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Seoul Station’s Necromancer - Chapter 117


Chapter 117 - Alandal's State of Affair (2)

[This is a breaking news. Fifty seven Korean Politicians with ties to the missile terrorist attack in the US has been identified. The Roused Kahng-woojin has suppressed and eliminated these individuals. The fact that these politicians had intentionally caused the Dungeon Breaks, and the extent of damage caused by them was revealed. The anger of the people....]

Jung-minchan let out a sigh as he looked at the news.

’’When's the president arriving?’’

’’He'll be here in 30 minutes.’’

Seoul station wasn't too far away from the National Assembly. The news was all about the killing... They were listing all the corruption charges and wrongdoings the politicians had committed. It was exactly the information brought by Melody.

[Through the press conference, the President thanked the Alandal's guild master Kahng-woojin. As soon as the crippled congress is reformed, they will convene to discuss whether Alandal guild should be given independence as a separate country. It will be put up for national referendum...]

Minchan asked Haemin a question.

’’What's the chatter on the internet like, director Kim?’’

’’It's not as chaotic as I thought it would be. The stories are all about our president, but the actions of the politicians was too dirty. There is a growing sentiment that our president had done the right thing.’’

’’This is despite how he acted on the news?’’

Kahng-woojin had seized the congress, and it was shown through the live broadcast. Still, public sentiment wasn't too bad right now.

’’Yes. Well, the footage of him actually killing them wasn't released...’’

It wasn't as if Kahng-woojin had carried out some ghoulish show where he murdered people. He just pierced the heart of politicians, who deserved death. The fact that such an act was carried out against congress members at the National Assembly was shocking, but the causality of his actions was quite clear.

It was as if this had been orchestrated by someone...

’’Ha-ah. The president is really...’’

He was none other than the president. Favorable words were pouring out in the media regarding Kahng-woojin that it made Minchan wonder how this could be.

If one looked at the news, one would think Kahng-woojin was a hero. They made it seem as if Woojin had known beforehand that South Korea was in enormous danger. He was being touted as a savior, who had found and killed 58 politicians, who had deep connections with terrorists. He had saved Korea.

’’Isn't this quite fortunate for us?’’

’’Yes. However, I don't know what this independence is about...’’

Minchan shook his head from side to side.

Alandal had gained its independence... How was such a thing possible?

’’Isn't the Vatican a good example?’’

Minchan let out a sight at Kim-haemin's words.

The Vatican existed as a city state, but the special status of the religion was the main reason why it was established as an independent state. No one had expected such an independent state to form in Korea.

’’Hoo-ooh. I guess it's possible.’’

’’He already negotiated it with the President.’’

Haemin's words didn't comfort Minchan at all. Unless Kahng-woojin had negotiated all of this beforehand, the President wouldn't have mentioned it in his press conference.


He thought Kahng-woojin was peerless in terms of causing trouble that was beyond one's imagination. Everyone was taken aback and shocked as they waited for the president to arrive.

After a brief moment, the car containing the president arrived at the office.

Woo-soonghoon had a haggard face, and Lee-kahngjin's face was somewhat flushed. Kahng-woojin got off the car, and he looked the same as ever. He just looked a little bit drowsy.

’’What? Why are you guys all doing out here?’’

Woojin spoke as he saw the people, who had gathered in the parking lot. Minchan stepped forward and he spoke.

’’President. How can you cause such a big accident?’’

’’The floor of the National assembly building didn't see any blood.’’

How can you say that.... Ah, if you were going to go through with this, it would have been better to do it inside the National Assembly building. When the seizure of congress was shown live on broadcast, do you realize how hard my heart was beat? Fortunately, the people killed has been very bad people. It was a weird situation where Woojin was being treated as a hero....

’’When did you make a deal with the President... Let's speak inside.’’

Minchan was about to pour out all the questions he had, but there were too many employees gathered in the surrounding. First, he guided Woojin to the president's room. As they were moving, Minchan saw someone he didn't recognize, so he asked a question.

’’Who are you....’’

’’Ah, I'm Lee-kahngjin. I work at the Seoul District Public Prosecutor's office..’’

’’Ah ah! Judge Lee-kahngjin.’’

This young judge Lee-kahngjin was famous for being fearless. Anyone with a bit of interest in politics had heard of his name. Minchan shook his hand.

’’I'm Alandal's vice president Jung-minchan.’’

’’I've heard a lot about you.’’

Jung-minchan was someone, who received as much public attention as Kahng-woojin. Alandal itself had rocketed into relevance in such a short amount of time, and Jung-minchan was in charge of taking care of the daily operation. Of course, he would become famous, and he was rated fairly well by the public eye.

He wasn't a Roused. He was a normal person, and his personal stock was increasing right now. He was considered to be one of the best individuals at allocating resources to support the guild. Many companies coveted him.

Woojin, Minchan and the rest of the group gathered inside the president's room.

Sunggoo had returned from the Dungeon, so all of Alandal's founding members was present. The Holy Maiden, Holy Knight James, and Lee-kahngjin was also present in the room.

’’President. What is up with this declaration of independence?’’

’’Uh? How did you know about that?’’

The lines on Jung-minchan's face deepened when he heard Kahng-woojin's answer.

’’There isn't anyone, who doesn't know about it. The President of Korea made the announcement.’’

’’Ah. I guess he finally made his decision.’’

Woojin nodded his head as he thought about President Kim-byungmahn, who had heeded his warning and advice.

’’Recently, I've been a little bit unfair to you guys. Since I have a lot of business at the Dungeon, I couldn't manage you guys properly... You, Minchan, probably had the hardest time..’’

’’I'm thankful, since you acknowledged that fact. Still, why would you declare independence...’’

If he already knew Minchan was having a hard time, didn't he have to stop himself from causing such big accidents?

’’If I don't, won't the government continue to bother us? I decided to make a country where we won't be disturbed. This will make things a bit easier for you.’’


Jung-minchan was struck dumb. He was building a nation based on such a simple reason? He was taken aback. However, he was more surprised at Woojin's ability to implement and drive a plan forward.

’’What the heck did you talk with the president?’’

’’I just gave him a proposal. I told him I'll kill him if he blocked me from raising my country.’’


’’If he left me alone, I told him I'll form an alliance with him.’’

Ha-ah. Should this be how a 21st century intellect should think? Michan's face became haggard, but the Holy Maiden praised Woojin.

’’I am impressed by your benevolence.’’

’’Isn't it? I could have killed everyone.’’


Minchan was barely able to gather his thoughts, and he asked a question.

’’It isn't as if you can just make a country just by wishing it. So what did you agree to in this negotiation?’’

Woojin thought about the conversation he had with the President.

’’He want to form a treaty with me..’’

’’So what's the content of that treaty?’’

’’You'll have to make one up.’’


’’Let's see. What do we need to do if we want to make a country, Mr. Kahngjin?’’

On Alphen, he just had to declare he was the king, and that was it. However, the modern society didn't work like that. Well, it was possible to do that, but if they they were really going to do it, it would be better to do it properly.

’’You have to at least have a judicial, administrative and legislative branch.’’


Woojin had been summoned during his 3rd year of high school.

Alphen was basically divided into rulers and subjects. He had been the only one to survive living as a ruler for 20 years on Alphen. However, the only subjects he had under him were the Death Knights and Lich...



’’You are the Prime minister now.’’


President. I don't want such a fast promotion.

Dear god, how can you put me in such a position? I think you overestimated my ambitions.

’’You can come up with the rest as you consult with Mr. Lee-kahngjin.’’


Lee-kahngjin had a confused expression on his face.

'Why am I....'

He had come at the request of the President. He was told to find Kahng-woojin and give him counsel, but he never expected....

Not everyone inside the president's room was shocked. Sunggoo had a wide smile on his face.

’’Heh heh, hyung-nim. So what am I going to be doing?’’

’’What do you want to do?’’

’’Mmm. If hyung-nim is the king, then should I be part of the royal guards?’’

’’Ok. Sunggoo can be the commander of the royal guards.’’

’’Ooh-heh heh. I gotta go boast on the SNS.’’

Did the rise in Roused Rank inversely lower Sunggoo's social intellect? Sunggoo spoke with such a bright voice that the atmosphere within the president's room improved.

’’Excuse me, president.’’

’’Uh. What role do you want?’’

Soonghoon's eyes twinkled at Woojin's reply.

This was it. This was the once in a lifetime opportunity that will never come again.

Anything he said here will be granted.

’’Doesn't a country need an ambassador? I think... You know I'm quite eloquent with my words...’’

’’All right. The Secretary of Foreign Affairs? The Minister? Do whatever you want.’’

’’I will move heaven and earth to do my job.’’

Soonghoon's face became heroic.

'I did it, mother. The Woo family name can be proud of me now.'

Jung-minchan shook his head from side to side.

If they were playing house, then Minchan would have been happy.

Woojin followed up on whatever he said. His words became reality. This was what scared him. This conversation itself was the cornerstone in building a nation....

’’At least, give me a direction I can work towards.’’

Minchan decided to stop resisting. He requested more information.

Since the President had already given his pledge, it would be hard to go back on this. Moreover, if one thought about the Vatican City, it wasn't impossible to think that a small city state could form within South Korea.

The size and the structure of the state was basically the Guild itself. They were just getting acknowledged as being an independent nation.

As Woojin intended, he would own his own country where he didn't have to be ruled over by anyone.

’’What kind of direction?’’

’’Yes, what is the purpose of our existence? What will the Alandal Kingdom work toward to?’’

Woojin answered without hesitation.

’’World peace.’’


Was he joking, or was he being serious?

At the very least, the Holy Maiden decided to accepted it as truth.

’’I don't know what to say at the monarch's choice.’’

The Immortal had just considered world peace as a worthy cause.

He was the champion of the god of destruction... Wherever he went, death and despair had followed. However, he now was choosing to protect.

This was a drastic change.

Moreover, this was a blessing for the Planet Alphen. Kahng-woojin will be working towards world peace.

Wooji glanced at the Holy Maiden, who was overwhelmed by her emotions, then he spoke to Minchan.

’’You take care of the rest. Don't think in too large of a scale.’’


No matter how one thought about it, it would be impossible not to think in large scales. However, Minchan obediently gave his answer.

'He probably can't get into a bigger accident now.'

He was already a king now, so how could there be anything bigger? Minchan really thought there wouldn't be any big accidents in the future.

'I just have to get through this business.'

He had to establish the foundation of a nation. It was a very hard task, but it wasn't as if they were stirring up a revolution inside Korea. A small entity called a guild was being given independence, and the guild would be transformed into another form called a country.

The problem was the peace treaty they would be entering into with Korea. It was up to Minchan to come up with it.

’’Well, you'll have to work hard Prime minister Jung...’’

’’Prime minister Jung....’’

He repeated back Woojin's words, and Jung-minchan's face became flushed as his cheeks slightly reddened. His heart was beating faster, and it wasn't caused by his worries. It caused his heart to flutter.

The building of a nation and the treaty would be taken care by Minchan and the guild employees. If Minchan did a poor job, he would just have to go get someone who would do a good job.

Woojin had the other Alandal to deal with. His plate was full from merely ruling his Dimensional Domain.

’’I want to see you for a brief moment’’

Woojin looked at the Holy Maiden. Melody had a confused expression on her face.

’’Yes. My king...’’

Woojin and Melody got up from the sofa.

He was very curious. The Holy Maiden had been the first person to be found inside a Dungeon. So how did she use a Dungeon to arrive on Earth?

Woojin had always been curious about that point after he became a Dimensional Lord.

Woojin opened a Return Portal in an empty location inside his office.


’’Follow me.’’


Woojin disappeared into the portal, and the Holy Maiden followed after him.

Every single one of the Holy Knights of the Aria church was originally from the Titan Guild.

The protection of the Holy Maiden was important to them, but they were also given the task of keeping track of Roused Kahng-woojin.

’’Shit. Notify the Titan immediately.’’

At the Holy Knight James'words, a member quickly formed a message and it was sent to Titan's guild master Deacon.

[Kahng-woojin has established the country of Alandal.]


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