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Sekai Ga Death Game Ni Natta No De Tanoshii Desu - Volume 1 - Chapter 27




Kyouta liked Shishito.

As a friend.

Kyouta liked Okano Yui, a friend from elementary school.

As a man.

When she understood her faint, awakening love towards Shishito, it bloomed deeper and deeper in her heart.

He likes Shishito, and he likes Yui.

Then, he decided to support the love of his friend and of the girl he loves.

And Yui became even more beautiful.

Yui's boyish facial features full of vitality grew, and now matched a female's softness and tenderness.

Her limbs elongated, her skin became smooth and glossy like fine milk, and just by walking in the hallways, it left the illusion of being in a fashion show in Paris.

There were of course many to confess to such a Yui.

Among them, there were even people who had roughly planned things for Yui.

To protect Yui, and to make Yui and Shishito fall in love with each other, Kyouta created the 『Okano Yui fan-club』 which is the 『Kabedon Club』's predecessor.

People from the club lynched college students trying to kidnap Yui by car.

A classmate who took an embarrassing photo of Yui and tried to threaten her was striped naked and reversely photographed and menaced.

A school senior who tried to bully Shishito was on the contrary beat up.

In this way, Kyouta had kept Shishito and Yui safe many times over.

However, even after graduating primary school, even after graduating secondary school, their distance never shrunk closer than 'good childhood friends'.

Looking at those two, Kyouta thought countless times to confess to Yui his feelings, but he knew the result to be obvious, that there was nothing in that future, so he could only give up.

It was as if being in a dry desert, even though there was an oasis in front of your eyes, you couldn't drink the water, and you'd only suffer from the restraint.

The one who saved Kyouta from that suffering is Tokoharu Sei from his class.

For her appearance, even compared to the number one girl Lonna from the same class, she's a girl which you can't compare to anyone else, and her figure is forged beautifully like a katana, such a girl built a new oasis in Kyouta's desert.

A new love.

A love where nobody needs any restraint.

Of course, Sei is a remarkably beautiful girl, thus Kyouta had many rivals, but he was the class' vice-president, so compared to others he had better opportunities, and compared to the love with Yui he couldn't even challenge, he thought it was way more comfortable.

That is before Sei fell in love with Shishito.

'Since when...?'

That's how it went.

First, Sei didn't even think about Shishito.

She was associating with someone of the opposite se*. (From Sei's old-fashioned sense, that was unacceptable)

This still raised various problems.

From the class' girls, she received se*ual harassment.

Sei herself declared that she hated that sort of guy like Shishito.

However, before arriving to summer vacation, Sei called Shishito at every possible moment to help her with class committee work.

Making Kyouta, an equal committee member, an outcast.

She said herself it was a punishment for Shishito, but that behavior was obviously to get his attention.

Again, Shishito went in the way of Kyouta's love.

At that moment, Shishito says he loves another woman. {TL note: So, this guy who pretends to date Lonna (school #1), and makes at least 3 beauties fall for him (+around 300 random girls), while actually liking another girl doesn't say shit to his best friend and cock-blocks him since elementary school. I'd want to kill him too.}

He says that Sei and Yui are just his friends.

Accompanying the beauties that everyone admires, Shishito is absorbed by his own love.

It is not something forgivable.


After shouting, Kyouta hurriedly blocks his mouth.

Suddenly, his emotion cried out.

Fierce jealousy.

Tonight's patrolling is done by other Kabedon Club members, but someone might wake up and come if he shouts like that.

「...... Fuu.」

It seems no one's coming.

Kyouta, relieved, looks at the classroom.

The girls whose bindings were torn away slowly approach Kyouta.

Corpse ogres act along with the desires from their lifetime. {TL note: If Buddha or maybe Gandhi would become corpse ogres, they wouldn't attack anyone and just try to meditate. Amen to that.}

The girls most wanted desire is indeed Shishito, but a person's desires are not limited to one.

Apart from the one they desired the most se*ually, there aren't many more, but appetite is one of them.

For the girls' trivial appetite's target, Kyouta was chosen.

「Before getting attacked, I'll go out I guess.」

Kyouta heads towards the classroom's exit.

Leisurely, slowly.

Who was it that said that fear came from ignorance?

Kyouta took to heart the words of a past great man's precept.

Corpse ogres are weak.

Speed or strength, there isn't great difference to an ordinary person.

As long as the horn's broken, you can stop them in one move.

Even if you're bitten, as long as you drink the antidote there are no problems.

To Kyouta who had stealthily getting level ups at night when nobody was awake, even if he's attacked by those girls, he wouldn't die, and he could even kill them in an instant.

But for Shishito it would be different.

Shishito didn't receive information to fight against those girls.

Shishito only knows the information the council president told everybody, barely the minimum knowledge.

Shishito doesn't know that by breaking the horn you defeat them easily.

That's why Kyouta will kill Shishito.

Using the corpse ogres.

If it's against one, the unknowing Shishito could probably deal with it.

Even if he's attacked, he simply has to take distance with his broom and run.


However, assaulted by four corpse ogres, Shishito shouldn't have any technique for that.


Shishito will escape with Sei to the 2nd floor where he thinks it's safe.

However, his peace of mind would be brief.

There are the corpse ogres from the 4th floor.

Furthermore, the corpse ogres from the 4th floor loved Shishito.

Those girls who are obsessed with their desires of love will not pay any attention to Sei who'd be with Shishito, will attack him directly and should bite him.

At that moment, Kyouta would come in.

He'd say that since he worried, he followed Shishito secretly and so on, and protect them, finally letting them escape.

But they should not escape safisfactorily.

Shishito being bit, he begins to turn into a corpse ogre, and Sei's leg is hurt.

Before they take refuge in the cafeteria, Shishito would become a corpse ogre.

Doing so, Shishito who's become a corpse ogre should attack Sei.

And at that moment, Kyouta appears again.

Protecting Sei from Shishito that became a corpse ogre, he'd pretend to break his horn by chance, and kill Shishito. {TL note: Except no box would come down. Sei would eventually connect the dots. Plus you're planning stuff that have little chance to actually happen. Just stab him, he ogre-ifies, break the horn, he disappears. Save Sei yourself. That's a good, fail-safe plan, you dip.}

He'd become the hero who had saved Sei, killing the hindrance Shishito, truly killing two birds with one stone.

If things go well, he'd comfort Yui and Lonna who're sad about Shishito's passing, and maybe even take Shishito's place.

That's the keikaku Kyouta thought up. {TL note: Keikaku means plan.}

For that reason, the corpse ogres on the 3rd &4th floors were investigated last night by Kyouta, who lead them in the classrooms and thinned them out.

It was at that time that he brought 4 corpse ogres who liked Shishito from the 3rd and 4th floors to the classroom.

Even in the gym, there are corpse ogres that everyone protected, but now, no one's allowed in except for the council president.

Even saying that they were thinned out, truth is that it would be strange that in the corridor there'd be 0 corpse ogres, so he left about 3 or 4 on each floor.

If there were none, Shishito being an idiot, he'd continue searching for Yurino Madoka with Sei, Kyouta had thought.

The way to go to the girl's changing room is a route taught to Shishito by Kyouta, which is a straight distance from the 2nd floor of 30 meters.

There are 3 to 4 corpse ogres, but if you move cautiously, you won't encounter them between helping Sei and returning to the 2nd floor.

Even if you meet some, it'd be only one or two.

Then again, an improbable situation might happen, so he's planning to stalk Shishito.

Considering that Shishito is walking paying attention to corpse ogres in the dark, he'll be well delayed.

He should still be climbing the stairs for the 3rd floor.

Even if, for argument's sake, a goof happened and Shishito has already been killed, that'd be good in itself.

Kyouta would just have to save Sei himself.

Then, on the way back, have her see Shishito's corpse ogre, let it attack her, and kill Shishito.

But he doesn't think this would go well, so he'd like to avoid this development.

With the perfect timing, he'll become the hero that saved Sei.

With the perfect timing, he'll sever his friendship with Shishito.

To that end, Kyouta would like Shishito to live that long, so he watches his back.

Thinking the plan is unfolding perfectly, Kyouta puts his hand on the door's handle with a natural smile.

「...... Well then, best regards for later. When Shishito comes, good luck.......」

Turning back to confirm the appearance of the 4 corpse ogres released, Kyouta stops.

There are only 3.

Just before, there were definitely 4 corpse ogres in the classroom.

「...... Eh?」


Just as he heard that sound, at the same time Kyouta's field of vision got dyed red and turned black.

「Argh ! ?」

Kyouta's back strongly struck the door.

His glasses fall down.

He doesn't know what happened.

Just, Kyouta's nose broke, and blood's spurting out.

「Wa-...... -why?」

What was standing in front of Kyouta was the corpse ogre whose figure disappeared.

Where did it go.

What did it do.

Kyouta didn't know.

Only one thing did he know.

The corpse ogres in front of him are trying to bite him.


Kyouta rolled and avoided getting bit, in order to calm down, tries to leave the classroom from the opposite door.

However, Kyouta receives a strong shock once again, and hits the wall.


He clearly heard the sound of bones breaking.

Kyouta saw 3 corpse ogres on his collapsing knees.

「Naa...... Naa...... Gahaa!」

Kyouta spits out blood from his mouth. {TL note: 5 minutes ago Kyouta: Hurrr durrr I'm invincible, I leveled up a few times!!!}

His ribs broke and must have pierced his lungs.

While Kyouta breaths intensely, he thinks about what to do.

He thinks about what happened. {TL note: What if the girl loved Kyouta and approached him, but because of his inferiority complex, he thought she did that to get close to his best friend Shishito?}

Probably, no, without a doubt, the ones that broke his nose and ribs were these corpse ogres.

When he checked the classroom, he couldn't find one of the corpse ogres because it jumped high enough to get out of Kyouta's sight, and then knee-kicked him on the face like that.

The proof is that when his nose broke, the corpse ogre near him had blood on her knee.


The three corpse ogres rush on him simultaneously.

「『divine Shield』!」

Kyouta quickly activates his profession's skill.

The warrior's skill, 『divine Shield』.

It's a skill that creates a 1 meter radius invisible defensive membrane for a period of time.

The activation duration depends on the user's level, at Kyouta's level, it would last for around 10 seconds.

After that, it takes 10 minutes to use it again.

However, with 10 seconds, you can escape from the classroom.

Kyouta could run from this unknown terror.

Before the corpse ogres break through the defensive membrane, Kyouta runs outside and closes the door.

At the same time, 『divine Shield』's effect is over.

「...... I'm saved?」

He hears the corpse ogres' groans from inside the classroom.

However, there are no signs of them trying to open the door, only groaning.

Just like other corpse ogres, it seems they don't have such knowledge.

But, he cannot get careless.

Those corpse ogres are different from the ones Kyouta knows.

Corpse ogres do not have such physical abilities.

「Hum? Did you run away?」

Suddenly, a voice came from Kyouta's back.

In an instant, he pulls out his 『Gale Shortsword』 and turns around to see someone Kyouta knew well.

「......, ..................!」

Kyouta, surprised, calls out this person's name and asks why that person's here.

No, he tries to ask.

He tries to emit words with the air inside his lungs.

However, right now when Kyouta tries to say something, he cannot hear his own voice.

Because his body and head are apart.

Kyouta's head falls into the corridor.

While rolling down in the corridor, Kyouta thinks.

Why is that person here?

Why were the corpse ogres in the classroom so strong?

Why is that person holding a spear?

Why is he getting so cold, and falling asleep?......

Various doubts comes to his mind and disappear.

However, till the end, the girl he fell in love with, the Sei he adores did not come to his mind.

In the end, Kyouta's love heart must have been only to this degree.

If he really loved her, when he had heard about Sei from Shishito, he would've gone to save her.

He should have confessed to Yui.

Thus, the Kabedon Club's leader.

Had died.


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