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Seoul Station’s Necromancer - Chapter 135


Chapter 135 - Mivich (2)

Mivich laughed.

’’Why do you think I'm here?’’

’’Are you retarded? How the hell should I know?’’


Woojin's words must have shocked Mivich, since his eyes were shaking. Afterwards, he let out a huge laugh.

’’Ha ha ha. You were always like this. As expected. As expected of the Immortal!’’

Mivich's words were filled with sarcasm. Woojin frowned.

’’Does your goal align with the Holy Maiden?’’

’’Holy Maiden? Melody? Ho-oh. Is she still alive?’’


What bullshit was he spouting again?

He had thought the Holy Maiden was dead?

’’Ha ha. Fate is quite the fickle mistress.’’

’’Stop talking in circles. Why not just speak plainly?’’

Mivich laughed at Woojin's temper.

’’Ha ha. It seems you aren't immune to change either.’’

’’I changed?’’

’’You are impatient now.’’


Woojin's eyes blinked.


He had been impatient.

He relaxed his features, and he smirked.

’’Well, all right. I acknowledge it. I was impatient.’’

’’Ho. You acknowledged that? I never expected the Immortal to act this way. The vengeful spirits of Alphen would probably revive just from the massive shock.’’

Woojin shrugged his shoulders at Mivich's playful words.

If he wanted to play, then he'll play.

’’The Holy Maiden is helping me.’’

’’Ho. So she betrayed us?’’

’’You are the traitor.’’

’’...that isn't something you should talk about.’’

In the first place, the Immortal was the one, who had never added his power to the coalition. No, they had fought repeatedly with each other, and they were barely able to form a non-aggression treaty with him. It wasn't something the monarch of Alandal should be saying so shamelessly.

’’Amongst the famous heroes of Alphen, you were the most shrewd one.’’

’’I was the most rational one.’’

Woojin smirked at Mivich's words.

’’Is that why you hitched yourself to Trahnet?’’

’’Ha ha ha ha.’’

’’I guess you are embarrassed by it? I guess that is why you are laughing.’’

’’Ha ha ha ha ha. No, it isn't anything like that.’’

Mivich laughed for a long time. Then he spoke with a serious look on his face.

’’You got it all wrong.’’


’’We shouldn't have resisted against Trahnet in the first place.’’

Woojin stayed silent. He had a hunch that Mivich was more knowledgeable about the situation than him. If he stayed silent, Mivich would voluntarily let out the information.

’’This is the new order. Even the gods can't stop his absolute law!’’


’’Traitor? That's incorrect. What about you then?’’


’’I've fought my whole life for Alphen. In the end, I wasn't able to protect it. However, didn't you accept Trahnet without even putting up a fight?’’

’’What? I did?’’

’’Isn't the fact that you are standing here the proof?’’


’’Why didn't you protect earth? Why are you a Dimensional lord now?’’

Dimensional lord.

They were the most important member of Trahnet's team.

Woojin shook his head from side to side.

’’Do you have something you want to say to me?’’

’’You are a coward. You quit on your homeland before you even fought for it.’’

Woojin had become a Dimensional lord.

He had pre-emptively become a Dimensional lord before he had attempted to protect earth. In the end, didn't he choose a path that would allow him to live?

He had acted like a politician, so Mivich didn't look kindly at Woojin.

’’Well, I guess that might be the wise choice. You preemptively gave up, and you adapted.’’

Woojin frowned. Mivich spat out those words, and his voice was seeped with anger.

’’Are you retarded?’’


’’What adjustment? What absolute law are you talking about?’’

’’It seems you are still ignoring reality. You won't be able to stop it.’’

’’Stop what?’’

’’Earth will be swallowed under Trahnet's influence...’’

’’Why should I stop it?’’


Mivich stared at Woojin as if he was taken aback.

’’Why should I stop it?


Why should he stop it? Wasn't earth his home planet?

’’The beings of the Dimensions all have a special sentiment towards their homeland....’’


Woojin transformed his Warrior's Weapon into a long sword. It was a sword of adequate length. It was a bastard sword. It was a weapon he enjoyed using recently.

’’If they want to invade, they can do as they like.’’


’’I'll just kill them all.’’

’’Still, nothing will change in the end....’’

’’Trahnet? His law?’’

’’It is absolute.’’

’’I'll break it.’’


Was this something that should be coming out a Dimensional lord's mouth?

’’Then you will put yourself in danger....’’

’’Shut up, retard.’’

Woojin raised his bastard sword, and he took a step forward.’’


’’If you were afraid of losing your life, you should have never stepped onto the battlefield in the first place.’’


Accompanying those words, Woojin jumped high into the air, and he brought down his sword toward Mivich.


Mivich pulled out his sword, which had been hidden within his robe. He blocked the attack. Woojin's last words caused a ripple within Mivich's heart, and his feelings were in a state of turmoil.

Shwahhk, kahng! Kah-ahng!

Mivich reflexively blocked Woojin's rough attacks.

When they exchanged several sword strikes, his shaken heart had calmed down. A smile spread across his lips.

’’I see.’’

He shook off the sword strike, then he took off his robe.

’’Maybe you aren't the coward. Maybe I am.’’

When he heard Mivich's words, Woojin mocked him.

’’That's a given.’’


There was a smile on Mivich's lips.

’’When did you learn to use sword?’’

’’Not too long ago.’’

’’Hoot. Let's have a match.’’

Mivich got into his stance. A sharp spirit emanated from his entire body. The atmosphere was completely different from before.

Mivich was one of the top Grand Swordsman on Alphen.

Woojin was a Dual Class, but he was only a Rank AA Roused. Mivich had already reached the 9th Circle. He wasn't at a level where he could fight against a SS Rank Grand Swordsman.


At Woojin's call, the Death Knights started appearing accompanied by the black smoke.


In a flash, the situation became a 30:1 disadvantage. Mivich's eyebrows twitched.

’’Don't you think this is a bit cheap?’’

Woojin grinned.



Thirty Death Knights started closing in on Mivich. Mivich smiled as he calmly received the oppressive feeling bearing down on him.

’’Well, it can't be helped.’’

His opponent was a Necromancer. He was the King of the Dead. He was Alandal's Monarch.

If Mivich wanted to plant his sword into the Immortal, he would have to get past his Undead Army.

Fortunately, the Lich wasn't present, so this might be possible...

This place was his home ground. It was Mivich's Meadow.


He took in a deep breath.


As he continued to breathe, a formless energy gathered around him, and the power was injected into his body. Woojin frowned when there was a serious change to Mivich's power.

'This is going to take awhile.'

He hadn't fully recovered his level yet, yet he had come across a troublesome opponent. It was rare to find someone with this much power. The 72 Thrones may have that much....

The light inside Woojin's eyes flickered for a moment.

’’Let me ask you a question.’’

’’What is it?’’

The Immortal had significantly raised his fighting spirit, yet unlike before, he had a tinge of sympathy within his eyes. The Immortal was being agreeable.... It surprised Mivich.

’’How come your Ranking is so low?’’

’’Hoo hoo.’’

When a Dimensional lord visits another Dimensional lord's Dungeon, it was possible to see each other's basic information. One could see the other's Ranking and name.

Mivich's Ranking was 4,231.

His Ranking was much lower than Woojin.

’’My Ranking means nothing to me.’’

’’Are you bad at doing the Dimensional Battle? You just have to conduct Duels. If it's you, you should be quite close to the capabilities of Trahnet's 72 Thrones.’’

’’It is irreversible.’’


’’Duels will eventually make you lose everything.’’

Woojin tilted his head in confusion. Was he afraid of death? Is that why he didn't like to Duel?

Mivich spoke as he looked at Woojin.

’’You can't advance upwards through Duel. It's impossible to even challenge the Thrones through Duels.’’

Mivich spoke the truth.

’’If your goal is to gain a Throne, you have to put more importance on the Dimensional Battles.’’

There were only 72 Thrones, and it couldn't be possessed by anyone unworthy.

’’An administrator doesn't need personal power. They need the ability to be able to supervise.’’


’’Shall we continue with our unfinished fight?’’

Light was emitted by Mivich's sword. Black light was emitted by the weapons of the Death Knights, and their weapons clashed.

’’An administrator....’’

Woojin used his magic as he pressured Mivich. Woojin wasn't used to performing the Warrior's Skill, and his opponent wasn't an easy foe.

Mivich was using his innate Domain skills, and he was letting out much stronger energy than what he had been capable on Alphen.

He might have to summon all of his Death Knights, who were on standby.

The knights, who surpassed life and death, continued to fight through the meadows.


Mokdong Station's 4th Exit.


He let out the cuss words that had been bubbling up from within.

The news program that was giving a live update had been terminated. It seemed there was a problem with the communication infrastructure, so the internet was down. The smartphone was basically useless. He quickly turned on the car's radio to listen to the news.

Seoul was in a state of chaos.

It wasn't just Seoul. It was a mess in Daegoo, Gwahngjoo and Busan.

Japan, China, US and France all suffered Breaks.

「Chee-chee-jeek. The powerful boss is controlling the monsters... Chee-chee-jeek. Weapons fire are having no effect on it. Chee-jeek.」

This was different from the normal Dungeon Breaks. The monsters were under the control of another being. The monsters were dangerous just from being loosed on this world. However, they were now moving in an organized fashion, and the ramification of this fact was unimaginable.

If the monster hunts up until now could be characterized as hunts, the current situation was a game changer.

It was War.

They were moving in an organized fashion, so war was being carried out in various locations.

’’This place is dangerous, chief.’’

’’I know that.’’

Woo-soonghoon chewed on his lips. The president wasn't showing any signs of coming out, and bad news were coming out from various parts of Seoul.

The monsters were moving towards Namsan in droves. He was worried about Alandal, which was nearby.

When the monsters appeared, they didn't go on a rampage. Instead, they organized into a group. The fact that the monsters could move in an orderly fashion put a bigger fear into the hearts of people. It felt as if they were about to face a bomb that was about to go off.

This phenomenon was occurring at various location within Seoul.

A large Cyclops had stationed himself at the Mokdong baseball stadium, and the monsters were gathering around the Cyclops. If they started to cause trouble, Mokdong station would be devastated in an instant.

It was probably best to evacuate before the monsters started their indiscriminate attack.

’’Shit. Let's retreat.’’

If he stayed any longer by putting his trust in the president, he might die an early death.

’’Give me something to write a memo with.’’


’’Hurry up and bring it to me.’’


The employee brought a memo pad from the car. Soonghoon quickly wrote the current state of affair of Seoul and the world.

Monsters were gathering in an organized fashion.

It was happening at Namsan, Mokdong baseball stadium, Gangnam, Seoul University, Suwon Hwaseong Fortress....

He wrote a brief summary about the news he had heard on the radio regarding Seoul and the world....

The memo paper was filled with information, and he taped it to the station's entrance.

’’Hoo. Let's go.’’

’’W...where's our destination?’’

’’Let's head to Alandal first.’’


It would probably be the safest for him if he left Seoul. However, how could he be so disloyal and run away by himself? It was in name only, but he was considered to be Alandal's minister of foreign affairs. Even if he evacuated, he needed to do so with everyone.

'If I'm with director Hong and director Che, it'll all work out.'

Hong-sunggoo and Che-haesol's power couldn't be ignored. They were Roused that could fight for the top spots amongst the Korean Roused and the Roused of the world.

Moreover, there would be a lot of military units around the Cheongwadae.

’’Hurry up and come out, president. Or else we'll all die.’’

He longingly looked at the barrier, which didn't show any signs of disappearing, as he spoke. Soonghoon and the employees got into their car, and they evacuated.

After a long amount of time had passed, the barrier started to disappear.

Woojin exited with a haggard expression on his face.

’’What the hell? Where's everyone?’’

It had been a hard fight. He wanted to relieve his stress by getting into a warm tub of water. However, Soonghoon and the employees from the secretary office was nowhere to be seen.


Woojin frowned as he looked at memo stuck to the wall.

He didn't have the time to rest. He would have a hard time keeping up with this threat even if he had 10 bodies.


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