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Seoul Station’s Necromancer - Chapter 112


Chapter 112 - Hearing

Woojin sat on the throne, and he surveyed the buildings he was able to build.

He would be able to build farms and mines as a means to gather Bloodstones. There were also grocery stores, restaurants, and cafe for the residents of the Domain... There were several dozen commercial shops one could build. There were also guard towers, observation posts, and even military facilities where one could train one's forces. There were a lot of variety of buildings.

’’I thought one's forces had to be bought through Energy?’’

<Barracks - Military Facility> - 1,000p

One can gather the troops one wants and train them.

After building the barracks, he just had to assign a trainer to drill the soldiers. Then he would have to send out a recruitment notice to all the Dimension to gather members to train.

The military facilities didn't only train soldiers. There were facilities intended to train monsters and other races. For example, there was the Wolf Training Center, and Elf Archery Firing Range. Moreover....

’’Huh huh. They even have this.’’

<Wyvern's Nest - Military Facility>- 3,000p

Wyvern lays egg, and it rears the young.

Growth : 90 days, Number : 1

The price of purchasing a Wyvern was 300, and this option was 10 times that price. However, it had an advantage of adding one Wyvern each 90 days without expending any additional Energy.

’’Uh? Now that I think about it....’’

Woojin opened the Domain Management Window to check the buildings he currently possessed. The castle had several buildings that was built by Bibi, but one of the figures drew his eyes.

Wyvern's Nest (12)

’’Huh. I earned those for free.’’

The name of the Dimensional Domain was originally Wyvern's Nest. This place was their habitat and their roost. When this Domain was transferred to Woojin, he had inherited 12 Wyvern's nest.

Since his Synchronization Probability excluded parts of the original Domain, he probably lost couple Wyvern's nests in the process. He was quite fortunate to have twelve. He had earned it without wasting any Energy.

’’So this is how I can maintain this place.’’

If one considered the wars to be never ending, than the Energy would be consumed very quickly. In the end, the Domain with insufficient Energy would perish. So how could several thousand Dimensional Domain be in existence if that was that case?

’’Basically, one only buys troops through Energy during emergency.’’

Woojin immediately understood the system.

Energy couldn't be abused to buy your troops.

The amount of Energy one had was basically the amount of supplementary troop one could have.

The less Energy one had meant one's overall forces was weakened.

It was like using Internal Energy that appears in the Muhyup Novels.

’’Let's buy couple of these first.’’

The makeup of the population depended on which military training facilities he would build.

’’It's a little bit too risky to bring in humans.’’

Woojin didn't care, but he was worried about Jaemin, who was curled up inside his house. He didn't have the confidence to face humans. It was the reason why he wasn't returning to earth, so he couldn't let loose humans into his Domain right now.

After mulling it over, he decided to buy the barracks, which was a basic need.

<Orc Warrior Training Facility>- 1,000p

The space within the castle wasn't that large, so he had to plan out the city to accommodate for future projects. The castle was built on top of a mountain where the peak had been flattened. There were two pointy and knife-like mountains behind his castle, and the nests were located on these mountains.

When the screen for the Domain unfolded in front of his eyes, he decided to put the training facility at the base of the mountain with the lord's castle.

The sound effect of a building being built was heard, and since it was a basic building, the build time was quite short.

’’Hmmm. Which one should I choose?’’

He had built a training facility, but that didn't mean troops would suddenly pour out of the facility. Woojin looked at the list of trainers, who would be in charge of the training facility. He had no choice, but to expend his Energy to purchase a training instructor.

If he thought about the troops that would be trained by the instructor, he decided the initial investment was well worth it.

<Black Boulder Tribe Arak>

<Lonely Wing Tribe Ritin>

<Gray Light Wing Tribe Torooah>


Woojin was familiar with Torooah's tribe name, so he picked it.

<Torooah>- 900p

Gray Light Wing Tribe's Orc Warrior.

Trainable Specialty : Orc Soldier(3 days), Orc Warrior(30 days)

Simultaneous Training Number : 10

A red portal formed in front of the Throne, and a big bodied orc of gray coloring walked out of it. He had a thick ridge on top of his eyes, and his canines were protruding out of his mouth. The imposing orc looked at the lord.

’’If you want to hire me, you will have to give me 70 points of Bloodstones every week.’’

Woojin grinned at Torooah's strong words. The Gray Light Wing Tribe was none other than the Great Orc King Kiba's tribe. He was glad to see their name, so he had picked Torooah.

’’Do you know Kiba?’’

’’How does a new lord like you know his most honorable name? I was one of his henchman.’’

They hadn't formed an employment contract, so Torooah responded in a surly manner.

Woojin called for Kiba.

'Come here for a moment.'

When Kiba received Woojin's will, Kiba's body dissolved into black smoke, and he formed in front of Woojin.

[You've called for me.]

’’I think he's your old underling. Do you know who he is?’’


Kiba took a step toward Torooah. Kiba was dead, so he didn't have any flesh left. However, he was a head taller than Toroohah. Kiba's large body was letting out a dangerous energy, and it was as potent as when he was alive.

It actually might be more sharper and tyrannical than before, because of the Death Energy...

[Do you know who I am?]

’’A...are you really the Grand Chief Kiba?’’

Toroohah swallowed his saliva, and he started eyeing the Death Knight in front of him. This caused Kiba to kick out with his leg.

Puh-uhk, kwah-jeek!

Kiba's shin impacted behind Torooah's knee, then he roughly pushed Torooah's head against the floor.

’’Koo-oohk. W...why are you being like this...’’

As if he didn't have to hear Torooah's answer, Kiba turned towards the throne, and he looked at Woojin.

[He's probably a green novice.]

’’How do you know?’’

[None of my underlings would dare look up at me.]


Woojin let out a laugh as if he was amused by Kiba's words. It was just like Kiba to act this way. Torooah was on the floor shaking when Woojin asked him a question.

’’Do you want to make a contract with me?’’

’’O...of course. You don't have to give me the monthly fee.’’

A light shot out of the Throne to surround Toorooah's body, and it was absorbed into him to make an emblem on his shoulder. It was a picture of a cat letting out a yawn...

<You've added trainable Classes for the enlisted! 'Orc Soldier', 'Orc Warrior'>

’’I'll devote my loyalty to you.’’

After receiving the Emblem, Torooah respectfully bowed to Woojin. He treated Woojin like his lord. Then he immediately went to the training facility to put out a notice to gather new recruits. If the orc vagabonds answered the recruitment notice, they'll be trained into soldiers soon.

Ten recruits could be trained simultaneously, so he'll have 10 Orc Soldiers in 3 days time.

He'll be able to have a force of 100 at the end of the 30 days Protection Period.

His initial investment was 1900 points, so there was no loss for him if he could get his hands on those troops. Unless the training facility is destroyed or Torooah is killed, the number of his troops would increase daily.

’’What's this ridiculous emblem?’’

Woojin used the Domain Info to find out the identity of the yawning cat.

<Alandal's Emblem>

He thought he had caught a glimpse of the flag on top of the castle walls, and it had a picture that looked like a yawning cat... He had thought Bibi planned on only decorating the place, but she had made the Domain Emblem into that...


Woojin once again opened the Dimensional Store to look at the Emblems when his eyes bugged out.

’’Why is it so expensive?’’

These were simple pictures, yet the cheapest one cost 5000 points. The average price was over 10,000 points, and there were plenty that were much more expensive than that.

’’Uh-whew. She spent all the Energy on this.’’

He had been curious as to what she had spent all her Energy on. He was sure she had used it all on choosing this Emblem. He looked through the catalog of all the listed items, and Woojin shook his head from side to side.

’’It's full of luxury items.’’

These were luxury items that could be used to decorate the lord's castle.

The price was unimaginably high considering the effect it possessed. It was inefficient to use the points on these items. However, if he was a lord with a lot of excess points, he could see lords decorating the castle to make it look grand.

Afterwards, they would go to war to replenish the Points they spent. They'll try to plunder other Domains. The lords probably bought the luxury items first, then think about the cost later.

’’Should I make some manufacturing facilities first?’’

Woojin looked at the buildings that were associated with manufacturing.

There were various constructions capable of luring monsters in. There were baits, traps, and even Trees of Temptation, which gave off a pheromone.

Depending on which monsters one wanted to lure, one had to build different buildings or constructs.

Woojin planted several Trees of Temptation around the Domain. These trees attracted the Steel Boars, and the Gray Wolves. Then he bought a pile of Blood Plants.

<Blood Plant>- 30p

Plant that grows Bloodstone.

It bears one fruit a day, and if one doesn't harvest the fruit, the fruit continues to get bigger.

If an animal eats this often, they'll form a Bloodstone in their body.

After a day + 1p

If he harvested the fruit each day, he would earn 1 P. Moreover, he had no idea how much the animals ate...

Moreover, he wasn't sure about the price of 30 P. He would be able get his money's worth from a 30 day harvest, but he wasn't patient enough to farm Blood Plants. It wasn't in his nature.

<The Blood Plants are starting to grow in the Domain.>

The announcement notified his purchase of the Blood Plants.

These purchased plants would grow in the Domain without his supervision. It grew in a random manner, so it was hard to harvest them. He could do the work himself or he could keep gatherers on staff. However, he was very short on residents in his Domain right now...

’’So this is why all of them chose to go to war.’’

It was better to go to war than gather Bloodstones through the manufacturing facilities. Also, there was a limit on how many Blood Plants one could buy.

<You do not have enough land to support any more Blood Plants. >

Woojin had planted 1000 Blood Plants.

He had consumed 30,000 Points, but he considered it an investment for the future. He had no regrets spending it. After 30 days, he'll get his money's worth.

Afterwards, he would basically be earning 1000 Points for free.

’’Once I started spending it, I'm spending the Energy at a really fast rate.’’

He had only 70,000 Points worth of Energy for his Dimensional Domain.

The Total Energy determined the Ranking. He dropped from 1,317 to the rank of 3,212. A mere 30,000 points had dropped him so much in Ranking. This meant a lot of Dimensional Domains were bunched up in Ranking.

’’Well, this is terrible in its own way.’’

The 72 great lords weren't the only one aiming for earth. There were lords of lower stations, who possessed Dungeons. Every one of them would try to drill a Dungeon to Earth, and use it as a hunting ground. Currently, earth still had its army and civilization. They would be able to suppress simultaneous Dungeon Breaks, but one of the lords would inevitably break through.

Once that hurdle was overcome, earth wouldn't be able to stop the Dungeon Breaks any more. It was a matter of time before humans became prey.

’’I shouldn't have left Alphen alone....’’

Wasn't earth on the same path of ruin traveled by Alphen? Woojin regretted not killing more of Trahnet's monsters. If he could have delayed Alphen from being taken over, then the Dungeons on earth would have probably Broke at a much slower rate.

However, he couldn't regret about the spilled milk.

Woojin emptied his mind, and his eyes gleamed as he looked at the various buildings listed inside the Dimensional Store.

’’Well, let's see. Should I plan this out for real?’’

Woojin pulled up the map to his Dimensional Domain, and he started to plan out his city's development plan. During that time, one to two immigrants trickled in at a time as they came looking for his Domain.


Twenty days had passed.

During that time, the Dimensional Domain Alandal had gone through a complete change.

’’This should be enough.’’

Woojin put away the Domain's map he had been looking at, and he stood up. He had spent 20 days inside the Dungeon, but only 5 days had passed in reality.

Woojin had left to meet his family every 4th day or 1 day in real time. He also had to meet with Jiwon to give an explanation about Jaemin.

The Alandal Guild's move was going smoothly, and they were in the process of buying all the buildings near the Seoul Station.

’’Didn't they say Melody arrived?’’

On the 5th day, he received news that Melody had arrived with the 'document'in her possession. Woojin had been heading towards the Dungeon, when he switched his course.

’’Should I make a trip to the National Assembly?’’

Woojin let out a bloody laugh when he thought about finalizing his revenge.

He wished Melody would arrived at his office faster.


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