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Seirei Gensouki ~Konna Sekai De Deaeta Kimi Ni~ - Volume 2 - Chapter 97


Chapter 97

Chapter 97 [Ofuro[1]]

+++第97話 お風呂

TL : Cnine

ED/PF : Jake1456, LittleEndu

Part 1

It's been more than three months since Sumeragi Satsuki, a girl who lived her life in Japan was summoned to this world.

The only thing that's important for her is bathing. [alt: The biggest source of dissatisfaction for such a girl is bath.]

Certainly when it comes to royal castle there's a private bathroom but, it's only a shallow bottomed bathtub and there's not enough space to wash her body nor her hair.

The purpose of the bathtub is to wash yourself and not to soak in hot water, so there's no need to have a deep bottom. [ED: i.e bathtubs are created with shallow bottoms]

So for bathtubs like the ones in the castle, because it's inevitable that they need to replace the hot water every time it's used, the bathtub can't be made any bigger ―― or rather, there's no need to make it needlessly big.

Certainly, since the maid who gives personal care for her while in the bathtub of the castle is in the same room, the space of the room itself is guaranteed, but the bathtub itself is made relatively compact.

By the way, the royalties and titled nobles all have personal bathtubs in the mansions which they live in, but as for commoner families, big bathtubs are used just to wash their body and hair.

When it comes to Japanese people, they are used to luxurious baths and extravagant use of hot water in them, so it's not strange for them to feel unbearable due to the culture in which they're raised with.

In addition, when it comes to blooming 17 year old girls who are in the prime of their life, they're at the age in which they love bath the most.

Satsuki's also no exception to that and she loves immersing herself in hot water for a long time.

In short, Satsuki couldn't wait.

To resolve her days worth of fatigue inside the bathtub――

To immerse herself inside the luke warm water while stretching her limbs ――

This pleasant feeling would be something that she will never forget.

However, she is not that selfish to have a bathroom made in the royal castle, the construction would cost too much.

As a result, Satsuki mourned wearily every time she entered the bathtub for these several months, and her everyday life passed with weary feeling.

It might be difficult hard for Miharu and the others to understand, because they have been enjoying the pleasures of a hot spring ever since they came to this world. [ED: I'm done letting Cnine translate -tachi as ’’and co’’]

Although lately, they received culture shock when they lived in the inn of the capital.

That aside, for the current Satsuki, something like a hot-spring bath is a topic that she can't really ignore.

If she doesn't get the permission to enter the bathtub after going through every option negotiating with the owner of the house――

But convenient for her, just when she made up her mind, Rio came to brew another batch of tea.

This situation befalling upon her is truly fortunate.

Immediately, Satsuki half-rose to her feet from the sofa and then quickly approached Rio.

「Nee, Haruto-kun. You see, I've a request」

Satsuki says while grinning ear to ear.

Miharu and the others, who are watching her from the right side of the sofa, are smiling wryly.

「Uhm, yes. What could it be? 」

Rio retreated one step as he feels an unusual pressure from her.

He gripped the empty teapot in his hand.

「I want.............. You to lend me your bathtub」

Satsuki requests with a tame expression.

Rio can feel her strong determination as if she's about to exterminate a demon lord.

「Y-Yes. Feel free to use it」

Rio nods in spite of being overwhelmed by her enigmatic pressure. [ED: Her pressure is ’’like an enigma’’, took me way too long to pronounce that word correctly]

Thereupon, Satsuki expression become bright with ’’poof’’ as soon as he gave his permission.

Part 2

「Really? Is it really okay? 」

「Yes, it's okay you know. Though you could have just entered the bathtub at your own accord」

Rio replies while giving her a dry smile.

Because she's together with Miharu and the others, who are the residents of this house, it's not like he cares even if she's entering the bathtub at her own convenience.

But, Satsuki's rythmitically shaking her head in denial.

「What are you talking about. Since I'm going to use the bathtub in another person's house, it's just the good manners when I get proper permission from the owner of house, isn't it」

And replying like that as if it's just natural.

Rio's smiling gently as he thinks that she's truly a honest person.

「Understood. Well then, since the bathtub is just on the other side of the door over there, feel free to go with Miharu and the girls」

「Thank god!」

After getting the permission from Rio the house owner, Satsuki's suddenly showing a delighted expression with a firm pose.

「Well, let's go then, Miharu-chan, Aki-chan」

Satsuki tells that to Aki and Miharu while turning around.

「Since shower room only has room for two people, please go ahead with Miharu-oneechan, Satsuki-san. Though it's been a while, I'll come inside after calling for Cecilia-san」

Aki replies to Satsuki.

There's more than enough room in the bathtub for all the girls, who are currently in this house, to enter at the time, but the number of magic tools to wash their bodies is limited.

Originally, Rio made this house with the premise of living alone for the time being, but that has been slightly delayed.

「Thank you, Aki-chan. Well, shall we go then, Satsuki-san」

Miharu nods to Aki and decided to bring Satsuki first.

「Take your time」

Rio tells behind her back while smiling sweetly at her and thinking about how everything was decided without a hitch.


「............. So Spacious」

Satsuki muttered as she entered the bathtub.

Though she almost shouted「IS THIS SOME KIND OF LUXURIOUS HOTEL!」 when she looked at the noren* placed as the entrance of the bath, that's already a trifling matter... [ED: The curtains with words one them]

And, because of the utopia which she could only dream about is unfolding before her eyes, she's just ignoring all kinds of trivial manners.

That's just how magnificent the bathtub of this house is.

The most fascinating point is the fact that there are two options here, one which rock bathtub and another cypress bathtub.

Different from the everyday type of bathtub, the wall composed of bare rocks completely makes it feel like she came into a hot-spring inside of a cave.

The hot-water is extravagantly flowing out from the faucet, and spilling on the brim from the bathtub.

The truly wonderful steam that is raising from the bathtub is slightly blocking her vision.

Part 3

「It's as if we came to a hot-spring, isn't it」

Miharu says while smiling delightfully.

「............... Yes. It's wonderful」

Satsuki's replying with a slightly perplexed air.

「Over here. I'll explain how to use the bathtub」

「Ah. Uhn, please then」

Following Miharu's guidance, she first came to the shower room.

A mirror is embedded into the wall of the washing place, various bathroom appliances are placed under the mirror. [ED: On the pedestal?]

The two of them then sat on the chairs in front of the pedestal.

「Please touch this crystal to make the hot water flow out. The hot water will come out in accordance to how long you touched the crystal for although, the hot water will keep coming out for around 10 seconds just by lightly touching it」

As she says so, Miharu's touching the crystal embedded on the pedestal and then, while the geometric pattern which is etched on the mirror is shedding light, hot water was coming out like from a shower from it.

It's natural to think that there'll be expenditure of magical power to accommodate the continuous production of hot water, though it's efficiency is being improved by the spirit stone which is inserted in the core of the house.

The other magic tools in this house are also receiving assistance from that spirit stone.

「He~, how interesting」

As Satsuki also tried touching the pedestal, hot water started flowing from the shower overhead.

「The temperature is just right, isn't it. And yet, if only I could get this kind of convenience in the castle.........」

Satsuki mutters with a envious tone.

「Very convenient, right. I also learned magic from Haruto-san but, it's still something which I can't fully understand........」

「He~, so you also learned something like that」

Satsuki lets out her admiration.

「Yes. Language, magic, self-defense arts, and various others things」

「So that's how it is. Say, isn't he quite versatile in many fields?」

「I think so. He's an expert in cooking too, all these soaps here are also made by Haruto-san」

Miharu says that while looking at the types of soaps which were lined on top of the pedestal.

「I'm astonished. ............. He really is versatile in many fields, isn't he」

「He's amazing, right? The quality is better than the treatment and shampoo made in Japan」 [TL : Honestly I don't have anything to say about this, this is the first time Japan defeated by another world] [ED: It seems like they are just glorifying Rio at this point]

「Really? I'm looking forward to it then. Because the soap which I've been using in the castle isn't good for my skin」

Part 4

Satsuki's grieving lightly as she says so.

The type of soap which she normally uses is lower quality compared to the one made in Japan and can't be thought of as a luxury.

Usually people would think that commoners using better quality soap than the ones used by royalties is nonsense, but Satsuki's common sense has been overturning so many times after coming to this house.

After hearing the fact that there's an ofuro in here, Satsuki's expectations were steadily rising upward.

After that, Miharu's explaining the variety of the soaps, while washing her body.

「Come to think of it, this is the first time for me and Miharu-chan to enter a ofuro with just the two of us, right」

While washing her body with bubble soap, Satsuki then talked to her with a merry tone.

「That's right. It's unbelievable, like a miracle. We're bathing together like this in another world」

「Ri~ght. Fufu, how wonderful」

After smiling happily, Satsuki was sending a sidelong glance at Miharu's naked body. [ED: Author-chan, why.... If this gets adapted into anime we will never get the bathing episode because chapter 97 is too late into the novel...]


She's nodding soon after observing her.

Naturally, Miharu noticed where she is looking.


Satsuki's grinning ear to ear.

「U-U~hm, what's the matter?」

Miharu was hiding her body with both of her hands as if feeling embarrassed.

「Say, Miharu-chan, you've quite nice curves there, don't you. Your skin is also smooth and silky」

And, a surprise remark came from Satsuki.


Miharu's face turned beet red like a ripened peach.

She's embarassed and her body is squirming restlessly.

「That ladylike reaction along with such innocence is truly a girlish reaction, isn't it, Miharu-chan」

Satsuki's nodding with ’’uhn-uhn’’ as if deeply moved.

And following that with,


She's quickly circling around to Miharu's back and then squeezed her bulging breasts. [TL : Drooool]

「KYAAAAA! Sa-Satsuki-san? 」

Miharu's twisting her body due to Satsuki's molestation.

「I-It's ticklish! Please stop! 」

Part 5

By moving her own body, she's falling even further to tickling hell[2].

「I mean, it's because Miharu-chan is squirming around」

「I-It's because Satsuki-san is touching me in strange places!」

「Hee~, It's okay, isn't it. After all, there's nobody else in this place」

Satsuki's hand movements became even more lively.

「P-Please don't massage them!」

Miharu tells that with a blushing red face.


Satsuki's hands stopped moving right as she said that.

But, those hands are still on Miharu's breasts.

「U............. Uhm, that...........................」

Miharu's moving her neck and sending a fleeting glance repeatedly to her back.

「What's the matter?」

Satsuki's hands that are covered with foam are moving with a twitch.

「Hyauu~ . T-The hands................ a-and the foam is..........」

Miharu's muttering and twitching while her body is trembling

「What about my hands............ And the foam?」

Satsuki's asking with a enchanting smile.

「T-That feels.................. Ticklish. Please let go of me」

Miharu pleads to her with a quivering body while short of breath.

「A~h, geez! Miharu-chan is just too cute! 」

Satsuki firmly embraced Miharu.


Miharu awkwardly mutters that whle her body is stiffening.

But, Satsuki pretends not to see that.

「Listen to me」

And mutters that close to Miharu's ear.

「Y-Yes? 」

Miharu timidly replys to her.

「Do you want to assult me too, Miharu-chan?」

「I-I CAN'T!」

Miharu's unintentionally shouting loudly.

「Ahahaha, it's a joke, I'm joking you know. A~h, that was amusing」

Part 6

Satsuki's replying as if the previous event is not her fault and readily separates her hands from Miharu.

On her face was a truly refreshing smile coming from the bottom of her heart.

「Mu~,..................... sometimes you say some malicious things, don't you」

Saying so, Miharu was looking at Satsuki with scornful eyes.

「That's because I'm happy to finally be able to meet Miharu-chan after all this time. So it couldn't be helped that I unintentionally wanted some physical contact」 [ED: I don't think ’’Skinship’’ actually means anything special so I'm changing it to physical contact, you know what she actually meant by ’’physical contact’’]

Satsuki's telling her honest feeling so frankly without even being embarrassed about it.


Miharu became slightly embarrassed due to that.

And then quickly lowered her face to escape Satsuki's gaze.

The silence went on for a few seconds after that.

「.......... Thank you. Miharu-chan」

Satsuki muttered those words in a low voice.

「................. EH, For what?」

Miharu asks while peeking with a sidelong glance at Satsuki.

「U~hn. Because Miharu-chan is still Miharu-chan, I hope? 」

「E~h................ Yes」

Miharu's lowering her head again.

Though she doesn't quite understand, saying something like that face to face at a time like this is way too sly.

Miharu thought so.

「Well then, shall we enter the long awaited ofuro soon!」

Incidentally, after they washed their bodies, they finally decided to immerse themselves in the bathtub.

The one they chose first is the rock bath.


Satsuki's forgetting how shy some girls can be and a writhing-like voice leaks out from her lips.

「This is what we're used to right. You can't say that you're entering ofuro unless you're fully immersing yourself in the bathtub」

Satsuki's letting out a relieved voice while lightly stretching her limbs.

「Fufu, that's right」

Miharu's nodding while revealing a sweet smile.

Thereupon, during that, the door of the bathroom made a loud noise as it swung open.

Part 7

「Ara, it's just you Aki-chan.............. And Cecilia-chan? 」

Aki and Celia were entering the bathroom together, probably because they chose to go shower after Miharu and Satsuki themselves were already done washing.

「What a really cute girl, isn't it, Cecilia-chan. Is she an acquaintance of Haruto-kun or something?」

Satsuki tells that with a fond expression while looking at Celia's naked body.

White colored hair similar to snow, dainty and tender skin, her body which is exuding girlish charm despite her petite figure was like a work of art,

「Yes. That's right. But, her appearances aside, she's older than any of us」

Miharu told that to Satsuki as she guessed that Satsuki is making a mistake when trying to guess Celia's age.

「EH, You're lying? I'm sure that she's just a little older than Aki-chan」

Sure enough, Satsuki eyes which were looking at Celia turned as round as plates.

「Ri~ght. First we heard about that we were also surprised」

Miharu's nodding in agreement while chuckling with ’’fufufu’’.

「So that's how it is. He~............ I see......................」

As she was muttering that, Satsuki's looking at Celia as if she's pondering about something and,

「................ Hey, just what kind of person Haruto-kun is? I missed the chance to ask him about his identity due to various events but, when I was thinking about it, it doesn't seem that he's a noble of Galwark kingdom. On the other hand, it doesn't mean that he's from another country either, right? 」 [ED: Note to self, Cnine has some quite weird translations.... The Japanese is 他の国に所属 which litteraly means ’’belong to another country’’ but translating it as that is very clunky] [TL : I Can heaar you~]

She suddenly asked about Rio's identity.

Miharu's blinking in surprise to her question.

「Uhm, I also think along that way but, I'm sorry. The truth is that, aside from the fact that he's traveling to various places, we know almost nothing about him......」

Miharu replied while bowing her head to apologize.

Miharu and the others are banned from telling about Rio's identity to any third party.

And also due to this rule, it's risky for Miharu or for the others to assertively try and probe too deeply about Rio.

But, amongst the facts that are known by Miharu and the others were things like the fact that Rio's using an alias and the fact that he was Japanese in his previous life, which she doesn't think are safe for disclosure.

After a moment of hesitation considering about how much is safe to disclose without telling false information, Miharu decided to protect Rio's secret.

「He~, so that's how it is」

Satsuki squinted her eyes as if really interested about hearing that while letting out a small moan.

And then showed a thoughtful look on her face again.

「Well then, asides that, though I'm still curious about his origin, why do you think he's so kind to the three of you?」


Part 8

Miharu answerd Satsuki with a question of her own.

「I mean, he keeps protecting the three of you free of charge without any kind of reward, doesn't he? And even going as far for us as setting up a reunion like this. These kind of things aren't easily done to unfamiliar people」

Satsuki's stating her opinion.

Miharu nodded deeply as she understands what she means.

「That, that's right. Haruto-san, is too kind..............」

Miharu's showing an apologetic expression as she said so.


Satsuki's sending a fleeting glance at Miharu's body, and then,

「Just in case, I just asking to be sure but, he's not asking you to do something strange, is he?」

She asked those questions with a slightly serious face.

「To do something strange?」

Miharu's tilting her head with a curious expression.

「Hey, it's about THAT you know............ Uhm................... Like demanding your body? 」

Satsuki's saying that with a slightly blushing face.


Thereupon, just like that, Miharu entire face is blushing red.


Miharu told that while raising from the bathtub.

Satsuki was looking at Miharu's face as if slightly dumbfounded by her reaction.

「Fufu, I could take a guess about his personality considering your reaction just now. As I thought, it seems that I'm not wrong believing that he's not a bad person. You'll be seen by Aki-chan and Cecilia-san if you don't quickly immerse yourself again you know? 」

Satsuki's telling that while laughing.

「Ah, yeah」

Miharu bows to Aki and Celia and then quickly immerses herself in the bathtub again.

「Are, Aisia-san?」

Around the same time, the door of the bathroom is opened again, this time it's Aisia who entered the bathroom alone.

She briskly moves inside the bathroom toward the washing place and then she sits on the open bench on Celia's side. [ED: Which part is the showering room and which part is the actual bath.... I mean, who cares, it's all for fanservice anyway...]

In the next moment, water is appearing on top of her from nowhere, and then she rinsed her whole body with a flushing sound.

Part 9

「Eh, what's that? Hot water is coming out of empty space, but................. Did she use some kind of magic? 」

Satsuki who saw that scene is asking with round eyes due to her surprisement.

「Ah, ahahaha....... Ai-chan is a bit special after all............」

Miharu's smiling wryly and gave a vague answer.

「I always feel anxious about this matter but, that girl, Aisia, isn't she just too beautiful? How should I say, she's a charming woman, or rather it's even blurring the border of gender, it's as if she's on a different dimension.........」

Satsuki's looking intently at Aisia as if being sucked in by her.

「Certainly. Ai-chan is giving off a slight feeling of a divine being, isn't she. Or rather, no human can ever rival her beauty......... I mean, even I don't know what I'm talking about, right. Sorry」

「Uhn. Somehow I understand your feelings. She's beautiful like a work of art, right. Cecilia-chan is also cute like a doll but, in the case of Aisia-san, she's too artificial as if really being a doll」

Satsuki's speaking while lightly waving her head.

Maybe because she feels Satsuki looking at her, Aisia sends a fleeting glance at Satsuki though, she washes her body again as she lost any interest in Satsuki after just one glance.

Miharu's looking at that situation.

(Yup, come to think of it, Ai-chan is a spirit, isn't she. She eats her meals, and doesn't feel uncomfortable after entering ofuro)

And thinking so deep inside her heart.

Though spirits don't seem to need to take baths or eat meals, but Aisia herself was the one who demanded to live like a human similar to Miharu.

Though she's used to it now and didn't feel that it's strange, thinking about it for a second time makes it actually quite interesting.

「Say, don't you think that it seems there are only beautiful girls in his surrounding」

Satsuki suddenly said those words after a sigh.

Miharu suddenly came to her senses.

「That's right, isn't it. Since Ai-chan and Cecilia-san are really beautiful. Aki-chan's also beautiful」

She reflexively agreed to Satsuki.

「Yeah. Moreover, Miharu-chan is a beauty too, right」

Satsuki added that while grinning widely.

In that moment, Miharu's head was blanked,

「EH-EEEEEEEEEEEHH? That's not true. I'm not beautiful at all! 」

Part 10

She vigorously shook her head as she understood the meaning of those words.

「What are you talking about. Say, weren't you quite popular in middle school」

「I-I wasn't that popular. I, was a plain girl」

Miharu rose the speed of shaking her head in denial as if to say that's impossible.

Satsuki's sending a slightly surprised look to her who's not noticing it herself.

「Excellent grades, cute, and a good natured girl. On top of that, your dishes in the cooking club were delicious, it'll be strange if you were not popular. The truth is, even the male students in my class said that Miharu-chan is cute. You're well known as ’’Suitable for family-oriented wife’’」

Satsuki spoke about the romantic situation surrounding Miharu during middle school.

「T-That's a lie, right. This is the first time I've heard about that」

Miharu said that with an anxious tone.

But, as if finishing off a rooted enemy, Satsuki said,

「Say, you were a health committee member during your 1st year, right. It seems there's many male students who received your medical treatment. I won't say the names of them but, there are some male students in my class who have fallen in love with you」

Adding an even more complete explanation.

「............. Uhm, is that, true?」

Miharu's asking timidly as if that information being quite a surprise for her.

「That's true but, could it be that you're not happy at all about that? 」

Satsuki asked Miharu who only showed a bewildered expression without showing any signs of being embarrassed.

「Ah, no................... It doesn't mean that I'm not happy............... Though I feel that I can't understand........」

Miharu's speaking with apologetic tone while hanging her head down.

「Arara, it seems it really is hopeless for them. Well, maybe that's just natural. You already have someone in your mind, don't you」

Satsuki sent an inquisitive gaze while asking that.

「Eh.........? 」

Miharu, with big question mark plastered on her face, is staring back at Satsuki's face.

Satsuki strangely had an expression filled with self-confidence.

「Eh................ U-Uhm........................」

Miharu muttered with a almost vanished voice.

 Could it be that she already knows it?


Though questions kept appearing one after another in her head, putting that aside, she's filled with a sense of embarrassment.

Miharu's cheeks are flushing red in the next moment.

Part 11

「As I thought, that reaction is your answer right」

「Eh, AH, H-Have you known about that? How? Though I never said that to anyone................」

「That's natural you know. It's just natural to know it when I see that reaction of yours」

Satsuki's letting out an impish laugh.

「Eh.........? ................. AH」

Miharu then noticed that she was tricked.

「You just tricked me, right, Satsuki-san?」

Miharu's puffing her cheeks with a poof.

「Sorry. But, it's not like I'm tricking you. We've known each other since middle school」

Satsuki justified her laugh as if she feels it's funny.


When she said so, Miharu feels uneasy about whether she's really that easy to read.

But, for the sake of not giving too much information by saying too many things, she lowers her flushing red head in silence.

「It's irritating to think about what happened in the past, but I think everything between us was alright looking at it now. Or rather, we were already getting along before I noticed anything? 」 [ED: Now this I'm not sure about if it is translated correctly: 「もどかしく思って見ていたんだけど、その様子なら大丈夫なのかな。


「......? 」

Miharu's tilting her head to the side as she's unable to understand the meaning behind Satsuki's words. [ED: Don't worry, you're not the only one and you should have seen how they were before editing]

But, after correctly guessing that there's someone she loves, Miharu doesn't have any composure left to think any more about that.

「Hey, what's the matter? Miharu-chan? 」

Satsuki's asking that while approaching her.

「I-I don't know anymore, hump!」

Miharu suddenly turned her face away while puffing her cheeks as she says that.

Who knows, maybe Satsuki is trying to trick her again?

If that is the case, she can't afford any more mistakes.

She judged so in an instant.

「Geez, please don't be angry. Miharu-chan」

Though Miharu's reaction is so cute and is causing a turmoil for Satsuki's inner sadism, she surpressed that feeling and decided to curry a favor of Miharu.

She can still ask about the lovelife of her junior another time.

Since she only wants some skinship with her friend who she finally met in this world.

After Satsuki earned Miharu's happiness, they decided to keep immersing themselves in the bathtub till Aki and and the others come.

[1] [TL* : Japanese Bathtub]

[2] [TL : this is true apparently, especially the small one< A claim from A certain Riajuu]


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