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Sekai Ga Death Game Ni Natta No De Tanoshii Desu - Volume 1 - Chapter 26




(...... Is everyone asleep?)

After night has fallen, and everyone fallen asleep, Shishito opens his eyes.

Next to him is Kotori holding firmly his jersey.

At night, boys are supposed to sleep in the martial arts room and girls in the canteen, but Kotori cannot leave Shishito's side, so helplessly...... Shishito sleeps in the canteen too.

Being a man, Shishito would probably get opposition for sleeping next to girls of his age.

However, as the girl looks like an pitiful but cute elementary school student, instead of being left in the fiendish den of men, the girls decided to have Shishito with them instead.

Around Shishito are Lonna and Yui.

Then again, the girls were sleeping and without minding, Lonna and Yui who are close to Shishito were sleeping too.

Shishito takes off his jersey with prudence as to not make Kotori notice, and gets up.

When sleeping, everyone takes off their uniform and puts on their gym clothes and jersey, and some leave a suggestive appearance. {TL note: like this }

Lonna's gym clothes are exposed, and while glimpsing at her belly button, his heart throbbing, Shishito heads over to the exit of the canteen.

「...... Sorry.」

He mutters, while looking at Kotori, Lonna and Yui who're asleep and sneaks away from the canteen.

「Yo. You've finally here.」

Shishito, who went out of the canteen, went upstairs and arrived in front of the hallway and answers the greeting of the person waiting there.

「Yo, Kyouta.」

Shishito and Kyota who stood in the corridor do 'high touch' so as not to make a noise, and enter into an aerial arm wrestling as it is.

「Unuu? ...... It looks like getting surrounded by girls made you weak!」

「Haa? Don't make light of me......」

Shishito, who was being pushed back, put force in his legs and returned it...... As the two got tired, they put an end to it.

「...... Kuu...... Haaha.」

「It's been a long time, doing this.」

For the first time in a while, doing the two's unique greeting, they laughed wholeheartedly.

「Recently, Shishito keeps frolicking about with that girl so I can't partner with you after all......」

「No, I'm not particularly frolicking or anything. That said, don't you know too? I'm not actually going out with Lonna.」

A loose-lipped quarrel. {TL note: as opposed to regular 'bad-lipped/insult-filled quarrel'}

Kyouta and Shishito were best friends since elementary school.

「............ Are you going?」

「Aa...... I must find Yurino-san.」

To Kyouta's query, Shishito vigorously nods while responding.

「...... Well, what about Tokoharu-san?」

「Eh? Aa, right, right, I must meet up with Tokoharu-san too.」

「Oy oy, Tokoharu-san is my important class representative partner dude? Reliably go and meet up with her.」

「Well, Tokoharu-san is strong so, I thought she was fine.」 {TL note: Yeah... sure. Remember folks... THAT happened, after he left her for dead and told noone about it.}

The two laugh a bit.

Kyouta's laughter is somewhat dry, but Shishito doesn't notice.

「...... As I thought you're going alone?」

「I was the one who said I'd go...... And, Lonna said it to me, in this situation going to search for Yurino-san is too risky. I'm going alone.」

「...... Well, as well as Tokoharu-san, they'd probably want this.」

Kyouta goes before Shishito and points to the corridor.

「If you're going, try to pass through in the 2nd floor as much as possible. The closest place to reach the girl's changing room is straight ahead in this corridor, and atop the stairs to the left.

 ...... At night, it's dangerously dark, so I wanted you to go in daylight as much as possible.」

「Because Lonna found out after all.」

Shishito smiles bitterly.

「Well then, before you're found, go quickly. I think that it's safe because all of the dea-... crazy people from the second floor across the bridge passage were confined in the gym with everyone's help. Also, 5 meters. That's the distance to get recognized by the crazy people. Well, I think you heard the president's guidance too though.」


Shishito nods while gulping.

「Then, here's a stick from a broom, and here are kendo gloves. As to not get bitten okay. It seems that if you get bitten you get the crazy people's illness. Also, first take Tokoharu-san over here. Taking an injured girl, you can't search for anyone like that right?」

Taking the broom and gloves from Kyouta, Shishito equips them.

「Thank you. That's right, I'll first come here with Tokoharu-san.」 {TL note: A bretty bunny ding iz apout do habben :DDD}

Shishito passes Kyouta, walking.

「Thanks for everything man.」

Shishito said, without turning around.

「Just go already. If you come back safely, you'll marry your home town's childhood friend right?」

「That's a death flag! But childhood friend huh, that's Yui. It's impossible......」

The two laugh.

Then Shishito walks ahead like that.

As Shishito turns in the corridor, Kyouta's figure disappears.

「...... Haa. I'm tired.」

As Kyouta sighs, he places back his glasses correctly.

There wasn't the young man who he got along well with just moments ago anymore.

His sharp and piercing gaze was like a snake's inside a bush.

「It's as if he treats Tokoharu-san as a bonus.」

Kyouta walks in the corridor Shishito just left.

「Yurino-san Yurino-san...... Hurry up the pace a bit Lonna-san...... That said.」

Kyouta takes out from his pocket a slightly big tablet.

「Harem-man...... Think about Yui's and Tokoharu-san's feelings a little as well...... and mine too.」

Kyouta opens the door from the classroom just beside the stairs Shishito climbed.

There were four girls with cloths in their mouths, and tied up arms and legs.

Those girls all had horns on their foreheads.

In other words, these girls were crazy people.

Corpse ogres.

「Well, it's time.」

Kyouta goes into the classroom where the girls are tumbling about without fear.

「First year class B Yamanaka-san First year class A Suzukawa-san Second year class E Yoshida-senpai and same class E Katou-senpai」

Kyouta calls out one by one the rolling around girls. {TL note: Those were prob family names;i.e those are all girls 100%}

「As of now, Shishito will be absent for a while. It's the Shishito you all love. There must be feelings you couldn't convey when alive. Those feelings, push them down to your heart's content. As for the method......」

Kyouta makes a gesture to scrape his neck with his thumb.

「Eat, sever. ’’I want to become the same as the one I love. I want to incorporate a part of my loved one inside me.’’ To those who think so, it's nothing weird at all. It's okay.」

Kyouta takes out a small knife out of his tablet.

「Corpse Ogres...... instead of zombies, they are people that died but, they move with their survival instinct and appetite/desire. I'm grateful to THAT person that taught me various things. Thanks to that, I came up with this plan as well.」

Kyouta swings around his knife.

Then, transparent-like blades are released from the edge of the knife.

The transparent blades that came out cut the bindings of the corpse ogre girls who were restrained.

Kyouta's knife is called a 『Gale Short-sword』, once it's swung, it produces up to twelve air blades, Kyouta hit with a rare lottery item, a silver-equivalent weapon.

Yes, Kyouta has killed corpse ogres.

That was before Kyouta went to take refuge in the cafeteria.

Not an hour had passed since the crazy people appeared.

Kyouta accidentally broke the horn from a crazy person's forehead who was trying to bite him.

Then, the body of the strange person collapsed, Kyouta heard a『Tetete ten!』 music, the type that played when you evolve in a game from defeating monsters.

In front of Kyouta's eyes who was confused as he didn't understand what was happening, he noticed a big cardboard box falling down, which had a tablet inside.

Afterwards, when Kyouta was safely refuged in the cafeteria, he heard information about the changed world from a certain person.

That crazy people were actually『Corpse Ogres』.

That just like a game, if you defeat them you level up and become stronger.

And that, corpse ogres are dominated by the greed of their lifetime, and the higher their level goes up, the stronger they act for their past desires.

Kyouta decided to use that information when Shishito escaped from the cafeteria alone.

To kill Shishito.


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