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Seoul Station’s Necromancer - Chapter 133


Chapter 133 - Bloody Reunion (3)

When a Reset Dungeon was linked to earth, a Return Stone was formed. The proper Synchronization process hadn't happened, so there was a 120 days wait period. However, the soldiers of the Domain was armed to the teeth as if they were immediately going into battle.

’’Yo-ho-ho. Get ready.’’

This Dimensional lord was a large spider-human. Her name was Sharot. Lee-sahngho relaxed his nervous body when he heard Sharot's words.

'I'm returning to earth.'

Lee-sahngho had become dulled through his death and revival. Still, his heart started to beat faster at the tingling sensation when he thought about his home planet.

After a brief moment, the red portal was formed. An extremely nervous man appeared.

He became guarded when he saw the monsters. Soon, he came to his senses, and he headed towards the Return Stone as he surveyed his surrounding.

’’The Linker is here.’’

Sharot's army didn't attack the human. The human disappeared when he took the Return Stone.

’’Yo-ho-ho. Shall we go fight?’’

She was very experienced in colonizing planets. The early sacrifices couldn't be helped, but the thought about the reward made the loss acceptable. The human from earth, who was the Linker, would open the barrier on his own volition.

The unfortunate part was that they hadn't completed their synchronization.

<You are entering the Planet Earth. Seventy four percent of your ability will be materialized.>

This was the drawback of forcing a Dungeon Link. The Dimensional lord and the monsters under him received penalty depending on the Synchronization rate.

Basically, they didn't have to successfully fend off intruders 120 days.

With the help of the Linker, the Dungeon Barrier subduing them was dispelled. The monsters poured out into the streets. Lee-sahngho exited with the monsters, and he hid himself between the escaping people.


MBS Broadcast Studio.

Do-jaemin acquired this ticket by making a request to the guild. He sat in the appropriate seat with the ticket in his grasp.

His noonah went to her reunion. Woojin, Sunggoo and anyone he was close to all went out to clear Dungeons.

He had a day before he had to return for the Dimensional Battle. However, he hadn't come here to kill time.

’’I can't believe Soolgi already made her debut.’’

There was someone he wanted to see.

She was his first love, and she was someone he couldn't catch. She had fulfilled her dream a week ago.

He had debuted on an idol group call 'Hot Girls'.

They were a new girl group, and today was the day the 'Hot Girls' would be recorded on a music program.

He wanted to see Soolgi from afar, so he had come here.

’’O...oppa. Are you here to cheer for Lexor?’’


A girl in the next seat mustered her courage as she asked Jaemin a question. Jaemin looked at her with a confused expression on his face.

A handsome teen with pale skin was staring at her. Her cheeks reddened, and she turned away. She couldn't bring herself to look into his eyes.

’’T...this is the cheering section for the Lexor oppas...’’


Jaemin looked around his surrounding. Now that he paid attention to it all, the people here were holding the same colored balloons.

’’No. I'm a Hot Girls fan.’’

’’Hot Girls? Who's that.’’

They debuted only a week ago, so it seemed they weren't famous. No one was talking about their popularity. It was as if the public wasn't even aware of them yet.

’’When the Hot Girls come out, you guys should make some noise for them.’’

’’Ah. All right.’’

These girls risked coming to the recording studio of the dangerous Seoul to cheer for their oppas, yet the girls immediately agreed to the handsome Jaemin's request.

His handsomeness had the power gathering the girls around him.

Jaemin was breathing rapidly as the girls formed a crowd with him at the center.

'I can't stand it anymore.'

If he stayed here any longer, he would bite someone's throat.

’’ you guys have to cheer for the Hot Girls. All right?’’

’’Yes. Understood, oppa.’’

’’All right.’’

Jaemin quickly got up from his seat, and he disappeared. The girls started to talk amongst themselves.

’’Kyahhhk! Did you take a picture of him?’’

’’Wow. He was uber handsome. Jackpot!’’

’’Is he a trainee? Is he part of the Hot Girls? Maybe he is a trainee under the same company?’’

’’Maybe he came to cheer for the same entertainment family.’’

When he had turned into a vampire, Jaemin had become paler and prettier. All the girls thought he was prospective entertainer.

’’Ooh-wah. If that oppa debuts, I'm jumping ship.’’

’’I shook his hand a moment ago. Ha-ah. I think I can still smell his scent.’’

Jaemin extracted himself from the group of noisy girls, and he found a spot in the back to watch the stage.

The stage was too far to make out people's faces, but Jaemin didn't need a binocular.

His physical ability had already surpassed that of a normal human.

After several unknown groups finished their rehearsals, the Hot Girls ascended to the stage. There were three members to the group, but Jaemin didn't see anyone else. His eyes was only filled with the sight of Soolgi.

’’Look how thin she is.’’

She had always been slim, yet it seemed she had gone on a diet. He felt sorry about it. Aside from his worry for her, Soolgi looked beautiful as she sang and danced in her stage costume.

’’Ha... Soolgi.’’

What would have happened if he held on to her? Will he be dating her?

No, she had a dream, and he might have unnecessarily dragged her down.

Yes. This was how it should be.

'I'm a monster now, Soolgi. I'll cheer for you from afar.'

Jaemin looked on with sentimental eyes, and he saw the Hot Girls leave the stage after their performance.

He had seen Soolgi, and he didn't want to watch the other singers take stage. He exited the station. No, he tried to leave.

’’W...what the hell?’’


The roads were teeming with Monsters.

’’Is it a Dungeon Break?’’

Woojin had spent a good amount of time inside Woojin's Dimensional Domain of Alandal. He wasn't surprised by the appearance of monsters, but he would have a hard time fighting them. Jaemin's combat ability wasn't that exceptional.

’’I have to run away quickly.’’


He turned his head to looked at the source of the roar. He saw monsters flying over the broadcasting station's roof. Moreover, several of them dived in through the windows.


Jaemin was worried about Soolgi, so he once again ran back into the broadcasting station.


’’Hey. Look who it is!’’

’’Ha ha. It's good to see you. How long has it been?’’

It was the start of the reunion party. To some people, this was a walk down memory lane. To others, this was an event to network with the alumnis.

They had spent a good amount of money to rent the hotel's entire reception hall, and there were about 200 people in attendance. It was an enormous reunion party where 90% of the graduates were in attendance.

They were all busy in real life, since they were newcomers to society. Still, they had shown up, because they wanted to see the famous Kahng-woojin.

Even as people greeted each other with a cheerful expression, they kept looking around for Kahng-woojin.

’’Hey, Jiwon. Woojin couldn't make it here today?’’

’’Yes. I'm afraid not.’’

Jiwon answered chairman Nahm-jihyuhk's question. At that moment, Cindy came over to ask her question. She still had her sunglasses on.

’’Why couldn't he be here?’’

’’He's busy.’’

’’Hmmm. Is that so?’’

Kahng-woojin hadn't attended this event, so was there a need for her to stay here? Cindy was about to walk out.

'I unnecessarily changed my schedule to come here.'

She had intentionally left her schedule blank, so she could attend the reunion party. Currently, her popularity was on a full upswing, so every minute and second was money for her.

’’Hey, Cindy. Weren't you pretty insistent on making an appearance this time? ’’

’’Well, I haven't been to one of these meetings in a while.’’

Cindy fixed her sunglasses with her hand as she listened to chairman Nahm-jihyuhk's flattery.

’’It's been nice seeing you.’’

’’Uh uh? You are already leaving?’’

’’My schedule is packed.’’

’’Uh. All right. That's too bad.’’

Nahm-jihyuhk's inner heart trembled as he tried hard to hide his emotions.

He was a twenty four year old young man.

They were classmates once, but he had only see her through the television for the past 5 years. He couldn't help but be fascinated and terrified at facing a celebrity.

’’Have fun.’’

’’Uh. I'll see you out.’’

’’All right.’’

Cindy didn't turn down the offer as she left the reception hall. Nahm-jihyuhn followed behind her to escort her out. Do-jiwon was left alone by herself, and she felt something was lacking.

’’It would have been great if Woojin had come.’’

Jiwon knew how hard a life Woojin had lived through.

She wanted him to spark his old memories by meeting his friends from the time he attended school. Would he feel great delight if he could revive a little bit of his old memories?

He was busily clearing a Dungeon at that moment. She felt thankful and sorry.


Jiwon's eyes turned round when she looked at the entrance.

A pale and frightened Cindy was running towards her with Jihyuhk. It was as if they were being chased by something. Soon a cluster of Spiders appeared, and Jiwon let out a scream.


There were several hundred spiders crawling in, and the sight was quite unpleasant. They were the size of a human's head.

’’Yo-ho-ho. There are a lot of humans gathered here.’’

The spider-woman, Sharot, appeared as she hummed a tune.

She smiled when she saw the frightened antics of the humans.



The vehicles slid on its track as the tanks raced across the road.


Bat-like monsters were occupying the sky as they let out a frightening sound. The helicopters were useless against them.

They were able to freely maneuver between buildings as they concealed themselves. It was very hard to decrease their numbers as the ground troops used anti-aircraft weapons.

The problem was that the bat-like monsters weren't the only monsters present.


Accompanying the roar, a large bear monster charged towards a tank. The tanks fired its main gun.


In the aftermath of the missed rounds, the explosion caused the road to be overturned and a building's wall to collapse.

The large bear emerged from the plume of dust. It's shoulder and arm had been blown off. It was in a ghastly state, but it was still alive.



The bear, which was the size of a 2 story building, swung its paw, and it made the main gun bend as easily as a toothpick. The bear swung its paw again, and the tank was flipped over. The tank's track continued to spin with no traction.


The second concentrated fire caused the bear's head to explode, and it fell to the floor. They were barely able to kill it. The problem was the fact that there were more than one or two monsters in the surrounding.

’’Shit! What kind of mess is this?’’

Captain Hahn-sahngpil, who was in charge of the armored unit, cursed as he expressed his frustration.

There had been minimal damage from previous Breaks, since they've made preparations beforehand.

If they were given a warning about an imminent Break, they would be able to evacuate the surrounding civilians, then they would just have to lay down a concentrated fire on the monsters.

However, they hadn't been given a warning, and they hadn't been able to evacuate the civilians. It was hard to attack properly. This was the biggest reason why the military units stationed at various parts of Seoul was making slow progress in their suppression of the monsters.

’’F*k! What the hell are the guilds doing?’’

It was impossible to eradicate all the monsters using just the fire support from the military units. There were numerous people waiting for rescue within the buildings. Moreover, the Roused was needed to defeat monsters where the guns and cannons couldn't reach.

Then there was the Breaks in Daegoo, Gwahngjoo, Busan, Seoul and other places in Korea... No, the Dungeons of the world was Breaking at the same time, and they were in short supply of troops.

Any Rank E and below Roused was useless compared to a soldier equipped with a gun. At the very least, one had to be Rank D. However, the number of Dungeons Breaking made this a moot point.

Since they didn't have the numeric superiority, one would have to use overwhelming firepower. Of course, this made one think about a certain high rank Roused.

There were some countries, who were mulling the use of nuclear weapons, so the presence of this man was that much more crucial.

’’Is he still not here yet?’’

The roads and buildings were occupied with monsters.

The alien nature of this event reminded him of the Dungeon Shock from 5 years ago.

The world was about to experience that hell once again.

’’C...Captain! Look over there.’’


His aide desperately yelled out. Hahn-sahngpil grabbed the binoculars that had been around his neck. He swallowed his response as he looked towards the pointed direction.


An enormous Dragon was sitting on top of the Namsan Tower as it had its claws dug in. It sat there as if it was looking over Seoul. It was like seeing a scene from a movie.

’’T...this is the first time I've seen such a big monster.’’

It was a first experience for Hahn-sahngpil too. Soon, two fighter jets approached it, and they fired missiles towards the unknown monster atop the Namsan Tower.


The explosion was so large that the far away armored unit felt the aftereffects. However, the Dragon wasn't hurt at all. The monster had engaged a barrier that was as big as its body.

How great would it have been if this was a movie?

A monster that might cause a calamity in Seoul had appeared.


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