bones in his leg was twisted in an unseemly fashion, yet Al Assad didn't pay any attention to it. It just followed after Woojin.

’’Please be a little bit more gentle with me!’’

[Be thankful you still have your flesh and blood.]


Al Assad's terrifying nature was briefly revealed, and Kim-kahngchul shut his mouth. He had been famous for being Korea's number 1 Roused, but he didn't get any special treatments in Alandal.

’’S...should we head in?’’

’’Should we run away?’’

They were the leftover Roused, who had come here for the interview. They gulped as they saw the trail of blood. The chosen Roused were standing on other side of the front gate, and their faces were white from fear.

’’I would like all the successful applicants to gather here.’’

Woo-soonghoon quickly organized everyone, and he quickly gathered the conflicted applicants. The security guards and the employees quickly cleared away the mess in front of the gate. Aside from Kim-kahngchul, Alandal had just finalized in hiring 23 new Roused employees.


The president's room had turned into the king's office. The owner of Alandal was having a private audience with a sickly patient that needed to be sent to the emergency room immediately.

’’I'm busy. Hurry up and tell me.’’

’’...can you heal me?’’

’’Why should I? You are going to die anyways.’’


’’What do you plan to do?’’

’’Then I won't speak.’’

’’Then I'll just kill you.’’

When Woojin stretched his hand out, the Warrior's Weapon in its Dagger form was summoned.

’’I...I'll speak.’’

’’I don't want to listen to you anymore.’’

When Woojin took a step closer, Kim-kahngchul spoke rapidly.

’’He said if you want to save Earth from the Trahnet, you have to gather the Codes.’’

’’You forgot to introduce yourself.’’

Woojin was another step closer. His sharp blade was gleaming. Kim-kahngchul's adam's apple moved as he gulped down the saliva produced by his fear.

’’K...Kim-gahngchul. I have no affiliation with any guilds. No, I'm being sponsored by the Moon World.’’

’’Moon World?’’

Woojin stopped walking.

Kim-kahngchul let out a sigh of relief.

’’What is that?’’

’’Dr. Toppler is part of that organization.’’

’’Is it the name of their planet?’’

’’...that's my guess too.’’

Woojin remembered Dr. Doppler's words.

’’We share a same goal.’’

Woojin wanted to sever all the Links between Trahnet and earth. Toppler wanted to do the same for his own planet.

Kim-khangchul, who was in front of him, said he wanted to protect earth....

’’What is a Code?’’

’’I have no idea. I was just told to deliver this message to you.’’

’’A Code.’’

Woojin touched his chin.

’’Well, all right.’’

’’Whew. Then you'll treat me now....’’

’’You will defend earth. You'll work for earth in your death.’’

’’......if you kill me, you will be unable to contact the Moon World.’’

’’If they get frustrated, they'll contact me again.’’


’’You have no credibility. It is easier to use you in death.’’

He was trying to kill a person, because it was convenient for him.....

’’I'm not a bad guy. If you let me live, I'll join Alandal. Just allow me work independently.’’

’’Huh. Jeez.’’

He had just found a guy similar to Soonghoon. No, he couldn't read Kim-kahngchul's intent unlike Soonghoon. Does that mean he was worse than Soonghoon?

He was going to be dead soon, so why was he suggesting these ridiculous proposals?

As expected, he should just....

Woojin raised his dagger.

’’W...wait a moment! Didn't I tell you I'll join Alandal?’’

’’I'll make sure you do.’’

No, he wanted to do join in life rather than death.

Kim-kahngchul desperately tried come up with something to say. However, he saw Woojin's expression, and he realized he would be killed no matter what he said.

What kind of a devil was this?

Before Woojin could bring down his dagger, the door opened.

’’What is it? I left instructions that no one may enter here.’’

’’P...president. That is...’’


Woojin asked when he saw Soonghoon's urgent expression.

’’Miss is awake.’’


’’I'm talking about Kahng-sooah-nim.’’


Woojin had his dagger in his hand as as he looked at Kim-kahngchul, who was on the floor.

’’I'll pledge my loyalty to you. Please spare me.’’


How could he trust such a light weight?

It was a wonder as to how this guy had become the first Rank A Roused in Korea. He didn't even receive help from a guild....

’’Moon world.’’

A picture was forming inside his head. They had sponsored Kim-kahngchul.

Money? Nope.

Dr. Toppler was able to brazenly create a Dungeon in his house. Woojin had chased after him, but Toppler had disappeared using some unknown method. He was a strange one.

At the very least, he was someone, who had gotten closer to finding out the fundamentals and secrets of the Dungeons. A group of people like him had groomed Kim-kahngchul.

What was their purpose?

’’President. We have to....’’

’’All right.’’

Woojin dismissed his longsword. If he wanted to find out more information, it would be better to make Kim-kahngchul a Death Knight. However, Kim-kahngchul might have more value as a hostage. He might be more useful that way.

’’I'll see you a little bit later.’’

Woojin looked at Woo-soonghoon.

’’Keep a watch over him.’’

’’Yes, sir.’’

Woojin exited through the door.

Soonghoon and Kim-kahngchul was the only one left in the room.

'Ooh ooh.'

Woo-soonghoon looked at Kim-kahngchul's tattered appearance. One of his leg was cut, and his right arm was mangled. Just a brief look at Kim-kahngchul's state had made Soonghoon become nauseous. However, Kim-kahngchul was lying there calmly as if he wasn't feeling any pain.

’’Look here, my man.’’

’’I'm the chief secretary.’’

’’All right. Anyways, have you ever thought about this?’’

How could he speak when he was basically a half-dead corpse?

Woo-soonghoon replied as he felt a mixture of uneasiness and curiosity.

’’About what?’’

’’Do you believe in coincidences?’’

’’Ah. What the hell are you talking about?’’

He was talking about nonsense. Soonghoon was about to express his irritation when a rock flew towards h im.



He saw what was flying towards him, but Soonghoon couldn't dodge it. Kim-kahngchul's shoulder was a mess, so he had thrown the stone with the flick of his wrist. However, it was still a stone thrown by a Rank AA Roused.


Soonghoon fell over as he foamed at the mouth. When he saw this, Kim-kahgchul reached forward in mid-air, and he brought out a potion. He took it out from the other dimension. It was akin to an Inventory.


He sprayed the potion on various wounds, and he soon found his strength returning again.

’’God is taking a kindly interest in me.’’

Kim-kahngchul opened the window, and he jumped out of it.


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