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Seoul Station’s Necromancer - Chapter 132


Chapter 132 - Bloody Reunion (2)

The Chaos mountain was the tallest mountain on Planet Jaku.

It was the base of the biggest power on Planet Jaku. They were the Yellow Lizards, and all the Dimensional lords affiliated with the organization was holding a meeting. There were a total of eight of them. They were all diverse in their appearance.

There was a road with large columns lining each side. There were Dimensional lords present on top of each column, and they looked down at the human, who was walking down the road.

’’Yo-ho-ho. That human is the messenger sent by the Great lord Iello-nim?’’

’’He's pathetic. At a glance, he is a disposable item.’’

Lee-sahngho could clearly hear their conversations, but he made no comments. No, he didn't dare to speak.

On top of the tall columns, there was a Titan, who was over 10 meters tall, and other grotesque beings of unknown races.

There were also those, who looked akin to humans, but the oppressive feeling they let out was no joke.

Lee-sahngho felt their attention on him. His legs shook from the strain.

After passing the road lined with the giant columns, one came upon a tower.

This was the highest location on the peak of Chaos mountain.


Rajakui, the Gold Dragon, took rough breaths as he appeared.

[What does a messenger of Iello-nim want with me?]

Iello's messenger Lee-sahngho felt a bit faint when he heard the voice ring inside his head.

’’If you destroy earth, he will allow you entrance into the Planet Iferin.’’

[Koo-koo-koo. Iferin.]

Rajakui's body shook at the sentimental name. He alternated between being happy and angry. The Dragon's Fear raged forward. The gathered Dimensional lords all got on their knees as they endured the Dragon's Fear.

Lee-sahngho felt faint, and he felt like passing out. He was barely able to resist, and his body was frozen in place. If he was in a battle, he would have been cut down without being able to do anything.

[Do you have anything else to say to me?]

’’Please send me to earth.’’

[That won't be difficult.]

Rajakui opened his wings wide.

The fully extended wings was over 50 meters long. The body between the wings was also incredibly large. The Dimensional lords stretched their necks to look up at him.

[We'll take over earth.]

’’Then what are we going to do about this planet?’’

There were two other coalitions on the Planet Jaku other than the Yellow Lizard coalition. There was the Black Hats and the Red Hammer. If they lost the initiative on keeping this planet, their profits would suffer. However, they had to expend a considerable amount of resources to be able to co-exist with the two other coalitions on this planet.

[We'll move and make earth our main hunting ground.]

This was a planet where they hadn't even completed their links.

The risk was high, but the reward was as big as the risk. He had a goal where the sacrifice would be worth it.

A road that lead back to his home planet of Iferin was open to him now.


A van stopped in front of the Mokdong Station.

’’We are here, president.’’

When he heard Soonghoon's words, Woojin opened his eyes, and he pulled up his reclined seat.

’’It's at least a 6 star?’’


Mokdong Station's 4th exit.

The Dungeon had Reset 7 days ago, but no one had attempted to clear it yet.

KH guid had the priority to clear it, since they had found it first. However, when they measured the Dungeon Energy, it was higher than the energy measured for the 6 star Dungeons. They couldn't readily send in their Rank A Roused team inside.

They could try to clear it with an Escape Return Portal in possession, but the Item was pricey. They could gather their dream team, but they decided to grant Alandal's request instead.

There was still a lot of time until the Dungeon Break, but Woojin was going to clear the Dungeon. Of course, the guilds would determine how they would split the profit.

Woojin just needed a place to hunt.

’’I'll be here all day. Go eat in shifts.’’

’’Yes, sir. Don't worry about us. We'll be on strict watch.’’

’’All right. Thanks.’’

Woojin patted Soonghoon's shoulder, then he headed towards the Dungeon.

<You've entered Mivich's Meadow.>

<Please select a mode from 'Duel', 'Dimensional Battle', 'Visit', 'Infiltration' or 'Clear'.>

’’As I thought, another Dimensional lord is here.’’

Most of the Dungeons that were 6 stars and below was owned by the Dungeon Owners. Any Dungeons exceeded the amount of Energy held by the 6 star Dungeon were almost always owned by the Dimensional lords.

This was also the case here.

Since Dimensional lords were trying to link to earth worldwide, it was a matter of time before one of them connected.

Of course, he could clear the Dungeon to sever the link, but in the meantime, he was afraid the Dimensional lord's vassals would cause crimes against humanity.

They were on a different level compared to the mediocre Roused or the monsters. If Woojin hadn't chased out Juliel and Rashmode, the demise of Earth would be much closer right now.

’’What the hell?’’

Woojin walked through the empty subway station, and he tilted his head in confusion. Either there hadn't been any Energy invested into the Dungeon or there weren't any monsters available to be regenerated. He didn't even have to go downstairs to check the lower floors.

Zzeeeeeng, zzeeeeeeng.

The sound of resonance rang out as a portal emitting red light was formed.

’’Does this mean he doesn't need to use the scrubs?’’

The dispatch of monsters inside the Dungeon acted as a first line of defense. This mechanism allowed one to prove to a certain extent that one was qualified to step onto the Dimensional Domain.

Of course, this all depended on the preference of the Dimensional lords. Instead of dispatching monsters in the Dungeon, the Dimensional lord could have gathered all his forces into his Dimensional Domain.

When Woojin passed through the portal, he saw a green grassland.

There were gentle hills that made it hard to see far into the distance. He climbed the highest hill he could find to look around his surroundings.

’’Why is this place so deserted?’’

Woojin shook his head from side to side when he couldn't' find a single monster on the land.

Was this an owner, who preferred to have a small elite force?

The recorded Dungeon Energy was very high, and the total amount of fight power the lord would have wouldn't change.

Either there would be a lot of monsters or there would be a few powerful monsters.

He might have gotten unlucky this time, and it was the latter situation.

As a Necromancer, it was much easier to face a lot of mediocre enemies rather than fighting an absolute power.

He wouldn't be able to turn the corpses into allied forces, and he wouldn't be able to use the corpses as medium for the Corpse Explosion.

However, it wasn't as if he was helpless against strong foes.


The black smoke coalesced, and the Death Knight named Rakto appeared. Rakto was the one that used a ghost-like spear.

[My lord.]

This particular Death Knight was almost equal to Kiba in terms of one-on-one battles. He was also unparalleled in terms of fighting on a mount. There was a chance an intruder might infiltrate his Dimensional Domain of Alandal, so he wouldn't be able to summon all of this Death Knights.

If a being from the Planet Jaku cleared Necia's Pillar before he could sync it, he would lose his Dungeon.

If the hunt was difficult, he decided he would call up 20 Death Knights.

’’Let's go as a duo.’’

[As you command.]

Woojin and Rakto summoned their Phantom Steeds. Woojin summoned his Warrior's Weapon, and he transformed it into a spear. They raced across the grasslands. Their destination was obvious. It was the green colored pillar of light in the distance. That was where the Return Stone was present.


In front of the Mokdong Station's 4th exit.

’’Ah-ooh. It's cold.’’

’’Chief. I think we picked up a reporter.’’

’’What? Where?’’

Woo-soonghoon looked around his surrounding, and he saw a parked car with a man holding up a camera with long lens. He grinned as he shook his head from side to side.

’’Just let him be. This isn't the first time that has happened.’’

’’Yes. Is it really ok to travel like this?’’

’’Huh? What do you mean?’’

’’We haven't gained our independence yet. Moreover, we are on Korean soil....’’

Soonghoon put his arm around the employee's shoulder.

’’Hey. Do you think we are North Korea? Does a country always have to be in war with a neighboring country?’’


’’Moreover, the treaty hasn't been signed yet. We are still citizens of South Korea..’’

As Soonghoon had said, they were still Koreans. They would just gain an additional citizenship into Alandal. Basically, they would be dual citizens. When the national vote changed the Constitution of South Korea, the details of the treaty would be finalized.

The fact that Alandal was a country sounded good, but it would basically be like how Rome operated alongside the Vatican city.

It would allow Korean citizens to enter the guild, and it would also given them the right to become the citizens of Alandal.

When one leaves the guild, it would strip the rights one would have in Alandal.

’’Uh-whew. My head hurts thinking about the legal ramifications. Let's rest a little bit.’’

’’Yes. I'll go buy something to eat.’’

’’All right.’’

The employee ran across to the street to the convenience store.

Soonghoon walked towards the people from the KH guild guarding the Dungeon.

’’Uh-whew. It seems I'll be seeing you for all of today, so let's greet each other.’’

’’Ah, yes.’’

Soonghoon's rank wasn't low. He was one of Alandal's founding members, and he was the Chief Secretary working directly under Woojin. There was a rumor saying that he was going to be nominated as Alandal's minister of foreign affairs. To the rank and file employees, he was someone way above them.

The people from the KH guild awkwardly gave their greetings, and Soonghoon started chatting them up for a long time. He was in the midst of talking, while eating the cup ramen and kimbab brought to him by an employee, when he suddenly had a thought. He looked down at his watch.

’’Uh? Why isn't he so late in coming out?’’

’’I know. If we consider president's playing time, he is excessively late in coming out.’’


Soonghoon furrowed his brows when he felt a weird sense of uneasiness.

This was a first clear of a Dungeon, but Woojin showed an almost miraculous ability to clear the Dungeons. He should have already been out by now. It had been 6 hours since he had entered the Dungeon. A full day should have passed inside.

This had never happened before. Soonhoon looked at the firmly closed barrier with a little bit of concern.

’’Uh? There's a breaking news.’’

’’Huh? Put up the volume.’’

An employee had been watching tv through his handphone. At Soonghoon's words, he unplugged the earphone, and he raised the volume.

-There is a simultaneous Dungeon Reset happening right now. Currently, there are 11 locations in Seoul, four locations in Daegoo, and seven in Busan. In total, 20 new Dungeons have formed. When the Energy was measured, eight of them exceeded what one would measure from a 6 star Dungeon....


Soonghoon quickly took out his smartphone, and he accessed the internet.

The Dungeon Resets were happening at random. Numerous Dungeons had reset in a short amount of time. He was taken aback, since something big might be going on right now.

’’Huh. It isn't only happening in Korea?’’

The internet was in more of an uproar than the news.

US, Japan and China were all experiencing a simultaneous Dungeon Reset.

’’Oh no. An additional three Dungeons were added in Seoul.’’

’’What the hell? Is something big about to happen?’’

The employees whispered to each other in unease.

The Guilds jockeyed to claim the Reset Dungeons, because the number of Dungeons that Reset was low. However, they were all Resetting at the same time....

A weird sense of danger and worry washed over Soonghoon.

Since he was worried, Soonghoon looked for him.


Why was Kahng-woojin taking so long to clear the Dungeon? This was abnormal, and Soonghoon could only look on with a worried expression.


A pale looking man was hurriedly walking down the streets of Hongdae.

’’Huh-uhk, huhk.’’

He looked to be hurt, and the man kept looking around his surrounding as if he was being chased by someone. The light within his eyes shook.

'Is this for real?'

The knowledge that was in his mind was too vivid to call it a delusion.

'If you do as I say, Haeyun will live.'

He was merely a Rank E Roused. This might be god's mercy, and this was god attempting to fix his ailing daughter.

He didn't care if this was god's grace or a devil's temptation. He just wanted his sick Haeyun to be healed.

'I have to do it.'

He didn't have any alternatives.

The man slowly headed towards the entrance of the Hongdae station.

The 1st exit was just Reset, so the police was guarding it. The place was bustling as the Roused Bureau was measuring the Dungeon Energy.

’’Uh uh? Please step back. It's dangerous here.’’

When the policeman took his eyes off the man, he rushed forward.

’’Uh uh? Who is that? Detain him!’’

Before the alerted policemen could give chase, the man had already entered the Dungeon. It almost looked as if he had rolled down the stairs.


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