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Seoul Station’s Necromancer - Chapter 138


Chapter 138 - Epidemic of Lords

Bibi's large clear eyes had a strange appeal of catching other people's gazes.

No. She was from the demonic race, so should this be called her magic?


Dolsae reeked of blood. He was roughly charging towards the group when Dolsae hesitated.

He gradually slowed down to a walk.

’’That's our Dolsae-jjing. Are you a good boy?’’

Blood started to melt off him at every step he took. His body started to shrink as blood pooled on the floor.

’’Is our Dolsae-jing angry?’’


His anger had run away from him. He was like wild animal that had escaped from his cage. He felt hatred towards the living. However, Bibi's voice transformed into a warm energy, and it caressed Dolsae's Heart.

’’Noonah understands. Why don't you let go of your anger now?’’

Bibi's small hand touched Dolsae's head.



The hardened blood around the Golem's Heart quickly melted away. The sticky blood was soaking her shoes, but Bibi didn't move an inch.


When the blood disappeared, the Golem's Heart was back to being a light essence, and it circled around Bibi's head. Bibi grinned as she pointed her staff towards the cars located on one side of the parking lot.

It was a location close to the entrance of the broadcasting stations. There were sparkling cars that looked to be luxury cars.

’’Heheh. Our kind Dolsae. They say those cars are more sturdy.’’


Dolsae pulled together couple cars, and he was back to his Iron Golem form.

’’Well, shall we go to our master after we pull this tree out?’’


Dolsae moved his clinking body towards the growing tree.


It wasn't difficult to find the building hosting the reunion party with Jiwon in attendance. The large building was entirely covered with spider webs. Even the surrounding buildings were infested with spiders that kept spewing out spider webs.

’’An annoying one came here.’’

The Insect type Dimensional lord was similar in nature as the underlings under its control. Moreover, they reproduced very fast, so the high population was usually a big hindrance.

However, this was the type of enemies that was very easy to deal with for Woojin.



The Bone Spears shot out from Woojin's hand, and they pierced through the spiders.

When several corpses started to pile up, he immediately raised the Skeleton Warriors.


Currently, the Control he had consumed was all for his familiars.

If he excluded the most recent Death Knight Relick from the Ratick race, every one of his familiar had been with him for a long time. Even if his absolute will and Control as a Necromancer didn't reach his familiars, they were his comrades.

The combined Control he needed to maintain his Familiar was less than 100. This was why Woojin could easily summon over 2000 Skeletons.

’’Let's see who is faster.’’

It was a race to see if Woojin's extermination was faster or his opponent's breeding was faster.


The Skeleton Warriors cut through spider webs, and they entered the building. Woojin summoned his long sword.

When he reached level 70 of the Warrior's Class, he gained the ability to change his weapon into a long sword.

The basic form was the staff, but It was also able to change into a spear, hammer, great sword, axe and bow. There were a total of seven forms.

If he excluded the bow, all the other forms were for close combat.

Recently, Woojin enjoyed using the sword. The light long sword was easy to swing, and he was able to change the weapon's form through his will.

Shwahhk, puh-uhk!

The spider webs was all over the walls and ceiling. He charged as he cut away the spider webs, and at times, spiders suddenly jumped out at him from within the webs. He cut them down, but some spiders were still alive even when their body was cut in half. They kept twitching.


Woojin stepped on the spider, and its life expired.

Anyone could take away life, but Woojin was able to breathe life into dead things.


The spider's corpse exploded, and a Skeleton Mage was summoned.

’’Burn them all.’’


The Skeleton Mages only used a single type of magic, and the type of magic differed on each summon. Woojin was still below level 80, so he didn't have the Lich. This meant he could only summon the Skeleton Mages at random.

If he was lucky, he would summon Skeleton Mages that used Flame magic.

He called out his familiar, who lived as a parasite inside Woojin's shadow. He was also the most unpleasant one of his familiars.


[Koo-koohk. I almost forgot what master's voice sounded like.]

’’Shut up, and go find Jiwon..’’

[Did you think I wouldn't?]

Ggaebi melted into the building, and he started looking for Do-jiwon's location.

[Dear, dear. She isn't doing well.]


[It seems she'll become spider food soon. Koo-koohk.]

Woojin frowned. It seemed the people were being used as hosts to incubate the baby spiders.

He didn't have much time.

’’Go back in.’’

[Kooh-koohk. Will your fiance's death awaken the Immortal?]

’’Shut up and go back in.’’


Ggaebi slipped back into Woojin's shadow. Woojin saw, heard and felt what Ggaebi experienced. The knowledge settled inside Woojin's head.

Jiwon was on the 7th floor.

The banquet hall was covered in spider webs. The humans were in a cocoon, and they were hanging off the ceiling. On the floor, the hatched baby spiders were moving in large groups.

A spider-human felt the energy from her clear soul, so it was heading towards Jiwon. He didn't have any time to spare.

Woojin looked at the ceiling.

He changed his Warrior's Weapon into a hammer.

The energy of the 'Earth Strike' turned the hammer red.

He bent his knees.

Woojin gathered the power of 'Dash' and 'Jump' into his legs.


Woojin's body shot up like a bullet. The floor collapsed on itself. The shockwave blew out all the windows in a row.


His body broke through each floor, and Woojin finally broke through to 7th floor.


The entire building shook.

The spider human Sharot was surprised when Woojin showed up in such a tough manner. However, she started laughing in short order.

[Yo-ho-ho. I never expected earth to have Warrior of your caliber.]

Did the planet earth have a lot of high quality Roused like the human in front of her? Is this the reason why the Dimensional lords had a hard time linking to this place?

Juh-buhk, juh-buhk.

Woojin walked without saying anything.

[Yo-ho. Warriors are so careless.]

Sharot prepared her magic for Woojin, who was approaching her without any fear. However, his direction was a bit off. He walked past Sharot, and he head towards a specific cocoon.

She spoke in a sharp voice when he just brushed by her.


He was close enough for her to touch.

Was he that confident? She had suffered from the forced link where her power decreased proportional to the Synchronization rate. Still, how dare he ignore a Dimensional lord like her?

She immediately extended both her hands.


Her fingernails were like poisonous fangs. Before she could catch Woojin, the Spirit Armor activated around Woojin. A powerful repulsive force flung Sharot away.


Woojin stood in front of the cocoon.


He dug through the spider webs, and he saw Do-jiwon's face. She was hanging upside down. It looked as if she had been hanging inverted for so long that her face was red. It was so red that it looked as if her head might burst.



Woojin easily ripped away the cocoon. He pulled away the spider webs that was restraining her.


Her blood flow had suddenly returned to normal, so she was having a hard time standing on her own two feet. She leaned against Woojin's body. Woojin's arm wrapped around her waist.


Woojin felt relief when he heard her tearful voice.

He hadn't been too late.

’’Our friends....’’

Woojin looked around his surrounding. There were well over 100 cocoons here. There were still a lot of them hanging on the ceiling, but there were also some that had burst open. Bones were stacked below the cocoons that had burst open.

All the people here had once been his fellow school mates.

’’I was too late.’’

Would he have been able to save everyone if he hd come to the reunion?

It wasn't as if he could change the outcome by regretting over the choice he made.

He had explicitly stated that he wouldn't be coming to the reunion, yet people still showed up for the remote chance of seeing the world's best Roused Kahng-woojin. Maybe they wanted a photo proving that they went to school with the world's most famous man?

[Kyahh-roo. How dare a human do this to me.]

There was only thing he could do for his friends, who had departed this world early. There was one thing he could do as a consolation.

[Spider. What is your name?]

[ are you able to speak to me?]

When the octopus Dread and several Dimensional lords kept visiting him, Woojin had taken several language pills. One of the language was being used by the spider woman.

[Is your IQ lacking because you are a spider?]

[Koo-roohk. How dare....]

[What is your name?]

[I'm a Dimensional lord from the Yellow Lizard coalition. My name is Sharot.]

[You are in the same coalition as that octopus.]

Woojin lifted his hammer, and he rested it on his shoulder.

Sharot eyed him.

[So you are the new Dimensional lord he mentioned. Was it Kahng-woojin? Yes. He said you were from this planet.]

Sharot deliberately looked over Woojin's face. Dread had tried hard to recruit him to their coalition, yet Dread had been stabbed in the back by him.

[I'll kill all of you.]

[Hoong. Death to a Dimensional lord is...]

[You'll revive. Then I'll kill you again. You'll keep reviving, and I'll keep killing you all.]

He'll keep killing them every time they revived. If they don't accept his Duel requests, he'll just go the the Dungeons on planet Jaku to kill them. He'll thoroughly destroy their Dimensional Domain, then he'll steal their rank of Dimensional lord away from them. In the end, he'll bring death to all of them.


[Let's fight.]

[This is quite puzzling. Is this all because of the small friction between you and Dread? Is there a reason why you are so resolute in getting in our way? If you thought about it a little bit, you'll realize that your actions are pointless.]

Was he being so hostile towards them, because of the friction between him and Dread? Or was it because they invaded his home planet?

Woojin grinned as he raised his hammer.

[Do I need a reason to kill a bug?]



Woojin's Hammer struck the floor. The shockwave flowed across the floor.

Pah-sahk, pahk!

The shockwave made the baby spiders explode. The entire building rang out.

[How dare you. My young...]

Before she could glare at Woojin in anger, she became surprised. She felt a searing pain in her stomach, and she felt her body being lifted into the air.


Woojin had already rushed forward, and he had changed his hammer into a spear. The weapon pierced through Sharot's stomach, and she was pinned to the pillar of the building.

Sharot's four legs were tipped with poison, and they tried to stab at Woojin. However, he had let go of his spear, and he jumped away from her.


Woojin couldn't help it when he saw Sharot pinned against the wall. He laughed.

'I guess I'm a little bit nuts''

He had no choice, but to accept that fact. He couldn't stay serious. Maybe, his anger wasn't that strong right now.

When he saw Sharot stuck to the wall, he thought about the summer assignment he completed when he was little. It was an assignment where he had to pin a bug.

[You can look forward to the day you revive. I'll search you out soon afterwards, and I'll kill you.]

Woojin summoned his Bone Spears, and he threw it all at once as if he was throwing the spears against a dart board.


The Bone Spears embedded themselves in various locations on Sharot's body.

[T...this humiliation! I will...]


The last Bone Spear embedded itself in Sharot's head, and she stopped moving.


The living baby spiders were gathering around Jiwon. They were baby spiders, but the smallest one was the size of a person hand. The larger ones were the size of a human body.


The souls that belonged to the Spirit Armor became Spirit Spears. It flew towards the spiders.Pah-sahk!

When the Spirit Spear impacted on the spiders, they fell away dead.



At Woojin's summon, numerous Skeleton Warriors and Skeleton Magicians were summoned. There were over 500 of them.

’’Sweep this place.’’


The Skeletons started to stab the numerous baby spiders. When the clean-up ended, the Skeleton Warriors cut open the cocoons, and they rescued the people within.


’’Hook, hook. Woojin-ah.’’

’’Thank you. I almost died.’’

’’I shouldn't have come here. I came here for nothing. Ooh-ook.’’

’’I'm alive. Hoohk. I'm alive!’’

From Woojin's perspective, 15 years had passed. However, it had only been 5 years for his class mates, and their faces hadn't changed much. Memories started to bubble up.

He didn't remember their names, but their faces were familiar.


It had been a long time since he met them. What should he say?

This wasn't a good place to talk to these nervous people. He didn't have much to say.

’’I'll see you guys next time.’’


He summoned Shing Shing. Woojin grabbed Jiwon around the waist, and he got on Shing Shing with her.


When the spiders were all eliminated, all the Skeletons were unsummoned. If these Skeletons weren't put under the commanders, they would revert back to being Undead monsters when Woojin traveled farther away from them.

'I'll be 80 soon.'

It seemed his familiars were successful in their hunt. His EXP was rising fast. However, Seoul was stil in danger, and Woojin was busy.


Shing Shing ran across the hall and he jumped through the window. Shing Shing used the Phantom Gallop to race across empty air. Cindy, who had barely survived, stared at them with an absentminded expression.



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