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Seoul Station’s Necromancer - Chapter 156


Chapter 156 - Recruitment of Roused

When Woojin arrived at the Dimensional Domain, he sent his Will towards his strategist Do-jaemin.

[What are you doing, Jaemin?]

[I'm beating up a really big bear.]

[What about defending the Portal?]

[Uh? We have to defend it?]

Of course.

He had left open a return portal just in case they wanted to return. It led directly into the lord's castle of Alandal. It was his fault for not giving them a heads up, so he could only let out a sigh.

[What about our loot? I left it open, so you can move it.]

[Ah. Is that how it is? No wonder the portal didn't close after I returned.]


[We are traveling around using a wagon, but there are too much stuff.]

[Wait a moment.]

Woojin wondered if there was a better solution to the problem, and he found the answer in the Dimensional Domain's Admin option.

He assigned points, so his vassals could use the storage room at their discretion. He gave Jaemin, who was his strategist, access to his Dimensional Storage room.

[Open the Inventory.]

[What? Inventory? Ooh-ahk! What the hell is this?]

[Put all the loot in there.]

[Wow. Jackpot. Wow. This is amazing.]

Jaemin kept letting out exclamation as he put all the loot into the storage. New Items were uploaded into his Inventory.

’’Hmmm. A Domain administrator....’’

The Domain residents used the Dungeons to explore and hunt on other planets. They brought back Bloodstones and Items as earnings. Even if a Dimensional lord did nothing, the points would accumulate, and the Dimensional lord's ranking would go up.

One had to just manage everything.


Woojin looked through the Inventory to see if there were any Items he needed, then he called out to a Wyvern. It had a saddle attached to its back. He passed through the portal heading to Planet Jaku as he rode the Wyvern.

When he passed through the portal, he immediately closed it. He brought out Ggaebi to scout his surrounding.

’’Dungeon is great. Colony is great. Just find me anything.’’

[Koo-koohk. All right. I'll bring a really really good prey.]

Woojin tried hard to ignore Ggaebi's creepy laugh.

If he had to pick a familiar that was crazy about killing, he wouldn't hesitate to pick Ggaebi. Ggaebi endlessly walked that fine line, and it made Woojin feel uneasy about Ggaebi.

’’Should I head out too?’’

Woojin got on the back of a Wyvern.


The Wyvern let out a roar as it pushed off with its back legs. It jumped into the air, and it started to flap its wings. After a moment, it had ascended quite far into the air, and Woojin chose the direction of their flight through his will.


The sound of the wind assaulted his ear. It made one's eardrum feel numb. If it it got worse, his barrier of souls would activate automatically.

After flying for awhile, Woojin saw a colony being bombed.


Dimensional lord Joseph was with the Red Hammers coalition. When he heard the colony he had built on the Jaku Planet was being attacked, he quickly traveled to his colony.

’’Which bastard dared to attack my colony! Which coalition was it?’’

The vassal, who had been left behind to manage the colony, bowed his head.

’’It wasn't one of the coalitions. Recently, some crazy bastard came to the Planet Jaku, and I believe he is the one responsible for this.’’

’’The one that smashed the Yellow Lizards?’’


It was a famous story being passed around the Dimensional lords.

Recently, they had all been synchronizing with a planet called earth. The entirety of the Yellow Lizard Coalition had decided to invade earth, and they had all met an untimely death.

There was only one Roused linked to the planet earth. Kahng-woojin was from earth, and he was the only Dimensional lord there.

The Red Hammer coalition, and the Black Hat coalition had heard the news that Kahng-woojin had come to Planet Jaku with revenge in his heart.

’’How dare he! Activate the last line of weapons on the fortress.’’

’’That's... It has already been destroyed.’’


What will we do now that our fortress' final weapon was destroyed?

’’How many guards do we have left?’’

’’Most of them are still alive. The enemy's attack was so intense that they didn't dare get any closer.’’


What kind of nonsense was this?

His final weapon was destroyed, yet almost all his guards were still alive...

’’Then who is fighting the intruder?’’

’’...two beings attacked us, and they are fighting each other.’’


Did he hear wrong? Joseph picked at his ears.

’’The two of them are fighting each other?’’


Are they crazy? There were plenty of open land to fight on, so why were they fighting here?


Joseph frowned when he heard his castle shake.

’’Those bastards!’’

His city was about to be destroyed as collateral damage to someone else's fight?

The infuriated Joseph stormed out of the castle. His weapon of choice was a large staff. He ascended to the top of the tower with his weapon in hand.

Kwah-ah-ahng. Kwahng!

’’Is it a small Fire Golem?’’

A Fire Golem, which had the stature of a human, was flying around the sky. That was what it looked like to Joseph.

Kwahng, kwah-ahng!


As it was letting out a deranged laughter, it shot out consecutive magic spells that was causing explosions. The one doing this was not a living being.


Joseph assessed the situation.

’’They said Kahng-woojin was a Necromancer. It seems his real identity is a Lich!’’

A poisonous bastard, who had turned himself into a Lich, had become a Dimensional lord.

’’Ah. It isn't like that. The Dimensional lord Kahng-woojin is a human. The Lich is his familiar.’’


Joseph furrowed his brows.

What the hell was the Lich chasing?

’’Uh, uh? They are coming toward us.’’

’’They dare!’’

Joseph raised his staff, and he gathered his magical energy. Before his planet went under, he had been one of the top 10 Archmages. A Lich and some mysterious Fire Golem dared to trash his colony.


An extreme heat that could rival the conflagration of hell was gathered.

’’I'll turn you into ashes!’’


It shot out like a Dragon's Breath. The unknown being he considered to be a Fire Golem was hit with the heat. This was Joseph's ultimate attack. It wasn't a joke when he described it as an attack that rivalled a Dragon's Breath.

However, the Fire Golem was made out of something very sturdy.


It burst through the heat. The being suddenly grew in size, and its fist covered in fire was extended.

’’You dare!’’

He hurriedly erected a barrier to stop it, but Joseph experienced something he had never experienced for the past 10 years.


His body and barrier was sent flying, and he was nailed to the outer castle wall.

’’How can there be such a humiliation!’’

He got up immediately to find his opponent, but his opponent was already beside him. A foot encased in fire descended towards Joseph's head.



’’Jeez. It's really hot.’’

Sunggoo grumbled as Joseph's head exploded. Sunggoo's eyes widened when the body dissolved into a gray light.

’’Uh? He was a Dimensional lord?’’

Was a Dimensional lord supposed to be this weak?

This thought briefly passed through Sunggoo's brain when he remembered Jaenis' promise.

He'll be given a break if he killed a Dimensional lord or if he destroyed a Dungeon.

Sunggoo looked to the sky, and he saw a long-bodied dragon that had been generated out of fire. It had the property of chasing after its target. Sunggoo had run away, but in the end, it had followed him here.

’’Give me a ten minute break! I caught one.’’

[Goo-hoo-hoo. Too bad.]


Too bad?

Did the Lich really plan on killing him?

He didn't have the energy to give a reply. His time was too precious.

Sunggoo quickly sat on the floor, and he absorbed the flames that was present in the surrounding. During all of this, the Lich sent the Flame Dragon towards the city.


Every time the Flame Dragon passed by the city, the buildings erupted in flames.


When he felt enough fire was in his body, Sunggoo opened his eyes.

He saw Woojin standing in front of him with the Lich.

’’Uh? When did you get here, hyung-nim?’’

’’Just right now. You are pretty good now.’’

’’Heh heh.’’

Sunggoo was able to taken down a Dimensional lord. He had made an incredible leap in his development.

Woojin grinned as he looked at the LIch.

’’You have to do it properly. Do it properly .’’

[Goo-haha. I was about to start his training for real right now.]

Excuse me, hyung-nim and Skeleton-nim. How can you have so much fun when having such a conversation?

[Shall we fight for real now?]

’’We haven't been fighting for real...’’

[There is nothing more useful than a real fight in a training. Goo-haha.]

’’What are you talking about....’’

Woojin spoke as he looked at the confused Sunggoo, and the gleeful Jaenis.

’’While you are at it, you should clear out the surrounding a little bit.’’

[Goo-ha-ha. All right. I'll do you a favor. If you kill or destroy 5 Dimensional lords or colonies, you will get a 10 minute break.]

Sunggoo had a tearful expression on his face.

’’Ah. I'm so thankful that tears are...’’

[I'll kill you in 10 seconds!]



Sunggoo's body exploded up into the air.

In a flash, Sunggoo had already flown away a great distance. Woojin put on a satisfied smile as he looked at Sunggoo.

’’He's like a rocket now.’’

Useful Roused were slowly forming around him.


The Wyvern had been roaming around the sky. It let out a roar, then it lowered its head. Woojin got on the saddle, and it flew into the air.

’’I wonder how much Jaemin has grown?’’

Jaemin had drunk from the Vampire Lord's Heart, and he had gone through the Ritual of Blood.

He was now able to turn subordinates, so he could make his own troops. Moreover, his physical growth limit had risen to a sky high level. Woojin's expectation of Jaemin was on a whole different level now.

Woojin unnecessarily felt excited as he drove the Wyvern towards Jaemin.


The madness that made him lose his mind was gone.

He didn't recklessly charge into his enemies.

’’Hoo hoo hoo.’’

Now he was constantly insane.

Kwah-kwahng, kwahng!

Every time Jaemin moved blood exploded.

He wasn't alone now.


His subordinates were now dependent on blood. They were like red eyed zombies as they ran in towards the enemies. There were orcs, goblins, and even ogres amongst them.

Jaemin walked into a battlefield that was a complete pandemonium. Corpses that had been bitten were strewn everywhere.

The eyes of his subordinates became redder, and much sharper. One could even feel a sense of dignity from them too.

One couldn't look down on them.

These pawns were all his subordinates, but at the same time, they were challengers that could attack him at any time.

Jaemin had killed and drank from the Vampire that had bitten him. This allowed him to absorb the Vampire's power through the Succession of Blood. If he showed a little bit of weakness to his underlings, they'll challenge him.


Jaemin came to a stop in front of a moaning human.

His two legs had been severed, and his arm couldn't be moved from being crushed. One could see his eyes through the blood covering his face. One could see fear, and at the same time, there was malice in those eyes.

’’Do you want to live?’’

’’ me.’’

The malice turned to begging as his eyes started to fill up with tears.

He liked seeing the fear. He liked seeing the will to live in this man's eyes. This would be the foundation to the loyalty that would be given to Jaemin.

Death was the end of the road for the refugees wandering around the Dimensional Domain.

Jaemin bit his hand, and he wetted the lips of the dying human warrior.

’’Ooh ooh ooh ooh.’’

His eyes opened wide as the vessel in his eyes burst open. Then his body started to shake.


The man let out a scream as his body was surrounded by black blood before his body exploded. The pieces of his body turned into several dozen bats as they flew around Jaemin.


The bats coalesced in front of Jaemin, and it formed into the warrior that had been about to die. His face was whiter than before, but this severed limbs were completely regenerated.

His purple lips was bloodless, and it was proof that his life had gone through a change.



His cracked voice gave an answer. Jaemin could feel it.

He could feel this man's hate and fear towards him. Moreover, he could feel his thirst for blood. It was all transmitted to him. If he showed a fraction of weakness, this man would try to eat Jaemin.


At Jaemin's words, Cabal got on one knee, and he lowered his head. This underling was different from the monsters he had turned.

He was the first member of Do-jaemin's tribe. His family of blood had been born.

’’Drink the blood of the enemies.’’


When he got Jaemin's assent, Cabal immediately ran towards the battlefield. It seemed Cabal was thirsting for blood so much that he couldn't maintain his rationality.

This reminded Jaemin of his old self, so he put on a bitter smile.

He felt an indescribable thrill at gaining an underling that would follow his every word. Jaemin's two fists were trembling.

'I'm pretty cool now.'

Jaemin was slowly turning in a noble of the night.


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