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Seoul Station’s Necromancer - Chapter 122


Chapter 122 - Visitors from Planet Jaku (2)

After Relick's party visited his Dungeon, Woojin didn't expect to have much visitors. The number of times he could use the Return Portal was three, so he decided to focus on clearing the high rank Dungeons.

After 'Necia's Pillar'was Reset, Woojin's Domain of Alandal was linked to the Planet Jaku. He had worried about the residents of the Planet Jaku swarming his Dungeon to clear it, but instead an unexpected guest came looking for him.

’’This is....’’

Woojin shook his head from side to side.

’’So there's this method.’’

Residents of the Planet Jaku wasn't the only one to seek out Woojin's Dungeon. It was accurate to say that the Planet Jaku had already been taken over by the influence of Trahnet.

There were probably several dozen to several hundred Dimensional lords, who possessed Dungeons on Planet Jaku. Necia's Pillar was registered under Alandal, and a nearby Dimensional lord sought out Woojin's Domain.

<Lord 'Dread'-nim has come for a visit.>

’’He's here again.’’

In a match between lords, there were a lot of options one could choose for battle.

When his most recent visitor entered Woojin's Dungeon, he finally comprehended the message that had popped up when he entered Juliel's Wilderness.

At the time, he had no idea what it was about.......

<You have entered Juliel's Wilderness.>

<You are in an Unassigned State. It is impossible to choose the 'Battle'and 'Intelligence'Mode.>

<You have to choose one of the these modes. 'Visit', 'Infiltration' and 'Clear'.>

At the time, Woojin hadn't acquired the Rank of 'Lord', so he wasn't able to pick Duel or Dimensional Battle. These were the possible choices that was given to the lords.

If it was a visitor like those from the Ratick tribe, it was only possible to clear the Dungeon. If one was a lord, there were two additional choices. Woojin had decided to Clear Juliel's Wilderness. This uninvited guest had chosen Visit.

If one had no intention of fighting, it was possible to enter in peace. However, if the lord denied a Visit, then the Visit option itself was impossible to carry out. The visiting lord would have to choose Infiltration instead.

However, Woojin's Domain had too few residents. Even if one was able to infiltrate his Domain, he would be found out immediately.

’’Master! The disgusting octopus has returned again!’’

’’I know.’’

The enormous octopus named Dread had appeared in front of the Domain's gateway. Bibi made a great fuss about it.

’’Bring him here.’’

After a brief moment, the Orc Soldiers brought Dread to him. Dread's body was as large as an ox, and it had a single head. Long tentacles supported his body, and the tentacles was squirming constantly. Bibi turned her gaze away at the sight.

’’Why did you come here again?’’

’’Koo-roo-roo. Why would a neighbor come for a visit? Isn't it with the intention of building a friendly relationship?’’

’’If you come back again after this, I'll demolish your Dungeon once the gate opens.’’

Dread's body churned at Woojin's declaration for war.

’’Koo-roo-roohk. Don't be so angry. I almost forgot about the present I brought you. I came to give you this.’’

This was Dread's third visit. Every time he came here he had brought a present to enter into a friendly relationship. Of course, Dread brought it as pretext, so he would not being turned away from his visit.

The presents he brought was quite useful, so Woojin didn't have any reasons to stop him. The fact that he could interact with the other Dimensional lords without fighting was fascinating.

One of Dread's coiled tentacle unfurled, and he brought out something that looked like a club. It was a long wooden doll that looked like a Statue of the Easter Island.

’’What is it?’’

’’Koo-rook, koo-roo-rooh. It's a Totem. It hastens the growth of the Domain's Energy.’’

’’Thank you.’’

Woojin willingly took the Totem, and he initiated the Identification magic.

<Pochka's Prayer>

When displayed at the lord's castle, the Domain's total production of Blood Plants will increase in rate.

Blood Plant regeneration + 1%

The effect left much to be desired, but he was satisfied knowing that this kind of items existed.


Dread looked at Woojin strangely, since he didn't know how to say no. This was the third time. Dread kept expressing his good intentions, yet this shameless human lord kept taking his presents with a straight face.

’’What? Since you gave it to me, you should go now.’’


At Woojin's reply, Dread stood awkwardly for couple seconds, and he couldn't hold himself back from speaking.

’’Koo-roohk. Shouldn't you be reciprocating by now?’’


Woojin stroked his chin. Well, he knew this being had ulterior motives for giving these gifts, but he decided he could at least hear him out.

’’Well, I guess we can have some dinner?’’

Dread danced in delight. When his big body sloshed around, Bibi was appalled, so she hid behind Woojin.

’’Good. That'll be great.’’

’’Mmmm. Wait a moment.’’

Woojin bought several things from the Dimensional Store. A large table appeared inside the lord's castle.

’’What do you want to eat??’’

’’Koo-roo-rooh. You invited me, so it is up to you.’’

Woojin had never invited him, but as the master of the Domain, Woojin chose the menu. Should he go with Korean food?

It had everything from various Dimensions... As expected of the Dimensional Store, he was able to purchase every Korean dish he wanted. He felt like eating something spicy... Woojin was looking at the familiar Korean menu, when he unconsciously spoke his thoughts out loud.

’’Nakji Bokkeum(Stir-fried Octupus)?’’

’’What is that? Koo-roo-roo.’’

At Woojin's query, Dread asked with great expectation on his face.

Would Dread consider octupus as being part of his own race? Woojin hardened his expression as he shook his head. He would be offended if he was in Dread's place.

’’Ah. Nothing. Ignore what I said.’’

Amongst the menu, Woojin purchased dishes that were labeled as party foods..


Woojin shrugged his shoulder as he saw the several dozen dishes appear on the table. This unrealistic convenience was something that would only exist in a fairytale.

There were foods he had eaten before on earth. There were also fruits from Alphen, and random dishes created from food from unknown Dimensions.

There were tangerines within Woojin's reach. He peeled one, and he ate it.

’’Koo-rooh-rooh. You are very hospitable towards your guest.’’

Dread's body sloshed as he busily moved his tentacles, which was used like hands, and the food was brought towards his mouth.

Woojin just looked at Dread as he swallowed his tangerine. Dread kept glancing at Woojin as he ate the food. He finally had to say something.

’’My suckers are facing upwards in embarrassment. Koo-roo-roohk’’

’’Stop stalling. Just tell me what you want.’’


Dread picked up the napkin, and he wiped his mouth. It was funny seeing a tentacle make those gestures with his big body. As if Bibi was frightened by him, she quickly turned her head away.

’’Koo-roohk. Do you know about the powers on Planet Jaku?’’

’’I know.’’

’’Mmmm? Koo-roo-roo.’’

’’There is the indigenous Ratick tribe. Then there is the Black Hat alliance, Red Hammer alliance and the Yellow Lizard Alliance.’’

’’How did you find out about that? Koo-roo-roohk.’’

Dread was genuinely surprised. This was a new lord, who hadn't even connected his gate to the Planet Jaku.

Woojin smirked.

’’I have a pretty useful informant.’’

’’Koo-roo-roohk. Dear, dear. It seems someone was faster than me in getting here.’’

Dread tilted his big head down. There was a small tattoo of a Yellow Lizard on his head.

’’I don't know who else visited you, but I'm with the Yellow Lizard alliance. I follow the great lord Rajakoi.’’


’’How about you join us? Koo-roo-roohk.’’


’’How will you be able to protect your Domain by yourself? Koo-roo-roohk. We have to pool our powers together.’’

’’I can defend by myself, so why should I join powers with you guys?’’


’’Also, isn't there four powers in play?’’

’’Koo-koo-roohk. The Ratick tribe are preys.’’

Did all Dimensional lords think about the indigenous people that way? From what he observed from Trahnet's lords on Alphen, the surviving alliances on Alphen were probably considered to be mere preys.

The Dimensional lords on Planet Jaku seemed to be divided into three alliances, and they were in a heated power struggle. The indigenous people were hunted whenever they wanted, and they were treated like wild game.

They probably weren't exterminating everyone just to maintain the population of their preys.

’’I don't like it.’’

Woojin identified more as a human from earth instead of being a Dimensional lord. There was a fundamental repulsion at Dread's words.

’’Koo-roohk. Our alliance is the strongest. I came to give you this offer, since your Dungeon is next to mine.’’

Woojin shook his head from side to side.

’’How many Dungeons are there on the Planet Jaku?’’

’’There are 172 of them.’’


Woojin was surprised.

’’Why are there so few of them?’’

’’Huh? What do you mean by that? Most normal planets only has around that many Dungeons.’’


Woojin frowned as he pressed firmly on his temple. How many Dungeons were on earth? Each subway station had two entrances.

How many subway stations did earth have...

The problem was that the number of Dungeons on Earth was abnormally high. He thought about these numerous Dungeons, which were all crawling with Dimensional lords, and it made him feel appalled.

Now that he thought about it Alphen didn't have that many Dungeons either.

’’Koo-roo-roohk. How about it? Would you like to join the Yellow Lizard? If you see Rajakoi-nim, you'll definitely want to join us.’’

’’No. There is no way I'll join you guys.’’

Dread's body shook at Woojin's flat refusal.

’’Koo-rooh-rooh. It seems you already have some thoughts about joining a different faction.’’

’’Don't worry. I don't plan on joining any side.’’

Dread's body rippled.

’’Koo-rooh-roohk. Koo-koo-koo. Your words are amusing. Do you really think you'll be able to protect your Domain on your own?’’

’’Why not?’’

He'll just smash everyone, who invades. Woojin had placed plenty of forces in the Dungeon using his Domain Energy, and he also had powerful Familiars under him.

’’Kooh-roo-rooh. You think like a noob lord. If you have two gates, you can defend only one of them. What if you have three? Four?’’


Woojin's brow furrowed at Dread's words. His Dungeon on earth was basically not being used. No one on earth had the balls to go into his Dungeon to clear it.

However, what if he gained another Dungeon on a different Dimension like Necia's Pillar?

'It seems I can prevent only one.'

He understood it now. Woojin asked Dread a question.

’’What do you do when visitors simultaneously enter two Dungeons?’’

’’Koo-roo-roohk. Jeez. You really are a newbie lord. You know nothing.’’

Dread's body sloshed as his two large black eyes glared at Woojin.

’’Koo-roohk. You should consider this as my last favor. I'll answer your question. There are as many Domain formed as the number of Dungeons. Each of the Dungeons needs a strong Dungeon Manager. The duty has to be delegated to them. If they die, you will lose the Dungeon.’’

The rank below the Dimensional lord was the Dungeon Owner.

They were considered to be the lord's vassals, and they resisted against the intruders, who flowed into the Dimensional Domain.

The boss monsters Woojin had faced up until now were all Dungeon Managers. They were the Dungeon Owners.

’’Koo-roo-rooh. Since you are a new lord without any knowledge, I can see why you have such ideas. Koo-roo-roohk. Your thoughts will change once you die couple times.’’

If he dies in Duels and lose in Dimensional Battles, his Energy would be continuously lost. In the end, he'll become anxious.

When that time arrives, he would feel the need for an alliance.

’’Koo-roo-roohk. Think hard on it.’’

Dread thought Woojin's confident attitude wouldn't last long. In the end, he'll come to Dread's Domain to ask for an introduction to the great lord Rajakoi.

Dread busily moved his tentacle to return to his own Domain.

’’Hoong. What a creepy octopus.’’

Bibi couldn't speak a word when Dread was present. However, she yelled out in anger when he exited.

Woojin's heart was leery and complicated as the dirty slime left behind on the floor.

'The Dimensional lords.'

The Dimensional lords were carrying out an endless war.

What was Trahnet's aim? Why did he put this board down?

No matter how much he thought about it he couldn't come up with an answer.

’’I hope he doesn't come for awhile.’’

Bibi expressed her disgust. It seemed she found Dread's presence to be very offensive. Since he had delivered his message to Woojin, Dread would probably never visit Woojin's Domain again.

’’Turn down all the Visit requests from the lords.’’

’’What if they Infiltrate?’’

Would the Dimensional lords infiltrate his Domain in disguise?

’’Kill them.’’


Once Woojin's Dimensional Domain synchronizes with the Planet Jaku through Necia's Pillar, the Dungeon would act as a gate. He had 30 days left.

Woojin got ready to face the numerous lords on the Planet Jaku.

’’I'll have to level up a bit.’’

Planet Alphen's Archmage Lich Janice.

He was the strongest magical power Woojin possessed. He was also Woojin's first teacher. The time of their meeting was getting close.


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