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Seoul Station’s Necromancer - Chapter 104


Chapter 104 - Dimensional Domain (2)

’’Koo-kook. You hit me, just because I disguised myself a little bit. I have to give it to you. You have a really rotten personality.’’

Lee-sahngho shrugged his shoulders as he looked around his surrounding. Woojin smirked.

No, he swung his Staff as he laughed.


Lee-sahngho jumped back in surprise. Woojin's staff followed after him, and in the end, it hit Lee-sahngho's side.


What an ignorant son of a bitch. Regardless of being Iello's vassal, he just really wanted to kill this son of a bitch.

Son of a bitch, Kahng-woojin.

’’What are you doing! Why did you hit me?’’

’’Since you've sinned greatly, you have to die.’’

Woojin's Steel Staff transformed into its Spear form. Lee-sahngho swallowed his saliva when he saw Woojin's serious eyes.

'He really means it.'

It seemed Woojin had really decided to kill him.

Lee-sahngho looked around his surrounding. Numerous Roused were distancing themselves, since they had no idea what was going on. They were eyeing the two of them.

’’Hah. F*k. What kind of mortal sins did I commit? You are attempting a murder.’’

Woojin smirked.

It was pointless to argue with someone, who would be dead soon. It was akin to holding a conversation with a corpse.

Shwahhhhk. Ggahng.

Lee-sahngho blocked the Spear that was stabbed towards him by Woojin. This sight made Woojin's eyebrows arch a little bit. Lee-sahngho was a human with this much reaction speed?

'F*k. That ignorant son of a bitch.'

Lee-sahngho was taken aback, when he saw Woojin didn't care if other people were in audience. However, he was confident. He had the power given to him when he became a vassal of Iello. This bolstered Lee-sahngho's confidence.

Lee-sahngho pointed to his surrounding with bloodshot eyes.

’’Even if I have sinned, don't I get a trial? Who the hell are you to kill me!’’

Woojin just grinned when he saw Lee-sahngho's tantrum.

Woojin could feel Lee-sahngho's evil and dirty soul tremble.

Woojin took a step forward.

Lee-sahngho retreated a step.

It was real. He was going to stab him for real.

This crazy son of a bitch was really trying to stab him.

'Does he suspect something?'

What was his reasons?

Does Woojin know that he was the culprit causing the Dungeon Breaks?

Everytime he moved to a different location he had used the Illusion Cloak to change his appearance.

Lee-sahngho worries were a mile long, but Kahng-woojin's worries were extremely short.



Crazy son of a bitch. He really was a crazy bastard.

The blade of the spear passed between his ribs to embed deeply into his lungs. Lee-sahngho looked at Kahng-woojin with bloodshot eyes. His reaction speed couldn't be compared to before as he received power from Iello as his vassal. No matter how much his reaction speed increased he couldn't dodge Woojin's attack.

'F*k. Ignorant son of a bitch.'

It felt as if the confidence that had been filled to the brim inside his chest had dropped to the floor.

How far has this bastard progressed?

Is this guy really human?

It was a fair question. No one on earth had seen the Illusion Cloak in action, so how did Kahng-woojin know he was the one going around causing the Dungeon Breaks?

’’How did you find out?’’


How did he know? He went to the Middle East to gather information, and he had come back. Woojin twisted his spear. It caused the wound to widen further, and blood started to pour out.


Lee-sahngho's concentration was faltering, so the thought of using his telekinesis didn't even occur to him. Moreover, he wasn't confident that the attack would work on Woojin.

’’F*k. The world is so unfair. Koo-kook. No matter how great you are you won't be able to stop it. Even if it isn't me, someone else will cause more Breaks.’’


’’Koo-koo-kook. You won't be able to stop the destruction of this world. Those beings are gods. The gods are trying descend onto this plane!’’


Woojin furrowed his forehead.


Lee-sahngho laughed. He laughed as he coughed up blood. In the end, everyone will die. He was just going to die a little bit earlier. He was fortunate enough to see Kahng-woojin's flustered expression.

’’How did you cause the Break?’’

’’Ggoo-kook, ggoo-roo-roo.’’

After throwing up blood, Lee-sahngho's eyes flipped backwards. Woojin took out a soul that had been stored inside the Soul Armor, and he healed Lee-sahngho. Lee-sahngho opened his eyes wide when his body was suddenly overflowing with energy, and his fading consciousness snapped back into place.



When Woojin withdrew the Spear, blood fountained into the air. However, he once again sent a soul to quickly heal Lee-sahngho again.

Woojin grabbed the back of Lee-sahngho's neck.

’’Koo-ooh-ooh. Why are you saving me? Why?’’

If he was going to be killed, why was Woojin keep trying to save him? It didn't matter if Lee-sahngho made a fuss or not. Woojin dragged him to the nearest Dungeon.

One of the Roused, who had been watching, approached them.

’’I...I'm not sure what is going on, but do you need some help?’’

’’I need none.’’

Woojin dragged Lee-sahngho towards the Dungeon.

He didn't mind killing Lee-sahngho. The bastard sinned enough to deserve death.

However, it wasn't necessary to show everyone the sight of him interrogating Lee-sahngho.

When Woojin entered the Dungeon, he roughly tossed Lee-sahngho.


’’What the hell are you trying to do?’’

’’Did you cause the Dungeon Break?’’

’’...weren't you trying to kill me, because you knew I did it?’’

’’I didn't know.’’

’’Then why the hell were you trying to kill me!’’

Lee-sahngho felt aggrieved. Woojin had been hellbent on killing him, so he had assumed Woojin knew he had caused the Dungeon Breaks...

’’You are the one, who tried to kill me first. I didn't die, and now I am taking my revenge.’’


’’You are the one, who put out a request for a hit in the Middle East.’’


Lee-sahngho became mute. He had used a broker in the Middle East, who was known for his sure handedness in handling business. It seemed the broker had left some kind of trail, and Kahng-woojin was well aware of everything. If it was going to turn out like this, why the hell did he have to use a burner cell phone to contact him...

’’Even though I will kill you eventually, I want you to squeal on how you found out about how to cause the Dungeon Breaks.’’

Lee-sahngho let out a bloody laugh. Is that all this bastard wanted?

’’Do you think I will tell you?’’

Woojin's bloody smile deepened.

’’Try enduring this.’’

Woojin raised his Steel Staff.


Bibi looked ridiculous wearing the black robe. She was wearing adult clothes that didn't fit her. Her sleeves were too long, and the hem of the robe was dragging on the floor. However, she smiled brightly as if she couldn't be more happier about it.

’’Heh heh. I never thought I would see this clothes on earth.’’

’’You like it?’’

’’Of course. It's my clothes.’’

Bibi used to always wear this cape as if it was her uniform.

The Illusion Cape that Lee-sahngho had a lot of difficulty in acquiring was taken by Woojin, and it was given to Bibi.

’’I already know all the relevant information. Just wake him.’’

’’Heh heh. All right.’’

Lee-sahngho was on the floor moaning as his eyes rolled back. Bibi used her power on him.

’’Huh-oohk, huhk!’’

Lee-sahngho awoke in surprise, and he acted as if he had seen a ghost. He backed away from Woojin. His eyes were full of fear as he looked at Woojin.

It was only a dream, but he dreamed about Woojin beating him for 1 year. The fear he felt...

’’Please just kill me now.’’

Woojin approached him with his axe in hand. Lee-sahngho lay down on the floor flat on his stomach.

’’P...please let me leave. I'll talk. I'll tell you everything.’’

’’I already know it all.’’


Woojin brought down his axe on Lee-shangho's neck. The head was separated from the body. The head was rolling when it was surrounded by a gray light.


Woojin clicked his tongues as he saw the body disappear as if it had combusted.

’’I guess they can bring humans of earth to their side now.’’

He became Iello's vassal?

Woojin also learned how he caused the Dungeon Breaks.

When he became Iello's vassal, he wasn't attacked by the monsters, and he used the Return Stone to break down the barrier. He basically unlatched the door to let the monsters out.

’’Still, we can be a tad bit more relieved now.’’

’’It'll still continue to happen.’’

The monsters were able to touch the Return Stone only after 30 days had passed. Lee-sahngho had been able to possess the Return Stone from the simple fact that he was a human from earth.

He had died and disappeared, since he was on Trahnet's side now. He would be revived, but he wouldn't be a human of earth any more.

He would only be Iello's vassal, who was one of Trahnet's 72 commanders.

From the perspective of earth, he was now an outsider.

From now on, Woojin will have to kill anyone, who fell for Trahnet's scheme to become his vassal.

’’Let's start heading out.’’

’’All right.’’

She folded her long sleeves, then she pulled up the hem of the cloak to tie it around her waist. She looked like she was swaddled in a blanket, but this was the most jovial state he had seen her be recently.

Woojin went to the lower floors of the subway station to gain the Return Stone. He took care of all the monsters that had run at him, but he couldn't find the Return Stone even when he reached the lowest floor.

’’Is this a high rank Dungeon?’’

This would be a little bit more tedious, but there weren't any Dungeons Woojin couldn't clear now. He ascended to the entrance where the barrier was present, and a red portal had already formed.

Woojin passed through the portal.


After the momentary buzzing and dizziness passed, he saw the appearance of the high rank Dungeon.

It was a wasteland with occasional reeds growing.

He didn't see any monsters.


There were several mountains piercing high into the sky like blades. Amongst them, the one with the highest peak was letting out a green light into the sky. It seemed the Return Stone was there.

It was too far off to walk to it.

Woojin summoned Shing Shing, and he got on.


Woojin sped across the wasteland with shriveled trees here and there.

’’What's the basic monsters here?’’

He had entered without looking up this Dungeon, so he had no information on this Dungeon.

Woojin's curiosity was satiated not too long after he started galloping across the wasteland.


Accompanying a bizarre cry, monsters appeared from the sky.

He was wondering why the field didn't hold any monsters. It seemed the monsters had their nests at the pointy, knife-like mountains instead of the field.

Several dozen forms appeared in the sky, and they were flying towards him.

They were a good distance away, but their forms were already bigger than a hawk. Their identities were Wyverns.

’’So this is a Biryong's nest?’’

Several dozen Biryongs appeared in this Dungeon.

This was probably a 6 star Dungeon. It was a chance to raise his EXP by a significant amount.


Woojin summoned his Warrior's Weapon as he rode Shing Shing.

He transformed it into a Bow.

When he pulled the string, a magical arrow was formed and loaded.


He arrived at the top of the mountain.

It seemed this wasn't a reset Dungeon. The Wyvern Boss Monster nor the other types of monsters appeared. It was unfortunate, but there was nothing he could do. Still, he had went up a level, and he found out this was a pretty good Dungeon. He would have to come here several more times in the future.

There was an abandoned old castle on top of the mountain.

’’Master. Isn't it a little bit creepy here? It feels as if a ghost is going to pop out-ahong. Ooh ooh.’’

Bibi's body shook, and she looked around the surrounding with big round eyes.

Woojin smirked.

It was a thread of conversation that wasn't befitting a tiny devil and a necromancer.

It was obvious Woojin would be dreaming nightmares about ghosts tonight.

’’Over there. Go check for Artifacts, just in case.’’

’’All right. Let's go, Dolsa-jjing.’’


Bibi and Dolsae roamed everywhere around the old castle. Woojin started walking as he moved towards the green light.

He walked pass the uprooted garden, and a building that looked to be a stable. Then he stepped into the castle.

The door to the entrance had been destroyed, and he could see the spider-web filled inside of the castle.

An unknown person's portrait had been burned, and only the upper edges of the picture frame was survived. There was a small stage in the middle of the large hall, and there was the remnant of a broken throne there.

’’Chet. Who the hell builds a castle on top of a mountain?’’

The Dungeons were based on places that exists. It was a ripped away piece of Dimension.

This castle had an owner before Trahnet had invaded it.

Woojin picked up the Return Stone that had been placed on top of the throne.


At that moment, the Return Stone in his hand shook, and it let forth a light. He hadn't taken it out from the Inventory, yet the Dimensional Proof had popped out by itself. It rose into the air, and it mingled with the Return Stone as if it was playing tag. Then the Dimensional Proof started to circle around the Return Stone akin to the moon circling around earth.

<Synchronization Probability 72%, would you like to declare the Wyvern's Nest as your Domain?>

Woojin rubbed his chin as he read the information that had popped up in front of his eyes.

Was this what it meant to come in contact with a Dungeon that suited him?

Woojin rubbed his chin as he worried over the decision.


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