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Seoul Station’s Necromancer - Chapter 134


Chapter 134 - Mivich

Ddi-deek, teek.

The fluorescent light blinked on and off. The members of the Hot Girls looked at each other in surprise. The light looked as if it was about to turn off when the building shook.

’’What is that? Did you just feel that?’’

’’Is it an earthquake?’’

There were several new groups inside the ready room including the Hot Girls. Soolgi grabbed the hands of her group members as she looked on with worry in her eyes.

’’We'll be fine.’’

The evacuation alarm rang out immediately after she spoke her words. The noisy siren let out a bright light.



’’What? What's wrong?’’

The sudden sound of the siren, a screaming person and the disarray of people caused the waiting room to devolve into chaos. Hot Girl's Soolgi was also taken aback.

She remembered the evacuation directions she learned from her school curriculum, so she yelled out.

’’Shelter! We have to get to the shelter.’’

After the Dungeon Shock, every building was required to construct a shelter within.

Soolgi's words caused the frightened people to rush out into the hallway. It was the middle of the day, yet the hallway was dark with the light off. It amplified the fear being felt by the people. Everyone rushed towards the sign of the fire exit.

When one person started to run, everyone followed suit. Soolgi felt a sense of danger.

'We should evacuate slowly and in order....'

She had learned that evacuations should proceed in an ordered manner. It prevented additional accidents from happening. However, this was only possible in training drills.

In reality, fear made everyone run down the stair. They wanted to live.

’’Let's go, unni!’’

Soolgi and the members of the Hot Girls tried their best to follow behind the group of people. The people were rushing down the emergency staircase when everyone suddenly came to a stop.


They heard breathing, and it was clear that it wasn't the sound of a human breathing. Moreover, it was accompanied by the sound of people screaming!

Kwahng, kwah-jeek!


Soolgi couldn't see down to the end of the staircase, but she could tell something serious was going on down there. Her mind went to the most likely catastrophe.

'It's a Dungeon Break.'

She was sure monsters had appeared at the broadcasting station.

’’Hoo-oohk, hook.’’

Numerous employees of the broadcasting station were present, but the girl groups were made up of girls in their teens and 20s. Most of the girls had their two hands over their mouths, and they were barely able to hold back a scream as they cried.

’’L...let's exit here.’’

A member of the boyband named Tony spoke quietly, and they quietly exited the emergency stairway. They looked at the floor number, and they were on the 7th floor.

’’There is another emergency staircase over there.’’

Tony aggressively took the lead, so everyone followed his directions. They walked carefully as if they were afraid they would be found out by the monsters. They opened the door to the other emergency staircase, but the situation was the same.

’’Ggoo-ah-ahhk! Help me.’’

Kwah-jeek, koo-roo-roohk.

Everyone immediately stopped walking when they heard the noise coming from the opened door to the staircase. When they carefully closed the door again, one could hear women crying, and several people were standing in place absent-mindedly as if they were distracted.

Everyone looked at Tony.

’’What should we do?’’

’’W...why me....’’

He was a little bit more assertive than others, but he was still a normal male idol. The current situation frightened him too. Even if they asked him for directions, his mind was blank.

Kwahng, kwahng!

At that moment, a vibration rang out from the emergency staircase, and they could hear something getting closer to them. Everyone instinctively distanced themselves from the door.

’’L...let's go to that room.’’

When someone yelled out the suggestion, they opened the door, and they entered a spacious office.

’’B...block the entrance.’’

They moved desks and furnitures to block the entrance. As if they felt a little bit relieved, people started speaking to each other in quiet voices. It was as if they were trying to shed their nervousness.

Several people started to cry again. Soolgi hugged the crying members of the Hot Girls as she tried to console them.

’’Hook. What should we do, unni?’’

The members of Hot Girls were still in high school. Soolgi was the oldest of the bunch, so she hardened her heart.

’’It's all right. Don't worry. Someone will come rescue us soon.’’

Whether it was the Roused or the soldiers, the monsters would be eradicated soon. It would be better if they were at a shelter, but the office was good enough. They just had to hide in safety.

However, even a small task like that was too hard.

Koong, koo-oohng!

When something roughly banged into the door, everyone became surprised. Their bodies convulsed.

’’Kyahhhk! What are we going to do!’’

’’Be quiet! Everyone hide!’’

No one dared to approach the door, and everyone tried to find a place to hide that was as far from the door as possible.


The furnitures were roughly pushed aside, and an enormous black panther appeared from across the door.



Tony met eyes with the black panther, and his body froze.


The black panther ran in as it swung its paw. Tony's face was ripped right off his skull.


The incident happened in an instant.

Silence descended, and it was accompanied by extreme fear.

This wasn't a movie, training drill or even a haunted house experience.

This wasn't some prank. It was reality, and it was a catastrophe.


The black panther caused the people's body to freeze into immobility. All they could do was shake as they didn't know what to do. The black panther looked at the humans huddled together. Earth was overflowing with easy preys. It felt satisfaction as it was about to slowly start its slaughter.


A flock of bats broke through the window. The bats gathered in a single location, and they transformed into a person.

It was a man wearing a black coat. Everyone's face lit up with hope at the appearance of Do-jaemin.

'It's a Roused!'


The black panther glared at the figure, and it attacked first. It jumped into the air and it swung its paws. It's front paw was strong enough to bend steel. Instead of avoiding it, Jaemin swung his fist.


The full weight of the black panther was behind its attack, but it couldn't win against the fist of a vampire, who had been tempered by drinking blood everyday.


Before the shocked black panther could land on the ground, Jaemin kicked it.


He couldn't kill it with a single blow, but the shock was enough to give the panther a whiplash. Moreover, his kick wasn't the end to his attack.

Kwahng, kwahk!

He crushed the black panther's head with his foot, and its large body moved no more. The man wearing a black coat had dropped his sunglasses during the fight, so he went to pick it up.

’’W...we're saved!’’

’’Hoo-oohk, hoooooooong.’’

The people cried in relief when they saw the Roused, who had come to save them.

During all of this, Jaemin was searching for Soolgi.



Soolgi's eyes turned round when her name came out of the Roused's mouth. The familiar jawline, body type, and even his voice....


Do-jaemin walked towards Soolgi. He had searched all over the broadcasting station. He had finally found her. He was thankful that she was still alive in this mess.

’’Oppa is here, Soolgi.’’

Do-jaemin spoke playfully as he opened both his arms. Tears started to flow out of Soolgi's eyes.

’’You idiot. You are 7 month late.’’

He watched her cry as she replied. He had a smile that expressed his sadness and a little bit of bitterness. Her trembling, fear and relief was all conveyed to him.

’’It's all right. Everything is fine now.’’

He had thought his body had been cursed when he was turned into a vampire.

At that moment, he was thankful for the strength that had allowed him to protect someone precious to him.


’’Wow. What the hell? It's another break?’’

Sungoo had exited the Dungeon after he finished clearing it. His eyes turned round when he was immediately given the news about the current situation.

’’What's happening near Alandal?’’

’’Director Che-haesol is defending the place.’’

Che-haesol's ability was at Rank B. However, she had successfully Tamed a Wyvern recently, so it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say her monster collection was equal to 10 Rank A Roused.

’’Which area suffered the most?’’

’’We have to head back to Alandal.’’

’’Huh? Haesol is there.’’

’’Our region needs us the most.’’

It seemed the Dungeons near the vicinity of Alandal had Broken out.

’’A Dragon has appeared on top of Namsan. The monsters that broke out from various parts of Seoul are all heading towards Namsan.’’

The support team employee's words made Sunggo put on a serious expression.

’’What about hyung-nim?’’

’’He hasn't come out of the Dungeon yet.’’


If Kahng-woojin wasn't here, he would have to step forward.

’’Let's go to Alandal.’’

Sunggoo got on the car with a resolute expression. This time he'll carry the fair share of the burden.


Hotel near the Hongdae Station.


Do-jiwon struggled, since she was having a hard time breathing. She couldn't move an inch. Thread-like spider web was wrapped tightly around her like a cocoon. The sight seen through the spider web, which was woven like a net, was disturbing.

Numerous white cocoons were hanging all over the ceiling.

Of course, she was in the same boat as everyone else.

'I can't breathe.'

She was barely able to maintain her breathing. Moreover, there was a unique scent emanating from the spider web, and it made one's mind lazy and faint. It was becoming hard for her to think straight. She had a feeling that she would be in trouble if she fell asleep.

The Spider Queen Sharot had made the cocoons. She smiled as she stored away the humans.

’’Yo-ho-ho. I never knew such a great planet existed.’’

The hunt was easy, and the planet was overflowing with preys called humans. It was almost a miracle that no coalition had laid claim to such a great hunting ground.

’’Are the planet's guardians of high quality?’’

All the linked Dungeons that had tried to synchronize with earth had been destroyed.

Their coalition of Yellow Lizard had to incur a penalty to be able to force a link. They received help from an outsider. It was an 'invite' instead of an 'invasion'.

Of course, the power to make an outsider a linker was something only the 72 great lords could do.

Only they could force a link to planets without any restrictions.

’’Hmmm. This is a planet coveted by Iello-nim...’’

The 25th Throne Iello had made the Linkers. He had helped the Yellow Lizards arrive in this place.

Sharot was covetous of the planet called earth. However, Iello had laid a claim to it, so it didn't matter if she coveted it or not. This place would become the battlefield for the forces of the great lords with Thrones.

’’Well, shall I start the colonization?’’

She had to exterminate all the humans, who possessed power. This will make the exploitation of this planet easier.

Sharot approached a nearby cocoon, and she extended her hand.

When the cocoon was unravelled, a frightened face appeared.


She let out an excited moan as she brought her mouth close to the human's mouth.

Ggool-rung, gool-rung.

Something unpleasant was being passed through Sharot's mouth into the human, and his expression was quickly deteriorating. He felt nausea and pain. His eyes became red as if the vessels in his eyes were bursting

When Sharot pulled her lips away, the man in the cocoon struggled mightily.

Humans provided the best nutrition for her eggs..

’’Hoong. Grow my lovelies. My babies.’’

Sharot headed towards the next cocoon, and she started to lay her eggs.

If one wanted to destroy a planet with such an advanced civilization, large monsters like the Titan race were unsuitable for the job. Small monsters like the Killer Spiders were more suitable.

Sharot was quickly increasing the number of her children, who were also her underlings.

Moreover, the other Dimensional lords were starting to build their main base like her in various parts of this world.


Dimensional Domain Mivich's Meadow.

He was almost at the green pillar of light.

The pillar of light was emanating from an old castle. Woojin headed towards the castle.

There was a person waiting in front of the gate of the fallen castle.

’’What? You are alone?’’

Woojin got off Shing Shing.

The man was wearing a hood over his face, but Woojin could tell he was a human. Moreover, his hunch was telling him he was right.

When Woojin approached his opponent, the man slowly stood up.

’’Are you Mivich?’’


His opponent didn't respond, so Woojin knew he was right.

He was the owner of this Dimensional Domain.

How much confidence did he have in himself that he was guarding the Domain all by himself? Or was he out of Dungeon Energy? If so, then why did he fearlessly form a link to Earth?

Mivich slowly took off his hood.

’’It's been awhile.’’


When he caught sight of Mivich's face, Woojin's face hardened. On the other hand, Mivich had a smile on his face.

’’It's been a long time, right? Immortal.’’


Woojin let out a bitter laugh at the unwelcome face.

’’What's the Alphen's hero doing here?’’

’’Make a guess.’’

Dimensional lord Mivich had a queer smile on his face.


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