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Seoul Station’s Necromancer - Chapter 149


Chapter 149 - Planet Jaku

Nigal's body turned gray as it disappeared. Several Dimensional lords had followed Nigal with their monster subordinates.


In a flash, there were only laughters of the Skeletons left on the battlefield.

The party gulped in bewilderment when they saw a slaughter happen in a blink of an eye.

Woojin approached them as he spoke.

’’We'll separate into three groups as planned. If something happens, contact me.’’

’’Yes, hyung-nim..’’


Sunggoo wouldn't be a problem. He would be moving separately from Woojin, but Sunggoo's goal was to train instead of hunt. Moreover, Woojin wouldn't be too far from him.

He turned his head to look at Jaemin.

’’I'll see you in 4 days. Work hard until then.’’

’’Yes, hyung.’’

Jaemin had a determined expression on his face. He was overwhelmed by the burden placed on him, but in the end, he had to succeed. Jaemin was victorious in his Dimensional Battle, and he had earned a protection period of 4 days. Woojin used that time as a deadline as to when the party would meet up.

’’I'll see you later.’’

’’Mmmm. Where should I start my hunt...’’

Woojin pointed at Necia's Pillar.

’’You can go raid Dungeons. When you clear a Dungeon, it'll break the link.’’

Woojin planned on breaking all the links to the Dungeons possessed by Dimensional lords on Planet Jaku. While doing this, his main goal was to gain EXP.

’’This looks endless.’’

Baek-jungdo smacked his lips as he looked at the vast grasslands.

When one passed through a portal, one couldn't bring any modern technology. He didn't have a navigation system or a map. They had to fight enemies in a place where the placement of the stars were different, and the length of a day differed from earth.

No, the problem was the fact that they had to find where the enemies were located at.

Haesol clasped a small bird to herself.

’’This guy will show us the way.’’


Haesol's ability was Taming. Moreover, she had focused on developing her telepathic ability.

She was someone who had no trouble talking telepathically to 5 people at the same time. It was an ability that went well with her base ability of Taming where she was able to communicate in some form with her animals. These were synergistic abilities. Haesol could feel to a degree what the small bird had seen and felt in this world. It wouldn't be too hard for her to discern the locations of the other Dungeons.

’’Stay strong, president.’’

’’We'll see you in 4 days.’’

’’All right. Don't you all die on me.’’

When the party left, the only ones left was Sunggoo and the Undead Army.

’’We should go too.’’

’’What? I'm going to go with you?’’

’’If I find a Dungeon, I'll clear it. You can train outside.’’

’’Ah. Yes, hyung-nim.’’

Woojin spoke an order towards the Undead army.

’’Find the life energies!’’

[As the King commands!]

At the command of the Death Knights, the Skeletons marched forward. Aside from finding and killing the monsters populating the planet, he had to find the monsters inside the Dungeons too.

’’Find me a Dungeon, Ggaebi.’’

[Koo-kooh. You've changed.]

On Alphen, he had been passive as he protected only his land. Now the Immortal was actively moving to find his enemies.

’’Stop talking nonsense, and find me one.’’

[I'll do as master wishes. Koo-koohk.]

Ggaebi exited from Woojin's shadow, and it started to search the surrounding. Woojin summoned and mounted Shing Sing. Sunggoo was about to jump on when Woojin blocked him.

’’What are you doing?’’

’’What? Aren't you going to give me a ride?’’

’’Every breathing moment you have will be a training opportunity.’’


’’You should try to survive to the best of your ability. I'm not going to interfere with anything he does.’’


Woojin urged Shing Shing to move as he left behind a confused Sunggoo. There was a city being built not too far away. Woojin headed towards this city with his Undead army.

After being left by himself, a black smoke coalesced as a Lich appeared.

[Who is the insolent bastard, who requested to be taught by me!]

Its flickering red eyes was filled with madness.

Sunggoo had a sullen expression on his face.

It already knew the answer, so why is it asking him the question?

’’ is I.’’

[Goo-ha-ha. Shall I test if you are qualified?]

Fire burst out from the Lich's staff.

Kwah-kwahng, kwahng!

Sunggoo quickly moved to dodge the attack as consecutive explosions went off.

’’Ooh-oohk. You are crazy!’’

He attacked without reason! Moreover, it was a level of magic where a human body wouldn't survive a direct hit. If this wasn't some trick, it was really trying to kill him.

[Goo-hah. Are you giving me a compliment?]


The Lich pushed his head through the smoke created by the explosions as it spoke. Sunggoo had an appalled expression on his face. Afterwards, Sunggoo didn't have much time to gather his thoughts.

Hwah-roo-roo-roohk, kwahhhng!

Jaenis didn't give Sunggoo the time to think.


For a brief moment, Woojin was lost in old memories as he heard the sounds of explosions coming from the rear.

’’Hue hue.’’

He had survived, and he had become stronger. Sunggoo would do the same.

’’Anyways, isn't this a colony?’’

Woojin narrowed his eyes as he looked at the city that was still in construction. There was a artificial colony built at the center of the city. With the colony at its center, the city was within a fixed radius where the Dimensional lord's power could reach.

This was like setting up a Dimensional Domain on a planet.

As the words implied, this was a Colony City.

One could use the Dimensional Store to buy buildings or dispatch additional troops after being purchased. One could also populate the city with Domain residents.

One could see a castle built atop a hill.

The entire city looked as if the boulders and steels had harmonized with each other. It looked like a mechanical fortress.

As the Skeletons advanced , large boulders came flying from the castle.

Kwah-kwahng, kwahng!

Boulders weren't the only thing that was sent their way. A cannonball with spikes exploded when it embedded itself on the ground. Fragments were sent flying everywhere. The attack was strong enough to take down Skeletons with a single blow.

Countless siege weapons were being sent their way, and if Woojin reacted slowly, the loss would be heavy.



As if the summoned Dolsae knew what Woojin wanted, it gathered the fallen boulders and steel shrapnels to form its enormous body.


’’Open up a path.’’

At Woojin's order, the enormous Golem started running.

Koong, koong!

Each step shook the ground as the sound of the impact rang out. At its charge, the boulders being sent from the castle started to aim for Dolsae.

Their aim was quite accurate.


The boulder crushed Dolsae's head before it embedded itself into the ground. However, Dolsae was still charging forward.


The boulder embedded in the ground started shaking as if a force was pulling on it. It was pulled and integrated into Dolsae's body. The broken head was replaced. Moreover, its arms got longer and its chest got thicker.

A bigger Titan of Destruction charged forward.


A large chunk of magical energy exited Woojin every time Dolsae increased its body size. However, he didn't care. He could drink potions, and he could recover his magical energy by using Soul Extraction.


In a flash, Dolsae's large body impacted against the castle wall.

The castle wall fell, and a gap was formed. Dolsae absorbed the metal and rock from the fallen wall, and Dolsae grew even more. Then it started to go on a rampage.

’’Charge and sweep them away!’’


[Koo-haha. Increase your speed!]

The Death Knights summoned their Phantom Steeds, and they charged forward.

Bibi was summoned, and she slowly flew above Woojin's head.

’’How about we make our own Colony City here?’’

’’Why would I want to do that?’’

’’Mmm. Mhmmm. It'll be good to have one here.’’

Woojin smirked.

’’I bet you want to decorate another castle.’’

’’Heh heh heh.’’

Bibi let out a sly laugh as if Woojin had hit the mark. There wasn't a place untouched by Bibi in regards to the Dimensional Domain of Alandal. The Points given to her as allowance had been used to decorate the castle.

’’Isn't the castle at Alandal big enough?’’

’’Pi. It is too small.’’


How big of a castle did she want? Woojin pointed at the enormous castle in front of him.

’’This castle....’’


’’It is more fun to destroy it than to decorate it.’’


At Woojin's words, Bibi turned her back on him. She played coy as she looked at the castle.

’’Heh heh. I guess you are right on that point.’’

’’Go level up.’’

’’Yes. Heh heh.’’

The Illusion Witch turned into smoke as she disappeared.

In the end, the Necromancer Immortal's strong power was directly related to his army. Since he had a lot of familiars under him, he had to manage their levels. War was the best stage for them, and there were a lot of opponents for them to fight on Planet Jaku.

Even as his Familiars leveled up, a portion of their EXP was sent to Woojin. He didn't even have to lift a finger, and his EXP would rise. However, it was a much smaller amount of EXP compared to what he could earn if he moved himself.

’’Shall I start moving?’’

Woojin was mounted on Shing shing as it ran forward. An announcement popped up when he approached the castle wall.

<You've entered Liah's Colony called 'Combat Fortress'.>

<She is lost in the nothingness of death. It is impossible to choose Dimensional Battle and Duel.>

<If successfully cleared, it is possible to choose 'Demolish'.>

Woojin let out a dumbfounded laugh when he read the message.

The city looked like it was from a mechanical civilization, and the city looked somewhat familiar. This was Liah's Colony. She was the Dimensional lord, who had requested a Duel with him, and he had gained much benefit from defeating her.

At the same time, he realized why a Dimensional lord's death was a terrible thing.

'She'll be robbed blind, while she is dead.'

There was the pitfall to the 12 days of Protection Period.

It only exempted one from the Dimensional Battle and Duel.

However, it didn't stop the Adventurers or Challengers from trying to clear the Dungeon or the Colony. The Dimensional lord couldn't respond to the attack, and it was a fatal flaw.

If one didn't have a wonderful warrior like Kiba designated as captain of defense, one will have no choice, but to be robbed.

Moreover, if one cleared the Dungeon, it meant the link to this planet would be severed.

It basically amounted to one losing a single Dimensional Fragment.

This was also true for the Colony, since it was a gate set up at a location other than a Dungeon.

’’So that means I can destroy this?’’

There was a smile draped all over Woojin's face. How great would it be if he could destroy the Dungeons? If he could destroy all the Dugeons on earth, he'll be able to sever all the links possessed by the Dimensional lords.

Woojin took out his Warrior's Weapon as he charged.

’’Koo-ahh-ahhk! Block them.’’

’’Dirty Undead bastards!’’

Hostile residents of Lia's domain were defending the castle. They were all humans.


Numerous humans were dispatched in various buildings. They shot guns that were primitive and crude compared to the ones on earth.

Bullets were shot at Woojin, but the Spirit Armor prevented the bullets from reaching their target.

These weren't humans from earth. Woojin had no reason to hesitate in killing them.


Woojin's Bone Spears shot forward, and the Bone Spears pierced through the humans.


Maybe he should change the definition of what a monster is.

Maybe he should define it as invaders.

Woojin could feel the enmity of his enemies. He had already killed a lot of them, and he could see their souls cry out. It had been a while since he had been in the midst of a living hell.

Woojin's body shuddered.

In the past, he had wished fervently to be able to escape places like this. However, the perfume of the living hell reached him. He couldn't explain why he felt so excited.

He couldn't deny this fact.

’’Hoo-ooh. I can't help it.’’

Maybe he was conditioned to be like this or maybe it was his instinct making him act like this. There was no way to know.

Maybe he really was the monster.

’’Destroy them all.’’

Magical energy extended out from Woojin's body, and it latched onto the bodies scattered around the city.


The corpses exploded all at the same time, and a portion of the city collapsed.


The Skeletons buried within the fallen buildings pushed their way out of the rubble, and they headed towards the intact portions of the city.



Woojin took a deep breath, and the souls that were saturating the surrounding was absorbed into him.

The magical energy that had bottomed out surged upwards.

The defeaning Festival of Blood was the beginning to razing Planet Jaku to the ground.


There was a barren mountain not too far away from Liah's Combat Fortress.

The sorceress Raksha of the Ratick tribe was assimilated into the surrounding.

Her blue colored eyes were mournful as she looked at the fierce battlefield... No, it was more apt to call it a slaughter field. She was observing what was happening, so she could remember it vividly.

Her gaze was on a knight wearing black armor. He was busy swing a weapon that was curved like a crescent moon.

She couldn't feel the energy of life from him. His courage and savagery couldn't be compared to before.


The great warrior of the Ratick race had become the tool of the enemy.

The sorceress Raksha of the Ratick tribe took in the battlefield at a glance.

’’A predator that eats other predators....’’

Maybe, her god's prophecy might really be coming true.


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