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Seirei Gensouki ~Konna Sekai De Deaeta Kimi Ni~ - Volume 2 - Chapter 98.1


Chapter 98.1

Chapter 98 [............... Of The Third Person Perspective]

+++第98話 三人目の......

TL : Cnine

ED : LittleEndu

PF: Shance

Part 1

In the end, the women camp spent more time bathing than expected, so they had to go back to the capital right after Rio and Masato were done bathing.

Rio first secretly sent Miharu and the others back to the inn, and then he took Satsuki back to the royal castle.

「Sorry for overstaying. There were so many things that I wanted to talk about and it was so cozy............」

Satsuki told while smiling awkwardly.

「No, it's alright. Though it's not possible to meet whenever, you can still talk about that when we meet again」

Rio shook his head lightly in denial as he answered that.

They got their reunion after a long time in an unfamiliar world.

There might be a great amount of things that she wanted to talk about.

「Yeah. You're right」

Satsuki nodded while laughing gently.

And then, few seconds of silence followed.

Satsuki had an atmosphere around her as if she wanted to say something since a long time ago but, it seems she wanted them to hear about this matter.

But while Rio was speculating about that in his head,

「.................... I've told Miharu-chan and the others about what they'll face after this」

After taking a short breath, Satsuki muttered that in a low voice.

Rio squinted his eyes in hesitation and then,

「Is that so」

He threw a cold and blunt reply.

「You're not going to ask? About what kind of talk it was? 」

Satsuki asked timidly.

「Because I have a rough guess」

Rio replied while smiling wryly.

Somehow Rio's face reflected in Satsuki's eyes seemed a bit lonely.

「I see..............」

Satsuki muttered.

The silence descended between the two of them again.

「My apologies for troubling you. I felt that I absolutely had to convey it but, I couldn't bring myself to say it and wreck the mood」

Rio said that while suppressing his voice to a low tone.

There were no correct words that he could say at a time like this that came to mind.

Therefore, he could do nothing but excuse his own feelings.

Satsuki saw a slightly dissatisfied look in Rio's words.

Part 2

「I think it can't be helped. It's natural that you can't ask something like 『Are you going to leave this place eventually』 from people who you have been living with. Especially when they are the most important people to you, right」

Satsuki replied clearly while shaking her head.

「.............. You could say it's true. However, it won't change the fact that you came to talk about running away」

Rio told her that while showing a smile full of self-derision.

「You have a strong sense of responsibility, huh」

「.................... We're just cute girls you know」[Satsuki]

Such are the words they exchanged.

Satsuki smiled but only for a moment.

「I'm truly grateful to you. Even so, I can see my situation starting to change. I want to do something more about that」[Satsuki]

She said so.


After a moment of hestitation, Rio swallowed the words of objection that were about to come out.

Since there was no stopping once these words start coming out.

As it is, without any side yielding, both of them could only wait for something to happen.

「The most important thing is what you are going to do after this. This situation can't keep going on forever, or can it? 」

Maybe because they are thinking about the same things, Satsuki opening her mouth.

Rio changed his line of thought while nodding slowly.

「Certainly. But, it doesn't mean that they shouldn't take their time thinking about that. Since they'll miss the main point if they rush the answer. Moreover, when they leave, they will cause a huge blow to people left behind」

Only time will show what they have to do.

In that case, being impatient is forbidden―― If it's a question which will take some time to get an answer, they should calm down before giving the answer that they feel is correct.

Because if they recklessly advance forward, the ones left behind would have no obligation to follow after them.

That's what Rio thought.

「You're right. I also want to be together with Miharu-chan and the others, so I think it's better for them to give their answer together」

「On that you have my support」

Rio gently addressed her.

「.................. Thank you」

Satsuki looked downward as she gave her gratitude in a low voice.

「But you see. Miharu-chan and the others told me that they feel like they are troubling you. That's why I want to have a talk with you, just the two of us, alone」

「Alone with me?」

Part 3

「Yeah. I mean, we couldn't chat much during the evening party due to time restriction, although I can feel there was a need to do so but couldn't bring myself to say anything after we slipped away from the castle to the place where Miharu and the others were, right?」 [ED: Yes, this was all one sentence ...]

Satsuki replied with a playful smile.

Rio eyes wandered around as if pondering for a while before,

「That's right. Since it seems that Satsuki-san was completely stunned after flying in the air」

He agreed with her while feeling quite strange.

「S-Shut up. Anyone would be excited when they get to fly like that for the first time. I've calmed down since then, haven't I」

Satsuki averted her face with blushing cheeks.

A while later, she glanced at Rio and,

「Hey, what kind of person are you?」

She muttered in a low voice.

「............ What kind of person am I, huh」

For a moment, Rio showed a serious expression on his face.

But, it turned back to his gentle expression right away and then,

「That, again, is an extremely philosophical matter, isn't it」

Replying so to Satsuki.

「You're right. Even so, I'm unable to stop thinking about it you see? It's because I don't know anything about you, it's as if we're just acquaintances」

Satsuki replied calmly.

 ’’Now you won't be able to deceive me.’’

She had that kind of enthusiasm.

「Is that so?」

「That's right. At first I thought that you were a cooperative worker of that child called Liselotte. The truth is, I thought that you had that kind of relationship with her, that's why I was a little worried about her. But, it seems that you are somehow working independently. There's no way I could see you working as a spy for some other country*. That's why, deep inside, I couldn't fully comprehend your existence」[*ED: Very loose translation]

Rio squinted his eyes lightly as he heard her tell him that.

Though he was slightly interested about what she thinks about Liselotte, but because it would stray from the current topic, he intentionally left that matter in the corner of his mind.

「Well, it's because I'm nothing more than a business partner to her, and through that received an invitation as a show of goodwill」

「When it comes to that, is your relationship with Liselotte in the evening party as you said?」


Rio nodded calmly.

「I see. Even so, that's not what I wanted to know」

「Is it about whether I'm the kind of a person who'll harm Miharu-san or the others?」

Part 4

When Rio asked that, Satsuki calmly shook her head in denial.

「You're wrong. I've been observing you and so far I don't think that you're the kind of person who'll harm them」

「That's....................... I'm honored by your praise」

Rio's told her his gratitude with slightly loosened cheeks.

「But, that's not what made you confused. So what is it that Satsuki-san wants to know about me? 」

「There's not that much time till we reach the castle, and, well, since I hate asking in a round about way I'll get straight to the point, you can speak in Japanese, right?」 [ED: You could ask anything from him, and this is what you go for?]

Rio stared in amazement when she asked that.

But, maybe because he suddenly though he understood the reason for that,

「Yeah, you heard about it from Miharu-san?」

He said that as the likeliest reason that she would know.

Rio didn't seem to be particularly disturbed about the matter that Miharu or the others have revealed his secret.

On the contrary, if he trying to hide the information it'll feel unnatural and will only made her more curious about him since Satsuki already know Rio to certain extent.

So it couldn't be helped that he would have had to talk about himself at some point due to the flow of conversation.

「You're wrong. Miharu-chan said that she didn't know anything about you」

「Then, how? 」

「It's because, after hearing the story about when Miharu-chan and the others just arrived in this world, I thought that it was strange」

「What's so strange about that, I wonder?」

「Miharu-chan and the others said that they almost became slaves since they couldn't communicate. Then and there they were saved by you, and you taught them the language of this world」

「I see. And then, you came to that conclusion, huh」

Rio nodded while saying that as if convinced by her.

It's not strange she asked that given so much information.

「Yeah, not even 3 months have elapsed since Miharu-chan and the others came to this world. So they must have had a lecturer along with teaching material since it's impossible to learn a language, that they have no knowledge about, to the level where they have no problem using it for a daily conversation, in such a short period of time as long as no magic is used」 [ED: ... since it's impossible to learn a language to such a level in such a short period of time. Good job translating all that, Cnine]

「If we began with trying to find a mutual understanding through body language, it would certainly take more time in order to reach the point where we can use it for daily conversation, I see」

Rio agreed while smiling wryly.

「Yes. But since Miharu-chan and the others were still learning about language, this meant there was no way for them to learn magic. The next thing that come was what language both of you can use to communicate but, Miharu-chan and the others have restrictions in the languages which they can use. In conclusion, the language which I thought had the highest possibility was the Japanese language. In addition, that ofure which gives a japanese-style sense is also a hint right」 .

Satsuki's stated her reasoning.

「That's correct」

Rio confirmed Satsuki's guess without even trying to be secretive about it.

Part 5

「Uhm, you're not trying to hide it? I don't see why not but, I thought that you made a request to Miharu-chan and the others to not recklessly spread any information about you.............」

Satsuki asked as if surprised by his attitude.

「Yeah, that I told them indeed but, you already knew that, didn't you?」

Rio nodded as he sent a look of admiration to Satsuki.

「Even though it doesn't seem this way, We have been acquaintances with Miharu-chan for a long time. You see, both of us became staff members of the student council in our middle school. So for some reason I knew that child was trying to hide something about you」

「I see. As expected of a former student council president, right」

Rio praised her in a joking manner.

「............... That has nothing to do with that you know. Moreover, recklessly spreasing such rumor is the most dangerous thing. There's something that I want to ask more than anything else」

Satsuki told that as if feeling embarassed.

「Though I can roughly guess what you are about to ask, I don't mind answering it if you promise to hide the information you learned about me recently, can you?」

「Naturally. That was what I was going to do since the very beginning. Rather, I don't mind doing that as a favor」

Maybe because she feels at ease with what Rio required, Satsuki nodded vigorously.

On the contrary, going as far as to say it's okay to do that as a favor.


「Yeah. But, because it doesn't mean that, the way I am now, I could immediately lend you something, I will lend you my help whenever possible if the time comes where you need my help in the future」

「You're exaggerating, right. There's no need to go this far for me............」

Rio responded as if being troubled by her.

「You can't be like that you know. You are protecting Miharu-chan and the others, you helped me meet them, moreover............」

Though Satsuki was rebutting him with a slightly angry tone, she suddenly made an unnatural stop in the middle of her sentence.


Rio asked as he was curious.

「............ I-It's nothing. What I mean is that I owe a lot to you」

Satsuki said that with blushing cheeks and then, turned her eyes away from Rio.

Even if he were to ask more questions, he didn't expect to get any answers.

Moreover, he can't be that forceful and ask her that.

「I see. If you say so, I'll keep what you said in my mind」

As he said that, Rio smiled as if it's a bit funny.

It's because everything went well for the sake of Miharu and the others.

So he had no need to demand that as a favor.

But, if Satsuki says that she wants to give her gratitude, then he'll be obediently receiving it.

Part 6

「And then, please do so. Since keeping a debt isn't in my character」

Satsuki shrugged her shoulders as she said that.

「Well then, shall we return to the main topic. You wanted to ask whether I know a method to return to earth, right? 」

So, Rio just bluntly asked her main question.

「............. Well, you've completely seen through me, haven't you」

Satsuki nodded while giggling.

「In that case, I'll say what I know since there's no need to keep it as a secret. It's the same for me, I don't know any method to return to earth」

「I see, so you really don't know................. Huh」

Satsuki was slightly depressed.

In the first place, if Rio knew a way to return to earth, he would have already sent Miharu and the others back to earth a long time ago.

Though if it's just limiting on them to not be able to return immediately, such news should have been spread long time ago. [TL* : 制約があってすぐに帰れない可能性もないわけではないが、それならばとっくにその情報が開示されていてもおかしくはない。]

That's why she didn't expect anything from the very beginning but――

Still, deep down she was hoping that she might be able to get a hint about how to return to earth.

「In addition, I will answer as much as possible about anything you want to know. But, I don't think that it'll become a hint of a way to return to earth」 [ED: The ’’hint’’ is in katakana so there really is no other way to translate this. Think of it as if she wants some foresight][PF: Could ’’clue’’ work?]

Rio gave a warning beforehand so that she would lower her expectations.

「First, I want to know, at what date, including what year, you came to this world but................ Say, you're a quarter or half-japanese............ Right? 」

Satsuki asked while peeking at Rio's face.

Judging from the way he looks, Rio's appearance was very close to Japanese.

Though he currently changed the color of his hair to silver, his appearance would be closer to a Japanese one if his hair was black.

Though he looks like a real Japanese person, nevertheless that's probably impossible.

That's why she came to the conclusion that he's at least a quarter or half Japanese.

That's what she thought but,

「It seems you made a big error at this point. I'm a human who was born and raised in this world」

Rio replied while shaking his head in denial.

「Eh................. I-Is that so?」 [ED: Yeah, he even told you that like 7 chapters ago]

Satsuki tilted her head while showing a puzzled expression.

Then, why can you speak the Japanese language.

Part 7

「Yes. I was born in Bertram kingdom. I remember saying that in my self-introduction to Satsuki-san, didn't I? 」

「............. Yes. Yes, you certainly said that......... didn't you」

Satsuki nodded lightly.

「This is true. Since I certainly have the memories of me being born and raised in this world」[Rio]

Though she's somehow unable to understand the meaning behind his words, Satsuki decided to listen to Rio's story for the time being.

「But, I have another person's memories in me. 「They are the memories of a man who used to live in a country named Japan」[Rio]

Rio said that with an indifferent tone.

「EH? Used to live in Japan.............. Memories? 」

Satsuki's train of thought had come to a halt due to Rio's explanation which was way beyond her imagination.

Though she tried crunching the meaning of his words one by one from start to finish, she could do nothing but give a sloppy answer.

「In short, are you talking about................ being reborn?」

So, Satsuki digested Rio's explanation into one thought.

Though she was seemingly not quite confident in her guess.

「Yes. It's exactly as you said」

Rio suddenly gave a nod of agreement while at the same time shrugging his shoulders.

「So, you're currently a human of this world but, before that........... You used to be Japanese?」

「That's correct. That's why I can talk in Japanese and could teach the language of this world to Miharu and the others」 [ED: English is funny, because both being from a country and speaking its language use the same word, ’’Japanese’’ in this case]

「So that's it.............. So that's the case.............」

Satsuki looked to the void with a dumbfounded expression for a few seconds while muttering those words.

「Can I trust you?」

「You............. Have no other choice but to trust me, right. In the first place I'm also personally experiencing an impossible experience like this coming to another world thing. If going by logic, normally.......... I would think that the dead won't be reborn again」[Satsuki]

Satsuki replied with a troubled tone.

「That's right. I mean, in the first place, I'm already floating on cloud nine, because of this strange phenomenon which made it possible to understand the language of this world, if it's in this world, you have no choice but to trust what has happened, right」[Satsuki]

Satsuki grumbled about something as if trying to convine herself while pressing her head with one hand.

Her common sense had been there as if to disturb her comprehension but, it seems that she can bring herself to understand it.

「Well, that's quite an absurd story, isn't it. Normally, it's natural for anyone to not understand the situation and say 『Eh, is that so』」

Rio said that while smiling wryly.

「I'm sorry. I was shaken by that story you see. Somehow too many out-of-common-sense events have been happening since I came to this world, despite understanding the reasons there's just too many difficulties」


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