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Seoul Station’s Necromancer - Chapter 103


Chapter 103 - Dimensional Domain

Woojin took out the Dimensional Fragments from his inventory.

He gained one at Pyeongyang, Melody had given him one, and he had just found one more right now. He had a total of 3.


The fist sized gems rose into the air as it resonated.

The vibrating gems swirled around, and it combined to create a single gem. Then it started to slowly descend. Woojin snatched it out of the air, and the bright light disappeared. A purple light vibrated inside the gem as it rippled. The light was swaying as if it was about to flow out of the gem. It was reminiscent of a light trapped inside a glass bottle.


Woojin looked at the gem's info.

<Dimensional Proof>

You can possess a piece of torn Dimension.

’’I guess it's not here.’’

If he wanted a piece of a torn Dimension as his Dimensional Domain, he had to find the right Dungeon. If a Dungeon was compatible with him, it would react to him on its own volition. There was no reaction from this Dungeon. Maybe it was because this wilderness had been owned by Juliel.

Woojin put the Dimensional Proof inside his Inventory, then he swept his gaze around the surrounding.

He wanted to see if Juliel's Wilderness had trophies like Rashmode's Lab.

’’Bibi. Let's look for it.’’

’’All right.’’

Bibi moved at a trot as she looked all over the wilderness. Woojin also activated his Search Magic, and he carefully looked over Juiel's nest.

There was signs of the earth being disturbed near the corner of the cave. The color of the earth was different as if it was used to cover up something. Woojin could feel powerful mana emanating from below.

Woojin started digging, and he found a pile of bones buried underneath.

’’Mmmm. What the hell....’’

Bones of various monsters were there. They all looked the same as if the bones were all part of a specific anatomy.

The bones were the size of a decent sized club, and Woojin could tell this was Juliel's preferred snacks.

Amongst all of the bones, he picked up the large bones emanating the most mana.

<Red Dragon's 3rd Rib>

<Blue Dragon's 3rd Rib>

<Tricolored Gorilla's 3rd Rib>

The Dragon's ribs were massive, and the Tricolored Gorilla's rib was the size of a club. Woojin put away these items that was seeped with mana, then he headed towards Bibi.

’’I guess this is it....’’


Woojin looked at what Bibi had found, and he shook his head from side to side.

’’There aren't anything useful here.’’

At a glance, he could only see remains of monsters. Basically, it was the monsters'leftover food. There were some miscellaneous items found, but overall there weren't anything of note.

’’I think that's dog hair?’’

’’Yeah. Let's head out now.’’

’’Understood, master. May I go around in this form?’’


Woojin looked at Bibi.

She was a devil, but her outer appearance was that of a 10 year old girl.

’’Until you regain your true form, just stay in your cat form.’’

’’Heh heh. All right.’’

Bibi turned into her cat form, then she disappeared into the Summon Room. The Death Knights also returned to the Summon Room. Woojin picked up the Return Stone that was next to the Dimensional Fragment, and he exited the Dungeon.


Sunggoo was in front of the Dungeon, and he was waiting longingly for Woojin.

’’The Dungeon Breaks are happening continuously. If things continue as is right now, I'm afraid something will happen to Seoul.’’

’’Where's it happening?’’

’’The Breaks are keep happening along the 4th line. I heard the news on the radio just a moment ago, and the Yongsan Station is Breaking right now.’’

’’Organize the surrounding.’’

’’Yes, hyung-nim. Please be careful.’’

The roads were a mess, and it was blocked with destroyed cars. He won't be able to get anywhere on a car. Woojin summoned his Phantom Steed, Shing shing.


The Phantom Steed jumped between the cars as it ran down the road.

The monsters were rampaging everywhere, and there weren't enough Roused and soldiers to hunt them. It was a common sight to see civilian being chased down by monsters.

’’Go kill them.’’

[We obey your order.]

Woojin rode down the road on his Phantom Steed, and he sent out his Death Knights every time he saw monsters.

’’It's been only 5 years since the Dungeon Shock, so why is everything still like this?’’

It had only been 5 years ago. Half the population of Seoul had been killed.

They advertised the success of Dungeon Businesses and the fact that Seoul was safe instead of preparing for future Dungeon Breaks....

The first one could be considered an accident, but when it happens for the second time, everyone was at fault.

At the very least, they shouldn't have built the residential areas near the Dungeons.

’’Chet. Go kill those guys over there. If people start attacking you guys, just go back into the Summon Room.’’

[As the Monarch commands!]

Each of the Death Knights spread out to hunt down the monsters. Their outer appearance wasn't that much different from Undead Monsters, so the Roused might attack them by mistake. This was why they were were ordered to immediately return to the Summon Room.

When Woojin arrived at the Yongsan station, it was in a complete pandemonium. As if several entrances nearby had Broken out, there were monsters of various shapes and sizes lining the streets.

’’It would have been great if I had Jaenis....’’

Amongst his Immortal Army, Jaenis was the best in terms of firepower. He couldn't help, but feel the loss when he was confronted with a situation like this. Fortunately, he was leveling fast, so it seemed his days of meeting Jaenis wasn't far off.

’’Go, Dolsae.’’


It hadn't been long since the Dungeon Break had happened, so the place was crawling with monsters. Dolsae flew toward this place.

Chulkuk, Chulkuk!

The nearby vehicles gathered in a single location to make a large Steel Golem. It didn't have firepower like the missiles and machine guns, but the Steel Golem itself was enough to crush the monsters.

If Woojin joined in, the monster hunting would become faster, but it would end up being endless. One doesn't pail the rising water. Instead, one has to block the leak.

’’I don't know who it is, but once I catch him...’’

Woojin had no idea how someone was causing a Break. However, he'll be able to find out the reason and method when he caught the culprit.

Woojin rode Shing Shing towards the North.


Monsters were pouring out from a Dungeon Break that happened right now. Woojin summoned his Bone Spears to make a Wall of Bones near the entrance. He imprisoned the monsters.


Kwahng, kwahng!

The Wall of Bones would be broken soon by the rampaging monsters, but it would give a little bit more time for the people to evacuate. There was an evacuation announcement earlier, so there weren't a lot of civilians, who hadn't run away.

’’Is that the next one?’’

<Seoul Station>

Woojin looked at the Seoul Station.

He had to find out why the already cleared Dungeons were Breaking. Woojin once again summoned the Death Knights, who had returned to the Summon Room after they finished their missions. He sent them towards the monsters that were about to escape the Bone Prison.

Woojin tried to predict the next Break, so he headed towards the Seoul Station.

'Why is this happening?'

He wanted to know why the Dungeon Breaks were happening.

This couldn't be a natural phenomena. Other places were fine yet Seoul, Korea was in a mess. Moreover, the Break was happening in order instead of Breaking at the same time.

'Someone is artificially creating the Dungeon Breaks.'

It had been 5 years since the Dungeon Shock.

This was the first instance where cleared Dungeons went into a Break.

So what had changed in all that time?

'Rashmode. Then Juliel.'

Trahnet's commander.

They started showing themselves.

Even if they were mere 1st or 2nd thrones, the fact that they had showed up in this place was important. Soon the 3rd throne would show up, and the Mana level on earth would increase at a much faster rate. The vassals of the upper echelon thrones would be showing up.

'Someone is controlling this.'

He needed to know what method was being used, so he could prevent this in advance. The lack of knowledge frustrated him.

If this was caused from a different Dimension, the Dungeon Break wouldn't happen consecutively down the road. If a Commander had a hobby of looking at the map of the subway line, this might be plausible. This led him to believe that the switch for the Dungeon Breaks were being flipped from earth.

Someone was moving down the subway line.

Woojin waited for a long time. However, none of the entrances to the Seoul Station Broke, so he put more energy into his senses.

'Does it need more time?'

If one looked at the pattern of the Break, the next target was the Seoul Station. However, it wasn't occurring yet. Did the act of causing a Dungeon Break take a lot of time?

Woojin waited an extra 30 minute, but the Dungeon Break didn't occur.

'I'm sure.'

The only thing that had changed was that Woojin had arrived at Seoul Station ahead of time.

Woojin was now sure that the Dungeon Break was caused by someone, and this culprit had seen Woojin. It had caused this unknown person to stop. If this person realized Woojin was waiting for him here, he might take a roundabout route to head towards another Dungeon.

Woojin fine-tuned his senses as he expanded it. The Death Knights and the Roused, who had taken care of the monster wave from before, were heading toward Woojin.

’’Mr Kahng-woojin.’’


’’I'm the vice president of KH Guild, Lee-myungjin. I've heard a lot about you.’’

’’I'm the president of Joas Guild, Oh-taegyu. It is an honor to meet someone I've only seen through the tv.’’

’’My name is Kim-chuljin. I'm with the Route Guild. It is a great honor to meet....’’

The battle had just ended. The monsters couldn't run away after being penned in. The Death Knights and the Roused subjugated the monsters, but...

After clearing the monsters, the Roused discovered Woojin, and they scuttled over to give their greetings.

Several of them were looking at him with envy, and the rest looked at him as if he was a celebrity. Their eyes were filled with wonder and curiosity.

They were well acquainted with Woojin, but Woojin didn't know any of them.

He wasn't some celebrity that need to worry about his fan's feelings...

’’Why don't we go catch more monsters?’’

’’Other Roused should have mobilized towards the other side.’’

The Capital Defense Command's Special Roused team, and the Roused from various quilds were quickly brought into the regions with the Dungeon Breaks. Sadahng station was the first Break, so the casualties were the heaviest there.

The other locations were somewhat able to predict which stations would break, so a lot of the civilians in the north of the Han River was evacuated. This resulted in very few casualties. Moreover, the Roused were called to the region to join the hunt, so everything was resolved quickly.

’’Do you think I can take a selfie with you?’’

’’If you want to use it as your portrait when you are dead, I'll let you take it.’’


Every Roused shut their mouth at Woojin's brutal words. Woojin looked around his surrounding as he frowned.

There was a female mage in her 20s possessing a small wand with a crystal embedded on it.

Woojin looked at her. When their eyes met, her eyes turned wide like a bunny from surprise.

She acted as if she was suddenly on camera. She looked at the surrounding people to check Woojin was looking at her.

Woojin frowned as he took steps towards the woman.


When Woojin walked straight towards her, the flustered woman took a step back.

’’It would be best if you stay still.’’


The woman felt like she couldn't breath at Woojin's words. It felt as if she was going to be sucked into Woojin's eyes. His eyes was like that of a tyrannical wild beast. Her feet never froze like this even when she had faced an ogre.

Woojin approached the woman, and he punched the woman in the face.


She hadn't really expected to be hit, so the woman fell backwards. She was sprawled on the floor. The surrounding bystanders were shocked. They knew he was buck-wild, but not to this degree....

Everyone looked at each other to see if they should stop this or not. While they were hesitating, a strange sight was seen by their eyes.

The outline of the woman was blinking and swaying.

Woojin used the end of his Staff to brush back the woman's hair. The edges of a hood appeared as it got caught on the end of the Staff, and it was pulled backwards.

When the hood was taken off, the transparent cloak came into view, and the woman was nowhere to be seen. Instead, a red-nosed Lee-sahngho was revealed.

’’Koo. How did you know?’’

Lee-sahngho let out a bloody laugh.

He had spent a fortune to buy the Cloak of Illusions.

’’I have an expert on my side.’’

Woojin summoned his Steel Staff, and he laughed.


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