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Sekai Ga Death Game Ni Natta No De Tanoshii Desu - Volume 1 - Chapter 25




Meanwhile, at the same time.

Right above Mao and the others capturing corpse ogres, on the second floor corridor, something moved sneakily.


The boy moving stealthily looked around, verifying that no one's there.

The people responsible for the watch-keeping of the corridor were having a meeting, thus missing him.

While clasping a long broom in the long passageway connecting the school building and the gym, the boy walks.

「......My boyfriend taking some cute girl with him somewhere, just where did he go?」 {TL note: Seems Reverse-NTR needs to be put in the tags too.}

From behind him, he hears a voice.

He turns around in a panic.

As if it was pure gold, the blond hair of a girl beautifully swayed with the wind.

Her name is Lonna R. Montmasse.  {TL note: ロナ・R・モンマス Rona R Monmasu;I'm assuming her gender. I'm assuming she's French, like me.}

The school's number 1 beauty.

Shishito:「......It's a walk. I just want to hang around a bit. It seems that every crazy person has been arrested on the 2nd floor.」

His name is Kago Shishito. {TL note: Same Shishito that was with Sei, until he left her for dead.}

The school's number 1 popular boy. {TL note: enemy of all men! OTOKO NO TEKIIII!!!!! KAGO SHISHITOOOOOO!!!}

And Lonna's boyfriend.

Although it's only official, an agreement. {TL note: this is the romcom. Another Nisekoi fake couple. Although that was popular at the time}

Lonna:「Oh, yes. Then, it's fine if I come with you right?」

Lonna stands naturally beside Shishito as if she owned that position.

「......It's no good.」

「This is wrong.」

The couple's words overlapped, and they smiled at each other.

Shishito:「I want to go alone. I'll return soon, so will you wait for me?」

Lonna:「If you come back soon, I can come with you right? I am your girlfriend after all.」



Still smiling, the two stop.



Shishito:「Right now, do you know how much danger there is outside? The crazy people of the second floor were tentatively captured, but there could have been some overlooked, and some could come from outside. Do you understand the risks?」

Lonna:「But the fool who is about to take a walk in such a dangerous place is in front of me, so what do you think I should do? Aa, asking an idiot idiotic things can't be helped huh? They say idiots won't get cured even if they die so would you stop trying to kill yourself? It's in vain.」



Their smile and conversation are still stopped, but their fists tremble. Expiring, Shishito calms himself with a deep breath.

「......Hey, please. Let me go. I'll definitely get back, I promised. If I don't go over there......」


Again, words of denial.

「You're going to pick up Tokoharu-san right? Then I'll go with you. If Tokoharu-san is injured, instead of being alone, it'd absolutely be better to together.」

「......Uu! It's obviously no good! I can't take Lonna in such a dangerous place!」

「Then, don't go!」

It's isn't any smile anymore.

Both of them.

Lonna:「I informed the police, and I also contacted my father. It may take a while, but in just a while, rescue will come. It'll definitely come...... That's why please. Wait a little bit more? Okay?」

Lonna holds Shishito's hand.


「There's water right? There's food, and candy too, so you'll be fine. You should wait till rescue comes. They should come in one or two more days. Tokoharu-san is strong, so if it's one or two crazy people, she can beat them so ......」

「......Yurino-san is gone.」

Lonna once again stops Shishito's words.

「Yurino-san hasn't been found yet. Even if you call her, it doesn't connect. Mizuhashi-san is already done for...... I have to find her.」

Lonna knew.

Shishito's true feelings were there.

Lonna knew that he didn't actually want to go help Tokoharu-san, that was a facade. In truth, he wanted to go search for Yurino, the person he liked most. {TL note: What'd be hilarious would be that one of the ogres Shinji licked cream from would be Yurino. NTRd! EDIT: If you remember the previous chapters, unlike yours truly Mr. TL, it was : Yurino Madoka. CUCKEDTM}

「......You can't do it.」

That's why, Lonna stops him.

Searching for someone that is somewhere you don't know, in the current school, in this situation, it is suicide.

Lonna herself realizes her true feelings, of the actual reason for stopping him.

Simply, she tries to not think about it.

Because her true feelings were just too dirty, ugly things. {TL note: Jelly?}

「Yurino-san too, surely she wouldn't want Shishito to do dangerous things.」

Lonna covered them.

Her true feelings.

Concerned for Shishito's wellbeing, she wraps herself with garments of Yurino's good intentions.

However, they still seemed to leak.

Her true feelings- from her face, mouth, lungs.

Lonna hugged Shishito.

To fool her own heart.

Lonna felt that her leaking feelings were going away.

This action is the thing that washed over her unstoppable feelings, Lonna kept fooling herself.


「......One hundred million.」


「You owe me as debt. I won't let you say that you forgot. When we started school, you broke my important mechanism. To return this debt, right now you are being my boyfriend you know? If, putting me aside, you go search for Yurino-san, thengive me one hundred million yen right now.」 {TL note: 100 gorillion ¥=867'400€=920'600$=734'700£=779 ฿ (Bitcoin). In raw it's written 'meka'. I wonder what object costs that much. The watch from Clockwork Planet? Why the hell do you have that at school?}

The 100 million yen, in Lonna's heart, didn't matter.

However, Shishito didn't notice her true feelings.

Because he's earnest. He's frank. He's honest.

So Shishito forsakes Lonna.

「......At such a moment money! This stingy rich girl! Put a stop to this!」

That's why he disparages her.

With Shishito's words Lonna's heart's hurt, but she tells herself she must not give up.

「......That's right. Money! If you have something to say, then give me 100 million yen now! You stupid pauper!」 {TL note: 'Kono baka binbo!' Kinda wanted to write poorfag instead of pauper, but it had to sound cuter than that. Speaking of poorfag, reminds me of someone in the mirror.}

「I'm not an idiot, and I'm not that poor either! And as a living creature I'm the one with the most points between us!」

Quarreling with insults, at first glimpse it seemed like a lover's quarrel.

「............Aa! Geez!There's no end to this! I'm going! This isn't the moment to waste time like this!」

「Hey!Wait a minute!」

「Okay, you two stop right there.」

To stop Shishito, Lonna seizes his sleeve, and at the same time in the corridor, female students stood there.


Okano Yui.

First year classA.

Being Shishito's childhood friend, member of the track &field club, she's a somewhat small shorthaired girl.

With her long legs and well-organized face, she's a beautiful girl that doesn't lose in popularity to Lonna.

「Already...... Couldn't you stop your lover's quarrel?」 {TL note: She speaks in kansai dialect. Which is basically super se*y, punk-ish kyoto dialect.}

Making fun of them, while Shishito smiles, Yui approaches the two.

「When I watch your lovey-dovey head-over-heels manners, like...... I really want to punch a wall huh?」 {TL note: Yandere getchu?}

She says words akin to punching the air in a shadow-boxing manner, and Shishito and Lonna both「Haa!?」, raising their voices.

Shishito:「It's not a lover's quarrel.」

Lonna:「Ah, you, since when where you there......?」

Yui:「Well, first of all Shishito, let's go back to the canteen.」

Yui grabs Shishito's back collar, and like a kitten Shishito is brought away in the corridor.

Shishito:「Cho! Yui! I have to go......!」

Yui:「For a guy getting grabbed along by such a frail girl, where would you go.」

Shishito:「Where are you frail exactly!」

Shishito resists, struggling to no avail.

Yui is stronger than Shishito. In strength and in spirit.

Shishito:「Cho......Yui! Put a stop to this already!Aren't you worried about Yurino-san and Tokoharu-san!」

Yui:「I'm worried. But you know, when you take action all by yourself, it's a pain all...... over!」

Yui kicks Shishito's back and forcibly takes him to the canteen.


「Okay, I've brought you over.」

As if it was a reaction to Yui's words ignoring the rolling Shishito, a small, long-haired girl jumps onto Shishito.

「Owa!? ...... Kotori?」

「Shishito...... kun」

The short girl mutters with a squeezed-out voice.

Her name is Hikima Kotori. {TL note: 引間 小鳥。Meaning 'Idle Bird'. Prob.}

Back from entering school, she's a hikikomori who didn't come to school.

Accepting Shishito's eager persuasion, she began coming to school for the second semester.



Without saying anything, the girl with a small slender body you can't differentiate from a primary school student, Kotori, closely attaches herself onto Shishito.

Rubbing her head on Shishito's chest, she hugs his body tightly.

「......This girl, since you disappeared, she was crying the whole time you know?」

Yui, seemingly annoyed, points at Kotori.

Shishito hadn't left Kotori in the canteen for 10 minutes.

Nevertheless, the girl cried, in fear.

Kotori depends just that much on Shishito.

「......You know, even if you go search for Yurino-san, you may not find her, you may not save her.」 {TL note: Yui uses 'anta' at Shishito.}

Yui looks at Shishito in a sorrowful manner.

「Even so, if you stay here, there are people you'll save without a doubt. People you'll relieve...... As a man, what will you do?」

Unable to say one rebuttal to Yui's words, Shishito simply pats Kotori's head.


Changing the scenery again, this is next to the canteen.

The martial arts room.

In this place made to temper kendo, judo and the mind &body, the cry of a whisperechoes.

There, were men wearing dougi {padded undershirt} putting rounded cushions to form a wall, and they kept pushing against it.

「Sei! Sei! Sei! 」

They all whispered.

However in their voice carried a feeling.

Their heart was one.

The 'one-mind'.

They all thought the same thing.

 「We hate Shishito ! Hate! Hate! Hate!」

Against Shishito who was too much of a riajuu, they resented, envied and were jealous towards him.

Their name is 『Kabedon Club』. {TL note: Wall (hit onomatopoeia) club}

Day and night, toward Shishito &friends' unfolded love-comedy, the Kabedon try even if a little to reduce it. But it's truly a harmonious gentleman-like vacant club.

「Alright! Next is those who yearn for Lonna!」


They were originally fan club members pursuing different beauties.

However, those beauties were one after another captured by Shishito's demonic hand, and as they were surrendering, the fan clubs became of one mind.

Their membership totaled to over 1000 people. {TL note: This is why we need more ogre apocalypses... Over here IRL too. *see feminist* OH SHI-}

This club, which has members in other schools, is a uselessly large club in which about 70% of the men of the Myousen high school are members.

Currently surrounded by crazed people, they are hitting the walls at the martial arts ground so that girls in the next canteen can not hear it.

As to not make a sound or destroy the wall, they hit cushions. They were shedding their youth's sorrowful sweat.

By the way, for now, other than those members, Shishito and Mao's followers, there are no men who survived.

Has the 『Kabedon』's hatred against Shishito raised even their survivability?

「Thanks that's enough for today.」

「Ah, leader. Thank you very much.」

The man wearing glasses gave a towel to the guy that hit the wall till now, a Tokoharu Sei fan club member.

This glasses guy is 『Kabedon Club』's


「Today as well, it was a good hitting sound.」 {TL note: The sound of hitting cushioning is a recent fetish in Japan. Don't ask why.}

「Oh no, not that good like Leader's...」

As to not expose the club's activities, they whisper.

「......By the way, has『Kabedon's sorcery master』Michiyama-senpai been found?」 {TL note: That back-story... Explains a lot.}

「No...... Regretfully.」

A man in Sei's fan club shook his head, dropping the tone of his voice.

「Lonna! Lonna! Lonna!」

While listening to the whispers echoing the warehouse, they continue their conversation.

「......I see. As I thought, he's already dead- crazy......」

Kyouta frowns.


「Lonna! Lonna!!」

The Lonna fan club's wall-hitting is rushing to its hook {high point of a song}.

「In their wall-hitting is their heavy heart. And that heart is taken over by our own.」


The men in Sei's fan club put a towel in the corner of their eyes.

「...... Incidentally, what happened to that guy?」

While raising his glasses, Kyouta asks a sobbing guy.

「Yes...... While I was looking Lonna-sama and Yui-sama impolite...... After that, I was tired from crying to Kotori-san, eventually I gave up on rescuing her......」

「I see.」


The Lonna fan club sound the finale of their wall-hitting.

Being the school's biggest fan club, the finale was truly filled with spirit.

「Everyone from the Lonna fan-club, please quiet down a bit. That being said, next is Yurino Madoka-san's fan-club's turn.」

The Lonna fan-club and Madoka fan-club change places.

「...... But leader」


「Why do it in such a way?」

A guy from the Sei fan-club looks at Kyouta dubiously.

「...... First, that guy. Shishito is her friend since elementary school after all. I understand the feeling of wanting to save Tokoharu-san, but I want to respect both of their feeling as much as possible.」

The guy from Sei's fan-club vexingly grasps his fist tightly after hearing Kyouta's words.

「...... That's true. Instead of me, Sei-sama would wish to be saved by that guy Shishito.」

Kyouta puts his hand over the guy's grasped fist.

「...... It's frustrating but, we fan-clubs are an organization doing what we can to have those girls' wishes answered. In the end, what we can do is becoming Shishito's support.」

Yet, Kyouta takes a single breath.

「 So, as long as they smile, isn't that fine? If they become happy, is that not good? Let's change the frustration into wall-hitting within this club.」

With Kyouta's warm heartfelt words, the guy from Sei's fan-club furthermore sheds tears.

「Madoka! Madoka! Maho......」

The wall's concert from the Madoka fan-club rises.

The two of them just listened to the tone in silence.


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