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Seirei Gensouki ~Konna Sekai De Deaeta Kimi Ni~ - Volume 2 - Chapter 96.2


Chapter 96.2

Chaptre 96 [The Conversation and Reunion of the People of the Same Home Town]

+++第96話 同郷人達の再会と話し合い

TL : Cnine


Part 9

Masato said that as if recalling Rio's words.

「Oh my, so you know about it. He's a quite well-informed person, isn't he. You should know that I'm the main guest of the evening party which is held in the Galwark kingdom's royal castle, right? As a matter of fact, it seems they also invited the hero of Saint Stellar kingdom to that evening party. Well, they have not arrived yet though」

Satsuki replied while smiling wryly.

Though she hoped that the hero is Takahisa, Aki lowered her head downheartedly when Satsuki said 「Not arrived yet」.

But, Satsuki kept going on with her story as it is.

「It seems that the country of Saint Stellar is extremely closed off country*. We've sent a message for the time being but, the reply still hasn't come. It seems they usually reject right away without waiting too long. Then, there's the fact that my handwriting is on the letter held by the messenger. If Takahisa-kun is the hero of Saint Stellar kingdom, he should have seen my handwriting. If that's the case, shouldn't he come? 」

[TL* : It's like Japan before black ship appearance] [PF: do people recognize others handwritings these days?]

Satsuki smiled broadly while asking that.


Aki repeatedly nodded her head.

「Since the evening party will be held over the span of three days, I think that there's still a possibility for him to come. There seems to be exceptions but, in the case of prolonged evening parties, it happens often that the foreign guests start attending from the second day onward even tho the invitation is for the first day」

That's right, on the occassions where one holds a prolonged evening party, in the case of the foreign guests, depending on the status of their country or their relationship with the other country, have situations where they shift their schedule quite frequently.

It's called the method of ’’country invitation from the second day onward and, country invitation from first day’’. [ED: You nobels make no sense.... I'm not even going to edit it, it's basically the same just said in a more fancy way]

For that sake, Galwark kingdom gave priority to the nobles of their own country to build relationship with Satsuki, the countries which they carefully picked and allowed to attend from the first day were just the Anti-government organization of Bertram kingdom and Saint Stellar kingdom.

That aside, they already made the arrangements for many people from the small neighboring countries to attend from tomorrow onward.


「Yeah. Well, I'm not really sure whether he'll be attending the party though. But, from what I heard from the royalties, I think he'll be attending since, while they say that Saint Stellar is indeed a closed country but it still cannot be considered a hostile one」

「If that's the case, oniichan too.............」

An expression full of hope floated on Aki's face.

Satsuki looked at her expression for a few seconds and,

「................. Well then. There's something that I want to ask from you guys」

「Yes. What might it be? 」

Miharu replied after readying herself a bit.

「If Takahisa is found, what are you guys going to do after that?」

Part 10

So Satsuki bluntly asked about what they'll do afterward.

「What we want to do, is of course, to be together with oniichan!」

Aki said her wish faster than anyone.

「Well, that's that, right」

Masato also followed after Aki.

On the contrary, despite the expression floating on Miharu's face as if she wants to say something, she just shut her lips and looks at Masato and Aki.

Satsuki looked at their situation and then,

「......I see. Does that mean that you're going separat ways with him―― With Haruto-kun? 」

When she asked so.


Aki and Masato stiffened when the question was asked by Satsuki.

But, contrary to them, only Miharu showed a gloomy expression.

「W-Why does it come to us separating from Haruto-anchan! ? I don't understand it. Why, why did it come to that? 」

Masato asked as his tone started to raise in panic.

「Maybe the way I asked that was a bit hard to understand. Maybe you'll meet Takahisa-kun in the near future. When it comes to that, which one will you choose to take care of you between Haruto-kun and Takahisa-kun? 」

Satsuki calmly threw that question at the end.

「T-That's why, how does that relate to separating from Haruto-anchan........」

Masato's tone got weaker as he was overpowered by Satsuki's presence.

「I mean, for example, if Takahisa is a hero, he will belong to a country just like in my case. If that's true, then Takahisa will have become a central part of a certain country around this time, you know. For now the first candidate for that country is Saint Stellar kingdom」

So Satsuki told them about that fact.

Masato anxiously looked at Satsuki.

Satsuki decided to go on with her explanation without waiting for Masato's reply.

「In short, if you receive protection from Takahisa then it means that you're receiving protection from the country that he belongs to. If it comes to that, is there any reason for Haruto-kun to be together with you? 」

Satsuki calmly threw that question.

「T-There is you know! Because Haruto-anchan is my swordsmanship master! 」 [ED: teacher]

Masato replied while raising his voice.

「I see, so you're getting taught swordsmanship. It's good that you're learning a skill to protect yourself. But, the matter of Haruto-kun as your swordsmanship teacher and whether or not he belongs to the country which Takahisa-kun and you guys belong to is a different problem altogether」

Part 11

Satsuki said that while staring at Masato.


「He's not educated with Japanese morals. Haruto-kun has his own life. He has a place where he belongs to. Moreover, he might actually have other things that he must do. In short, he won't always go to the places which are suited for everyone you know. You should understand that, shouldn't you? 」

Satsuki gently said that to him as if admonishing the child.


Emotional feelings aside, maybe because he understands that, Masato was at a loss for words.

「U-Uhm. If that's the case, Takahisa-oniichan will come to us............」

Aki who sat beside him muttered timidly.

「That's depending on the agreement with the country but, first, seeing that he belongs to a country as a hero, maybe it's something like an easy part-time job?」

「That's, right.........」

Maybe because she already understood from the very beginning, Aki nodded her head as if feeling downhearted.

「Sorry for suddenly saying such strange things. But you see. Maybe you'll meet Takahisa-kun soon just like how you met me」

「Soon, with oniichan...........................」

Aki muttered those words as if chewing the meaning of them.

「The two of you are the little brother and little sister of Takahisa-kun, right? In that case, wanting to be together with him later when you're reunited is something that's extremely natural I think. But you see, please think hard about that choice . The reason is because this will involve your own safety too」

「......................... Our own safety?」

Aki asked while tilting her head.

「Yeah, I said it a while ago, didn't I. I said that ’’Receiving Takahisa's protection means that you would be receiving the country's protection’’. Being a hero is a truly troublesome position. It has no substantial authority but, it can greatly affect the country. That's why many people are trying to use the hero. When someone dear to the hero gets captured, you will see how bad your situation is, won't you ? 」

「................... How will it turn out?」

「I can't say anything with certainty regarding this country but............... As long as nothing happens, you'll receive kind treatment you know. But, maybe they'll change as easily as turning the palm of their hand when a critical moment arrives upon them」

Despite making herself remember various hateful predictions, she needs to tell them the concrete details they're avoiding.

The stimulus is just too strong for the two of them that are still at a young age.

「At any rate, this world is not a gentle place like Japan. Currently you're receiving protection from Haruto-kun but, maybe you'll see the dirty side of humanity if you ever go to the castle. Maybe there's danger awaiting for you in that place. Even so, are you sure that you want to go under the protection of Takahisa-kun? 」


Part 12

Aki and Masato couldn't answer her immediately.

Though she didn't know what they were thinking, their expression's told her that they were thinking hard about this decision.

「Though I ask you this question, it's not something you should answer right away. It's not a problem which you have to answer right away without thinking about it」

There were huge 「?」 on the faces of Aki and Masato as if it was something they were not expecting.

「That's true you know. Even if Takahisa-kun does not appear, I think that it won't be hard to take care of you guys by asking Galwark kingdom. Uuhn, should I say that I want to be together with you guys? But of course, that's only if you guys wish for it」

「I see, there's also that kind of choice huh.......」

Masato muttered as if convinced by something.

「Yeah. But, just like I told you awhile ago, danger will also come upon you by coming to my place. I feel that I'm a truly selfish person but, I want to be tied with this country and be the so called hero because then I can look for a method to return to earth. When I say so, the position of hero is more like a part time job, right」

Satsuki said that while showing a slightly self-mocking expression.

「Even so, Galwark kingdom wants me to be a hero. Even if I live in this world, I need to become the hero of Galwark kingdom to return to earth. Thus the current delicate relationship is forming while each side agrees and has their own purpose. Do you understand what this means? 」

Satsuki asked of them.

「Uhm............ Satsuki-san wants to go back to earth. Galwark kingdom wants Satsuki-san to be a hero. That's why, in reality Galwark kingdom doesn't want Satsuki-san to go back to earth」

Miharu answered with a pensive look on her face.

「That's right. That's why, if you are ever come to Galwark kingdom, please know that it comes with the risk of being used as a hostage against me」

Satsuki told them so while letting out a troubled smile.

「Haruto-kun, Takahisa-kun, and me, each one of us live with different kinds of positions. Maybe, what you said, being together with everyone is a little difficult. Though it's a difficult problem to resolve, I want you to keep that in the corner of your mind. You're already facing that problem, you'll keep relying on Haruto-kun till you can at least find the answer but, you need a bit more time to think about it, don't you? 」

Satsuki kindly asked Masato and Aki.

The two of them nodded deeply.

「There are people who need you. There are people who want to be together with you. Lending your ears to listen to the words of those people is important. They'll support you when you feel troubled. I think that's also the case for Haruto-kun and Takahisa-kun. Even so, since this is your life, it's better to think about it by yourself, I want you to find an answer which you won't regret........... Or so it is」

Part 13

Satsuki said that feeling a bit embarassed.

Her eyes wandered around for a while after that as if feeling embarrassed by her speech and,

「Well, does Miharu-chan understands just how meddlesome what I said is, I wonder?」

Satsuki asked that question as her line of sight stopped on Miharu.

「Ah, No. I............ That was rather vague but despite that, we can still meet Satsuki-san like this, I just have to think of what we will do if we find Takahisa-kun........」

「Yeah, have you found your answer?」

「Uhhhm ...........」

Miharu showed a troubled smile while she looked at Aki and Masato.

「I've more or less found my answer」

Satsuki smiled at her answer.

「Is that so...................... Then, that's the end of this topic! Though it was our long awaited reunion, sorry for doing something that destroyed the mood! Since I'll have to meet you like this as long as we live apart. I've conveyed what I thought so that you won't have to regret your choice」

Satsuki suggested to stop their discussion with the movement of her hand while showing a slightly embarassed face.

Maybe she became embarrassed after their discussion ended.

Miharu, Aki and Masato giggled when they saw Satsuki like that.

The atmosphere in that place had softened and they became more at ease.

「Yes, let's leave the troublesome matters at that, instead let's do something more enjoyable. I also have things to say but, the majority of my stories involve me living inside the castle. My room is also a splendid one but, it feels somewhat narrow and suffocating, you see. This place is better compared to that. Somehow it's really helping me relax my tense mind」

So, Satsuki sighed wearily when she remembered her daily life in the castle.

「Certainly, it seems that this place already feels like home. Now that you say it, I noticed it after not living in this house for a while. A~h, since we have finally reunited, maybe we should take a bath together」

Masato said that while stretching his hand.

「That sounds good. A bathtub! I want to immerse myself in hot water while stretching my arms and legs. I have really missed Japanese style bathtubs」

Satsuki agreed while wearing a lonely expression on her face.

「Ah, this house has a bathtub, you know. There's a rock bath and there's a cypress bath. Shall we all go then?」

Aki said that as if it was a great idea.

「A~h, that sound good. Isn't something like a cypress bath and a rock bath the best combination」

Satsuki replied with a favourable voice.

「Se-Seriously! With everyone? 」

Part 14

Masato asked with an embarassed face.

「It's better if it's Haruto-san, you're out for eye candy, right!」

Aki's immediately poked at Masato's head.

「That hurts. I'm just joking you know」

「Liar, look your lips are smiling and your eyes are filthy. Stop looking at us with eyes like that!」

Aki glared at Masato, who was holding his head, with an apathetic line of sight.

「Iyaa, Miharu-neechan and Satsuki-neechan aside, something like Aki-neechan's naked body is.......... Ah, no, I'm just kidding! Please don't hit me! 」

While he was in the middle of his sentence, Masato shook his head vigorously to the left and right with a paled face.

Aki raised her trembling thin arms and then brought it down to Masato.

「Ahaha. Well then, shall I ask Haruto-san whether we can enter it? 」

Miharu suggested to them.

「Yeah. Yeah if possible............. WAIT A MINUTE! 」

Satsuki exclaimed with a surprised expression.

「Uhm, yes............」

Miharu looked at Satsuki's face startled.

「............ This house really has it? A OFURO[i]? 」

Asking that, Satsuki gulped her saliva.

「Y-Yes. There's a bit onsen[iii]-like bathtub in this house you know」

Miharu nodded jerkily as she felt such an unusual vigor.

「O-Onsen you say?」

At that time, Satsuki's eyes glared with a brilliant shine.


Going back to before their conversation about ’’whether they can enter the bath or not’’, Rio listened to the current situation from both Aisia and Celia in his room.

Rio sat on the chair, and faced them who sat on the bed.

There was small desk placed right on their side.

There are three cups releasing vapor on top of the desk.

「Did something in particular happen during the stay in the inn of the capital?」

Rio asked that question after lightly tasting the tea.

「Nothing in particular」

Aisia answered first, giving only a brief conclusion.

Though her expression could be seen as nothing but apathetic, that was her normal expression.

Rio unintentionally chuckled since it was somehow a little funny.

Part 15

「It seems they were nervous at first but, it seems they already got used to the life in the city. We also escorted them while they strolled in the safe area. Ah, of course we wore our hoods」

In contrast to Aisia, Celia's answer was more concrete.

He couldn't see things like stress or anxiety in her actions nor her expression.

「I see. Thank you very much. Both of you」

Rio gave his gratitude to the two of them who were always unwavering.

He noticed that it had been awhile since he could feel relaxed just by a bit of conversation like this.

「Was everything good on your side too, Rio? Nothing unplesant happened? 」

Celia asked while peeking at Rio's face.

「Yes. I got no problem on my side. But, as I thought, it calms me the most when everyone is in the house, doesn't it」

Rio nodded while laughing.

「Uhm, is that true? Miharu, Aki and Masato also feel like that you know?」

Celia told him that with a slightly embarrassed face.

「I see. I'm glad then」

Rio was looking down at the tea in the cup as he replied to her.

And then, a light and tranquil smile peeked on his lips.

「Come to think of it, I should apologize for the slow response. Celia-sensei, I want to talk about the matter of you returning to your home, is that okay? 」

After looking at the cup for a few seconds, Rio raised his face and looked at Celia.

「Ah, uhm」

As their vision overlapped as if a surprise attack had happened, Celia replied with a flustered voice.

Her heart throbbed faster, somehow she could feel that her cheeks became slightly hot.

「As expected, please let me to accompany you while you send a greeting home. Though you seem to be in a hurry, would you wait for a bit more? 」

Celia regained her composure after those words.

Come to think of it, at some point the talk about Celia returning to her own home in Bertram kingdom was put on hold.

Though Celia planned to go back alone so that she wouldn't trouble Rio, and she already told him about wanting to act separately just before they came to Galwark kingdom.

Rio said that he'll accompany Celia but, since she can't estimate just how long it'll take to return home in Bertram kingdom, the decision was to arrange the schedule so that he'll be attending the evening party first.

「Uhm, it's not like I'm saying for you to hurry up but......... Is that okay?」

Celia asked timidly.

Part 16

「Anytime is okay with me, the one who brought sensei to this house was me, wasn't it? So it's normal for me to go along with sensei」

「B-But the one who decided to slip out from that castle is me you know. Moreover, I think that I might cause some trouble for Rio if we were to go together........... I'm saying this is also for my own selfish wish..........」

Celia's reply sounded weak in the end.

「Though I've said this before, it does not trouble me at all. The idea of taking Celia-sensei out from Bertram kingdom was my idea, and I'm the one who took that action first you know? If that's the case, I should be responsible for taking that duty. It's because I was the one who kidnapped your family's most important daughter after all」

「I-It's not kidnapping! Because I gave consent![1]」

Celia unintentionally shouted at him as she reacted to the word ’’kidnaping’’.

Rio showed a troubled smile and,

「But, maybe it's seen like that by people at your home. Even though you sent a letter to explain your situation, you didn't write any details and you didn't explain almost anything in fear of inspection, did you? 」

Was his answer.

The letter sent by Celia was a recording which was written in a way that only her family and Celia could understand.

But, if they do unnecessary inspection on the writing, she was afraid that they'll find out that the sender was Celia, that's why she couldn't write about the important matters.


「In that case, it wouldn't be strange for them to think that Celia-sensei was kidnapped you know. Even if they don't, they will definitely worried about how Celia-sensei is doing right now. That's why Celia-sensei is thinking of going back to your home for once, right? 」

「............. Uhn」

Celia nodded weakly.

「If that's the case, please let me come along with you. Since I think that I'm the one responsible for making Celia-sensei's house worry and must apologize to them」

Rio spoke in a calm tone.

「As I thought, it's troubling you after all..............」

Celia smiled wryly while she muttered those words low enough so that it won't be heard by anyone. [ED: In a room full of spirit art users I think that Celia is the only one who didn't hear them]

As for her own feelings, despite her being quite unwilling to cause trouble for Rio more than she already has, it was meaningless as the more she rejects the Rio's helping hand, the more sentimental she became...

The truth is, she feels that it would be very reassuring if Rio came along with her.

There wasn't any reply from Celia.

「Celia-sensei? 」

Rio tilted his head when she muttered something.

「......Geez. Now I don't even know which one of us is the sensei here. This kind of talk is」

Part 17

Celia showed a slightly delighted smile as she said that.

「Because my mental age is much older you know」

After looking at her with a slightly bewildered face, Rio said that in a jesting tone.

Celia nodded to those words, and then after straightening her back,

「Thank you, Rio. I look forward to working with you」

She bowed deeply towards Rio as she said those words.


Next chapter is OFURO chapter.

[1] [TL : They're starting to act like bakaple]

[i] [TL* : Japanese bath]

[ii][TL* : hot spring]


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