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Seoul Station’s Necromancer - Chapter 105


Chapter 105 - Dimensional Domain (3)

’’What the heck is the Synchronization Probability?’’

Woojin was rubbing his chin when he saw and read the explanation located at the bottom of the window.

It was written that he would be able to gain territory equal to his Synchronization Probability.

’’That's not too bad.’’

Woojin pressed the 'Domain Declaration'button on his Information Window.

<You have declared the Wyvern's Nest as your Dimensional Domain.>

<Before the Ranking can be recorded, would you like to change the name?>

Did he even need to think about it? Of course, it was Alandal.

<Kahng-woojin has become the lord of Alandal.>

<Kahng-woojin's Alandal is being recorded into the Ranking.>

<After the 30 days Stabilization Period of the Domain is up, you will receive challenges from Adventurers. If you fail in your defense, you will lose your Dungeon Entrance. Part of the Domain's possessions may be looted.>

<After the protection period of a new Lord passes 30 days, you may receive requests from other lords for the Domain Battle..>

Woojin rubbed his chin.

Now he understood the meaning of all the Modes that was listed before he entered Juliel's Dungeon. Several things now made sense to him. It also explain the principle behind the structure of the Dungeons.

'The Dungeon itself is the Entrance. When someone clears it, one loses that Entrance.'

Dungeons were the gateway for the Dimensional Domain, and one's real form could materialize there. This was why they stuck to every Dungeon like tentacles of an octupus. Also, if one lost all of one's Dungeons, the Dimensional Domain would be destroyed.

The 1~3 star lower ranked Dungeons he cleared was itself the Entrance.

The 4~6 star high rank Dungeons, and the Red Portal was a medium used to move to the Dimensional Domain.

’’So starting from the 7 star Dungeons, Trahnet's Commanders...’’

He had no way of knowing if a 7 star Dungeon had been linked to earth yet. Nothing would come from worrying about it in the present, so Woojin looked at the throne in front of him.

’’I don't have a Return Stone....’’

He had only cleared Dungeons owned by other beings, so he didn't know how to exit his Domain. At a glance, the throne was letting out a serious amount of magical energy, so he sat on it.


The castle shook as there was a large vibration. Suddenly, it felt as if he was having an out-of-body experience. It felt as if his soul was being pulled out.


Woojin's sight cleared. His surrounding had moved, and he was viewing his Dimensional Domain in its entirety. It was like a large island with its edges sheared off.

'I guess the amount that was lost depends on the Synchronization Probability.'

He knew the precise number eventhough he hadn't measure it. He had lost 28% of his Domain.

The Dimensional Domain had become more compact, and that wasn't the only thing that had been lost.

Several menu automatically popped up in front of Woojin.

<Domain Info>

<Dungeon Info>

<Domain Management>

<Troops Management>

<Domain Shop>

Woojin opened the Information Windows in order.

<Dimensional Domain - Alandal>

Lord : Kahng-woojin

Ranking : 1317

Energy : 38%(115,340/300,000)

Vassals : 0

Domain Population : 0

Troops : Wyvern, Steel Rhino

Possessed Dungeon: 1

<Dungeon Info - Seoul Station's 1st Exit>

Energy : 100% (10,000/10,000)

Troops : Giant Spiders, Venomous Insect

<Domain Management>

You can appoint a guardian, and you can accept immigrants, who are wandering around the Dimensions.

You can change the terrain of the Domain, and you can also decorate the castle.

You can go to war and battle with a different Domain.

You can acquire a new Dungeon in exchange for a single Dimensional Fragment.

You can manage the Domain from here.

<Troops Management>

The forces needed to protect the Domain and Dungeons has to be assigned.

Always be aware to make sure you aren't short of troops in the Domain.

You can purchase troops from the Store, and you can also accept immigrants.

The Dungeon is the first obstacle in repelling the pesky visitors.

Dungeon Energy is consumed when you have to replace the exterminated troops.

Once the available Dungeon Energy is consumed, the troops will not be replenished. You have to recharge the Energy beforehand.

You can purchase the troop cards in the store.

Domain Troops : Wyvern 37, Steel Rhino 241, Fuko Monkey 471

Dungeon Troops : Giant Spider 42, Venomous Insect 132

<Domain Store>

You can purchase everything you can imagine.


Woojin carefully read the windows, and he shook his head from side to side. Until this moment, he hadn't fully grasped the principle behind the Dungeons. Now he felt like he understood it. The Dungeon itself was merely a gateway for the lords.

If the lower rank Dungeons were the empty spaces, the high rank Dungeons were the gateway.

’’If an Adventurer succeeds in clearing the Dungeon, he would be able to earn the Return Stone? So that's how it is’’

Once the Return Stone is protected for 30 days, one could go on the offensive. The troops of the Domain could be sent out.

It was the Dungeon Break.

It unlocked the locked door of the Dungeon.

Woojin used the Dungeon Search function inside the Dungeon Management window. It resulted in over several dozen Domains being listed, and there was a record of hundreds to thousands of Dungeons listed. One needed a Dimensional Fragment to buy them.

Amongst them, there were also Dungeons from Planet Alphen listed there.

If he wanted to go to Alphen, he would have to buy one of them.


Woojin frowned.

’’This is quite frustrating.’’

He couldn't help but feel as if he had been had by Trahnet's hoax.

’’So he set up the board like this from the background?’’

The Break was caused to earn the Dungeon Energy, and the monsters went out to hunt...


He was so mad that it felt as if steam was rising out of him. Moreover, Trahnet's commanders.... This explained why all the commanders didn't join forces under a single command to invade Alphen.

’’They were fighting between themselves.’’

Dimensional Battle. Alphen was just a new hunting ground for them. They needed a hunting ground to gather enough Energy to try for the higher Thrones.

Earth was in a similar situation.

’’Mother f*kers.’’

Unbidden curse words flew out.

Woojin grinded his teeth as he wondered if Trahnet had a material body.

’’I'll f*k you up.’’

The problem wasn't about protecting earth. No, that was an impossible task.

It wasn't about putting up a security grille. He had to catch and beat all the thieves.

He didn't care if they were sovereigns or whatever. He'll beat all the bastards, who open a gateway to earth.

Woojin opened the Domain Store to buy the troop cards of the monster he would deploy.

It was the Skeleton Warriors and the Skeleton Magicians.

He wanted to purchase the card for the higher rank Undeads, but it wasn't available for purchase.

There was a limit on the rank of monsters he could deploy inside the Dungeon.

<Dungeon Troop Record>

Troops Assigned : 0/300

Reset Energy : Skeleton Soldier 3, Skeleton Magician 4, Giant Spider 3, Venomous Insect 2

Woojin decided to deploy 100 Skeleton Warriors, and 10 Skeleton Magicians.

When the Adventurers enter the Dungeon, 110 Skeletons would be summoned, and the Skeletons would be able to stop them.

If all the Skeletons were destroyed, he would have basically wasted 340 Dungeon Energy.

Afterwards it would form the Red Portal that will allow the Adventurers entry into his Dimensional Domain.

On the other hand, it one was successful in beating the Adventurers, one would earn Dungeon Energy that was equivalent to the quality of the Adventurers.

There were two ways to think about this. Instead of wasting Energy beforehand, one could keep the Dungeon empty. It might be more economical to kill them all when they cross into the Dimensional Domain. On the other hand, one could place strong forces in the Dungeon to prevent anyone from ever getting to the Dimensional Domain. The Energy would be used to make the Dungeon an ant lion's pit.

Woojin was still new at this, and he had never had to deal with an intruder yet. Woojin decided to do an experiment, and he decided to assign the 110 troops.

’’The defense of the Domain....’’

Woojin decided to purchase the Wyverns.

He bought troop cards to set up the Dungeon Defense. As the words indicated, he was basically buying the troops for his Domain. This was akin to bringing in mercenaries by consuming the Energy.

The interesting part was that 'Human'also existed on the sales catalogue.


Woojin's eyes narrowed when he saw the Domain Information.

It cost 300 Energy to purchase a single Wyvern. He had to use 3000 to buy 10 Wyverns. The problem was the total number of troops he could deploy decreased with such a move.


There was a close relationship between the Dungeon Energy, and the troops deployed in the Domain.

Depending on the amount of Dungeon Energy, the number of troops that could be deployed could be increased.

As the Energy increased, one would be able to assign more forces to the Domain.

It was ironic since the purchase of troops consumed the Dungeon Energy.

’’This is why they are trying so hard to hunt.’’

If one used all the Energy, the number of forces one could dispatch decreased. Moreover, if one used cheap and weak troops, one would become a target for Dimensional Battle. As preposterous as it might sound, the Adventuers might be able to rob the Domain too.

’’What? There is a 30 day protection period?’’

A protection period was given to the newly made lord. After thinking about it for a brief moment, he decided on how he will dispatch his defense force. Then he made a conscious decision not to think about the Domain. His vision moved, and the sight of Woojin sitting on the lord's throne came into view.


He took in a deep breath when he felt the slight dizziness. It was similar to the alien sensation he felt when he used Soul Swap with Ggaebi.

Woojin thought about the 'Stewardship of the Dimensional Domain'manual book he hadn't been able to open, because of the lock.

’’Let's see.’’

Level : 75

Name : Kahng-woojin

Class : Necromancer(Advanced), Warrior

Rank : Lord

Achievement : 713,219

Magic : 1320/1320 Stamina : 240/240

His rank had been 'Unassigned'before, but now it had changed into 'Lord.'

’’So I could probably read it now?’’

Woojin opened his Inventory to take out the book.



Space crumpled within itself, and three enormous doors appeared behind Woojin's throne. The blank wall suddenly held a red, black and white door.

’’What the hell?’’

He was confused by the sudden appearance of the doors. At that moment, the sound of an announcement rang out.

<You've taken seat on the Twisted Space. Your Inventory and Dimensional Storage will be integrated.>


Woojin frowned after he opened up his Inventory. He had diligently expanded his sub-dimension by purchasing the Expansion Bags from the Achievement Store. His sub-dimension space of 100 columns expanded into an almost unlimited space.

It seemed the sub-dimension itself had morphed into the Domain's storage room. He wasn't necessarily thrilled with this development.

’’What if someone plunder and steal everything?’’

If his Dimensional Domain was attacked, and if he lost in the Dimensional Battle, he was sure his items would be plundered. Woojin shrugged his shoulders. It was the end anyways if he died. He didn't plan on letting anyone have his Domain, so it just meant his Inventory space had become almost unending. It wasn't a bad development.

The Inventory still worked like before. He was able to put in and take out items easily.

He took out the manual book called ''Stewardship of the Dimensional Domain'. The lock had finally been opened, and it was possible for him to read it.

He sat on a chair, and he carefully read the manual. After 30 minutes, he closed the book.

’’Those sons of bitches.’’

Trahnet. Woojin didn't know who he was, but he would most definitely kill him if they ever meet someday.

Trahnet had put this in place quite well.

Then there was Trahnet's commanders. He now understood what the 72 steps was.

They weren't lords. They were on the level of being sovereigns.

If one possessed one Throne, then one was on the 1st step. One could possess up to 72 Thrones, then one could reach the 72nd step.... They were fighting for the higher Thrones to become the Great Lord. They were playing an unending competition.

Moreover, Woojin had to become a soverign to be able to possess lords as vassal. He'll be able to own up to the number of Thrones he possessed.

’’Well, I'll play with you guys.’’

Since the game board is already in place, Woojin would have real fun using it. If he wanted to flip the board in the end, he needed to know more about it.

Before Woojin put away the book into his Inventory, he approached the doors that had formed behind him. When he opened the red door, a large storage room was revealed. All of his items were arranged neatly inside. He tried tossing the book into the room.

The record of the book being stored was shown on his Inventory Window. Woojin nodded his head.

’’I can put in and take out items through this door.’’

It didn't matter if he directly brought the item into the storage room or he used the Inventory Window like he did before. Both methods were using the same storage space now.

’’This... It's locked.’’

Woojin walked towards the white door, which was immediately behind the throne. He had no idea if this door also had a Rank lock. The manual didn't talk about the 3 door at all.

Woojin stood in front of the black door on the right.

’’This one is open.’’

Since there wasn't a lock, Woojn opened the door.

When the black door opened, he saw a large space with marble floors, and he saw a lot of Skeletons lined up in place.

’’This place....’’

In the distance, he saw a place that looked like a stable filled with Phantom Steeds. Next to it, the Death Knights were sparring with each other.

Across the large space, there was a tower rising high into the sky, but the light was off as if the owner wasn't back yet. There was a shack near the door, and there was a candle lit inside.


’’Where are you going, Dolae-jeeng!’’

The door to the hut opened, and Dolsae popped out. Bibi was chasing after him, but she stopped when she saw Woojin.


Bibi blinked her round eyes as she looked at Woojin.

’’Ooh-ahhk. Master has entered the Summon Room!’’

Bibi let out a yell of surprise. The Skeletons and the Death Knights, who had been training, all turned their gazes towards the doorway.


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