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Seoul Station’s Necromancer - Chapter 123


Chapter 123 - Lich Jaenis

Necia's Pillar was still being synchronized, so Adventurers could still attempt to clear it. Unless they were moths drawn to a flame, they wouldn't rashly attack him.

Even if the Adventurers did show up, he had to worry only about one entrance. He didn't have to divide his Domain's forces. He was confident in his 53 Death Knights.

Even if they received a group consisting of Adventurers of Relick's level, he would be able to defend against them. Since no one will enter his Dungeon on earth, he didn't have to worry about his Dimensional Domain.

’’So where should I go hunt....’’

He had a lot of options, but what would be the most efficient method?

If he gave up on his Protection period, he could request Domain Battles to the other lords. Then he could ask for a re-match through Duel, and he could acquire the EXP by catching the Dimensional lords.

Or he could use the 12 day Protection period. It was 3 days in Earth's time, and he could hunt by clearing the subway stations.

’’I'm sure there are several links formed by now.’’

The more difficult Dungeons will start to link to Earth. There were probably several uncleared Dungeons that couldn't be resolved by the Roused of the world.

If it only contained the Dungeon owner, one would just have to dispose all the monsters. However, if it was a Dungeon with a Dimensional lord, the link will finalize and the Gate would open...

It wouldn't be a one time Dungeon Break. The Dungeon will act as a spawning station, and it will continuously spit out monsters. Moreover, monsters weren't the only ones that will exit the Dungeon.

If being from another race like the Elves came out, and if they hunted the people of earth.... No, what if humans exited? How will humans of earth react to hunting down fellow humans?

’’I'll have to organize everything at least once. Protect the Domain well, Bibi. If something happens, contact me.’’

’’I'll do that. How about an additional 1,000 points....’’

Woojin smirked as he increased the maximum amount of points he could assign to the Butler.

’’You do whatever with the 1,000 points. I'm leaving the rest to you just in case you need it. Use it if you are in danger.’’

’’Heh heh. I understand.’’

With this much preparation, she should be able to sufficiently defend against all the Adventurers attacking the Necia's Pillar. If the worst case scenario of not being able to protect the synchronized Return Stone happened, he would just lose a Dungeon, and some Energy.

It wasn't that big of a loss for him.

He'll just lose a link to making the Planet Jaku a bigger hunting ground for him. Woojin opened a portal to the Seoul Station's 1st Exit, and he passed through it.


Alandal Guild's Vice President room.


Minchan got off the phone, and he let out a long sigh. Haemin looked on with a worried expression on his face, and he asked for the long awaited news.

’’What happened?’’

’’Not yet. They said to wait.’’

’’...isn't this a big deal? We have to resolve this before the president gets here.’’

’’Hoo-ooh. I don't know what they are thinking.’’

Minchan and Haemin's face darkened. They couldn't come up with any ideas.

’’Ha. Shit. How can the government change their word after one day?’’

’’Let's stop talking about it.’’


They were well aware of the reason why this had happened.

It happened several hours after Woojin went into the Dungeon.

A Death Knight suddenly appeared from inside the dark, and he left a present inside the Alandal's office.

It was the head of 7 people.

Eight employees had fainted, and fifteen employees threw up on the spot. Minchan, who had been expecting the other shoe to drop, also felt a considerable amount of shock.

[Mission Complete.]

The Death Knight dropped the single phrase, and he disappeared as he turned into black smoke.

Everyone fell into a state of panic.

Alandal's office wasn't the only place in turmoil.

There was unrest across the entire country of South Korea.

The news about the congressmen that had been responsible for the terrorist attack, and the news about Kahng-woojin was ongoing. This was when 7 headless corpses were found.

The cream of the crop of the financial circles were assassinated. This impacted everyone a bit differently from the congressmen, who had been killed after causing a huge disturbance at congress.

The main suspect behind the assassination was surmised to be Kahng-woojin. The police raided the guild headquarters, and they had taken the heads.

Soon, the news announced that these financial magnates were involved in the terrorist attack was reported, but the public opinion had soured.

Kahng-woojin had occupied congress and he had selectively killed the congressmen. At the time, everyone thought it was an urgent situation where this deed had to be done to stop the terrorists. They were willing to overlook his actions.

However, the latest assassinations were viewed differently. Private citizens might be killed at the whim of Kahng-woojin.

Kahng-woojin wielded absolute power, and the fear felt towards him caused ill feelings against him. There were clear laws in this land, yet he had easily taken the lives of people. It felt as if he was acting like a god.

The public sentiment was smouldering, and it wasn't an atmosphere where the government could bring up the topic of amending the Constitution. This act would have to be voted by the citizens.

South Korea didn't recognize North Korea as a country, so how could they recognize Alandal as an independent country? It would only be possible, if they made significant changes to the law. Votes from the citizens were needed to make the changes possible.

The status of their independence was unclear right now.

’’What should we do? Should we continue to make preparations?’’

’’...we'll continue.’’

Before they could even get past the preparation station, everything was coming apart, but they couldn't stop now.

’’We won't be able to do anything without the government's cooperation.’’

’’Uh-whew. We still have to do it.’’

’’Recently, I'm afraid to go outside, since I might be hit by a rock.’’

Haemin sympathized with those words a hundred times over.

The opinions amongst the journalists wasn't that great right now. The problem was the fact that journalist could sneakily sway the public opinions. Moreover, the companies related to the assassinated business magnates were also putting pressure on the government.

Since they didn't know when they might be taken out, the implicit fear they felt made everyone unite.

Kahng-woojin displayed power and ability that was beyond the realm of humans, and he made the fearful citizens uneasy.

If the situation worsened even by a little bit, Alandal itself might be ousted from South Korea.

’’Ughh. Still, the rough framework is done thanks to Mr. Lee-kahngjin. Since we don't have the cooperation from the government...’’

The current Alandal territory was composed of the Seoul Station and the lands nearby. It was land purchased under the Alandal guild's name.

The citizens consisted of the guild personnel.

When one joined the guild, one was given citizenship to the country of Alandal. The two nations shared both currency and communications.

From one to ten, they need the cooperation of the Korean government.

Every detail of the agreement was put in the treaty, but it was a mystery as to whether the treaty would be finalized.

It made them wonder if this treaty was possible in the first place. The Constitution of South Korea considered the North Korean government to be an organization, who illegally seized a part of the country.

’’Let's prepare thoroughly first.’’

’’Yes, vice president.’’

Minchan and Haemin exchanged complicated gazes. How could this blow up so big? They had just wanted jobs after leaving the Hammer guild....

They had started out as a small guild with 5 members. In just a couple month....

’’At least, we were able to bring our family.’’

’’That's true.’’

The family of Woojin, Sunggoo, and Haesol was moved to Alandal. Any employee, who wanted to move their family, were allowed to do so. Including the employees, there were almost 500 people in total.

’’Will he be out before the Guild General Assembly?’’

’’I think so.’’

The Korea's Guild General Assembly was being hosted by Hammer guild.

It was being sponsored by the Hammer guild, but Woojin was the one, who wanted this General Assembly.

’’What would we be doing, if we stayed behind at the Hammer guild?’’

Jung-minchan frowned as he thought about Haemin's question. Then he smirked.

’’What do you think we would be doing? We'll probably be cursing Kahng-woojin, and we would be getting ready for the General Assembly. I would be the team leader, and you would still be my deputy.’’

’’Koo-kook. Now that I think about it aren't we incredible? Aren't we on a level where we could lead, the world by its nose?’’

’’Yes. We have done well for ourselves. We have been so successful that it is starting to scare me.’’

This couldn't be called a fast track. This was like a lightning promotion.

At that moment, Minchan's handphone rang. He answered the phone when he saw Woo-soonghoon's number.

’’Uh, director Woo.’’

[The president just came out right now. We are heading towards the office. He wants a list of the uncleared Dungeons.]

’’All right. You bring him here with care.’’

[Don't worry about it.]

The number of reporters waiting nearby was enormous. There were even several religious organizations that had come to protest. He knew Woojin's personality, and if Woojin had a head on collision with the protesters, it might irrevocably damage the public opinion. The public opinion would worsen to that extent.

’’President is coming here. Hurry up, and ready the report.’’


The basic framework was set, so they hurriedly got ready.

After a brief amount of time, Minchan and Haemin went to greet Woojin at the parking lot.

’’You didn't have to come out. Did anything significant happen?’’

Of course, something significant had happened.

’’The public opinion isn't great right now. Moreover, the government is also expressing their disapproval. ’’


’’They were not comfortable with the assassinations.’’

’’I killed the bastards that deserved death. What's wrong with that?’’

It was a matter of degrees... He had gone past the line.

One needed to follow the procedure of the law. One needed a trial, and the punishment had to be decided. Of course, capital punishment would never be given, but Woojin's action was basically murder. It's nothing more and nothing less.

Woojin frowned as he spoke.

’’Well, let's not make a treaty.’’


Wasn't all of this done in preparation for raising a nation? He had never seen Woojin go back on his words, so Minchan asked in confusion.

’’Then are you cancelling the Declaration of independence?’’

’’We'll just forego the treaty with Korea.’’


’’They'll feel the loss, not me.’’

So what did he want to do?

What did he want to do after setting up an independent country in the middle of Seoul?

’’I don't need approval from those arrogant pricks.’’

’’...if you don't sign the treaty with South Korea, there is no deal.’’

The countless Dungeons within Korea will be off limits. The modern amenities like electricity and water would be cut off.

They would basically be refugees stuck in a small parcel of land within Seoul.

’’Maybe I should just take over Korea.’’

’’Ah, you can't do that.’’

Minchan was taken aback, and he pushed back on Woojin's matter of fact words.

Did extreme situations awaken the sleeping potential of a person? Minchan desperately worked to come up with a solution to this situation.

’’How about using the US government?’’

’’US? I told you I'm not moving.’’

He had to protect the Seoul Station's 1st Exit. It was the Dungeon that was connected to his Dimensional Domain.

’’We can ask the US government to put pressure on the Korean government.’’

Woojin tilted his head in puzzlement.

’’Will that really work?’’

’’It will work....’’

Michan had a bitter expression on his face. It sounded ridiculous, but that was the reality.

Woojin could use the power of influence held by the US. There was a person in Korea that could act as an intermediary.

’’Where's Melody?’’

’’She is with your sister.’’

’’Guide me there. Also, immediately print out a list of the Dungeons that hasn't been cleared yet.’’


Woojin was guided by Soonghoon, who was the chief of secretary. He led Woojin to the rooms being used as residents. The entire 1st floor was decorated like the inside of a house.

Several families of the Alandal guild members lived here. Woojin's family was one of them. They entered a door labeled Room 101, and they entered a living space that looked like a clean hotel room.

Woojin's mother was sitting on the sofa with a restless expression on her face. When she saw Woojin, she stood up abruptly.


’’Huh? What's going on?’’

Lee-soogyuhng started to cry when she saw her son.

’’Sooah is....’’

’’What's wrong with Sooah?’’

Woojin was surprised.

’’Sooah had another seizure. Hoo-oohk.’’

He tightly hugged his crying mother.

’’Where's Sooah?’’

’’She's in the other room. The Holy Maiden is looking over her.’’

’’It'll be fine. She'll be okay.’’

Woojin comforted his mother for awhile as he waited for Melody to come out. After a brief amount of time, the door opened, and Melody stepped out. She flinched when she saw Woojin. She bowed, and gave her greetings.

’’You sister's symptom has stabilized by a little bit.’’

’’Thank you. Aigo. Thank you.’’

Lee-soogyung grabbed the Holy Maiden's hands, and she kept thanking her. Woojin looked at Melody as he spoke.

’’I have to talk to you for a moment, Melody.’’

’’Yes, Immortal.’’

’’Come to the president's room.’’

He felt uncomfortable talking in front of his mother, so Woojin decided to leave first. After exiting the room, the light within his eyes was filled with mixed emotions.


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