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Seoul Station’s Necromancer - Chapter 137


Chapter 137 - Blood Golem (2)

’’Hmmm. That's a big cat.’’

The enormous puma named Jupia growled when he heard Bibi's brief observation.

[No one who has talked to me that way has lived afterwards.]


Bibi turned her head away after looking at Jupia.

[You are quite spunky.]

Jupia narrowed his eyes as he observed Bibi. As he stalked towards her, he continued to analyze her. After fighting in Dimensional battles for a long time, he had learned not to judge an opponent by their appearance. It would be preposterous if he did.

The child was letting out a serious amount of energy.

Jupia, who had been approaching, stopped his approach. While they were glaring each other, the world started to change.

Snow started to fall from the sky. He hated snow the most.

'Ice magic?'

Jupia vigorously shook his head. This felt different.

This wasn't material magic. It was mental...

Jupia's yellow eyes flashed. He bared his white teeth toward Bibi. He knew this child felt a bit different from other humans, and he finally realized the source of the of deja vu he was experiencing.

[You are a Night Hag.]

She wasn't a human. She was a demon. To be precise, she was a Nightmare Succubus, who was capable of controlling other's dreams.

Light shot out of Jupia's eyes, and it illuminated the world. The snow disappeared, and the surrounding scene melted away. Then Jupia was able to see Bibi, who had a broad smile on her face.

’’Heh heh. It seems my attack isn't too effective when I'm alone.’’

[Parlor tricks.]

The result might have been different if Junpia's thoughts had been occupied by a battle. Since Junpia was in a relaxed state right now, Bibi's attack wasn't effective.

’’What's your relationship with Jupiel?’’

Second Throne Jupiel.

Jupia's face suddenly crumpled when he heard the question.

[He is my litter mate.]

’’Heh-eh. You are a sibling of that crazy dog. Isn't that something?’’


Junpia looked at Bibi with incredulity in his eyes.

[To my knowledge, planet earth doesn't have a Demon world. So why are you getting in my way?]

Bibi had a bright smile on her face. Her personality was completely different from Jupia's personality.

She didn't mind talking to him, but what was Jupia's scheme?

She caught sight of the tree, which was rapidly growing every second and every minute.

’’My master love this planet too much.’’


’’You've never been to Alphen?’’

[Alphen? Wasn't that the battlefield of the great lords?]

’’Heh heh. I guess you don't know anything about him.’’


’’My master is very scary.’’


What was this little devil up to?

’’Heh heh. Shall we get this started? I have a feeling it'll get annoying if I let the tree grow leaves.’’


She was correct. When the tree was filled with Energy, it would become the foothold between the Dimensional Domain and the planet.

However, the tree needed another full day for the tree to mature and grow leaves.

Jupia turned his head, and he headed towards the tree.

Fighting could be done by others. He was different from his twin Jupiel, who was simplistic in his approach.


All black panthers under him gathered from the surrounding. At a glance, there looked to be over 200 of them. It wasn't something a Nightmare Witch could handle.

’’Heh heh. Switch places with me, Dolsae-jjing!’’


As Dolsae stepped forward, the cars in the parking lot was pulled towards the Golem's Heart.

Ggee-gee-geek, ggee-geek.

The cars were crushed and dismantled. Then it was hardened to form the Golem's body. In the process, the fuel tanks were crushed. Gasoline and diesel flowed over Dolsae's entire body, and fumes started to emanate from him.

Koo-ahng, kwahng!

Dolsae's two fists banged against each other, and it charged towards the black panthers.

Kwahng, kwahng!

As she observed the situation, Bibi spoke to Jaemin.

’’Student Jaemin. We can go home after we uproot that tree.’’


Soolgi and the idol group members had followed behind Jaemin. They waited with their mouth shut. If they acted out of turn like Joonsung, they didn't know what she would do to them.



Sunggoo and Haesol was standing in a spacious training ground, and they were looking towards Namsan with worried eyes.

’’Do you think that'll fall?’’

’’I think so.’’

Namsan tower had been destroyed during the Dungeon Shock. It had been rebuilt recently, since it was considered to be the symbol of Seoul. However, it seemed the tower will be destroyed once again by the Dragon.

Sunggoo pointed with his finger.

’’Do you think you can Tame that one?’’

’’ will be very difficult.’’

How would she be able to Tame the spirit of such a large Dragon? At a glance, she knew it was impossible. However, she thought she would be able to subvert couple of the Wyverns hanging around the Dragon.

’’Hmmm. We'll be at a disadvantage in an air warfare... What will we do if they come towards us?’’

Sunggoo's worries were well founded. Three fighter jets had appeared to bomb it, yet the Dragon had blocked the attack easily.

The missile attack couldn't get through the barrier formed by the Dragon, and the fighter jets were disintegrated when the Dragon's Breath was shot towards them.

[Hoohng. Mere Dragons aren't a problem for us.]

’’Oh! As expected of the Knights.’’

Sunggoo's eyes twinkled at Ramson's manly words. Three Death Knights had returned to Alandal, and the rest was hunting down the monsters in Seoul.

It wouldn't be a problem if the monsters didn't mobilize until Woojin arrived. However, if they do start to move, Sunggoo, Haesol, the three Death Knights and the Holy Maiden would have to combine their strength to defend Alandal.

For now, all they could do was wish for Woojin and the rest of the Death Knights to come as soon as possible.

’’Is it really ok to put only Bibi and Dolsae in a single team?’’

The Holy Maiden replied to Sunggoo's worried words.

’’You don't have to worry about them. The Titan of Destruction and the Illusion Witch is enough.’’

’’Hmm. Is that so? Still, what if a Dimensional lord came out of the Break? Doesn't it mean monsters of the same caliber as the Dragon might be around?’’

Sunggoo pointed towards the Dragon.

’’Don't we have to send the Knights to catch monsters of that caliber?’’

Melody let out a gentle laugh.

’’If we are measuring the fighting power of a single entity, the strongest amongst the Undead Army is the Titan of Destruction.’’


Sunggoo looked at Ramson with puzzled eyes. Sunggoo and Haesol had received instruction for combat from the Death Knights.

He had experienced their overwhelming fighting power with his body.

Was Dolsae really that strong? He hadn't seen Dolsae train or do anything of the sort.

As if Melody's words weren't wrong, Ramson broke his silence.

[We need that rock to catch the Dragon.]


Sunggoo shrugged his shoulders. Woojin's familiar were all very powerful, but he never realized Dolsae was that strong. No, he knew Dolsae was strong, but he had thought Dolsae was mainly used to take out the small fries.

’’The Titan of Destruction is always the vanguard of the Undead Army.’’

Melody shuddered when she remembered the times she had faced it as an enemy.

’’Hmmm. I never knew.’’

Was it because the hunts he accompanied were too easy for Dolsae? If he thought about it, the only time he saw Dolsae in action was when it stopped the Dungeon Break in the US by itself.

Woojin had always taken down the Boss, so Sunggoo had thought Dolsae was exclusively used for clearing out the small fries....

’’Uh uh? Those bastard looks like they are getting ready to move?’’

The Wyverns were gathered around Namsan, and they were flying in formation. Sunggoo tried to calm his worried heart as he saw the Wyverns mobilize in a serious manner.

’’The president has to come back quickly....’’

’’Oh Immortal.’’

Haesoo and Melody also wished Woojin would come back quickly.


The black parking lot had become much darker.

The parking lot was covered with blood and the corpses of the black panthers. There was a strong metallic smell of blood in the air. Jupia didn't move an inch until all of his underlings were killed. If he possessed Energy, he would be able to summon all of them once again.

The important fact was that his enemy was tired.

[It seems you are almost spent.]

Jupia languidly got up. He wasn't like his sibling. He was able to fight rationally. He had decided to use his Energy to make his opponent tired.

Gee-gee-geek, ggeek.

A very strident sound was heard every time Dolsae moved its body. Some of the gas tanks had been lit by fire, so it wouldn't be wrong to call Dolsae a Fire Golem right now.

However, it was true that Dolsae was moving more deliberately than before.


Jupia's big body flew through the air as it pounced on Dolsae.


Everytime Jupia's front paws were swung the metal plate of a car was ripped away.

Koo-ahng! Ggwahng!

Jupia lowered its head to avoid the fist swung by Dolsae, and Jupia immediately executed a headbutt. Unlike how he spoke, Jupia's battle style was straightforward and bestial.


Dolsae let out a roar as he made a desperate effort, but Jupia's power was too strong. Moreover, Jupia was so fast that Dolsae couldn't even graze his opponent. The problem was speed.

The difference in power was quite apparent to the people watching the fight.

’’Hoo-oohk. What should we do?’’

’’We are dead.’’

If Dolsae died, then they were dead. For some unknown reason, the Roused and army weren't coming to save them. There was no sign of them.

’’Shit. He should have formed his body with foreign cars.’’

The man mumbled to himself as he watched Dolsae's body being torn apart so easily. Jaemin shook his head from side to side.

’’Butler Bibi. Is there anything we can do?’’

’’Heh heh. Of course, why wouldn't there be?’’

Bib still had a relaxed expression on her face. This made Jaemin's worry ratchet down a notch.

’’Do you know why our cute Dolsae-jjing is nicknamed the Titan of Destruction?’’

’’Because he is big?’’

’’That's true, but why do you think the Destruction part stuck?’’

’’Mmm. I have no idea.’’

How would Jaemin know? He wasn't even from Alphen.

’’Heh-heh. Dolsae-jjing is very scary when he gets angry. Do you know why I'm teamed up with him?’’

’’I...I'm not sure?’’

’’If Dolsae-jjing gets angry, I'm here to stop him. Heh heh.’’


’’Ah. That cat is in real trouble now.’’

When Bibi's words ended, a sound of a large explosion rang out.


As the two combatants were exchanging fierce blows with each other, Dolsae's body suddenly exploded, and the pieces of his body flew everywhere.


Jupia laughed as only Dolsae's Heart was left floating in the air.

[Is he giving up?]

Those words were incompatible with the familiars of the Immortal.


The Golem's Heart spun at high speeds, and it started sucking up all the blood in the surrounding.


The red blood rose into the air, and it spun like a whirlwind as it clumped together.


With the Golem's heart at its center, the blood coalesced to form a single doll. It was much too small to think of it as Dolsae. It was about 2 meters tall, and it had a humanoid shape.

There was a limit on how big it could get using the blood available in the surrounding.

However, it didn't matter. He would grow his body by spilling the blood of his enemy.


Jupia narrowed his eyes as he felt a grave danger at Dolsae's roar.

[You aren't the only one, who can transform.]

Jupia's body started to shake. His body crumpled in on itself. His body was getting smaller, and a strange heat was released by his body.

His back legs straightened, and his paws became hands. His nails lengthened, and his tail hardened.


He had turned into a half feline and half human form. His fighting ability had increased significantly.

[Blood ball.]

Jupia started running. His speed was much faster than before.

Ggwahng. Kwah-jeek!

Unfortunately, the transformed Dolsae was on a different dimension. Jupia had never seen anything move that fast.

Ggwahng, ggwahng, gwah-ahng!

Consecutive punches landed on Jupia's face. Jupia was barely able to keep consciousness as he stabbed with his claws. However, the claws passed through Dolsae's body.

Then the blood hardened.


His hand and claws had entered Dolsae's body, and it was stuck now.

The lump didn't have eyes, nose or mouth. However, he saw it smile. Jupia was sure he saw it.

Ggwahng, gwhang!

Dolsae's fist continued to plant itself on Jupia's face.

[W...wait a....]

Ggwahng, kwahng!

How can there be such an unreasonable bastard?

He had to destroy the Golem's Heart. His left hand was trapped, so he used the claws on his right hand to stab where the heart should be.. However, he didn't encounter any resistance.

'He moved his heart.'

Jupia let out a groan when both his hands became trapped.

Dolsae laughed as he started headbutting Jupia.

Kwahng, kwahng, kwahng!

He looked like a roly-poly toy as he kept falling backwards and then he was tilted back up again. His head kept folding backwards like a punching machine until Jupia's neck broke.

Jupia let out a gray light as his body dissipated. Dolsae let out a roar when he saw this.


He wanted to rip apart his enemies then drink their blood. Blood. He needed blood.

He needed living beings.

Dolsae's gaze turned towards Jaemin and the survivors.


Koong, koong!

Dolsae was about to charge as if he had found his preys. Everyone tensed. He couldn't discern who's an ally or an enemy? Bibi got in the way of Dolsae, who was charging forward with stupendous force.


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