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Seirei Gensouki ~Konna Sekai De Deaeta Kimi Ni~ - Volume 2 - Chapter 99


Chapter 99

Chapter 99 [Second Day of Evening Party, Before]

+++第99話 夜会二日目 前編

TL : Cnine

ED/PF : Jake1456, LittleEndu

Part 1

Galwark kingdom's position is in the eastern most part of the Strahl region.

The three big countries in its surrounding are―― Bertram kingdom in the west, Saint Stellar kingdom in the south and, Proxia empire in the north.

In contrast to Bertram kingdom, Galwark kingdom, and Saint Stellar kingdom which have a long history, the recently rising Proxia empire is rapidly enlarging its territories by invading flocks of smaller countries that reside in the north.

The two major countries, Bertram kingdom and Galwark kingdom, seeing this decided to put a check on them by forming a union which caused the international power balance to come to a stalemate, this tensed state has continued for several decades.

But, during such a situation the coup d'etat which happened in Bertram just recently is increasing the stimulus regarding international relations.

Moreover, there's an almost too good to be true rumor circulating in society that the shadow of Proxia empire is behind the coup d'etat which keeps appearing and disappearing.

The king of Galwark kingdom and the king's government are washing their hands clean from the current government of Bertram kingdom, and a new one has appeared following the coup d'etat called 『Restoration』 which is led by Flora.

Therefore, the current situation in the eastern part of the Strahl region is a place which will trigger the disturbance*.

Though there are many smaller countries in the east part of the Strahl region, their international policy is ’’Take care of your own country's problem’’.

For example, if a war ever breaks out, those countries will definitely be involved in it and there's even a few countries which will do a skirmish as the representatives of the true major country.

The evening party sponsored by the Galwark kingdom held in the middle of such international situation, and the debut of Satsuki, the hero, are gathering great amount of attention from the smaller countries in their surroundings.

And tonight, the smaller countries which are under the patronage of the Galwark kingdom all received an invitation, and now, they're doing introductions for the foreign guests in the hall serving as a venue.

In short, the smaller countries are being invited by their superior country, that's why sending their royalty is a way to show their manners and in the end, the ones being introduced are only their royalty.

By the way, the order in which they were introduced was decided according to their relationships or their national power.

And then, while the royalties from the smaller countries are being introduced in order, it's now the turn of a certain princess of a small country to be introduced.


The moment the knight who's doing the introductions said that, the nobles in the hall started making a commotion.

That moment, a girl appeared from the door onto the stage.

There are 5 attendants who are following her.

「P-P ! PRINCESS KNIGHT KITAAA! THIS IS SUCH A HUGE REVELATION YOU KNOW! As expected, I never thought to see a princess knight after I came to this fantasy world」

And then, the one who making merry with such odd tension is the one who's standing behind the door on the stage waiting for his turn, the eyes of the noble are gathering at princess Silvi who was just being introduced.

「Has princess knight, her highness princess Silvi, appeared」

「She truly is a gallant lady, isn't she」

「Yeah, I see her and she's not a least bit inferior to the hero, Satsuki-sama」

「Such a graceful figure is suited as an ornament on the battlefield. She's most suited to raise the morale of the soldiers, right」

And such, the gossip of the male camp somehow became even more passionate than that during the introduction of the other royalties of the smaller countries.

Moreover, even one part of young girls are sending a passionate gaze toward her.

Silvia Rubia is a girl who was born as the first princess of a small country, Rubia kingdom, based from her appearance, her age is still in the later half of her teens.

She is pretty tall for a girl, she has a gallant and beautiful face and shoulder length blond hair ―― The truth is, she's someone who's overflowing with charm which attracts the public gaze.

Though it seems that, being a young girl, she has a soft and tender body, one can feel it from the way she moves that for a fact she's a powerful military woman.

A simple boorish black ornament is added onto the pure white dress that she's wearing, though it might as well become her battle costume once she wears a sword on her waist, it's still well matched with her atmosphere.

Part 2

「Everyone has become quite lively, haven't they. Is there a secret to the popularity of her highness princess Silvia? 」

Rio asked Liselotte with a expression of someone interested in a rumor.

Liselotte then looked at Rio with a [Oh my] face.

「Haruto-sama doesn't know about it. Her highness princess Silvia is a well known girl in the neighboring country. The greatest reason for that is because she's acting as a knight despite being royalty. Though it's a bit difficult to imagine for a normal country, it seems she known as princess knight you see」

「I see.................. So there was a princess who's acting as a knight, didn't think that I would be so uninformed」

Rio's saying that as if really interested in her.

One could say that he's being curious about the secret to her popularity, but maybe majority of it is due to her personality and her prided beauty.

「Though I happened to hear that she's quite skilled, it doesn't mean that she's active in making heroic effort, right. That's why it's natural that you never heard about her unless you're active in the high-ranking society like a noble」

While the two of them were having that conversation, Silvi's introduction had ended so she was moving to the corner of the stage.

After that were the introductions of several royalties of smaller kingdoms, and finally it's the turn of the foreign guests of larger kingdoms.

Since the first day was led by the introduction of 『Restoration』 who already made their appearance in the first day of the evening party, the ambassadors of Saint Stellar made their appearance on the second day.


Everyone of Saint Stellar is being introduced in the beginning.

A country which normally holds back from appearing has finally made their appearance, the people in the venue start showing interest in the situation.

After waiting impatiently, the waiting ambassadors finally make their appearance, entering from the opened door.


Everybody in the venue started looking on the pair of man and woman who are appearing from the door.

Even Rio's quickly squinting his eyes to the man on the stage―― The one he saw in his eyes is the figure of Sendou Takahisa.

(He is.....................)

Maybe it's not just his imagination seeing him somewhere.

They have never met.

Never spoken to each other.

But, though just a while, there's the moment where he sees him from a distance.

The memory of that time hasn't faded, even now, it was etched vividly into Rio's mind.

Part 3

「He's the hero-dono of Saint Stellar kingdom huh. Seeing from his appearance, he's quite young huh」

「Yeah, I can feel his majestic dignity. Coupled with his appearance, he's basically perfect」

The murmuring conversation is resounding in the entire hall to confirm the appearance of Takahisa as a hero.

Coiling around Takahisa's body is etiquette clothes which are concentrating on silver design with blue as it's accent color. [TL : Rio = Kirito , Takahisa = Eugeo, is this a death flag?] [ED: probably depends on if he is a likeable character]

His height is around the later half of 170 cm, slightly shorter than Rio.

He has a well ordered and clean appearance, along with a refreshing short hairdo and the fact that he's scattering his smile in the entire hall with a puffed chest.

His figure is surely adequate to call him a young noble or an adequate youth.

「Nevertheless................ Her highness princess of Saint Stellar is truly beautiful huh」

「Yeah, though I heard that she's a beauty, to think that she's this beautiful............」

Now, the nobles are focusing on the girl who's walking beside Takahisa.

Lilyana Saint Stellar―― The first princess of Saint Stellar kingdom and the one who's travelling to act as Takahisa's manager.

Her long sparkling golden hair, her pale yellow dress, gentle and kind appearance and then her graceful conduct which made one feel she has ladylike manners, are not exaggerating to say that she's the personification of an ideal beauty.

Though Flora is by no means less beautiful than her, Lilyana is emitting the presence of an expert in social life more than Flora is.

All male nobles in the venue are gulping in the presence of this angelic-like beauty.

「Nevertheless, she is everyone's beauty even in the presence of the ones who are accompanying her」

「Yeah, she really is the flower. Dear me, everyone is just..........」

Though there's around ten people who are falling behind Takahisa and Lilyana, almost all of them are woman.

The people who are following a royalty as ambassador of another country probably have quite high standing in contrast to just men.


Following the introduction, the head camp of 『Restoration』 made their appearance starting from Flora and Hiroaki.

But, maybe because the appearance of Takahisa and Lilyana, or because they were already introduced last night, they're completely robbed of attention.

The noise made wasn't as much as yesterday.

Hiroaki's looking at the venue with pouting lips as if slightly dissatisfied.

And then he's glaring at Takahisa who's still basking in attention of the surrounding.

Thereupon, Lilyana who's noticing his line of sight is sending a full smile at Hiroaki.


Hiroaki's taken aback and showing an astonished face, and then starts blushing.

He's showing a slightly loose smile and then nodding back at her.

After that, Hiroaki's sending a fleeting glance at Lilyana to the point of forgetting about even Flora by his side.

When Satsuki and the royalties of Galwark kingdom made their appearance, the second day of the evening party officially begins.


Part 4

The evening party also leaves time for a pleasant talk.


Satsuki who appeared out of nowhere suddenly called Rio.

「Hello there, Satsuki-sama」

Rio's bowing respectfully while showing an expression as if being surprised.

「Nice to meet you, Satsuki-sama」

Liselotte also goes to greet her with a sweet face on her.

「Nice to meet you too, Liselotte-sama. Can I borrow him for a while? 」

Satsuki's breaking the ice by going straight to the point.

Since a slightly unforeseen situation happened just now.

Though Satsuki was already supposed to come and talk to Rio, she feels the need to talk with him in the matter of Takahisa.

「Yes. Of course you can but, you two have became quite close, haven't you? 」

Liselotte asked with a surprised expression.

「Yes. At first it was because of his story I heard about the place where his parents were born, and then we hit it off during that conversation. We couldn't talk for too long yesterday that's why I was thinking about talking to him again」

Satsuki's replying to her with a smile on her face.

「The story about the birthplace of Haruto-sama's parents. .............. Uhm, if possible may I hear about that too? I'm also slightly interested in the foreign land」

Liselotte was asking as if trying to see the situation.

Though Rio and Satsuki are slightly worried about what they have told her, the matter of inquiring regarding the subject of conversation is rude and unbefitting for a lady.

Nevertheless, the girl called Liselotte wasn't the type of girl who have a unreserved personality to the point of looking enviously at the two of them who have became intimate with each other.

That's why she realized that fact and asked to be added to their conversation.

Moreover, she also wanted to use this evening party to get closer to Rio.

「EH? Yeah, that's okay. Uhm................」

Satsuki sent a fleeting glance at Rio as she's troubled by how to answer her.

(............... How did it come to me?)

Rio's catching her signal while keeping his smile.

After coming along with Liselotte to this place, though he's clearly troubled and unable to talk about the main issue with Satsuki, there's no way he can bring himself to tell 「Please refrain from our conversation」 to her.

He immediately thought about the suitable reply to refuse this degree of request.

The matter of accepting will just come naturally when it comes to Liselotte's request.

It's just that, the truth is, he wants to discuss about what he wants to do and share information with Liselotte for now.

He has no choice but to let her in on their conversation for a while if she's coming along and then make a proper excuse in the middle.

That's his decision,

Part 5

「Yeah, though there's nothing wonderful which I could tell in my story, I don't mind that you know. I by all means welcome you if you have an interest in my parent's birthplace」

Rio decided to agree to her request for the time being.

It seems that Satsuki also understands that it can't be helped but, she displayed a slightly vexed expression.

「But, before that, may I have a conversation regarding the private matter with Satsuki-sama from yesterday? This conversation is slightly private after all. I think that it'll end in 2, no 3 minutes though............」

Rio's bowing lightly while telling her that with a apologetic tone.

And sending a fleeting gaze at Satsuki while doing so.

Though Satsuki's slightly surprised for a moment when their eyes met,

「Uhm, yeah. It's definitely slightly embarrassing matter to be heard..... Maybe」

She's agreeing right away with a slightly awkward tone.

「This was definitely a discourtesy. If that's the case I'll take some distance for the time being」

Liselotte said that while placing her hand on her lips, expressing her surprise in a elegant way.

The matter about her, trying to join the conversation just now when she didn't hear the full content of their story, might be to the level of an extremely shameless person.

Liselotte's laughing in a reserved manner and then took a few steps back.

「Thank you very much」

Rio and Satsuki are bowing lightly.

Though he feels really guilty to send her away like that, they're walking till they reach a place in which their conversation won't be heard from where Liselotte is.

「How could you, well, that kind of quick wittedness is really effective right. Geez, I couldn't even tell such a barefaced lie you know」

Satsuki said those words with a astonished voice halfway through her sentence.

「The society is hard right. It's the secret for success」[Rio]

Rio's replying with a wry smile.

「Though I'm happy about your praise, now is not the time for that. Let's get down to business quickly」 [Rio]

「You're right. .............. I think you already know but, it's about the hero of Saint Stellar kingdom. He's the big brother of Aki-chan and Masato-kun you know」

「Yeah, I'm aware of that. Do you already have a plan to get into contact with him? 」

「Pretty much. Even so, don't tell him about Miharu-chan and the others yet. I felt that he has to gain your approval first, since there's that princess by his side, we couldn't just talk to him. With that we will briefly greet him and tell him to meet again later」

「That's right........... As for me, I think there's no reason to not tell him, he's someone thought as a brother by Satsuki-san after all. Of course it's better if we're proceed carefully」

Rio told her that with a loose tone.

「You're right. That's absolutely right. I also think along that way but.................」

Part 6

Satsuki's showing a pensive look while nodding at him.

Her hesitation is going on for a few seconds.

「Maybe Takahisa will be strongly insisting on taking the three of them along with him. Since he's, how should I say, someone who truly cares about his family. He really cherishes both Aki-chan and Masato-kun」

Told that as if slightly troubled by it.

And then, Rio's guessing what Satsuki's worrying about.

「You already told Miharu-san and the others about the risk of being together with the hero who belongs to a country, right?」

Rio asked her.

「................. Yeah」

「In that case, afterwards is what they want themself you know. Takahisa-san is also included in that factor of their choice. We're telling them what they have to worry about, we can't do nothing but leave them with what they think, and that is including him. I'm also in a similar position with Satsuki-san. It's because they really want to meet Satsuki-san」

Rio's gently telling her as if trying to persuade her.

Rio absolutely has no knowledge about what kind of person someone called Sendou Takahisa is.

But, he feels that Takahisa isn't a bad person since Aki and Masato are missing him.

In addition, above all else, Takahisa is their big brother.

If he asks whether they want to meet him, naturally they'd want to.

After all he's sure that Miharu really wants to meet him too.

If it's the case, naturally it's his duty to set up his reunion with them, Rio decided that in his heart.

Since he didn't want to act while ignoring their own will without a reason, otherwise it'll make them completely like a bird in the cage.

「You're, right. Come to think of it, after explaining the situation doesn't that mean that we have to set a reunion between him and Miharu-chan and the others. Maybe I'm a bit too worried」

Satsuki's lowering her eyebrows as if troubled while saying.

「I've decided to cause you a bit more trouble again but, can I ask you to set a secret meeting again like last night?」

「Of course」

Rio's nodding while smiling at her.

「But, the contact of the siblings should be easier to be done from Satsuki-san's side rather than from my side. That's why may I ask for your help in that regard? 」

「I don't mind to do that but, he's basically acting together with the princess during the evening party right. If we're aiming at him, it might be better to do that at the dancing time like yesterday right? 」

「Certainly. Next is to create a time if possible by saying that you want to talk as someone of the same world after the evening party. Other than that is whether it's possible to talk with just the two of them, she shouldn't be so bad to the point of hindering the reunion of a fellow friend in public right[i]」

「You're right. I should try it after this. It'll be a gain if I can get time to have a proper conversation with him」

Satsuki's chuckling with ’’fufufu’’ as she says those words.

「Well then, that's for this discussion. If possible, could you introduce the two of us after you dance with him? 」

「That's depending on the defense of the princess but, I'll try」

Part 7

After their conversation reached that far, they're turning around toward Liselotte.

「Thank you very much for waiting. Liselotte-sama. We're done with our discussion」

「I don't mind about such things you know. Since it's my unreasonable request after all」

Liselotte told him that with soft voice.

Rio's responding with a slight nod.

「Well then, it was the story about the birthplace of my parents right」

After that, Rio decided to tell Satsuki and Liselotte about Yagumo region.

Though the subject of the conversation is just on the surface information, Satsuki and Liselotte are especially interested in the subject regarding food cultures.

「The grains which become the staple food are something that gained from threshing the seeds of the plant they call rice-plant. As for the thing which they're using for seasoning, they're using solid ones or liquid which are made from fermentation of other types of grains」

So Rio's telling them.

Those are obviously rice, miso and, soy-sauce[shoyu].

An inquisitive light litted in Satsuki and Liselotte's eyes.

「............ It's just a probability but, it seems like those are similar to the ingredients in my motherland」

Satsuki's saying so in a low voice.

「Is that so? It's the ingrendients called rice, shoyu and, miso you know. Though rice is commonly eaten after being boiled, you can give it flavor by cooking it with other ingredients」

So, Rio's pronounciating the name of those ingrendients with proper noun in the Karasuki region language[ii].

Satsuki who's bestowed a special translation ability due to her divine raiment understood the meaning of those words right away in japanese.

「Aah, as I thought! It's the same. This world have it too」

Satsuki's expression is turning brighter with a ’’PA’’.

Maybe she wants to eat japanese food in this world too but,

「Unfortunately those ingredients are not widespread in Strahl region」

Rio's smashing that hope while smiling wryly.

Though Satsuki dropped her shoulder without hiding the expression of disappointment,

「............ Uhm, Liselotte-san who's managing a firm deals with this kind of commodities right?」

She's looking at Liselotte while asking her with a hope filled expression.

「............ Probably but, I've the idea regarding the manufacturing process of the seeds of the grains. But, it seems that Haruto-sama is looking for the cooking method―― And not the edible ingredients to cook right」

Liselotte's shaking her head as if feeling disappointment.

To tell the truth, there was a period in which Liselotte was also racking her brain in order to get those ingredients.

First of all, after searching over the huge Strahl region, only something similar to rice did she manage to find.

The cultivation of wheat is immesenly popular amongst the grains landlord in Strahl region, the cultivation of rice-plant is nothing but just a small part of it but, it's not that difficult to find it if she's using the power of Rikka firm.

Part 8

And then, though she finally got her hands on the rice that she died for, the result is the fact that the rice isn't what Liselotte was expecting for.

The rice that have exceptionally cultivated in one part of area almost have no stickiness along with large grains, that's why the cooking method is mainly used as ingredients of soup or salad.

In short it's completely unsuitable to be eaten like the rice that was preferred by Japanese.

Nevertheless it's possible to eat it as a porridge and, Liselotte actually cultivated it in Almond.

On the other other hand, she completely couldn't find anything in regard to miso and shoyu.

Though she more or less tried to reproduce it, she decided to immediately abandon it seeing that she's completely lacking in terms of obtaining the ingredients and the fungus needed for it's manufacturing.

「Is that so. Though it seems that rice have no flavor in itself when you just boil it normally, maybe because it has suitable stickiness, soft and, nice gloss, it have the most outstanding affinity when eaten together with a side dish that has a dark flavor」

Rio's replying in a way that is stirring the appetite of Liselotte and Satsuki.


The two in the woman camp are swallowing their saliva at the same time.

They might be recalling the flavor of their hometown when they hear the story about food from Rio.

It's only natural for them to yearn for the taste of hometown after living in the foreign place for a long time.

Rio understands their feeling very well since he's also practically experiencing it.

Now he's wondering what will become of the two women in front of him if they know that he's practically eating dishes which are made from those ingredients on a daily basis.

(I get this feeling that it'll turn into something troublesome)

Even if he explained that he has those ingredients which can't be procured in Strahl region, he thinks that it's a extremely troublesome matter to explain about the route to get those ingredients.

If he's explaining that, Rio will be at lost if he didn't make any kind of reference regarding the movement till Yagumo region.

Though he feels that it's okay to tell them about that for a moment, he decided not to tell them.

But, when he's looking at the two beauties who are tightly squeezing their lips as if getting their appetite stimulated while having that distant look in their eyes, an indescribable feeling of guilt is gushing forth in him.

 Maybe I'm a bit too mean to them.

He's trying to make a minimum atonement while feeling that way.

(Well, should I make it for them.......... If I have the time that is)

Rio made a vow in his heart.

Thus, accordingly.


The voice that called Satsuki name is resounded.

There's no one but one person who will call Satsuki with ’’-Senpai’’ attached as suffix on her name in this evening party.

Rio and co's turning toward the owner of that voice.

「I'm surprised since you just suddenly vanished you know. There was something that I want to talk with you」

As expected, standing on there was the hero of Saint Stellar kingdom, Sendou Takahisa.

Lilyana, the princess of the said kingdom was also snuggling closely to him.

Also, several girls who's their escort was standing on a distance on their surrounding.

Almost at the same timing,

Part 9

「You're vanishing at your own convenience again huh, Satsuki...........」

Michael Galwark, the second prince of Galwark kingdom was also coming toward them.

Charlotte Galwark, the second princess of Galwark kingdom is also by his side.

「Yo. What's the matter, everyone is gathering in this place」

Adding to that is the appearance of Sakata Hiroaki and Flora Bertram as the finishing touch of it.

This might be a prank of fate, 3 powerful countries along with their heroes which attending the evening party are making their appearance.

Having noticed that things were turning into a troublesome matter, Rio's quietly sighing inside.


Why did it turn out this way.

Currently, Rio suffered inside due to the situation he's pitted into.

When he's sending a fleeting glance at the stand by place of the dancing space which is located in the center of the hall, he can see that the two of Satsuki and Takahisa are currently in a deep talk about something there.

He already knows the fact that the relationship between Satsuki and Takahisa is that of an old friend.

Therefore there's nothing sort of a unnatural feeling in the fact that they're dancing together.

After a simple conversation with all of the people who are currently present, when Satsuki's invited him for a dance, Takahisa easily agreed to her proposal.

The flowing of that conversaiton was convenient even for Rio but――

(Why am i in this kind of place?)

Rio who's left in that place tasted a hard to describe feeling.

The reason was the line up who was gathering and ended up as his conversation partner.

Sakata Hiroaki, Flora Bertram, Lilyana Saint Stellar, Charlotte Galwark, Michael Galwark.

One of them is a hero while the other four are royalty of a powerful countries.

In the first place, he himself who's attending this evening party where royalties and titled nobles are gathered is sticking out like a sore thumb but, isn't this a bit too far for himself to be mixed with such a line up?. [TL : Are you forgetting the fact that you're A ROYALTY yourself]

Though unofficial, Rio himself is a royalty of a far distant foreign country but, in fact it's meaningless since he himself doesn't have self-awareness as royalty. [ED: See, he does know it]

Even if it's just a little Liselotte who was accompanying by his side is a bit of relief to him.

Though the person herself is a daughter of a powerful noble――

「It seems that you became extremely intimate to Satsuki aren't you. What was your name again? 」

The second prince of Galwark kingdom, Michael was asking Rio.

「My name is Haruto, your highness」

Rio's introducing his name with a smile on his face.

Michael is looking at him with a appraising look while humming and then,

「.......... I see. It seems Satsuki's mood also changed for better after talking with you yesterday. I saw that she's brighter than her usual self today. If you like it, please come to have a conversation with her again」

He said that with a slightly moody look on his face.

「Ha. It's my pleasure」

Part 10

While accepting his request Rio can't help but to feel complicated inside.

Since he thought that Michael probably wasn't too pleasant with him interacting with Satsuki.

「It was because for some reason Haruto-sama's parents was emigrant from Yagumo region. Me and onii-sama also heard the story when you met with Satsuki-sama」

So Charlotte's adding one thing after another with a bright smile on her face.

「Certainly. It's as her words」

Its of little significance and he doesn't have the obligation to it either.

Refusing a request like this which was requested from royalty is hard.

Though whether it's really a request as a means or just a lip service, only Charlotte knows, it's not a bad offer when thinking that he can easily meet with Satsuki from now on after being permitted by them.

「And Liselotte will come too right. I want to enjoy a tea time with you again」

「Thank you very much. I'll gladly attend too」

Etc, right on the side of Rio and Liselotte who are conversing with the two royalties of Galwark kingdom, Hiroaki was adressing to Lilyana.

「Hiroaki-sama is such great gentlemen aren't you」

Lilyana's letting out a chuckling laugh while saying so.

「Is that so. We can do this kind of talk as much as you want you know」

Hiroaki was laughing carelessly with a happy expression.

Since no matter what he's talking about Lilyana will give an appropriate reaction, Hiroaki's ways of talking are also brighter than usual.

「Well then, please tell me more stories. Since I'm myself a boxed daughter who's ignorant to the ways of the world, I'm really happy that I can talk this way without constrained feelings with Hiroaki-sama」

「Aah, I see so that's how it is. Nevertheless, where should I be starting from........」

He wants to offer the topic which he deemed she'll be interested in as well but, nothing short of the interesting topic coming out now when he's truly eager for it.

And then, when Hiroaki's worrying about what he's gonna talk about,

「Then, may I ask for an interesting story from Flora-sama as well?」

Lilyana proposed that maybe because she noticed Flora who's listening quietly on Hiroaki side.

「F-From me? Uhm, that's right」

Flora's loss for an answer when she is suddenly poked by such a proposal.

She's showing a pensive look on her face and then,

「............ Uhm, I thought the story regarding the bathtub of Hiroaki-sama's world is interesting」

Flora said that timidly soon after that.

Part 11

「A~h, bathtub huh. It's because the people of this world don't immerse themself in the bathtub huh」

Hiroaki's talking as if deeply moved.

「Bathtub huh. Come to think of it, Takahisa-sama is also――」

When Lilyana was about to say something.


A voice that resembled a scream was resounding inside the hall.

[i] [TL : I get this feeling that they'll become an amazing couple if not for the cockblock called Miharu]

[ii] [TL : Maybe this will be explained later]


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