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Seoul Station’s Necromancer - Chapter 153


Chapter 153 - Thrash's Protection (2)


Dolsae's iron fist put his opponent on the floor.

Koong, koong. Hooooooohng, kwahng!

Dolsae's movement was unbefitting of his bulk. Dolsae took an agile leap to land on top of his opponent. Dolsae immediately put pressure on the head of his opponent.


A drake was being squashed on the floor by Dolsae. It spread apart its alligator-like mouth to let out a moan.

Where the hell did such monsters show up from?

Woojin approached the drake, which was completely pressed to the ground under the weight of Dolsae.

’’Are you on the Yellow Lizard's side?’’

[Goo-roo-rook. I'm part of the Black Hats coalition.]

’’Uh? I guess not all lizards join the Yellow Lizard coalition.’’


Woojin shrugged his shoulder as he took off his cape.

’’Well, whatever.’’

He draped the cape from the Thrash's Protection over the Drake's nose. He waited for something to happen, but nothing happened.

’’Hmmm. Maybe it has to wear the cape.’’

[Koo koo. You stupid bastard. You don't even have the Code, yet you took a cursed Items for yourself.]

Woojin tilted his head in puzzlement.

’’You know what this is?’’

[Isn't this an Item from Thrash's set?]

’’Ah, yes. What is the Code?’’

[You aren't qualified....... Do you think I'll just give you the answer so easily?]

It seemed the Drake knew it was done for, so it growled as it shut its mouth. Woojin smirked as he tapped its snout.

’’This is why Drakes aren't included in the Dragon race. They are too dumb.’’


Woojin turned to look at Dolsae.

’’Kill it.’’


Kwah-ahng, kwahng-ahng, kwahng!

Dolsae's steel fists pounded on the head of the drake that was pinned underneath him. The head turned into a pulp as it burst open. Its body was swept up by a gray light before it disappeared.


As Woojin was mumbling to himself, Death Knight Ramson approached Woojin.

[What do we do with the City, master?]

’’Destroy it.’’

[I do as the master desires.]

After Ramsom disappeared, Lich Jaenis appeared next to him. Woojin looked at the Lich in surprise.

’’I thought you were going to save the kids.’’

[Goo-haha. I sent him ahead.]

’’Sunggoo? Will he be enough?’’

[He is enough.]

What? Sunggoo had already made that much progress? It had only been 3 days.

Anyways, Woojin asked Jaenis about something he was curious about.

’’Jaenis. You said these words when you became my familiar. You said I'm special.’’

[The lord is special.]

’’Is that the reason why I won't die after wearing this?’’

Woojin held out the the Thrash's Protection in his grasp.

[......yes. The Thrash's Curse veered away from you.]


He looked at Jaenis, who saw the downfall of Alphen for the past 200 years.

’’Was I the first one to take this?.’’

[Twelve minions of Trahnet coveted it. All of them disappeared.]

’’They all died? Those bastards would have just come back to life.’’

[They didn't just die. They ceased to exist.]

Woojin nodded his head.

’’Is this the reason why you wanted me to find Thrash's Executioner?’’

The Relics he had gathered on Alphen had all been defensive gears. The Items were meant to protect him. However, he never acquired an Item that would cause harm to his enemies.

[Correct. In my opinion, that is the only course of action. It is also the reason why I volunteered to become your Familiar.......]

Jaenis had turned himself into a Lich to save Alphen.

’’Well, all right. I've never seen this Executioner, but if I kill all the Dimensional lords, I bet I can find it in one of their Storage.’’

Woojin wasn't hasty with his thoughts. He just had to find a clue. Of course, he had no idea if this weapon really existed, so his first order of business was to gather the rest of the Set Items.

[I have a request, master.]

’’Well, what is it?’’

[Do you think I can grow that bastard here?]


[In terms of magical talent, his senses might exceed master's...]

Ah. Somehow, he felt a little bit of jealousy. That bastard, Sunggoo. He was a talent that even Jaenis went out of his way to acknowledge.

’’You do whatever you want.’’

[I'll make master's first living underling.]

’’Well, if he does die, will he be my second Lich?’’

[That's not a bad idea.]

Woojin and Jaenis looked at each other as they grinned.

[Goo-haha. Then I'll go and watching his back now.]

’’All right. Go. When you get there, kill everyone who revives again.’’

Even if Woojin burned the Planet Jaku to the ground and clear all the Dungeons, new Dimensional lords will try to link here again. They would be good practice partners for him. He would be able to gain EXP for him.

Since he wanted to train, they were exactly what he was looking for.

’’I should head out after I catch couple more of them.’’

The Dimensional domain's Protection Period was about to run out.


The Colony fell.

The Holy Maiden carefully put away the Dimensional Fragment.

’’Whew. It's done.’’

Do-jaemin let out a sigh of relief as he flopped to the floor. Baek-jungdo had also pushed himself to the point of exhaustion. The two of them were always at the forefront, so their exhaustion had multiplied.

’’I'm sorry for not being much of a help this time around.’’

Haesol expressed her sorriness through her apology. Her Taming ability wasn't great against intelligent races. It was more suited for the simple-minded monsters and the wild beasts.

If she had brought Jackson from earth, then she would have been in a better position to help. However, she hadn't, so her presence in the party had been greatly diminished. The only ability that was useful was her Telepathic ability, but it was only used to sync everyone's thoughts.

She had basically taken the role of a walkie-talkie.

’’What is there to apologize for? If it wasn't for Ms. Haesol, we wouldn't have been able to recover so many spoils of war.’’

The moles were disassembling the corpses, and they were were gathering the Bloodstones. There were also a growing pile of Items they had taken from the enemies.

It was an incredible amount of stuff. This wasn't an amount one could gather just from clearing one or two Dungeons on earth.

’’We also have a lot of Artifacts now.’’

Blanka spoke excitedly as he activated his Detection Magic. The Artifacts were more important than the Bloodstones.

Currently, they were taking Items with hidden abilities.

’’Whew. Let's rest a little bit before we explore. Lil bro Kahng said he'll be here.’’

’’Yes. However, do you think that Flame Roused will be ok?’’

Baek-jungdo smirked at Blanka's careful question.

’’Who? Mr. Sunggoo?’’

’’Yes. He seemed to be in an urgent....’’

After he burned the colony to the ground, he also burned the Dimensional lord to death. Then he was immediately chased away by the Lich. Sunggoo quickly disappeared into the distance. No, they just couldn't see him, but they could hear terrifying sounds of explosions coming from nearby. It seemed they weren't too far away from their location.

’’Don't worry about him. Mr Sunggoo is sturdy.’’

’’Huh huh. Still, I wonder if we should help him. The monster that was chasing after him looked very dangerous........’’

Haesol laughed at Blanka's words.

’’It isn't a monster. It is president's familiar. It is a Lich.’’

’’What? That was a Lich? It disappeared so fast..........’’

He searched through his memory, and he thought he had caught a glimpse of the Lich. Blanka scratched his head. Haesol spoke as if to say he shouldn't worry about Sunggoo.

’’Normally, Mr. Sunggoo looks unreliable, but he's also the person, who lasted the longest next to our president.’’


Blanka queried with his expression as if to say, 'Why would you say that?'

’’Big incidents always occurs near the president. The fact that he is still alive is a big accomplishment in itself.’’

His skill was unquestionable. Sunggoo had burned all the enemies to death at once. These were the monsters the party had struggled to kill.

Baek-jungdo licked his lips in regret.

’’As expected, Magic is the way to go when kiting.’’

Why did his ability have to be Body Reinforcement.......

Of course, it wasn't as if his ability was bad. Baek-jungdo was quite satisfied with himself. His Body Reinforcement ability was able to show its true worth during the night.

Jaemin thought Sunggoo had looked cool, but Sunggoo had a desperate expression on his face.

’’Let's join up with Sunggoo hyung after he finishes his training.’’

’’Huh huh. It seems we'll have to start training for real if we want to keep up with Mr. Sunggoo.’’

They were all Rank A.

The Holy Maiden was Rank SS.

If Hong-sunggoo became a SS Ranked 9th Circle Master, the party members doubted whether they would be able to keep up with him.

In truth, the Holy Maiden was the only party member, who hadn't become exhausted. She was the main reason why they were able to hunt until now with the currently constructed party. Her healings and blessings had been a big boon.

Jaemin had retroactively become a vampire, and the problem was he wasn't compatible with the Holy Maiden. He couldn't gain any benefit from her.

’’Well, let's gather all the Artifacts.’’

’’Let's go.’’

The moles tamed by Haesol could dig through the corpses to gather the Bloodstones, but they couldn't collect the Artifacts. They would have to do it themselves, so everyone stood up from their seats.

At that moment, Woojin suddenly showed up.



’’Lil bro is here?’’

Woojin smirked when everyone was happy at his appearance.

’’We haven't seen each other for only few days, yet you guys are this happy to see me? Were you on your way to loot?’’

Blanka shook his head from side to side at Woojin's words.

’’We are going to gather the Items.’’

’’Don't be a hypocrite.’’

Woojin looked around his surrounding to see the Colony that had been burnt to the ground. There were monster corpses everywhere.

’’You killed, destroyed, and took what you want.’’


Wooin's words were correct, but Blanka had an unknown urge to deny it.

’’Looting is looting.’’

Did the president want to become a villain? Blanka felt a surge of anger, so he spoke out.

’’Are you trying to say we did something bad?’’

Woojin shrugged his shoulders.

’’When did I say looting is bad?’’


Blanka was having a hard time coming up with a retort.

Blanka wanted to give a counter-argument, but he couldn't come up with anything. There was no deceit on Woojin's face, and it was hard to guess what Woojin was thinking inside.

’’I'm going to visit my Domain with Jaemin for a brief moment. What do the rest of you want to do?’’

Woojin asked for input from the party members.

’’Do you want to continue on here? Do you want to return to earth? We've spent 4 days here, so only 1 day passed on earth.’’

Blanka rejoiced at Woojin's words.

’’We can return?’’

’’Not you guys. I'm asking what Jungdo hyung wants to do.’’


'Shit. He should have been clearer from the start.'

Blanka pouted.

’’Mmm. I...’’

Baek-jungdo looked at the party.

Everyone here was from Alandal.

There was no ulterior motive behind Woojin's question. He was wondering what Baek-jungdo's intended to do. He was an outsider.

Baek-jungdo shook his head from side to side.

’’I can't give up a hunting ground of this caliber.’’

If he rolled with these people, Baek-jungdo's ability would increase. The caliber of monsters that showed up here was totally different from earth. Moreover, there was a lifeline here. The Holy Maiden would make sure no one would die here.

’’All right. Let;s hunt, then we can head to earth to attend the Guild General Assembly.’’


’’Then you guys loot the Items. I have a business I have to attend to. I'll be back soon.’’

When Woojin waved his hand, a red portal opened in mid-air.


’’Let's go, Jaemin.’’

’’Yes, hyung.’’

Jaemin and Woojin disappeared after they passed through the portal.

Everyone knew where the portal was connected to.

It was Wooin's Dimensional Domain of Alandal.

He was someone, who could travel between planets. He was a human, who possessed a Dimensional Domain.

Baek-jungdo couldn't hold back his bitter laugh.

'Maybe I'm calling a god my bro.'

While the party was looting the Colony, Woojin and Jaemin arrived at the Dimensional Domain.

’’We have 10 minutes left. You should relax and take it slow.’’

’’Yes, hyung. Also, I have a request...’’

’’What is it?’’

Jaemin spoke carefully.

’’May you loan me some Points?’’

’’Huh? What are you going to do with it?’’

’’I want to get some Items.......’’


Woojin touched his chin as he thought about it. It was bad to rely on Items, but at a certain point, one had to be equipped befitting one's ability.

It was important to know how to use one's ability, but it was also important to learn how to use Items.

’’The ones I gave you aren't enough?’’

After Jaemin took the post of Strategist, he frequently won the Dimensional battles. Woojin gave a fixed amount of Points every time Jaemin won, so Jaemin should have amassed quite a lot of Points.

’’There is something I've been eyeing, but it's a little bit expensive.’’

’’All right. Buy whatever you want.’’

’’Yes. Thank you.’’

’’First, let's reset the Protection Period.’’

’’Yes, hyung.’’

Jaemin sat in the Strategist's seat, and Woojin sat on his Throne.

He wanted to find a suitable opponent before his Protection Period came to an end, so he opened the catalog to search for lords. It was at that moment when he saw it.

<Dimensional lord Liah is requesting a Duel.>

’’What? Is she alive now?’’

She would be furious right now. Woojin couldn't help, but laugh when he thought about her.

’’She is spunky.’’

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

It seemed she was blinded by anger and vengeance.

<You've accepted the Duel. You are being moved to the battlefield.>


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