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Seoul Station’s Necromancer - Chapter 115


Chapter 115 - Hearing (4)

Alandal's guild master Kahng-woojin and the President of Korea, Kim-byungmahn, stood in front of each other. The President raised his hand.

’’I'm President Kim-byungmahn.’’

’’Uh? The comedian?’’

’’Hahaha. We have the same name.’’

Woojin was being rude, but Byungmahn glossed over it with an affable laughter. Woojin smirked as he shook the President's hand.

’’I thought all politician were shady. You are ok.’’

’’Huh? If you get to know me, you'll find out I'm a pretty shady guy.’’

Woojin shook his head from side to side. His soul wasn't clear like Jiwon's soul, but it was still light in color. At the very least, it meant he was very determined like Haesol.

Woojin wasn't concerned if this man was involved in scandals or not. It was more important to find out where his pure will was focused on. If he was like Haesol, who was adamant in serving her country, then it would be perfect....

’’I won't tell you how bad you are. Let's sit.’’

’’Haha. You are exactly as I've heard. You are very straight forward.’’

The President and Woojin sat on the sofa. His attitude was more rude than straightforward. The Chief Officer's expression hardened, but he didn't move an inch. If he moved even a little bit, his fists shaking in anger might be seen.

’’How much have you heard?’’


’’I'm sure you've investigated me.’’


Kim-byungmahn let out a laugh. His political career hadn't been short, but he had almost never held a conversation with an opponent, who was so straightforward and in such a hurry.

Most of these people had been ignorant young men or people who wore their emotions on their sleeves. They were self righteous hacks, who believed they were honest and telling the truth.

Woojin was different.

He had the power that gave his words much more weight.

’’Which Kahng-woojin are you talking about ?’’

’’Ho-oh. You are aware about my activities on Alphen?’’

Kim-byungmahn didn't hesitate to nod his head. He sensed he would gain nothing by hiding information in this conversation.

’’I know what most people know.’’

South Korea had spent unimaginable efforts to find out more about Kahng-woojin. He was a Roused born in their country, yet there was no information on him. Moreover, it had reached a point where they couldn't control him easily.

Woojin smiled as he dared the other man to speak. Kim-byungmahn opened his mouth.

’’You were summoned away 5 years ago, and you've returned after living 20 years on Alphen. The force you possess was earned during that time.’’

’’What about the other stuff?’’

’’We haven't really found any.......’’

Woojin shrugged his shoulder, then he buried his body into the sofa. Kim-byungmahn straightened his back, and he swallowed his spit.

’’Why do you think I'm here?’’

’’We've persistently asked your guild to become this nation's Guardian guild. Aren't you here to officially negotiate the terms of the deal?’’

Woojin shook his head from side to side.

’’I'm here for revenge. Moreover, I'm here to give you a warning and a proposal.’’


Woojin put the documents on the table.


They were almost at the National Assembly building. Woo-soonghoon's shrunken heart finally felt as if it was returning to normal. He took a peek at the rear mirror to look at Woojin.

’’Excuse me, president.’’

’’Uh, what?’’

’’Are you really going to do it?’’


’’I'm talking about the hit list.’’

Woojin smirked.

’’Do you want me to forgive them? Those bastards aimed for my life.’’

’’Didn't you make a promise with the vice president?’’

Woojin didn't know about anything else, but he always kept his word. He clearly said there would be no blood shed at the National Assembly building...

’’I just have to avoid shedding blood at the National Assembly.’’


What! Doesn't it basically means he'll follow through at a later time? Soonghoon put on a serious expression.

’’Hey, Soonghoon.’’

’’Yes, president.’’

’’Don't get scared.’’


Wasn't the situation getting much worse?

Soonghoon's face hardened when Woojin started looking at his surrounding. The National Assembly building had received damage during the Dungeon Shock, but it had been fixed very quickly.

Moreover, 20% of the army personnel protecting Seoul was protecting this place.

’’We've arrived.’’

A military unit was guarding the National Assembly building. After passing through a checkpoint, Woojin got out of the car. A man wearing a suit approached him, and the man gave his greeting.

’’I'm Lee-kahngjin.’’

’’I'm Kahng-woojin.’’

’’I suddenly received a call telling me to come here. What can I do for you?’’

His face was filled with questions.

Woojin had asked the President to sent a sharp judge that was knowledgeable about the politicians. It seemed Lee-kahngjin was that person.

’’Well, you should walk with me.’’

First, he followed after Woojin. He was well aware of the fact that there would be a hearing conducted by the congress. So why was he needed here....

’’I want some advice from you.’’

’’About what?’’

Woojin passed the documents to him. Lee-kahngjin received the documents with confusion in his heart. As he looked over the documents, he clicked his tongue.

’’Dirty bastards. Now they are playing at an international level.’’

Seoul's judge Lee-kahngjin.

In the world of politics, he was rumored to be a crazy dog. There wasn't a politician he hadn't gone after. He was quite famous for his probes

His ability for investigating evidence was so outstanding that he sent a fourth term member of the National Assembly to the slammers three years ago.

The document was filled with names he was well acquainted with. They were all on his target list of corrupt politicians.

In the materials given to him by Kahng-woojin, he read about how some people were intentionally causing Dungeon Breaks. Those vicious bastards had put the people of this country in danger. They were also indirectly responsible for the missile terrorist attack that happened in the US.

He could see the rough outline now. It was his speciality to dig into the sordid deeds of the members of congress.

Why did the President specifically call for him, and why did he send him to Kahng-woojin?

What did Kahng-woojin expect from him?

’’What advice do you need?’’

’’I'm going to kill these 5 bastards no matter what. Aside from those five, I'm thinking about whether I want to kill any more. I need your advice.’’

Uh? He would have never guessed such a topic would come up.

Lee-kahngjin stopped walking, and he looked at Woojin with a dazed expression.

What was this man about?

Woojin appeared in front of the congress. Lee-kahngjin and Woo-soonghoon followed behind as Woojin's aides.

Those in their seats had faces full of discontent.

This man dared was cause of this gathering. They were busy working for this country, so how could he be late in coming here? Before the moderator could speak, Choi-taeoh stood up from his seat, and he started yelling.

’’Do you see the congress as some kind of a joke?’’

Of course, they were a joke. Kahng-woojin took a glance around, and he went to sit on the chair placed on top of a dais. He wasn't sitting there to be on the receiving end of a confirmation hearing. This location allowed him the full view of every one of the senators.

While Woojin was in his seat, he started looking at every single one of their faces. It wasn't just the politicians. He even looked at the aides, and the reporters....

Woojin decided which 5 people he wanted to attached a shadow.

The five he chose had a direct connection with Lee-sahngho, and they had engineered his assassination attempt. Choi-taeoh was included in this group.

’’Huh. Can you not hear me? Please answer the question.’’

Choi-taeoh never thought anyone would dare to ignore him. His neck veins bulged as he ranted and raved. However, his words didn't even register with Woojin. He just sat there with the document folder open. He kept turning the pages as he compared the pictures to the actual faces.

There were those with an X next to their picture. Lee-kahngjin had placedmarks next to the pictures.

'I don't need this bastard.'

There were a lot of trash here, but he didn't need to kill all of them. He was targeting a certain faction, who was aiming for his life.

Woojin had come here for revenge. He wasn't here to clean out Korea's congress. He didn't care what trashy moves they performed, but he put more names on his hit list with the help of Lee-kahngjin. He was doing everyone a service.

'There's a lot of them.'

He checked the list, and it was almost half of the congress. After looking at all their faces, Woojin stood up from his seat. He had now memorized the faces of the bastards he had to kill.

’’Let's head out.’’

’’What? You are done already?’’

’’I just need to see the faces of the bastards I have to kill.’’

Woojin was about to leave with Lee-kahngjin and Soonghoon. Choi-taeoh started to yell.

’’Uh-huh. Where do you think you are going!’’

When Kahng-woojin stood up, the congress stirred. They had waited for him until now, yet he was already leaving? Hadn't he just arrived?

The aides ran towards Woojin.

’’Please get back into your seat.’’


’’What? Don't we have to start the confirmation hearing?’’

’’Ah. The hearing.’’

Were they trying to verify something with him? Maybe they were trying to get him to participate in the Guardian guild that he had no thoughts of doing.

Choi-taeoh's words were continuously ignored, so he sat back down into his seat as he wheezed.

'Wait and see what will happen once this starts.'

Choi-taeoh was going to air all of Woojin's dirty linens in public. There were over several dozen laws Woojin had broken in the past.

Woojin pulled the microphone that was put on top of a table placed above the dais, and he spoke.

He started speaking to the congress. No. Actually, he was talking towards the cameras and the reporters.

’’I'm not going to do that Guardian guild or whatever, so we don't need to do a hearing. Instead, I'll let you know one thing.’’

Woojin's words caused the congress to stir, but he continued speaking as if he wasn't paying attention to them.

’’Those who have connections to the missile terror attack that was aimed to kill me, those who purposefully caused Dungeon Breaks, and those who don't think we have to go to war with the monsters should all heed my warning.’’

’’What bullshit are you spouting!’’

’’How insolent!’’

Several congressmen yelled out, but Woojin easily ignored them as he continued to speak.

’’The relevant information has already been sent to the media...’’


’’This all bullshit! We don't even need to hear him out.’’

’’How dare you! Where do you think you are!’’

Woojin frowned, sice the commotion was loud enough to swallow his words. Well, he would stop them from talking...


Black smoke formed behind Woojin, and 53 Death Knights were summoned behind him. Eventually, Choi-taeoh started yelling.

’’What do you think you are doing in the sacred confines of congress!’’

It was taboo to use one's Roused ability in congress. There was a strict law regarding it.

’’Mr. Kahng-woojin is in violation of the Special Roused Law Article 1 Paragraph 16. Those monsters should immediately...’’

He couldn't continue his words.

’’Uh. Uh uh uhk.’’

His mouth wouldn't open. It felt as if some unknown power was pressing down on him. It was the work of Shadow Ggaebi, who was attached to Choi-taeoh by Woojin.

Woojin had used the low level Shadow skill called Body Domination.

Woojin once again picked up the microphone.

’’Finally, some silence. I've turned over the data to the media, so people will know why many of you have to die. I'll wait outside now.’’

Woojin let go of the microphone, and he exited the conference hall. No one blocked his path. The imposing Death Knights opened a path as if they were guarding Woojin.

The congress boiled over when they exited.

’’How dare he! Did you see that? Did you see?’’

’’How can we let such a brutal man be in charge of our nation's security? This cannot happen.’’

’’The documents might be forged. We have to deport Kahng-woojin.’’

Everyone wanted their voices to be heard, so they started yelling over each other. It was a complete pandemonium.

Woojin turned the corner, and he arrived at his parked car. Spit flew out as Woo-soonghoon spoke excitedly.

’’You did really well in holding yourself back.’’

Woo-soonghoon was aware of Woojin's personality, so he thought the current events was almost miraculous.

However, Lee-kahngjin was looking a little bit disappointed. He watched the news, so he was well aware of Woojin's deeds. In the Middle East, Kahng-woojin had killed the terrorists without mercy.

He had wanted him to do something big here.

'Too bad.'

The members of congress wallowed in dirty politics. Lee-kahngjin hated them so much that he wanted Woojin to do something rash.

’’Well, should we begin?’’

Woojin looked at the Death Knights standing in a line.

’’Take the heads of the faces I've memorized.’’

[We will carry out your order.]

The Death Knights looked excited at Woojin's command. Woo-soonghoon was freaked out as he asked a question.

’’I...I thought you said you weren't going to shed any blood in congress?’’

’’That's why I came out here.’’


He didn't think the vice president meant this with his words... He probably would have preferred it to happen within congress instead of happening in a public setting. However, it seemed Woojin didn't care.



The obedient dual blade Death Knight Al Assad knelt in front of Woojin. Black cloth was wrapped around his body. He looked like someone cosplaying an assassin from ancient Persia.


[Hoo hoo hoo. This will be another fun game.]

Ggaebi let out a wicked smile after he looked into Woojin's thoughts. Ggaebi was absorbed into Al Assad's shadow, and their abilities were combined.

’’Take care of them by tonight..’’

[I follow master's orders.]

There were businessmen, who were put on his hit list. Al Assad's body blurred, and he melted into the terrain. He won't be discovered as he performed his mission, since he would be using Ghost Steps and Shadow Cloak.

Lee-kahngjin wiped the sweat off his forehead as he looked at Woojin.

'Is he really going to do it?'

This was basically carrying out justice for the nation, so there was no room for excuse...

’’It's taking them awhile to come out.’’

As if the act of waiting was boring him, Woojin ignited his Fire magic. Well, if they wanted to live, they'll have to come out.


The worry inside Woo-soonghoon's heart was growing larger.

Wasn't this getting out of hand?

’’It's all right. The President will take care of the clean up.’’

Lee-kahngjin tilted head in puzzlement at Woojin's words. What kind of secret deal did he make with the President....

The fireball in Woojin's hand flew into the building.

He was going to smoke out the rabbithole. It was time to hunt now.


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