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Seirei Gensouki ~Konna Sekai De Deaeta Kimi Ni~ - Volume 2 - Chapter 98.2


Chapter 98.2

Chapter 98 [............... Of The Third Person Perspective]

+++第98話 三人目の......

TL : Cnine

ED : LittleEndu

PF: Shance

Part 8

Satsuki apologized while coughing lightly.

「My condolence」

「.................. Thank you」

Satsuki gave her gratitude as if slightly embarrassed by her reaction.

But, maybe because she felt a bit awkward,

「By the way, there's one thing that I want to ask, could it be that that girl, Liselotte, is the same as you, a human who's actually from earth, just reborn?」

Satsuki quickly attempted to change the subject.

「Yeah, that should be the case when you think about it. I see, you noticed it too, huh? 」

「Yeah. As I thought you would say...... So you can feel it huh」

Satsuki showed an expression as if understanding.

「How did you notice it, may I hear the reason?」

「That girl's job is being the president of Rikka firm, right. That place is selling fashion commodities gearing towards women in quick succession, and those commodities are normally found in Japan. It's only natural to be suspicious about that」

Satsuki told the reason why she suspects Liselotte.

Satsuki being a woman has many chances to use the commodities geared towards women sold by Rikka firm.

「Other than that, is there any other reason?」

「Of course, that much wouldn't be enough to suspect someone. The first reason was a cue which came from an unexpected daily conversation」

Saying so, Satsuki showed a slightly proud smile.

「The people of this world obviously can't speak in Japanese, you know. And yet, I hear it as Japanese. But, the way their lips are moving is obviously not Japanese, you see. On the contrary, it seems that I who's speaking in Japanese is heard by them in this world's language, but......... Well, let's leave that topic for now」

Satsuki went back to the main topic when the conversation is starting to derail.

「You see the movement of their lips don't you. There, I noticed it. Only when speaking of the unique commodities of Rikka firm, the movement of their lips completely matches the name that I used to hear. Though the other proper nouns of this world completely do not match anything I know, only the commodities made by Rikka firm are perfectly match the sound of the words and the movement of the lips. If there's so many coincidences, you'll think that it's suspicious, wouldn't you? 」

「Certainly, you could say that but.............. You have really good observation skills, don't you」

Rio admired the high level of Satsuki's observation skills.

「Well, it's not to the extent of the strange phenomenon which happened to myself, right. Nevertheless, I'm still unable to understand the theory behind it even till now」

Satsuki's reply was mixed with a sigh since it was hard to put in words the mystery of the translation ability.

「That might be the effect of ancient magic which was provided to the hero in their divine Raiment. Since, according to the legend, it's seemingly a weapon made by god, so it's difficult to reproduce it or explain its effect with the current understandings of magic」

「divine Raiment huh. I've heard that too but, that's also something I don't quite understand, you see」

Part 9

Satsuki said that with slightly pursing lips.

「So you normally don't carry it?」

There's the event where Rio secretly looked at Hiroaki using his divine raiment of tachi[i].

When Hiroaki shouted the name of the weapon, a tachi suddenly appeared.

Certainly, at that time, he was doing a mock battle against Stead.

But, since his skill was extremely abysmal, Hiroaki's only powerful in physical strength and completely didn't give off the feeling of an amazing hero.

「Yeah, because it's normally in its spirit form inside the body of the hero as a way to arm themselves[ii]? So to say, it's there. I had a dream about something the first evening after coming to this world. I received an one-sided explanation in how to use it while having that strange dream. When I summoned it, it formed a weapon suitable for its owner but................ to be honest it feels refreshing, you know」

「I see. Spirit form.............. Huh. So it means that you are not summoning it with space magic」

Satisfied with the theory for summoned divine raiment, Rio nodded as if really interested in it.

「By the way, what kind of weapon do you hold, Satsuki-san?」

「Mine is a short spear you know. Since I was taking lesson in Naginata back in Japan, I can use that knowledge as a base to put it in practice, well, I am grateful if I must say it you see」 [ED: Maybe author-chan is a fan of Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari]

Satsuki's replied that way after shrugging her shoulders slightly.

「By the way, back to the topic but, how many of the words that you heard coming from me are in this world's language and how many are in Japanese?」 [Satsuki]

The topic went back to the strange interpretation ability which was dwelling in Satsuki's body due to the divine raiment.

「Currently I hear you speaking in this world's language. But, when I switch the consciousness of my brain to Japan-mode, I hear it in Japanese language. The feeling of sudden switch is really amazing though.........」 [ED: Japan-mode, ACTIVATED][TL : Robo-Rio Appear]

Rio was smiling wryly as he answered that.

「He~, so that's how it is. Then, could it be that Miharu-chan and the others also feel the same? 」

「I think they do. It seems that you're speaking in this world's language when speaking to Aisia or Cecilia but, isn't it returning to Japanese when I was speaking to Satsuki-san? 」

「It seems huh. There's no discomfort in the movement of my lips huh.......... Ahm, it seems we're already arrived at the castle, right」

The thing is, he flew slightly slower for the sake of the conversation but, it doesn't mean that you could increse the distance from the place where they estabilished the rock house to the castle.

Just like that they arrived at the castle in the blink of an eye while still in the middle of their conversation.

Though the surroundings were still dim, the faint light of the sun was visible in the horizon of the eastern sky.

「It's beautiful............」

Changing her line of sight to the scenery of the distant place, Satsuki muttered those words as if deeply moved.

Rio hovered far on top of the castle for the sake of her muttering.

Just like that, the two of them silently looked at the horizon.

「Well then, it's farewell for the time being. Let's meet again at tonight's evening party」

Part 10

Rio told her that after she got tired of enjoying the scenery.

「There are still many things which are hard to talk about at the evening party but, well it's fine I guess. Since I'll come to you first this evening, you'll do your best by becoming my partner, won't you? 」

Satsuki said that with an impish look on her face.

「Though I felt troubled due to the contact seeking attention of the surroundings....... Please be moderate with it」

Rio replied with a wry smile.

「Isn't asking that too much though. It seems that we were pretty conspicuous yesterday, so I think it'll be conspicuous when coming to greet you tonight too」

Satsuki said so while chuckling lightly.

The slight trembling in Satsuki's body was transmitted to Rio's arms.


Rio let out a dry laugh as he felt a slight power that escaped from his body.

Satsuki immediately looked intently at Rio who made that kind of face.

「Uhm, Thank you」

She immediately averted her face right after saying those words.

In the end, Rio looked at Satsuki.

「Thank me for what?」

Just what might she feel gratitude about.

Rio voiced the question in his mind.

「For many things. For what you did for Miharu-chan and the others, and, uhm, for my personal matter too...........」

Satsuki replied rapidly with a voice which was just loud enough to still be heard.

After clearing her throat with a cough, she showed a slightly serious expression on her face.

「I, really hated everything about this world. I did, till yesterday. That's why it can't be helped that I want to go back so soon」

Satsuki said that with a muttering voice.

「But, it's a bit different now. Me wanting to return still did not change but, I came to like this world a little. It's that kind of feeling」

Satsuki's lips which told him that had somehow become slightly looser.

Was how it looked like to Rio.

「It's thanks to Miharu-san and the others, right?」

Rio asked that.

Satsuki showed her smile just for a moment and,

「Yeah. I myself find it strange that I feel like I've calmed down after being able to meet with Miharu-chan and the others again 」

Part 11

She answered like that.

But, instantly followed it with,

「But, that's not the only reason. Half of it is thanks to Miharu-chan and the others but, the other half is thanks to you」

And then adding to those words.

「You're the one who told me about them. From you I heard stories and various other things. You took me outside. Brought me to fly in the sky. And you helped me meet with Miharu-chan and the others」

「.............. I don't think that these are things that deserve gratitude, though」

Rio said that after a slight pause.

「That's not true and you know it. Thinking about it now, I truly enjoy myself when I'm with you」

Satsuki grinned widely as she said so

「I didn't have any reason to be happy in the evening party, but after meeting you for the first time, I've brightened up? Was that your goal?............... How should I say it, it's as if I found hope for the first time in this world.  Though deep down I still feel gloomy, my train of thought was facing forward before I had noticed 」[Satsuki]

The silence stretched for several seconds and then, Satsuki opened her lips again.

「Then, when you carried me for a flight in the sky. I saw, for a fact, that this world was really beautiful. Moreover, compared to me who's always worrying and hesitating, I feel very small. Rather than forgetting about it for a while, I think that I came to like this world a little」[Satsuki]

After finishing what she wanted to say, Satsuki looked at Rio's face with moist eyes.

「................ So I can be glad then」

Rio replied with short words while smiling at her.

Satsuki pouted with her cheeks puffed a little and,

「I've been saying this like it's other people's affairs but, everything is thanks to you, you see. It won't hurt you to give a slightly different reaction, right? Though I, am really embarrassed 」

And glared at Rio with scornful eyes.

「Ahaha............ So, you get slightly embarrassed when telling your gratitude face to face. Say Satsuki-san, you're a surprisingly honest girl, aren't you」

When Rio said that with a pensive look as if slightly troubled by it, he said those words in a joking tone.

「S-So noisy! That's why I didn't want to say anything! 」

Satsuki exclaimed with flushing red cheeks.

「You didn't have to forcibly go as far as to say your gratitude, you know. Since Satsuki-san being alright is plenty enough for me」

Rio told her that with a wide smile on his face.

Part 12

「I would feel embarrassed if I didn't express my gratitude!」

Satsuki said that while averting her face with puffed cheeks again.

Whether she's a strange person or way too serious a person, she's a difficult person.

That was what Rio thought.


「I think it's a nice thing. For Satsuki-san to come to that conclusion. I also have favorable impressions from you」


Satsuki pouted lightly.

「Well then, we should go back to your room soon. The sun will rise any moment」

「............... Yes. Please do so」

Satsuki said those words with a slightly pouting tone and then grabbed Rio's clothes tightly in preparation to descend.


After replying politely, Rio slowly descended from the sky while still holding Satsuki.

The sound of him landing on the balcony of the royal castle lightly resounded.

After Satsuki got off from Rio's arms, a slightly difficult to describe atmosphere drifted between them.

「Well, see you soon. Haruto-kun. Thank you」

As she said so, Satsuki hurriedly entered her room as if to hide her embarrassment.

Rio unintentionally laughed when looking at her retreating figure.

「Yeah, see you soon」

After saying so, Rio slowly floated in the air without waiting for Satsuki's reply.

And then rose quickly to the sky while taking a deep breath of the fresh morning air.

When he reached an altitude in which he wouldn't be seen from above the ground,

「You're there, aren't you, Aisia?」

Rio suddenly muttered.

Thereupon, Aisia's figure suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

Maybe she vanished by changing into her spirit form.

「You knew? That I was there」

Aisia asked while lightly tilting her neck.

「Maybe because we seem to share our emotions between the two of us due to our contract, you see. That's why, somehow, I can feel it when you're close to me」

Rio replied gently.

「I see.........」

Aisia replied back with a short nod.

When silence descended upon them for a few seconds, maybe because he was somehow slightly troubled with the topic, Rio picked a pendant from his chest pocket and gave it to Aisia.

Part 13

「Though I missed the chance to pass this a while ago, will you pass this pendant to Miharu-san for me? I'll explain the way to use it later but――」

When Rio was in the middle of his sentence,

「Is this a birthday present? To Miharu」

Aisia said those words.

It's spring now if going by the calendar of Strahl region, which coincidently also overlaps with Miharu's birthday. [ED: God I would love to see how the final timeline explains all this]

That might be how she guessed so.

Though Rio looked back at Aisia with an astonished face,

「Wrong. Maybe you can call this.............. A charm. Though making it was troublesome but, you see. It's possible that we'll take different paths from now on, that's why I made this」

As he said so, he shook his head in denial.

And then, right after that,

「I wanted to give it while the meeting with Satsuki-san was ongoing but, I decided to give it as a birthday present instead. I'll go to buy it today. I'm going to tell her at that time. About myself」

And, following that.

「I see」

Aisia gave a short nod.

After looking at Aisia for few a seconds,

「.................. Thank you」

He said his gratitude with a light smile on his lips.

Aisia looked slightly confused.

「You came since you were worried about me right?」

So, Rio explained the reason for his gratitude.


Aisia muttered in a low voice as if pondering those words.

「I don't know」

Her muttering was followed by those words.

Though she was still as expressionless as ever, Aisia seemed slightly bewildered.

As if she was completely unable to understand the emotion she had right now.

「I see..............」

――In that case, why did you come to me?

Despite looking at Aisia with gentle eyes, Rio didn't have a need to say those words.

「But -」

Part 14

While she said so, Aisia's shook her head lightly as if trying to shake off something.


「I want to be together with Haruto. Thus I came」

Her words were profound in terms of meaning.

But, at the same time it was an extremely simple answer.

「I see, thank you. Aisia」

Rio said his gratitude for a second time.


After being separated from Aisia, Rio, who returned to the mansion of duke Kretia, took a short nap and then woke up to a feeling of sleeplessness.

Since there's no business till the time before the evening party, Rio conveyed to Liselotte that he wants to go to the market place after the morning breakfast.

「I see, it's for shopping huh. Then, please take Natalie along as your guide」

Liselotte attached one of her chamberlain as a guide for Rio.

By the way, when the duty of a guide wasn't entrusted to Natali, Cosette secretly grinded her teeth in frustration which is something that's known by no one but some of her co-workers. [TL : Vexed expression]

He really didn't know any stores in the capital, since his destination was always the stores for women, Rio was truly grateful for being guided by Natalie.

Thus, the two of them left towards the marketplace of the capital.

Though except for being armed with a sword, the combination of Natalie who wore an apron dress for business[1] and Rio who wore civilian clothes stood out slightly, when seeing them from the side, one could see nothing but the figure of a young and rich master who was shopping along with his maid.

When going around several stores which he's guided to while carefully testing their products, Rio bought the item that he was looking for.

「How about having lunch together to show my gratitude?」

Rio suggested to have lunch with the two of them as a show of his gratitude for guiding him.

「Such luxury isn't suitable for me. For a lowly employee like me to have a meal together with the guest of my master is just.............」

Though Natalie was trying to respectfully decline his offer due to her own standing, she eventually decided to go along after Rio's persuasion[2].

Rio especially chose a first-rate restaurant with a considerably high price.

Though Natalie has wished to enter such a restaurant if only once, her job prevented her from doing so, since she rarely went to the capital too, she had given up on entering such stores halfway.

Natalie was secretly delighted about the fortune that had unexpectedly come upon her.

Following along was her job, although he might be younger than her but, she was definitely going out with someone of the opposite se*.

Naturally Natalie, who had zero males present around her due to her job, was on cloud nine right now.

By the way, she was about to pay her part by herself but, Rio nonchalantly left after ordering the meal to pay the bill just before they left for their seats, so her plans became fleeting and then crumbled away to pieces.

「My deepest apologies. Thank you for treating me............」

Part 15

When they left the store after finishing their lunch, Natalie bowed to apologize to him.

The flavor was, without the need to say, delicious, their service was favorable, the interior of the store was also perfect.

In addition, with the presence of Rio who's a devoted listener, since he skillfully replied with appropriate words, they could chat with ant extremely good atmosphere to the point of forgetting about time.

It's no doubt that the time which she spent in this shop was by far her most fulfilling moment―― And yet, Natalie was very embarrassed for completely enjoying that moment[3].

Since usually, she had to serve the guests and stay on the side.

「It's nothing, since I could spend an enjoyable time thanks to Natalie-san. And since I'm truly grateful for receiving your guidance for shopping. This is my way of saying thanks」

Rio said his gratitude with a smiling face.

「Well, shall we go back to the mansion then」

After saying so, Rio turned back and began walking towards the mansion.

Natalie bowed to his back and then followed quietly from behind.

Nothing really happened after they returning to the mansion, before the time for the beginning of the second day of the evening party has come. [ED: god.... Japanese.... There really is nothing I can do because that sentence is grammatically correct....]

Somehow when comparing to the people who attended the previous night evening party, the current ones are giving off a slightly more majestic atmosphere.

「The atmosphere of the venue is slightly noisy, right」

Rio said that while looking at the venue.

There was the figure of Liselotte standing beside him.

「I think they decided to come in a hurry due to the appearance of the new hero-sama」

Liselotte said the reason for the turbulent atmosphere in the venue.

「New hero-sama?」

Rio whose curiosity was piqued asked her that.

「Yes. They are from Saint Stellar kingdom, the kingdom who normally doesn't make any appearance in foreign events you see. Our country also sent a written invitation to them.

It seems that somehow the hero of that country wanted to participate no matter what, it seems he'll come this evening party」

「I see. No wonder..........」

Rio muttered as if he understood the reason.

「Since the notice of their appearance in the castle arrived this morning, it should be because of the various rumor of those quick eared ones. I think they'll make their appearance in the venue very soon」

「.............. So that's how it is. It makes you wonder about what kind of person they are, right? 」

Rio decided to investigate about the hero of Saint stellar kingdom.

「It seems the hero-sama is a young man. If I'm not wrong his name is Takahisa Sendou」

「Takahisa Sendou............」

At that moment.

Rio chest was attacked by an uneasy feeling.

He had heard that name before.

That's natural.

Sendou Takahisa――

Since it's the name of Aki's and Masato's big brother, and is someone who might be in a special relationship with Miharu.

[1] [TL* : otherwise known as maid uniform]

[2] [TL : thanks god the author didn't write their banter, otherwise it'll be hell for me]

[3] [TL : Rio, you...................]

[i]太刀=curved long sword

[ii] [TL* : I got bad feeling about this line, it's kind of flag]


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