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Seoul Station’s Necromancer - Chapter 121


Chapter 121 - Visitors from Planet Jaku

<You've earned the Dungeon 'Necia's Pillar'as Duel Reward.>

<You've earned 30,000 points as Duel Reward.>

<You are initiating the Revenger's Punishment.>

<You've recovered the 10 thousand Points you lost.>

<You've recovered the looted items.>

Woojin smiled at the consecutive announcements that popped up.

Duel and Dimensional Battle both had a minimum bet of 10,000 points. The difference is whether one wanted to fight with the Domain's power or one wanted to fight for himself.

He had earned an additional 20,000 points he had bet, and when the Revenge succeeded, he recovered the 10,000 points he had lost initially.

<You are initiating the Victor's Claim.>

<Please choose between Loot the Storage Room or Loot the Domain.>

There were different types of Looting. One could choose either the Domain's Asset or the Domain lord's personal wealth. Woojin decided to loot the Domain.

<You've taken 5% of Comode's Swamp.>

<You've captured 17 Domain Residents as prisoners.>

<You've seized 700 points of Bloodstones.>

<You've seized two Huts, and a Wolf Training Facility.>

The looted items were stored into the Inventory, and the looted items could be accessed using the Looted Item Management window. Soon, the end to the Duel was announced. Woojin felt his body become weightless, and his vision became fuzzy.


When Woojin's vision came into focus once again, he was back on his Domain's Throne.

’’Ooh-ahng, master. You suddenly disappeared and reappeared.’’

It wasn't like the Dimensional Battle, where only one's consciousness was summoned. Woojin's body itself had been summoned.

’’Yes. Wait a moment.’’

The Looted Item Management window wouldn't disappear from Woojin's vision, so he started taking out each of the looted items.

<Alandal's territory expanded by 4%.>

He looked at a full map of Alandal, and a swamp had formed in the western part of the land. His land had gotten bigger. When he picked a building, it was as if he was building a store. He could choose where to build the building by choosing a location on the map.

He put the Wolf Training Facility near the military facilities, and the slightly peculiar hut was added to where all the houses of the Domain Residents were located at.

When he took out the Bloodstones, it was added to the Dungeon's Energy Points. Then the prisoners were summoned in front of him.


Woojin thought about what he should do with the 17 Trolls that had appeared in front of him.

They looked at their surrounding with fearful and uneasy eyes. However, they didn't look surprised. It was common for Domain Resident to be looted.

One of the prisoners respectfully got on his knees then he spoke.

’’Oh lord. We will return to our homeland after we pay for our body's worth.’’

Not all Domain Residents were loyal to the lord.

Whether they were worked as prisoners or taken in as Domain Residents, they would someday cause trouble down the line. Some also left as a group as the refugees formed a mercenary group.

At times, the Domain residents and the travelers aimed for the Domain lord's life. This was why the Domain needed an army. It was to prevent attacks from visitors, intruders, and rebelling Domain residents.

He only had 100 Domain residents, so he couldn't keep 17 prisoners. He also didnt'feel like taking them in as Domain Residents.

Woojin didn't think about it any further. He willingly accepted the offer.

’’All right. Give me everything you got.’’

They handed over 300-400 Bloodstones, and they left his Domain.

’’How was he, master?’’


’’The lord that challenged you to the Dimensional Battle.’’



She had completely lost to a pathetic bastard. Bibi's shoulders slumped, and she had a sad expression on her face.

’’You did a good job, Bibi.’’

’’I lost....’’

’’It's all right. You did well. I'll allow you to use around 2,000 points.’’

’’Really? Master is the best!’’

Woojin grinned as he allocated 2,000 points under the authority of the Butler. Bibi hopped around in joy. Bibi put on a shrewd expression, and she balled up her fists.

’’I'll win next time! Shall we try another one tomorrow?’’

’’No. We'll leave it be when we have the time to spare.’’

There was a 12 day Protection Period. That was 3 days in real time. If he requested a Dimensional Battle, his Protection Period would disappear. It was possible to wage an unending war, but he didn't feel like doing that.

The Domain Ranking depended on how much Energy one possessed, so he decided it wouldn't be too hard to raise his Ranking. The more urgent business was to raise Woojin's level.

When he confronts the 72 Thrones, he wanted to have at least his previous level of power.

Earth wasn't completely synchronized yet, so their powers were limited. However, if he met them on the Dimensional Battlefield, they would be able to use 100% of their power.

Woojin needed to regain his power for that eventuality. From Lich Janice to Bone Dragon Yong Yong, he needed all of them. On top of all of that, he had to level up his Death Knights, and he had to create more Skeletons.

’’Let's see...’’

Woojin looked at his newly acquired Dungeon.

Necia's Pillar of the Planet Jaku.

On Earth, Woojin was able to use his power of influence to deter anyone from entering his Dungeon, but he couldn't do that on the Planet Jaku.

There would be an endless number of Roused entering his Dungeon to 'Clear'it. He needed to make some preparations.

Woojin quickly put more Energy into the Dungeon, then he changed the Reset monsters to Skeleton Soldiers and Skeleton Magicians. He dispatched enough Skeletons to defeat the rabbles. He had to keep the monster respawn cost down in his Dungeon.

’’Let's see what kind of bastards will come in.’’

He had always cleared a Dungeon as an Adventurer and a challenger. This would be the first time receiving challengers as an owner of a Dungeon. After a brief amount of time had passed, the Roused of the Planet Jaku stepped into the Dungeon called Necia's Pillar.

<'Necia's Pillar' is being attacked.>

<Planet Jaku and the Dimensional Domain is starting to synchronize. You have 30 days left.>

There was a purple colored Dimensional Proof placed on top of an altar behind the Throne. A green Return Stone formed besides it.


They had a long body, and wide ears. They possessed blue skin, and they were a bipedal race.

Moreover, they wore animal leather that barely covered their nether regions. Seven of the Ratick race entered the Dungeon through the Necia's Pillar.

’’It's a corpse puppet. Just crush its skull.’’

Group leader Relick was an exceptional warrior from the Ratick race.

He had joined the battlefields once he was able to walk on his own two feet. He was a very experienced warrior. He knew exactly how to take down the Skeletons.

His underlings were all experienced warriors of the Ratick race.

Necia's Pillar was shaped like a round cave, so it took only 30 minutes to clear out the Dungeon.


Relick mumbled as he saw the newly formed red portal.

’’It's a Celestial Dungeon. Let's thoroughly prepare ourselves before we head in.’’

The seven from the Ratick race was fully ready when they passed through the red portal. After a brief bout of dizziness, they appeared in a wasteland. There were no monsters in the surrounding.

’’Be on guard against your surrounding.’’

It was hard to predict what would pop out in a Celestial Dungeon. Moreover, this Dungeon had Reset, so they were short on info. If they were able to clear it, this place would become a precious resource needed for the tribe's survival.

The already devastated Planet Jaku had no other energy source that was as valuable as the Bloodstones.

’’It's an Armored Rhinoceros.’’

Relick saw a herd of large Rhinoceroses in the distance. He signaled the warriors of the Ratick tribe. This particular beast also appeared on Planet Jaku.

The warriors of the Relick tribe was heading towards the Armored Rhinoceroses, when they stopped.


Accompanying the bone-chilling sound, Wyverns appeared from the sky. They were the terror of the sky.

’’It's a dragon!’’

They quickly searched for shelter. This was a wasteland, but there still some trees and boulders present. They hid behind these obstacles.


When Relick let out a shout, Sorceress Raksha was already done with her preparation. She plucked her fingers in the air as if she was playing an instrument. A spear of lightning appeared, and it struck one of the Wyverns.



The lighting exploded after striking the Wyvern. The Wyvern's eyes flipped over, and it fell out of the sky. However, there were still 8 of them left. The flock of Wyvern would surely attack her, while she readied her next spell.

’’Uh? It's a rider. Get ready to counter him!’’

There was a saddle strapped onto a Wyvern, and a person was on top of it. Wild dragons were dangerous, but it was much more dangerous when a rider controlled them.

If the rider was a magician, there was nothing more frustrating than being hit by magic from above.

However, the person riding the Wyvern fell from the sky.


A clouds of dust went up as the ground reverberated. The person, who fell from the sky, was the owner of the Domain, Kahng-woojin.

’’So you guys are from Planet Jaku.’’

Kahng-woojin had searched his Store, and he had purchased Planet Jaku's Language Pills. He had eaten 7 consecutive pills, and the language of the adventurers from the Ratick tribe was included.

’’Welcome to Alandal.’’

After eating the strange pills in mid-air, the being started speaking flawlessly in the language of the Ratick tribe. Relick stepped out from behind boulder.

’’What's your identity? Human.’’

It wasn't as if he didn't have his suspicions. The Celestial Dungeons were owned by humans, trolls, ogres, etc. The race and species varied wildly.

’’I'm the boss here.’’

Woojin unfurled both his arms, and he pointed towards the ground.

Relick took advantage of this opportunity as his opponent made a leisurely gesture with his hands. If he could kill the boss, the Dungeon would be cleared. By nature, when the connection between the Dungeon and its owner was severed, the Dungeon turned into a Bloodstone mine.

’’I have a lot of things I want to know about the Planet Jaku.’’

At Woojin's word, Relick gripped his sword. It was akin to a kukri. The blade was curved like a crescent moon.

’’I guess you aren't willing to talk to me without making any fuss.’’

Woojin smirked.

’’When did I say I would talk to you?’’



Black smoke coalesced around woojin, and the Death Knights were summoned all at the same time.

’’He's a Summoner!’’

These summoned beings were letting out a thick evil energy.

Each of these Undead monsters were giving off an aura of a Great Warrior. The appearance of the Death Knights shook the warriors of the Ratick tribe. There only 7 of them. This Dungeon's level of difficulty was too high for them to clear it.

There were over 50 Death Knights.


Relick quickly came to a decision, and the beings from the Ratick tribe quickly ran away. They had to widen the distance, and use the Return Crystal.

’’Just bring me one of them at any cost.’’

[It's a hunt!]

The Death Knights quickly summoned their Phantom Steeds at Woojin's order.

[You want to make a bet with me, Kiba?]

Ramson spoke with force. Kiba, who was on his Phantom Wolf, let out a growl.


The beings from the Ratick tribe quickly ran away, but they were surrounded by the Death Knights soon. Relick quickly swung the curved weapon with both his hands, but it wasn't enough. The Death Knights pressed them as if they were hunting deers.

'This can't be.'

Relick was a Great Warrior from the Relick tribe, and he had spent his whole life on the battlefield. He had cleared countless number of Dungeons, but this was the first time he experienced something like this.

This was insane.

Occupied Dungeons existed on Planet Jaku. The owners occasionally appeared on the planet, and their combat power was very strong. However, it wasn't at a level where they couldn't face off against these owners.

However, this was... They couldn't even be considered opponents.


’’...rati's Soul....’’

He grabbed the spear piercing his heart, and he yelled out his last spell. It was a secret spell that allowed him to gather his entire life energy, and it allowed the user to self-detonate.


Al Assad's sword quickly separated Relick's head from his body.

Woojin put Relick's soul into a Seal Stone, and he laughed as he looked at Al Assad.

’’Get ready to greet the new recruit.’’

Al Assad shuddered when he thought about the severe hazing he endured. Pain had seeped into his bones. Of course, the only thing he had left were bones....

’’Uh? Why is there only 6 of them?’’

Woojin counted the corpses, and he looked around his surrounding. A portal opened at the location where a Wyvern had landed.

Woojin frowned when he saw this.

’’Chet. One of them was hiding.’’

Ratick tribe's Raksha had hidden her body with a spell, and she disappeared across the Return Portal.

He lost one of them, but it wasn't a big loss.

He had earned an ingredient for a Death Knight, and he would be a great guide to the Planet Jaku.


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