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Seoul Station’s Necromancer - Chapter 127


Chapter 127 - Dungeon Closer (2)


Woojin frowned.

He thought about the sloshing mass of body, who had dragged its body into his Domain.

’’He's trying to dig a tunnel here?’’

If he thought about the time it took to synchronize the Dungeon, it meant Dread had started linking his Dungeon to earth before he had visited Woojin's Domain. However, he couldn't help, but feel unhappy about it.

Woojin made a choice from several selections available to him.

<You are attempting the Clear Mode.>

<If you are successful in your Clear, you will be able to receive Achievement Points.>

’’I'm a Buff type Roused. I will put my blessing upon you.’’

When they entered the Dungeon, Blanka tried to faithfully fulfill his role. Woojin frowned. If he was a Strengthening Type, then Woojin wouldn't have minded. However, the Blessing type was incompatible with him.

It didn't give a synergistic effect. In fact, it had a negative effect on him.

’’I don't need you. Just watch from the side and do nothing.’’

’’I'm also a Rank A Roused. I can help the team...’’

Blanka felt ignored, so he started to protest. However, Woojin was already far away. Baek-jungdoh shook his head from side to side as he looked at Blanka's sullen face.

’’If he says wait, then just wait.’’

Blanka turned to look at the man, who spoke so casually towards him.

Blanka was an Elite Roused of the Vishnu guild. The guild was quite famous in India. This was why he was proficient in speaking Korean, Japanese and Chinese.

Instead of a direct battle type, he was a Support type. He was also very smart, so he was well acquainted with the Roused of Asia. He knew who had spoken to him right now.

It was KH guild's president Baek-jungdoh.

Blanka didn't know what relationship Baek-jungdoh had with Kahng-woojin, but he wasn't being helpful either.

’’We entered the Dungeon as a team. Shouldn't we help him?’’

Blanka responded to Baek-jungdoh with flawless Korean.

’’What team? He'll be up in less than 5 minutes.’’

Blanka tilted his head in confusion at Baek-jungdoh's words.

’’I'm an outsider, so I can understand why Kahng-woojin doesn't want to reveal his battle methods. So why is president Baek being treated the same way?’’

Kahng-woojin had become famous in such a short amount of time that there weren't many information known about him. However, his unsociable nature in his Dungeon Raids was one of the few things known about him. He soloed most runs, and even when he teamed up, he only worked with his guild members.

Since Baek-jungdoh wasn't showing any signs of joining the hunt, it seemed he was treated as an outsider too.

Baek-jungdoh smirked at Blanka's misunderstanding.

’’There is no need to go. We aren't going to be of much help, so so why should we go with them?’’

If Baek-jungdoh participated, would he be able to decrease the Dungeon Clear time by 10 seconds? It almost didn't matter if he expended his power or not.

Blanka was still confused. Baek-jungdoh sighed as he saw this.

When Woojin closed the five Dungeons in Japan and China, all the Roused, who tagged along with them, had reacted in the same way as Blanka. They all ran forward to crack Kahng-woojin's secret, but in the end, they all gained nothing.

No, they did earn one thing.

'He cleared out the monsters very fast and easily.'

Baek-jungdoh sat on the floor.

’’Just be sure to record everything later.’’

Blanka had entered into the Dungeon with the party, since he wanted to see Kahng-woojin's method of clearing the Dungeon. This was why he was filled with more questions.

Whether he participated in the battle or not, Blanka had a mission. So why did Baek-jungdoh enter with them?

’’Ah. Stop looking at me with pity. I'm just here to play. ’’


’’Don't you know what a picnic is?’’

Of course, he knew what picnic is. He just wondered why they had to have a picnic in a Dungeon yet to be cleared. This wasn't like following mother to the market. Why would he come to such a dangerous...


At that moment, a red portal formed near where Baek-jungdoh was sitting. The meaning behind this event was self-evident.

All the monsters within the subway station had been cleared.

Only four minutes had passed. Baek-jungdoh smirked as he looked at Blanka's unappealing expression.

’’How can everyone all have the same reaction like this?’’

The reaction was the same whether the person was Japanese, Chinese or Indian.

Baek-jungdoh stood up, and he dusted off his behind.

’’Let's go. Let's see what shows up this time.’’

After a brief moment, Kahng-woojin and Hong-sunggoo appeared. They all passed through the red portal.


The tinnitus sound that tickled the ears faded. The sight that appeared in front of them was the view of a beach with calm waters. The first one to react was Sunggoo.

’’Wow! Isn't this place awesome, hyung-nim?’’

The beach had white sands and clear waves. It was on par with any vacation destination on earth. The beach hadn't been touched by a crowded population, so there was an untainted beauty to it.

Sunggoo ran across the sands, and when a Crab monster burst forward, he let out a yell.

’’Hyung-nim! There are crabs here. How about having some steamed crabs?’’

Blanka was taken aback by Sunggoo's bright laughter.

It was a small monster that was 50 centimetre long, but it was still too large to call it a normal crab. Moreover, their frightening claws could easily crush human bones.

’’It's dangerous!’’

It wasn't a monster one could easily deal with.


The crab was squeezing out of the sands when Sunggoo ignited it with his flame.

’’Heh heh. It's well done.’’

The crab died instantly from the high heat. Its shell turned red as if it was well-cooked. Sunggoo took out his short sword. If he thought about all the monsters he had to dismantle before, it would give him a headache.

He was confident he could remove the meat from the crab.

’’These bastards travel in a group! Let us get out of here.’’

As if to validate Blanka's worries, the nearby sandy beach started to shift as monster crabs started to crawl out. There were so many of them that it was impossible to count them. There were over 100 of them.

If one got caught by their claws, one would be in danger of losing a limb. The number of crabs that showed up was on par with the Rakwis. The Vishnu guild had attempted this Dungeon once, and they never attempted it again. This was the reason why.

Monsters with enough offensive capability to cause fatal harm appeared in large quantity. It was impossible for a 10 member party to deal with all the monsters that attacked at once.

When he saw the crabs that had been hiding in the sandy beach, Sungoo was taken aback... No, he yelled out with a joyous expression.

’’Wow! This is a great harvest, hyung-nim!’’

’’Try cooking them well. Let's start hunting after we fill our stomach.’’

Woojin's mouth watered when he saw the crabs. They were on a tight schedule, but four hours passed inside a Dungeon when one hour passed in reality. They had some time to spare inside the Dungeon. Woojin immediately took out a table and chairs.

He sat in a chair, then he bought refreshing beers from the Achievement Store.

’’Kyahhh. I really like doing this.’’

Bake-jungdoh received a head-sized wooden mug with beer filled within it. His face was filled with anticipation. One could tell he wasn't new to this kind of experience by the expression on his face.

’’ can you... This is a 6 star Dungeon.’’

’’Ah. You speak Korean very well, foreign dude. Just sit here.’’


Blanka sat in her seat in a moment of bewilderment. Soon, he saw the flames wash across the beach.


’’The Fire Wall is quite useful.’’

’’Heh heh. Thank you, young-nim.’’

Sunggoo scratched the back of his head at Woojin's praise. Sunggoo picked out the well-cooked crabs, and he started cracking open the crabs. Sunggoo moved his hands in a skillful manner, while everyone else was drink their beer. Blanka couldn't get used to the sight.

’’This place is a Dungeon.’’

’’I know.’’

’’How can you guys not feel any sense of danger?’’

’’What reason do we have for being afraid?’’


The inside of a Dungeon was dangerous, so one shouldn't let go of the tension. Wasn't this common sense? Still, the current situation couldn't be called dangerous....

’’Heeyah. Doesn't this taste better than Steamed Snow Crabs?’’

Baek-jungdoh was a third generation heir, so he had always eaten the best. However, he had gotten a taste of the unknown alcohol Woojin brought out, and he had eaten the monster dishes in the Dungeons. He enjoyed it immensely.

Woojin's had vast knowledge about the monsters, and his cooking skills were pretty good. Moreover, he tasted alcohol that was on par with anything on earth.

’’Hey, my foreign friend. Don't frown so much. Enjoy yourself.’’

They wanted him to enjoy the Dungeon....

Was this really suppose to be an adventure to save one's family and nation? Wasn't this suppose to be a fight to the death?

’’We need another plan. The crabs have been taken care of, but the flame magic won't work inside the water.’’

It was as Blanka said.

Dread was building an underwater palace. They would have to deal with the special environment. The fact that the place was underwater was an effective barrier in keeping out the intruders. This was one of the reasons why the Indian Roused team was unable to clear this Dungeon.

’’Several hundred... No, several thousand jelly fishes will swarm us. It'll be difficult to fight through them to reach the Return Stone. Those bastards' Paralysis Poison is so strong that most Antidote doesn't work against it.’’

Blanka was the only one speaking in a serious manner. After hearing his words, Woojin stood up from his seat. He was pretty full from just eating a single crab leg. There had been a lot of crab meat.

’’You just sit back and enjoy the drink. Several hundred to a thousand... That should be the right amount.’’

When will he be able to do a group hunt of this size again?

’’How great would it be if all monsters just stayed calmly inside the water?’’

Water was a great barrier in protecting oneself from the land-bound organisms. However, it had a critical weakness.

Woojin used the hundred crab corpses as medium to summon the Skeleton Magicians. Then he unsummoned all the Skeleton Magicians that couldn't use Poison or Thunder magic.

In the end, 20 Skeleton Mages gathered around Woojin.

’’Shall we start fishing?’’

Woojin put his feet into the water. After taking several steps, the water reached Woojin's waist.

When an intruder appeared, the several dozen types of monsters inside the water converged towards Woojin. At the appropriate moment, Woojin used his Poison Nova.


The poison mixed with the water, and it polluted the environs of the sea. Woojin poured out more of his magic, and the poison became more concentrated as it kept spreading farther into the distance.


Poisoned swarms of jellyfishes floated to the surface. Woojin came back onto the beach. It didn't matter if the monsters had bones or not. Each corpse was used as medium for his summoning.

Woojin used the floating corpses of various fishes, crabs and jelly fishes to summon more Skeleton Magicians.


He gathered the Skeleton Magicians, who could use Thunder or Poison Magic. There were 500 of them.

’’F*k them up.’’


The Skeleton Mages shot their Thunder and Poison magic towards the sea. Woojin returned to the table and he sat. Baek-jungdoh had a broad grin on his face.

’’Lil bro Kahng can hunt with such ease. Huh huh.’’

’’Well, this is only true when I'm hunting the weak ones.’’

Whether it was attacking or defending against large number of monsters, was there anyone, who could match up with Woojin? If several thousand to hundred thousand monster appeared in a Dungeon, it would actually be an advantage for Woojin.

His Skeleton Army could take care of all of them.

On the other hand, if a handful of strong monsters appeared in the Dungeon, the Skeleton Army would be useless against them. However, Woojin still had his powerful Death Knights and his personal prowess wasn't bad either.

’’Now we just have to wait for the octopus bastard to come out. Let's have a drink in the meantime.’’

’’Ha ha ha. That sounds good. What do you mean by octopus?’’

’’You'll see later.’’

The Skeleton Magicians indiscriminately fired into the sea. When some fishes floated up to the surface, they were disappointed that they wouldn't be able to eat any sashimi. However, the fishes had been poisoned, so they couldn't eat it.

They ate the succulent crab meats, and they waited for the Dungeon Owner to appear.

Did 30 minute elapse?

Several thousand monster corpses washed up onto the beautiful beach. When the sight of the beach turned bizarre, the Boss Monster appeared.

The octopus parted the waters as it appeared, and the Skeleton Magicians focused their magic on it. However, a barrier was easily formed, and the magic couldn't cause any damage to the Boss Monster.

The eight tentacles walked on top of the water, and when it landed on the beach, Dread spoke out in anger.

[Koo-rooh-roohk. What the hell are you doing? Shall I consider this as a declaration of war?]

[You are the one, who brought the fight to me. Who told you to link to Earth?]

[Koo-roohk. That is laughable. You are conceited in thinking that the entirety of the Earth Dimension is yours. ]

No Dimensional Lord actually claimed an entire planet as one's Domain. However, this human in front of him named Kahng-woojin had the audacity to do so.

[Koohk. You are fearless in requesting a Clear of my Domain. You will pay for your own stupidity.]

Dread would have understood it if this was a Dimensional Battle where Woojin could borrow the power of his Domain. However, Kahng-woojin had arrogantly entered his Dungeon to clear it with a small party. By his own volition, he was challenging Dread after turning his status from 'Lord' to 'Adventurer'.

Dread could use all the power given to him by his Domain, but his opponent could only use his own personal skills.

While the bastard was in Death's Limbo, he'll steal the bastard's unprotected Dimensional Domain.

[Koo-roo-roo. I'll show you the power of Dread!]

The octupus' head turned red as it showed it off in a boastful manner. Then it started to gather in magic from its surrounding. Woojin smirked when he saw this.

[You last words are really corny.]


His eight tentacles were standing on top of a field of corpses. What did that mean?

Will it be able to handle the power being emitted by the several thousand corpses?

Woojin had filled himself with magic as he waited for Dread to show up, and he released all of his magic at once.

’’Corpse Explosion.’’

All the magic drained out of Woojin's body.


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