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Seoul Station’s Necromancer - Chapter 130


Chapter 130 - Liah (2)

The Orc Rider guerilla unit lead by Bibi was starting to attack the opponent's base. The status of the battle was dramatically turning in favor of Bibi. Even a Wyvern Nest had been built, and their Tech Tree had been upgraded. In a flash, the enemy's base had been been captured.

<You were victorious in your Dimensional Battle.>

<As a reward for the Dimensional Battle, you have earned 10,000 points.>

<You will now be able to initiate the Victor's Rights.>

<Please select either Loot the Storage Room or Loot the Domain.>


Woojin let out a dejected sound as he looked at Bibi. She stood up from the Commander's Chair, and she made a V sign with her fingers. She let out a soft laugh.

’’Oh-heh-heh-heh. You said you are going to give me the 10,000 points?’’

’’Y...yeah. Who taught you?’’

’’It's a secret. Heh heh.’’

’’Was it Jaemin?’’


Woojin knew his guess had been on point as he looked at Bibi's surprised reaction.

'I knew that build order looked familiar to me.'

This could be called the speciality of the Korean people.

Weren't Korean high school students only a step below pro gamers in most other countries? Jaemin had been focused on his studies, so he hadn't enjoyed playing games as much as the other kids. Still, he was still much better than Bibi.

He knew the fundamental concepts behind the strategy games.

’’Heh heh. I continued to do mock battles with Jaemin.’’

While Woojin spent 3 days on earth, Bibi had practised for 12 days within the Dimensional Domain.

’’I'm still not at Jaemin's level, but I'll be able to beat him soon with more practice.’’

’’Hmm. Shall I let Jaemin take over?’’

The Dimensional Battle wasn't that important to him. He didn't care who did it.

’’No! They're my points!’’

While Bibi and Woojin was bickering, an announcement window appeared in front of him.

<Random Choice. Loot the Domain was chosen as the Victor's Rights.>

<You've plundered 7% of Liah's Fortress.>

<You've acquired 850 points of Bloodstones.>

<You've seized the buildings Goblin Research Center and Mercenary Guild.>

<You've captured Domain residents. There are 14 humans, three Goblins and one Elf.>

’’Hmmm. I'll think about choosing either you or Jaemin at a later time.’’

’’Hooong. I'll overtake Jaemin soon.’’

While he received Bibi's strong promise, Woojin started managing his Domain.

He had earned 4 days of Protection Period through the victory. In earth's time, it was only one day. It felt a bit lacking, but it wasn't necessarily a bad thing.

Woojin needed to level up, so he need some hunting time.

He just needed to come visit the Dimensional Domain every other day to accept the Dimensional Battle. Well, even if he lost in the Dimensional Battle, he'll be regaining everything back using the Revenger's Retribution.

<Liah-nim has requested a Duel.>

<The Revenger's Retribution was activated. The Duel will be forcefully carried out.>

’’Would you look at this?’’

There was a Dimensional lord that was as confident at fighting as Woojin.

<You will be summoned to the battlefield 'Waste Land'.>

<If you win, you will be able to initiate the Victor's Rights or Revenger's Retribution.>

<If you lose, you will experience death. You will be revived after 12 days.>

Woojin was dropped into the middle of a wasteland where dusts flew in the wind. He looked around his surrounding. He spotted a red haired beauty standing in place with a angry expression on her face.


Woojin tilted his head in confusion as he looked at the weapon in her hands. It looked a bit different from the ones on earth, but it looked to have a similar function as a gun.

She had a thin sword equipped on her waist, but her main weapons seemed to be the revolver strapped to her thighs and the rifle in her hands.

’’Chet. I can't believe I lost to a new lord. Moreover, you are a mere human.’’


Woojin wordlessly stared at Liah as she spoke. She was also a human, yet she spoke those callous words.

’’Planet Earth? You are from the most popular destination right now. Your name is Kahng-woojin? Shall we exchange pleasantries?’’

Woojin's brows furrowed at Liah's words.

’’What? Aren't you being a little bit too cold to a fellow human?’’

Liah propped the long rifle onto her side. She took out a cigarette from her pocket, and she lit it with a flame.


A flame suddenly appeared on top of her finger. She was a magic user, who used guns and swords. Woojin folded his arms, and he decided to observe her actions a little bit longer.

’’What nonsense are you trying to pull?’’

’’Heh-eh. I guess you aren't a mute.’’

She took a long drag on her cigarette. She spoke as she let out the smoke from her cigarette.

’’We'll probably see each other more often in the future. I'm just saying let's have an amicable relationship.’’

’’It is killed or be killed. Is there a need to become friends with anyone?’’

Woojin laughed at her nonsensical words. In the end, they'll be enemies if they meet on the Dimensional Battle. He had no reason or interest in befriending someone he would have to kill. Liah started laughing uproariously as if she found something to be funny.

’’Ah. I can really tell you are a novice lord. Ha ha. How's earth? Is it a good place to hunt? Shall I link my spare Dimensional Fragments there?’’

’’You are better off not doing that.’’

The laughter on Liah's face deepened at Woojin's words.

’’Ho-oh. What? Are you the planet's guardian or something like that?’’

Everyone wanted to to protect their home planet. That was a given.

However, Earth was a clean planet. There were no flags placed there by any Dimensional lord.

’’Give it up. You won't be able to protect them.’’


’’This noonah is giving you a warning. It is a fruitless effort.’’

Woojin frowned when he heard Liah's words. She didn't care about how he took her words. She took another deep drag on the cigarette, and she threw it on the floor.

’’Hoo-ooh. Shall we start?’’

Liah gripped the long rifle that had been resting on her side. The point of the rifle was touching the butt of the cigarette. The corner of her mouth lifted as she looked at Woojin.

’’Are you really this naive? You allowed me to load my weapon.’’


Woojin had already realized why she was being so verbose.

She wasn't talking, because she met a fellow human Dimensional lord. She wasn't curious about earth either. She was just buying time, so she could get ready for the battle.

He had fallen for her plan so easily that it was no wonder she thought of him as naive.


She loaded the long rifle, and she aimed it at Woojin. He stood there without moving an inch.

’’What? Are you naive, dumb or bluffing?’’


A small sound was heard from the gun, but the effect was quite surprising.


A bullet didn't exit the muzzle. Smoke started pouring out of the gun.


The cloud of smoke started to grow, and it was hard to see even an inch in front of oneself. The smoke obstructed one's vision. Moreover, the smoke seemed to be poisonous. It stung the skin, and one could feel one's movement slow.

’’Ha ha ha. You were pretty good at the Dimensional Battle, yet you seem to suck at Dueling. Aren't you giving up a little too fast?’’

Woojin didn't know where Liah was, since the smoke was covering her whereabouts. Her voice also sounded as if it was emanating from all sides. It felt as if his vision and hearing had been sealed.

’’Who said I'm giving up?’’

’’Hoo hoo. Now that I've deployed the Death's Cloud, you won't be able to win against me.’’

Her voice rang out like an echo, and the sound of a single bullet being shot was heard.

Tah-ahng, kahng!

Woojin reflexively blocked the bullet with the Steel Staff he brought out. He heard Liah's voice, and it sounded as if she was having fun.

’’How long do you think you can block my attack? Doesn't it feel like you're fighting couple dozen people?’’

The Death's Cloud hid her whereabouts, and she was shooting from all angles as she harassed Woojin. In the end, he would accumulate damage, and she would be able to kill him.

The Death's Cloud took a very long time to load, yet if she was able to deploy it, she had a win rate of almost 90%. It was a deadly technique.

’’It feels like fighting several dozen people....’’

Shwahhhhng, kahng!

Liah ambushed Woojin with her sword, and he brushed off the attack. For a brief moment, he saw her, but she immediately jumped away. She was covered up once again by the smoke.

’’This is fun.’’

Woojin summoned his Death Knights.


The black smoke coalesced as the Death Knights were summoned. Woojin couldn't see them, because of the smoke. However, Woojin could feel where they were located at.

’’Instead of making it seem like I'm fighting a couple dozen people, why don't you fight several dozen people instead?’’

’’Hoong! I'll just eliminate them one by one.’’

She didn't have much information on her opponent, so she had no idea he was a summoning type human. Liah snorted as Woojin put on a big smile on his face.

The smile looked a bit evil.

’’If you don't like several dozen, then what do you think about several hundred? Or several thousand?’’


The Death Knights correctly interpreted Woojin's order, and they summoned all the Skeleton Warriors under him.

’’W...what the hell?’’

The sound of Liah being taken aback was heard. The Undead army was being summoned at a rate where the Skeleton Warriors completely filled the Death's Cloud. He gave an order to his Undead army.

’’Catch that bitch.’’

[We will bring the Death's Blessing to our king's enemy!]

The Death Knights ran outward. The sound of fighting lasted only a moment. Soon, the smoke started to thin out.


The Death Knights' spears had pierced through various parts of her body. She was being propped up in an awkward posture where she wasn't standing nor was she kneeling. Woojin approached Liah.



Woojin changed his Steel Staff into an Axe.

’’You worry about your own business.’’


Woojin's axe lodged itself into Liah's head.

Fellow human? Protector of earth? She knew the end result, because she had tried it?

Such an insignificant Dimensional lord dared to give him a warning?

<You've won in the Duel.>

<Liah's Revenge has failed. The Victor's Claim is being initiated.>

<Please choose either Loot the Storage Room or Loot the Domain.>

Woojin chose to loot the Storage Room. The Items that were stored in Liah's Dimensional Storage Room flitted across his vision, and several items were chosen at random. Amongst them, a single item caught Woojin's eyes.

<Skia's Boots>

This was the Adventurer's god Skia's Boots.

’’My luck is pretty good.’’

The shoe itself was a good item. However, this item was essential in making one of items in the Thrash's Set. It was an essential ingredient in making the 'Thrash's March'.

All the other ingredients could be obtained on earth, but there were several items that could only be obtained on Alphen. Skia's Boots was one such item.

The Adventurer's god Skia was one of the gods of Alphen.

He had already been planning on heading towards Alphen, but he might be able to obtain one of the Set Items before he did so.

’’Wait a moment.... If I do well in the Dimensional Battles, it might be better for me?’’

He couldn't continuously request Dimensional Battles. If he continued to win, he would earn Points, and he could purchase the Ingredient Items he needed....

Woojin had two stores he could use.

There was the Achievement Point Store, and the Dimensional Store.

The Achievement Points could be earned by hunting. However, the Dimensional Energy could only be earned by the vassals of one's Dimensional Domain.

’’What's Jaemin doing right about now?’’

Woojin was in a good mood as he laughed. He organized the Items he looted, and he exited the castle. Why did Jaemin look so handsome today?


<You've lost the Duel. You have failed in your Revenge.>

<You will be revived after 12 days.>

Her consciousness faded away.

Her death was of no consequence. She head already experienced it a couple hundred of times. She was used to it, but it didn't mean she enjoyed it.

The fear and extreme stress she felt was expressed as anger.

'Son of a bitch!'

Amongst the Dimensional lords, Liah was known as a rabid dog.

She prefered Duels instead of the Dimensional Battles. If she lost, she always requested the Revenger's Right.

Moreover, she kept challenging her opponent until she won.

At that moment, her next target was established.

'Planet Earth? You wait and see.'

It was fruitless to protect a planet.

In the end, the only thing a lord could defend was one's Dimensional Domain. Eventually, everyone buried one's home planet in one's heart.

It was always the same. One's home planet was never destroyed by the invaders.

It was always destroyed by an insider....

Earth was a sinking ship.

It was insanity to repair the boat when one was trying to stay alive. Everyone had to find their own path to survival.

One could swim, or one could get on the invading boat that had sunk your boat...

Liah's consciousness faded away, and her body was surround by complete emptiness.


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