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Seoul Station’s Necromancer - Chapter 140


Chapter 140 - Lord of Pestilence (3)

’’I see you are really dedicated to your studies.’’

’’No, I'm not asking, because of that....’’

’’Stop trying to rush me too much. He'll be coming out sometime today.’’

’’No. I'm not trying to rush you....’’

Sunggoo had wanted to ask if the Lich was needed in solving this current situation.

’’I'll make a guarantee.’’

Ah. Sunggoo felt uneasy.

’’You just have to survive.’’

Woojin put his hand on Sunggoo's shoulder.

’’Then you will become the best Flame magician.’’


He didn't get why his life be threatened just from learning magic....

’’Go rest a little bit more.’’


Woojin strode towards the hiccuping Holy Maiden. As if she was guilty of something, the Holy Maiden flinched in surprise. She didn't know what to do with herself.

’’Were you just reciting my history?’’

’’I...I've committed a grave sin!’’

The Holy Maiden fell to her knees, and she bowed her head. Woojin reacted by putting on a sour expression.

’’...unless you really want to die, why don't you get up?’’

She was a priestess, who was chosen to serve her goddess. She was the Holy Maiden yet she kept bowing to him. When the Holy Maiden tried to keep proper decorum towards him by bowing to him, it felt as if he was being treated the same as a god. He didn't like it.

He was human.


The Holy Maiden abruptly got up. Woojin frowned as he asked her a question. He didn't care if she was talking about him from behind his back.

He was more interested in Alphen's history.

’’The first Dungeon was linked to Alphen around 200 years ago?’’

’’Yes. You are correct.’’

’’When did the Dimensional lords start to indiscriminately invade Alphen?’’

’’It was around 100 years ago.’’


Woojin made some mental calculations about the timeline, and he frowned.

The first Dungeon formed 5 years ago on earth. The Dimensional lords started to show up after 5 years. It was progressing too fast.

’’So Alphen held out for 100 years? How long do you think earth will be able to hold out?’’

’’The Dungeons of Alphen and earth can't be compared. So asking for a prediction is a bit...’’


Earth's communication network was much superior.

If something happened on the planet, the whole world would know about it the next day. That was how advanced the communication network on earth was.

However, people of earth weren't fighting as one. They were having trouble unifying.

Information traveled slower on Alphen, but there had been figures, who had been able to coordinate and control the people. These beings were able to lead the hearts of men. They were able to rally the people towards a specific direction.

Woojin looked towards Melody, who was the Holy Maiden of the Aria Church.

’’I have a task for you.’’

’’What is it?’’

’’I want you to help Sooah awaken.’’


His words surprised Melody. She looked up at Woojin with rabbit eyes.

It wasn't a simple task to relay the words of a god. Melody had personal experience regarding this, so she was more informed than anyone else.

’’Are you sure about this?’’

’’Well, I have no choice.’’

He didn't have much choice. This was for his dongsaeng and earth.

’’We need a glue to hold us all together.’’


Melody silently agreed with Woojin's words.

He had tried to become the essential glue that held all the people together. He had tried to use his overwhelming power and overbearing actions to lead the people. However, the world was crumbling faster around him.

Earth would fall from within before Woojin could gain control over the Roused.

Morality would crumble. Hopelessness and despair would spread across the world. He needed to give the people hope and trust.

Woojin had been found lacking.

His dongsaeng was a God's Seed.

He didn't know which god would appear.

It might be one of the god, whom people worshipped for a long time. It could also be a forgotten ancient god, who no one could identify....

She could be chosen by some unknown god. Sooah's fate would be harsh, but she didn't have a choice. Woojin couldn't do anything for her.

’’Sooah has to survive.’’

The God's Seed couldn't be denied unless one died.

’’What if it is an evil god?’’


Woojin laughed in spite of himself.

’’You think gods are divided by good and evil?’’


’’If you believe them then they are good. If not, they are evil.’’


As the Holy Maiden of Aria, she didn't want to hear such words from the Immortal. However, she didn't have the courage to dispute his claim.

’’There is no such thing as an evil god. Go help Sooah awaken.’’

She could help the God's Seed sprout without Sooah going insane.

The Holy Maiden Melody possessed the power of Aria, so this was something only she could do.


When he heard the Holy Maiden's reply, Woojin turned to look at the rampaging monsters.

’’Well, shall I go hunt a dragon?’’

Woojin grinned as he looked at the Gold Dragon perched atop Namsan.

’’I'll help you.’’

Woojin shook his head when Sunggoo stood up immediately.

’’Haesol and you can clear the monsters near here.’’


It was unfortunate, but Woojin had made the call. It meant this was too dangerous for him. Sunggoo didn't overextend himself for no reason. Roused worked with their life on the line, and nothing was more dangerous than reckless bravado.

Woojin was going to catch one Dragon. It wasn't a big deal, so he didn't need to take all of his companions.

He needed 10 Death Knights to distract the Dragon. Dolsae would steadily attack, and Bibi will use her mental attacks to cause confusion. He would also be attacking. He didn't need anyone else.

However, the monsters had spread out far with Nasan as the staging point. His familiars had to cover a large region, so they were all busy.

’’Or I could just call on Jaenis.’’

His EXP was surging towards the end.

He just needed couple minutes, and his EXP would be filled.

Potential EXP was all around him.

He was actually delighted that the Dungeon Breaks were concentrated around Seoul. His Undead army was able to hunt down the monsters, and his EXP was stacking at a very fast rate.

Woojin ran into the battlefield himself. He wanted to shorten the time it took for him to level up.


Woojin extended his hand, and the Bone Spears pierced through the monsters like they were made out of cloth.


The Spirit Spears shot down the swift bat monsters from the sky. The bat monsters kept dodging, but the Spirit Spears chased them down.


After gaining the Warrior Class, his most frequently used weapon was the axe. His axe split open the heads of the monsters. He didn't have to work too hard to end the lives of the monsters.

Each engagement resulted in corpses stacking up around Woojin.

Were the monsters sick of his overwhelming force?

Woojin grinned when he saw the monsters showing signs of retreating.

’’Where do you think you are going?’’


There were numerous corpses here. There were a lot of corpses with bones within them.

He could use the corpses as medium to form the Wall of Bones. Woojin blocked the retreat of the monsters, and Woojin's power exploded forth.


With Woojin at the center, a green smoke started to spread outwards, and it started to poison the monsters. The Insect type monsters all died from the poison. He didn't even have to raise his Weapon.

If he didn't have to worry about his allies, Woojin's battle style was peerless. This battle style had been passed on to Hong-sunggoo.



The corpses around Woojin exploded. Blood and body parts flew everywhere, and over 200 Skeleton Mages were summoned. Each of their levels were high enough to be close in ability to a Rank B Roused.

Each of their magic spells were dangerous. The only shortcoming was the fact that their magic were simple. They could only use magic of a single element.

They could only use a single magic spell, but this didn't mean there weren't a variety of magic being used. This was the case when several dozen to several hundred of them were summoned. He summoned Skeleton Magicians able to use Fire, Ice, Lightning, Wind or Poison type magic. He was able to create a diverse mage army.

’’Bomb them!’’


The Skeletons let out a hair-raising laugh, and they started to let loose their magic. The Death Knights had some room to breathe thanks to Woojin's active role in the battle. The Death Knights moved the Skeleton army to surround the monsters. They created a large perimeter around Namsan.


He was almost there. However, at that moment, the Dragon pushed off the Namsan tower to head towards Woojin. It seemed the Dragon realized he couldn't just let this be. When the Dragon left the Namsan tower, one could see vines encircling the entire tower.

It seemed the Dragon was trying to make the Namsan tower his colony.

It still need a day to become functional. Woojin had plenty of time to kill the dragon then destroy the colony.

The Dragon was high up in the sky, and its stomach was inflating.

’’This might be a problem.’’

Will he be able to block the Dragon's Breath?

Woojin would be fine. His Spirit Armor would protect him. However, the people around him.... What will he do about the people in Alandal?

<Level Up!>

This was a very welcome sound. Woojin immediately called for him.


It was his teacher, who had taught him the ways of slaughter and boldness.

He had helped Woojin with creating destruction. He was Woojin's top advisor, who had helped him reign.

He had once been called a great scholar and an Archmage on Alphen.

To save Alphen from crumbling, he had made himself a Lich, and he had been taken captive by madness.

The Deathless Magician.


The black smoke coalesced in midair. He was a Skeleton wearing a black robe, and he had a black staff in his hand. He wore similar looking clothes as the Skeleton Mage, but unlike the Skeleton mages, he had an oppressive presence.

His red eyes flashed.

[Master! Was Alphen saved?]

His voice buzzed, and the sound had the power of shaking a person's heart. The hair raising sound was akin to a train coming to an emergency stop.

Woojin touched his itchy ears as he spoke.

’’Not yet. How about blocking that for me first?’’

Woojin pointed to the sky. The Golden Dragon Rajakui had inflated to a massive size, and it was about to let out its Dragon's Breath.

[Where did my power disappear to?]

’’Oh yeah.’’

Woojin quickly opened his Skill Window, and he invested Bonus Points into the 'Lich Summon' skill. In a flash, the 1 became 99. Jaenis body flashed several times, and his body went through several changes.

The black robe was now imprinted with glowing magical circles, and it was letting out a mysterious atmosphere. The head of the staff was embedded with 5 types of gems, and it was letting out a dazzling light.


It sounded as if a pressure cooker was being opened. If one listened with one's eyes closed that was what it sounded like.

The source of the sound was the Dragon's Breath that had been emitted from Rajakui's mouth. It was heading towards the surface.

Jaenis created a concave shield to block out the entire sky.


It was a barrier made out of magic, and it pressed up against the Dragon's barrier. A shockwave exploded forth as if a nuclear bomb had gone off. However, most of it was reflected towards the sky. The damage on the ground was minimal.

’’You were right on time.’’

[Does Yong Yong need a friend?]

’’He's Trahnet's minion. He's useless to me. Just kill him.’’

When a Dimensional lord was killed, the corpse wasn't left behind. It would just disappear as it let out a gray light. Wouldn't one need the corpse to make a Bone Dragon?

[What about 'Thrash's Executioner'?]

’’I searched for it, but I couldn't find it.’’

He had searched through the Achievement Store and the Dimensional Store, but the Executioner was missing. Amongst Thrash's set item, the Executioner was the weapon. The recipe was also missing, so he had no idea if it really existed or not. It was an odd weapon.

Jaenis continued to tell Woojin that he had to continue his search for the weapon.

While the two were having a conversation, the Dragon slowly descended.

Rajakui glared at the Undead Magician, who had blocked its Dragon's Breath.

He never expected to find such a strong Lich on earth.

[The earth isn't synchronized yet. How were you able to gain such power as a Roused from earth?]

Rajakui's words made Lich's red eyes gleam.


Jaenis' anger toward Trahnet exceeded one's imagination.

Woojin shrugged his shoulders.

’’We'll talk after you kill that thing.’’

[As the lord commands!]

The Lich was willful as he switched between using master and lord.

It couldn't be helped. Woojin hadn't made this being. The Lich had existed on its own for 200 years before he had become Woojin's familiar. Woojin was just thankful and reassured by the fact that Jaenis followed his order.

[Burn to death by the Inferno!]


A black fire shot out from Jaenis' staff, and it impacted on Rajakui's wing. This was a fire comparable to the flames within hell. It was a type of hellfire, and Jaenis' lightning quick casting time was almost unbelievable.



Its wing caught on fire, and its summoned magic couldn't put out the fire. The fire was spreading across its entire body.

Hoo-ooh-oohg, hoo-ooh-oohg!

The Dragon's wings was beating hard enough to send the cars flying across the street. The windows were ripped off the buildings, and the Skeleton Magicians were sent flying every which way. .


The Dragon desperately flapped its wings in the air before it crashed to the ground. After flattening several buildings, the Dragon finally came to a stop.

It had barely been able to extinguish the hell's conflagration.

If it hadn't been a dragon... It would have burned until its life was extinguished.

[How dare you! You dare enrage me!]

It had linked to earth with a light heart, and it never expected to suffer such a humiliation.

[This parlor trick won't be able to withstand my rage!]

It was caught off guard, so the hell fire had easily struck it. It was serious now, so it wouldn't fall for the hell fire again.

It was going to destroy the entire city.


The Dragon's wings smoked as it let out a roar. It stood on all four legs. The dreadful Fear made all beings shake from terror.

The Lich didn't have ears, so he didn't budge an inch. He just stood there in front of the Dragon.

[Goo-ha-ha. Was I lacking in firepower?]

Magic extended out from the Lich's Staff.


From the Dragon's surrounding, fountain of flames rose up. Flames had pierced up from the ground, and the flames were blossoming into a flower. Heads appeared from the red hot lava.

These were Dragons with 9 heads, who had fallen into the fires of hell to be tortured.

The Hydra had been summoned by Jaenis.


To be precise, he had summoned 100 of them.

Nine hundred heads opened its jaws, and they headed towards Rajakui.


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