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Seoul Station’s Necromancer - Chapter 141


Chapter 141 - Meteors


The aftermath of the explosion was incredible. Several dozen Skeleton Mages were swept away. Woojin was hunting by himself, so fortunately, soldiers and his familiars weren't by his side.


The wrecks of the leftover buildings were swept up into the shockwave, and it was dispersed into the surrounding. When the dust settled down, Woojin retracted his barrier then he approached Jaenis.

’’How does it feel being released from seal?’’

[Do you think I had fun during the time I had lost?]

Woojin shrugged his shoulders. He'd never experienced being in the Room of Seal, and he never experienced death.

’’You probably have a lot of questions for me. Let's tidy up the battlefield first.’’

[That sounds like a good idea.]

’’You should team up with Ramson.’’

[I'll do so.]

Woojin quickly grabbed Jaenis, who was about to disappear.

’’Oh yeah. Don't kill any humans.’’

[Your words make no sense.]

’’Don't kill them.’’

[ the lord wants.]


Jaenis disappeared as his body turned into black smoke.

The Lich never went back on his spoken words, so he wouldn't harm the humans. This will cause the eradication of the monsters to be slowed down. However, he couldn't torch the entire cottage, because he wanted to catch the bedbugs.

If Woojin hadn't cautioned Jaenis, he would have indiscriminately bombarded the city of Seoul.

That would have been the quickest way to eradicate all the monsters.

’’Shall I check myself out a little bit?’’

He was level 80 now.

His Warrior's Weapon had evolved over time, and he had just passed another hurdle where another evolution to his weapon would happen.

Woojin opened his Skill Window.

<Steel Staff>

A warrior's weapon was basically one's best friend, and they are akin to one's life. The Warrior's weapon grew alongside the user. It is always with you, and it is always ready to come out at your beck and call.

Effect : Strength +5, Speed +30, Health +30, Durability Recovery(Dispelled State)

Skill : Summon, Dispel, Transform (Spear, Hammer, Axe, Great Sword, Bow, Long Sword, Throwing Knives)

’’Throwing Knives?’’

The 8th transformation form was already determined.

His weapon's buff effect had started out at 'Strength +5', but now it was +30. Moreover, there were additional effect of Speed and Health.

When he reached level 90, his weapon arsenal will expand further, and the increased Stats would be immense.

If one wanted to walk the road of a Warrior Class, the Warrior's Weapon was an inseparable companion.


Woojin's weapon changed form. Three small throwing knives appeared in his hand instead of the Steel Staff. Each of the throwing knives was of a different size. The first one had a blade that was about a handspan in length, and it could be used like a dagger. The entire length of the second knife was about a handspan in length, and it was like a small ornamental silver knife. The last one was like a mid-sized throwing knife.

Sha-rahk, shweek.

Woojin summoned and dispelled the weapon several times. The weapon repeatedly disappeared, and reappeared in his hand. He was also able to freely change the size of the Throwing Knives, so he could summon throwing knives ideal for the palm of his hands.

’’What are the skills I can learn?’’

Woojin opened the Achievement Store to buy the level 80 Skills that had been unlocked. He bought the Skills that was exclusive to the Warrior Class.

<Knife Fighting>, <Knife Throwing Technique>, <Battle Roar>

There were two weapon skills that was self explanatory. However, he was curious about the effect of the last Skill.

<Battle Roar>

During a hard fight, the Warrior's yell will boost the spirit of one's allies.

Effect : Increased Morale, Increased Battle Capability

Woojin smiled when he saw the description of the Skill.

’’It's a Group Buff.’’

Until level 70, the skills given to him strengthened the Warrior. The first Buff skill appeared at level 80. It had also been a Buff where his yell would affect the allies in his vicinity. It was an aoe buff.

The battle was slowly coming to an end. Woojin headed towards Namsan where he decided to try out his new weapon skills.

Rajakui had planted vines, and it had grown all over the tower.

It would be a problem if the colony gained a foothold here. He had to quickly get rid of it.


Woojin stopped in his tracks when he suddenly felt a sense of danger. He raised his head towards the sky.

Doo doo doo doo.

When he focused his senses, he felt the air vibrate. The clouds were shaped a bit funny too. His focused eyesight couldn't see anything, but he felt some kind of presence.


Woojin shook his head from side to side.

Jaenis had an extreme hatred towards Trahnet.

He had deployed a meteor to destroy a functionless colony that yet to take hold here...

It was already too late to stop it.

’’So I'm the one, who will be responsible, for destroying the Namsan Tower again.’’

The symbol of Seoul had been destroyed 5 years ago during the Dungeon Shock. It hadn't even been several years since it was rebuilt... He never expected he would be the cause of its destruction.

Any action taken by the Undead Army was his sole responsibility.

’’This might not end at the tower. Namsan itself might be erased.’’

He still had time before the meteor struck the mountain. Woojin looked around his surrounding. He got on his Phantom Steed Shing Shing, and they galloped away.


Doo doo doo doo. Kwah-ahng!

The battlefield was noisy with the sounds of bullets being fired, and the explosions going off. In the midst of all of this, several cameras were taking in the sight of the battle.

A small monitor displayed the battle as if the battle was going on right in front of one's nose. In truth, the camera was positioned about 1 kilometer away.

’’Whew. This is beyond a mess.’’

The flying monsters and the quick monsters were only 1 kilometer away, and that fact worried them. However, the army were at the final stage of the suppression, so the danger against them was a bit diminished.

’’Shale we get closer, producer?’’

’’It's all right. Let's wait here. We'll go in after the gunfire dies down.’’


’’The world is coming to an end. End.’’

The producer reclined on a picnic chair, and he absentmindedly stared up at the sky.

There was no point in getting a scoop in this f*ked up world. If he crossed into the no-go area set up by the army, he might get unlucky and get shot by friendly fire. If he died, he wouldn't be able to take up his grievances with anyone.

’’Uh? Isn't something coming our way?’’

’’What is it?’’

’’It looks like a horse.’’

’’What? Dude. We are on a roof. Do you think a pegasus exist or something.’’

’’I...I'm not lying....’’

’’Ha. Stop being a bitch.’’

The producer unnecessarily glared at his junior once, then he stood up from his chair. He put a cigarette in his mouth, and his face froze when he caught sight of what was on the other side of the balustrade of the rooftop.

’’It's a horse.’’

’’I told you.’’

’’Who is it? Who's riding it?’’

’’Uh... kind of looks like Kahng-woojin?’’

’’Uh uh? I think you are right?’’

The cigarette in the producer's mouth fell to the ground when he heard his junior colleague's words.

’’Hey. Hurry up and turn the camera!’’

The camera had been zoomed-in to film the battlefield. The camera was turned towards the sky where it filmed the sight of Woojin racing across the sky. He was coming towards them on his Phantom Steed.


When Shing Shing arrived at the rooftop balustrade, Woojin jumped off the horse.

’’Can we broadcast this live?’’

Woojin pointed towards the camera as he spoke. The producer mindlessly shook his head from side to side.

’’We can't broadcast live. We send out a signal around every 10 minutes.’’

’’That'll be too late.’’

When Woojin frowned, the producer spoke quickly.

’’Do you have some urgent need? We can decrease the time to 1 minute.’’

Woojin nodded his head at those words.

’’There is a meteor coming down on Namsan. Tell the nearby civilians to be prepared.’’

’’What? A meteor?’’

’’How many news crews are around Namsan?’’

’’There are four teams.’’

’’Pass on a message for me. Can you contact the army?’’

’’I...if you wait a moment, I can look up the contact information....’’

’’It's all right. It'll be faster for me to just go there.’’

The nearby civilians had all been evacuated when Rajakui gathered the monsters around Namsan. When the meteor fell, the biggest casualties would come from the military.


After Woojin delivered his message, Woojin rode Shing Shing towards the army. The producer just stared after Woojin's back.

’’Producer! Should be broadcast this immediately?’’

’’...Jaesung-ah. Did I really just talk to Kahng-woojin?’’

’’Yes! You did.’’


Jaesung, the junior employee, spoke. The producer had a dazed expression on his face as if he was dreaming.

’’Senior! What do I do with the newest footage!’’

’’What do you think?’’

The producer immediately made a call.

’’Vice president! I got a scoop. The footage I just sent should be aired immediately after being edited.’’

Woojin had disappeared from his sight, but the producer continued to stare toward's Woojin's flight path with the phone pressed to his ear.

’’Hero Kahng-woojin saw through the Dragon's plan. The Dragon summoned a meteor.’’

There wasn't anything Woojin couldn't do.

What would have happened to Seoul again if he wasn't here? There had been several locations where the monsters had gathered, and Kahng-woojin's familiars had destroyed them all.

The army was clearing out remnant of the monsters.

’’He said the meteor will fall on Namsan soon. He said everyone should evacuate.’’

He didn't even have to debate if his information had come from a reliable source. Kahng-woojin wasn't someone, who would lie. This was how the people perceived Kahng-woojin. His words carried weight.

The producer's voice was shaking from a weird sense of pride.

Is this how members of the earth's defense force felt? He had only delivered Kahng-woojin's words, but wouldn't that contribute in a big way towards saving Seoul? He never felt more pride at his choice of occupation.

’’He has saved Seoul once again.’’


’’We can't retreat. It is my job to protect this place.’’

Woojin shrugged his shoulders at the commander's words.

’’If you insist on dying then I won't dissuade you.’’

Woojin unfurled a finger, and he pointed towards the sky. The clouds were rippling like waves.

’’In about 10 minutes, you'll be able to see it yourself. If you retreat at that time, you'll all die.’’


’’If you want to live, you have to retreat now. However, if you have a death wish, I won't stop you.’’

Woojin had delivered his intentions.

He didn't like the senseless loss of lives, but he didn't feel any moral obligation where he had to save everyone.

He had informed them of the danger, and that was enough. He wasn't their nanny....

’’If we do that, the monsters will spread out into the city.’’

’’I'll block them.’’


’’What are you going to do?’’

’’I'll withdraw my forces.’’

Woojin smirked.

’’Hurry up and go.’’

After speaking those words, Woojin headed to the front line. If he wanted to help the army's retreat, he had to hold back the monsters. The soldiers saluted Woojin as they left.

Woojin summoned his bone spears, and he threw it to various locations.


The bones grew and they immediately intersected to form a Wall of Bones. Since he was creating the Bone Wall across a large swath of land, a very large amount of magic escaped his body.

He mumbled as he drank the magic potion he bought from the Achievement Store.

’’Jeez, Jaenis. You created a lot of inconvenience for a lot of people.’’

Since he said not to harm any people, it shouldn't be a big meteor. Still, the shockwave created by the impact couldn't be ignored.

Fortunately, Jaenis' skill was so great that he was very accurate with his magic. There weren't going to be any mishaps where the meteor would fall somewhere else.

The Namsan Tower was almost a sure loss, and the nearby residents will be leveled. There wouldn't be any human casualties, but the monsters hiding inside the forest will be annihilated.

Woojin surrounded the monsters with the Wall of Bones before they could escape.

If there was a strong resistance from the monsters, he wouldn't use his depleted magic. He would fight them using the Warrior's Skills.

Woojin was keeping back the monsters by himself after the army left. At that moment, a black smoke coalesced into forming the Lich Jaenis.

’’How come you called a meteor down here?’’

[Goo-ha-ha. It is me knocking on earth's door.]

Woojin looked as if he had just chewed on shit.

’’If you observe your manners one more time, earth will be completely decimated next time.’’

[Goo-ha-ha-ha. There won't be any casualties from this.]

A sigh left Woojin's mouth.

’’Is it a small one?’’

[It is only a small rock that's being used as a greeting.]

The problem was the fact that the small rock contained an enormous amount of destructive force.

’’Please put a barrier over Alandal's buildings.’’

[Who cares about the buildings?]

’’My family is there.’’

[ bad.]

Jaenis' body turned into black smoke, and he dispersed into the air. Woojin let out a sigh as he stared up at the sky.


The small light was quite accurate as it headed towards Namsan. After it became visible to the naked eyes, it only took several seconds for it to impact the earth.


After the impact, the delayed sound of explosion rang out. The ground shook, and Woojin's Soul armor activated. It covered his entire body.

The ground was so decimated that there wasn't even a trace of the Namsan Tower left. Moreover, a big hole was formed at Namsan. The mushroom cloud rose up with the dust, and this wasn't happening only in Seoul.


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