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Seoul Station’s Necromancer - Chapter 136


Chapter 136 - Blood Golem

’’Why is there so many of them?’’

Woojin frowned as he looked at the monsters gathering to form a horde.

These bastards acted the same way as the monsters on Alphen.

They'll occupy a region, and they'll start establishing a colony. Then they'll start drinking the Earth's energy....

’’Shit. Mivich that bastard.’’

He had wasted too much time fighting that bastard. If it was only the lost time he had to worry about, he would have been fortunate. However, he had lost 10 Death Knights in the fight.

’’The Innate Domain Skills are a pain.’’

In the Clear mode, one is attempting to fight a lord with the rank of an Adventurer. There was a lot of advantage in a lord being able to use one's Innate Domain Skills.

If he met Mivich on earth or Alphen, two Death Knights would have been enough to take him down. However, he had shown a terrible amount of power inside his Domain, and he had taken 10 Death Knights with him.

’’Where should I clean up first?’’

There were 7 locations where the monsters were gathering around Seoul. It was probably seven Dimensional lords settling in and constructing a colony.

It would be troublesome if those bastards set up bases, so he had to get rid of them as soon as possible.

’’That bastard didn't even leave a cellphone before he left.’’

Before he entered the Dungeon, he had given his handphone to Soonghoon for safekeeping. The support team that should have been waiting for him had gone off to somewhere after leaving behind a memo....

Fortunately, Woojin had an additional method of communication besides the cellphone.

[Where are you?]

Woojin could exchange messages with the vassals of his Domain using his Will. As a substitute for his Dimensional Battles, he had made Do-jaemin his strategic adviser.

[W...what the hell is this?]

[I said where are you?]

[Huhk. Now that I'm about to die I must be hallucinating.]

[It's hyung.]


After a brief moment, Jaemin's Will gushed out.

[Hyung! It's a mess right now. I'm trapped inside a broadcasting station.]

[Broadcasting station? You aren't at the office? Why did you go there?]

[I left the office when noonah left. I'm currently at MBS.]

Woojin's brows furrowed. He remembered Do-jiwon had gone to the reunion.

[Where did your sister go?]

[What? She went to the BB Hotel.....]

Woojin's face hardened when he checked the memo. BB Hotel was one of the 7 locations listed.

[Be sure to stay out of sight. I'll send Dolsae.]


He had 10 Death Knights he couldn't summon, since they were destroyed. He had to wait for their revival.

There were 44 Death Knights available for Woojin's use.

He still had his Protection Period left for his Dimension, so he decided to leave his latest Death Knight behind to defend against a surprise Dungeon raid attempt. He left behind Relick, who had been a warrior of the Ratick race.

He summoned 43 Death Knights alongside Dolsae and Bibi.

’’Come out Dolsae and Bibi.’’

’’Ooh-wahng. It's earth.’’

It had been awhile since she was summoned to earth. Bibi had a large smile on her face. If one thought about the Skeleton Warriors assigned to each Death Knight, Woojin had a staggering amount of force.

He'll decided to divide his Undead Army to clear the seven locations at the same time.

One needed at least 10 Death Knights to safely go up against a Dimensional Lord.

He divided 40 Death Knights into 4 teams.

’’You go here, and you go there.’’

[As the King commands!]

Woojn turned to look at Bibi and Dolsae.

’’You guys go to MBS. You guys save Jaemin, and kill all the enemies nearby.’’

’’Hehe. All right. This is going to be fun!’’

Bibi took out a staff, and she flew away with Dolsae following her.

’’You go to Alandal, Kiba. Don't get into a fight with the Holy Maiden.’’

[ you command.]

He sounded offended, and his reaction was lukewarm. However, he would never disobey an order. Woojin didn't know where Sunggoo and Haesol was right now, but he didn't worry too much about Alandal, since Melody was there.

When all of his familiars left, the thought of Mivich suddenly came unbidden to his mind.

’’That damn bastard. I'll kill him the next time I meet him.’’

He had already killed Mivich, but Woojin promised to kill him once again.

He had unnecessarily lost a lot of Death Knights. Moreover, the bastard hadn't been worth a lot of EXP. This was why Woojin hadn't reached level 80 yet. He had lost a lot of his hunting time, and the loss had been massive.

’’If only I had Jaenis in this situation....’’

If he had his teacher, Lich Jaenis, these Dimensional lords wouldn't even be a problem.

’’Shall I go now?’’

Finally, Woojin summoned his last familiar, then he got on.


Shin Shing raced across the road. Shing Shing abandoned the road destroyed by the monsters, and it jumped into the sky.


Second Floor of the MBS Broadcasting Station.

There were 17 people hiding behind the stacked inventories.

Do-jaemin was holding tightly onto Lee-soolgi's hand.

Was his determination to protect her at all cost conveyed to her? Somehow she wasn't afraid in her current situation.

The boy she liked had turned into a Roused, and he had shown up in front of her. Moreover, he had done so when she was in danger.

How romantic and wonderful was his gesture?

However, the other idols felt differently.

’’I thought we were heading out. Why did you stop?’’

Joonsung was in the same group as Tony, and he was in an agitated state.

The Roused had come to save them, and he had great success in dispatching the monsters. However, the Roused suddenly stopped, and he instructed everyone to hide. They wanted to get out of the broadcasting station as soon as possible. The fact that they had to hide like this made the people frustrated and agitated.

’’Jaemin is hurt.’’

Jaemin had protected the people as he fought the monsters alone. It looked as if Do-jaemin wasn't in a good state. There was a deep claw mark on his shoulder, and he had to wrap a shirt around his abdomen after it had been punctured.

’’F*k. Of course, he's hurt. Still, he is a Roused.’’

’’What did you just say? Aren't your words a bit too callous!’’

’’Huh. Aren't you a rookie! What group are you from? How dare you talk that way to a senior....’’

Joonsung glared at Soolgi. Soolgi was known for her temper, since her high school days. She was about to let loose when Do-jaemin held her back.

’’I'm all right, Soolgi.’’



Jaemin's face was devoid of any color. He had been almost at his limit when he received a message from Woojin. Support would be coming to him soon, so he didn't need to overextend himself.

He just had to wait for them to come.

’’Ha-ah, ha-ah.’’

He wasn't laboring, because of his wounds. The cause was his body, which was trying to recover from his wounds.


He hungered for blood. It felt as if he was slowly losing his sense of reason as he felt dizziness. He was barely holding out.

’’Jaemin. You really aren't looking good right now.’’

’’Ha-ah. I'm all right.’’

’’That's bullshit. Speed up your recovery, and lead us out of here.’’

Everyone's gaze turned to him at Joonsung's words. Everyone of the 17 people had a different reaction.

There were people, who were thankful towards Jaemin. He was fighting in their stead. However, these were entertainers and stars that considered the sacrifice undertaken by a Roused to be a given.

Jaemin got angry at Joonsung's words.

If he was to be blunt, everyone here except Soolgi was a lump he didn't care about.

’’Then do you want to help my recovery?’’

’’Hoong. I knew you had a method.’’

Jaemin's eyes narrowed at Joonsung's words. Jaemin didn't have any reason to hide his anger, so he glared at Joonsung.

’’Then would you like to give me your blood? If I ingest blood, I'll recover from my wounds in a very short amount of time.’’


It was such an unconventional method that Joonsung became mute.

’’If you want to go out so bad, shouldn't you sacrifice a little bit?’’

’’W...why would I...’’

Joonsung hesitated as he took several steps backwards. The light in Jaemin's eyes frightened him. Joonsung's legs shook. It was as if a snake was staring at him.

’’If not, then just shut your mouth. You keep getting on my nerves.’’

’’Huh. Don't you know who I am? I'm Joonsung. The Joonsung.’’

Of course, he knew who Joonsung was. He was the most popular male idol in Korea.

Jaemin didn't want to deal with him, so he turned his head away.

Soolgi looked at Jaemin as she approached him.

’’I'll give it to you.’’


’’My blood.’’


’’I donate blood quite frequently.’’

Jaemin looked at Soolgi in surprise. The light within her eyes were a mixture of worry, compassion and gratitude. She looked at him with those eyes.

’’Ooh, ooh.’’

Her eyes, expression and feeling towards him made it too difficult for him. Jaemin's need was being agitated by temptation. He wanted to bite her. He wanted to get drunk on her blood.

’’Ah, I can't.’’

If he drank her blood, she wouldn't automatically become a vampire's puppet.

He had the choice as to whether he wanted to make a thrall or not. He just had to stop his intake after reaching an amount one would give at a blood drive... However, he didn't have the courage to show Soolgi his new self.

’’Ha-ah. I won't.’’

Jaemin was having a hard time holding himself back, so he turned his head away. If he continued to look at Soolgi, it felt as if he would give into the temptation.

He needed to recover from his wounds, but this reason wasn't enough for him to rationalize drinking her blood.

He would be drink her blood to satisfy his craving.

He didn't want to shed the blood of Soolgi to satisfy his dirty desire.

Koong, kwahng. Ooh-roo-roong!

Everyone had a worried expression as they listened to the sound of monsters outside. The only one they could depend on right now was Jaemin.


Their sense of worry increased dramatically when they heard the breathing sound of a monster getting louder. Soolgi couldn't wait any more. She thrust her wrist into Jaemin's mouth.

’’Suck on it.’’

’’Ooh-uh, uhk.’’

H...he shouldn't do this... Jaemin felt giddy as his canines pierced through Soolgi's wrist.

’’Ooh ooh.’’

Soolgi's blood was quickly sucked out. Soolgi let out a moan as she felt faint.

''s so sweet.'

Her blood couldn't be compared to the Blood Coffee sold at the Cafe. The feeling of ecstasy made Jaemin feel dizzy. The wound on his shoulder mended quickly, and the wound on his abdomen closed itself.

’’Ha-ah, ha.’’

Jaemin opened his mouth in surprise, and he belatedly regretted his actions.

'I...I drank Soolgi's....'

He couldn't hide his eyes, which shook as if there was an earthquake going on. As if she understood what he was feeling, Soolgi hugged Jaemin tightly.

Wasn't Jaemin the one, who fought scary monsters, to save her?

She thought of the blood loss as a form of donation.

’’...I'm ok.’’


’’I understand.’’


Jaemin was close to tears as he hugged Soolgi. There was someone else besides Woojin hyung and his sister, who trusted him. He was so happy that it was beyond description.

’’Shit. Stop all this nonsense. Hurry up and take care of the monster outside!’’

Joonsung's fear had reached its peak when he heard the sound of the monster, so he let out a frantic shout.

’’Ah. You really have a harsh way of speaking....’’

After recovering from his injury, Jaemin frowned as he was about to stand up. His eyes became round when he caught sight of the space in front of him. There was a girl riding on a staff.

’’I found you, teacher!’’

’’B...butler Bibi.’’

His reinforcement had arrived. If he had known she was here, he wouldn't have drunk Soolgi's blood....

Bibi got off her staff. Dolsae was spinning above her head.


’’Heh heh heh. Student Jaemin. Were you scared?’’

’’Yes. I really thought I was going to die.’’

’’Heh heh. You don't have to worry anymore.’’

Jaemin felt relief at Bibi's words. How could she be so dependable?

However, not everyone thought along the same line as Jaemin.

’’Who the hell is this shrimp?’’

Joonsung was traumatized by Tony's death, and the fear of dying made Joonsung's words sharp and combative.

’’Who the hell are you?’’

’’What? This little kid doesn't know who I am?’’

’’How the hell should I know?’’

’’I'm Joonsung. The Joonsung. Lee-joonsung!’’

Bibi's cheek puffed out at his words.

’’How would I know that? You look so dirty and unkempt.’’

’’You little kid! Have you lost your mind?’’

Joonsung started to frown. Bibi glared at him.

Little kid was one of the words she hated the most.

’’You want to die?’’


’’If that is your wish, just die.’’

’’What the....’’

Joonsung was about to yell out in anger, when his eyes flipped up into his head. He fell to the floor. He would be tormented by a nightmare, and in the end, his life would come to an end.


Bibi's mood had worsened. She turned her head towards Jaemin as she spoke.

’’Let's hurry up and get out of here. I have to go catch the big cat outside.’’


Was it because they were so loud?

Three black panthers had entered the studio, and they were letting out a roar.


There were numerous humans here, and the black panthers planned on eating all of them.

’’Little kitties!’’

When the eyes of the black panthers headed towards the small child... Their eyes rolled back, and the black panthers fell to the floor.

’’Let's hurry up and go, student Jaemin.’’


Bibi swung her arms as she exited the building. Jaemin and Soolgi followed after her. The people, who had been standing around awkwardly, followed after them. They didn't want to be left behind. A member of the same idol group put Joonsung on his back.

’’Hoong? Just throw away that corpse.’’


Joonsung was still breathing, so how could he...

’’Well, it is up to you if you want to make a vain effort.’’

The human would die when the dream ended. Well, it wasn't her problem anymore.

In the end, the only important person to her was Do-jaemin.

When she exited the broadcasting station, she looked towards an enormous tree located in the middle of the large parking lot. A giant puma had been guarding the tree. It stalked towards her.


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