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Seirei Gensouki ~Konna Sekai De Deaeta Kimi Ni~ - Volume 2 - Chapter 96.1


Chapter 96.1

Chapter 96 [The Conversation and Reunion of the People of the Same Home]

+++第96話 同郷人達の再会と話し合い

TL : Cnine

ED : LittleEndu

PF: Shance

Part 1

「Unless you have nothing against chatting while standing, we should enter the house for the time being」

After briefly introducing Celia and Aisia, Rio proposed to change the scenery.

By the way, just in case, since it would be hard to explain Celia's matter, she introduced herself using her alias, Cecila.

Regarding the rock house, they brought it here before taking Miharu and the others to the inn of the capital.

「House you say? In the middle of the forest? 」

Satsuki restlessly looked around in her surroundings unable to find anything resembling a building.

Though Miharu and Aki smiled when looking at Satsuki's reaction, Masato alone was the one who showed a slightly proud expression.

「Over here. Satsuki-san」

After saying so, Rio took the lead and they all walked towards a rock.

「A-A rock?」

When she discovered the gigantic rock enshrined inside the darkness, Satsuki let out a slightly bewildered voice.

「Yes. The insides of this were turned into a house, here is the entrance」

Rio opened the wooden door and entered the rock.

When the door was opened, a bright light escaped the indoors towards the outside.

「He~, it really was turned into a house. Interesting」

Satsuki entered the house while surveying the surroundings of the entrance while expressing great interest.

But, that was as far as she could keep her composure.


After passing the front door, Satsuki showed a surprised face.

In there was a living room which exceeded her imagination.

The first thing reflected in her vision was a truly spacious living room.

There was even a concrete ground as a place to take their shoes off, there was no partition wall in between the living room and the entrance.

Though it had a construction that was different from the traditional japanese architecture, if she had to express the atmosphere inside, she might feel that it had a modern touch.

Satsuki didn't like the overflowing image of high class formalities like the castle room which she was residing in.

But, because the dwarves who were acquainted with Rio displayed their skill, the inside turned into a place where a Japanese could live without having any out of place feelings.

In the nice and comfortable interior, high quality furnitures were placed.

「It's better if you take off your shoes, isn't it? We have a shoe rack over there」

「Ah,................. Yes」

Satsuki followed Rio's instructions and timidly took off her shoes.

And then, after placing her shoes in the shoe rack, she surveyed the interior again.

Part 2

「It's better than the room at the castle but. This place, would be suitable for a room in one of the best hotels there are.................」

Satsuki muttered those words with a cramped face.

Maybe because he heard her muttering.

「I wonder about that. Yet, there's still room left for a sixth person」

Masato told her that earnestly while nodding with ’’uhnUhn’’.

Miharu and Aki were also nodded along with him.

「Ahaha. After getting used to living in this house, the inn of the capital which we were using starts to feel narrow, doesn't it」

「Yeah. The meals in this place are also delicious」

They start talking about various things.

「Just in case, we are saying that we were staying in the most prominent hotel in the capital, you see. And yet, comparing comfort, the room of that hotel isn't that different from the house we're living in, you know」

So, Celia smiled wryly while giving additional information.

If those words were to be heard by the dwarves who live in seirei no tami village, and who had a big role in the construction of this house, they would be nodding with proud expressions on their faces while saying 「Of course it is」.

「He, Hee........................ I-Is that so」

Satsuki comprehension was already unable to catch up with the situation, but she couldn't help but absent-mindedly reply appropriately while looking at the interior of the house.

「Since it'll be difficult to keep standing like that, please sit for the time being. There's something that you wish to talk about right, please take your time talking between the four of you. Now, I'll prepare some delicious tea for you」

Rio said that to Satsuki who was standing dumbfounded.

「Since I want to have another discussion with Cecilia and Aisia, will both of you go wait in my room please?」

「'Ka~y. Let's go, Aisia」


Celia and Aisia started to head towards Rio's room together.

But, Celia stopped her steps in front of the door as if recalling something and,

「Ah, Haruto! I would like some tea, you know, the usual one. Make it piping hot! 」

Smiling happily as she made that request before entering the door room. [ED: I'm pretty sure you can't enter doors lol]


Rio nodded happily and then left towards the kitchen.

「Ah, let me help you, Haruto-san」

Thereupon, Miharu offered her help as if she had waited for that.

「Please, enjoy your time together with Satsuki-san, Miharu-san」

Rio refused her offer while shaking his head.

But, Miharu had already made her move.

Part 3

「I can't just let you to do that alone you know. Moreover, it's faster when two people are making it. Please let me to help you」

She already arrived at the kitchen while saying that.

Rio and Miharu faced each other in front of the kitchen.

「Uhm, well, would you help me?」

Rio said those words after peering at her expression as if embarrassed for a moment.


Miharu replied with a delighted expression.

Thus, the two of them entered the kitchen and started preparing the tea.

Their cooperation was extremely good.

In the end, it was only the three of Satsuki, Masato and Aki that were left in the living room.

「Take a seat, Satsuki-neechan」

Masato said that as he sat on the corner of the sofa*. [TL* : The ’’L’’ part of the sofa]

Aki sat along with him.

(Everyone is adapting more than I expected huh. And yet, depite appearing like this, I still have my guard up)

She enjoyed the night of flying just now to her heart's content but, she's not that satisfied as if it was somehow a fruitless effort.

Though there were many things she wanted to ask them, she knew that it would cause slight annoyance if she asked about them bluntly, so Satsuki simply sat obediently with slumped shoulder.

「Ah, Amazing. The sofa is so fluffy」


Rio and Miharu soon returned from the kitchen.

They prepared several people's worth of tea on top of the table and used a complete set of white porcelain-made tea set.

「We'll go back to the castle before midnight, Satsuki-san. Since it'll get dangerous if the fact that you disappeared is known, but for now please just have a nice talk without minding about the time」

「Ah, yes. Uhm, thank you..............」

Satsuki said her gratitude with a timid tone, maybe because of the slight tension.

She'll be fine if she talks with Miharu, Aki and Masato.

Rio came to that conclusion and then replied with a smile on his face.

「It's nothing, I'll excuse myself then」

Saying so, Rio went back towards his own room.

Finally, the ones left in the living room were only the four japanese.

「Uhm, though I already said this to Aki-chan and Masato-kun, let me say it to you too, long time no see, Miharu-chan. It's nice to see you so healthy」

Part 4

So, Satsuki addressed the three of them.

「Yes. I'm glad that Satsuki-san is healthy too」

Miharu replied while showing a gentle expression on her face.

「Yeah. I'm healthy you know. Well, I have always been staying inside the castle without trying to do anything, you see. Moreover, I can meet you guys this way」

While Satsuki smiled at them, Miharu, Aki and Masato were being bashful as if feeling awkward.

「Well then. There are many things to make our conversation enjoyable, but won't you tell me about pressing matters before that?Our time is limited」

Satsuki proposed that they should make full use of their time.

「Yes. Uhm, well then, from where should we start at? 」

Miharu asked while tilting her head.

「U~hm, you're right. For the time being, what about after you came into this world, won't you tell me what has happened so far? 」


Miharu nodded immediately.

「Uhm, we also don't really understand as it happened so suddenly but――」

Miharu told her that after taking a short breath and recalling the events of that day.

About the matter that they were suddenly somewhere in the middle of the plains, about the fact that they encountered a group of slave trader mercenaries while lost, about the fact that they were taken captive as slaves, about the fact that they were saved by Rio who just happened to be passing by that place, and then about the fact that they have been under Rio's protection since then, and then they recounted everything that had happened till today――.

Satsuki silently listening to Miharu's story without interrupting her.

Though there were many questions floating in her head, first she wanted to know directly what has happened.

And then, after hearing the complete story, Satsuki showed a grave expression.

「I'm sorry. Since you guys got dragged into this world during my summoning as a hero................ Right. And you were about to become slaves.............」

Satsuki lowered her head while saying so.

It seems that somehow she feels that the misfortunate events which fell onto them are her fault.

They showed a bewildered expression and,

「That's not true you know!」

Everyone denied together.

Satsuki's body trembled.

「But .............」

Her voice spilled, sounding as if vanishing from Satsuki's mouth.

「I mean, wasn't Satsuki-san dragged in too? There's no reason to apologize you know」

Part 5

Miharu told her.

「Yup. Satsuki-neechan has no need to feel indebted you kno~w」

「It's as they say」

Aki and Masato followed after Miharu.

「Even so, maybe you would not have been involved in this incident if you were not by my side you know? Since we were summoned into this world by the Holy Stone(Brave Stone) as it was summoning heroes......」

「Even if you say that, it also can't be helped. Since regardless of what happens, you yourself was not aware that you were going to be summoned to this world as a hero」

Miharu replied while gently shaking her head.


Satsuki chewed on her lips with a downhearted expression.

「I mean, it's as Miharu-neechan said. Moreover, according to Haruto-anchan's story, we were separated by accident, it seems that it's to prevent if there's some kind of accident in one place*」 [TL: Like being trapped inside rocks]

Masato said that to encourage her.

Thereupon, a doubtful expression came upon Satsuki's face.

「Uhm................. What do you mean?」

In order to clear her doubt, Satsuki asked Masato.

「EH? Aa~H, Uhm........................... What was that. I can't really remember it since it's a complicated story. I'll leave it to you, Aki-neechan! 」

After laughing awkwardly, Masato asked Aki to do the explanation.

Somehow it seemed that he couldn't really remember the small details.

「EH, M-ME? Uh~m......................」

Even Aki who suddenly received the pass from Masato was confused.

Miharu smiled gently while looking at their reaction from the side.

「I also don't really understand the fundamental theory behind it but, it seems that somehow the magic that was used when they simultaneously summoned both Takahisa-kun and Satsuki-san to this world was the cause of our separation」

And then, Miharu took over the explanaiton.

「The magic to summon Takahisa-kun and me?」

「It's similar to a certain magic which moves stuff to a separated place by interfering with space. We were summoned by that kind of magic」

「He~, it's the first time I heard that, as I thought magic like that does exist」

Satsuki's nodded as if really interested in that topic.

「Yes. And then, you can say that maybe it's because we were very close to each other until just before being summoned to this world. Two magic-circles* were invoked and each of them summoned Satsuki-san and Takahisa-kun separately. Though it seems that only the two of you were supposed to be transferred when both of you were summoned, the three of us who were by your side got involved in that summoning. Our transfer coordinates were a bit off, and we were transferred close to the middle of both of your transfer points, or so.............」 [*ED: God I wish they were called spells since chapter 1... Well, I can do that in LN translation]

Part 6

Miharu simplified the explanation that she heard from Rio to the best of her abilities.

「In short, aside from me, there's a possibility that Takahisa-kun was also summoned as a hero........... Right?」

「Yes. Haruto-san has said that it might be so. But then, since there's no one but the three of us who witnessed the magic invoked for the two of you, the thing which we saw might be incorrect but........ What did you feel right before you were being summoned, Satsuki-san? 」

「I felt that my surroundings were slowly being distorted. It's as if the space was coiling to form a vortex」

「It could be proof of that magic being invoked. Satsuki-san aside, it seems that a similar phenomena may have occurred with Takahisa-kun as the target」

「I see, so that was the reason」

Satsuki showed an expression as if she began to understand something.

「Thank you. I heard really interesting things」

「Don't mention it, since it's nothing more than a retelling of what Haruto-san said」

「Fu~hn, so that was it. .......... I was a bit anxious about what kind of person he is but, it might be nice for the story to derail like this」

Satsuki said so while smiling wryly.

Following that she showed a slightly serious expression and,

「Sorry. Thank you very much. I'm slightly confused which words are better said on this occasion but, I'm glad that I could meet all of you after coming alone to this world. At first I was desperate and even came to think that I might be the only one who was summoned to this world. And yet, another summoned hero said that he's Japanese, so I came to the conclusion that maybe you guys had also come. I felt relieved. That's why, he―― I was truly surprised when Haruto-kun said that people sharing your names are under his protection. And then, I felt feeling relieved at the same time. I'm really happy, and grateful that you're safe and sound」 .

Satsuki told them that, feeling relief from the bottom of her heart.

「Yes. We felt the same way. I was pondering how we would meet you when we heard from Haruto-san that you are in the castle but, he said that he would negotiate about that with Satsuki-san.........」

Miharu said that as if slightly embarassed.

「I see, so you have received that much help from him, haven't you」

「Yes, the truth is we're doing really well because of Haruto-san. .........It's as if we have left anything and everything to him」

Miharu said so while showing an apologetic smile.

「You're unable to properly express your gratitude, right?」


Part 7

Miharu nodded deeply.

「Nevertheless, it has been painful for you so far, hasn't it. You're also properly taking care of Masato-kun and Aki-chan. You did great, Miharu-chan」

Satsuki tightly clasped Miharu's hands who was sitting by her side.

Miharu shook her head in panic.

「No, I really haven't done anything.................」

「I don't think so. Since I feel relieved just by knowing that there's someone in this truly unknown world who I know beside myself. Much less to say if that person is older than myself. Right, you two? 」

Satsuki asked as she looked towards Masato and Aki.



Aki and Masato nodded at the same time.

「I thought that it was already hopeless when Miharu-neechan went another direction in a different coach. Aki-neechan was crying at that time」

Thereupon, Masato started to recite about that story.

「WHA! T-That's not true! 」

Aki who sat by his side replied nervously.

「That's a lie. Didn't you make an uproar as if you were gonna lose it and started crying」

「I said that's not true! In the first place――」

Aki was desperately trying to stop Masato who was about to tell his story.

And then, it was about to develop into a sibling quarrel like usual but――.

「Fufufufu.................... Ahaha」

Satsuki started to giggle as if she just saw something funny.

Being taken aback, Aki and Masato ceased their quarrel.

「Uhm, Satsuki-san?」

Miharu who sat by her side asked Satsuki.

「Fufu............... A~~h, that's strange. I'm sorry for laughing」

After giggling lightly for a while, Satsuki apologized for her sudden laugh.

「Bo, it's okay but. Was there something strange? 」

So, Masato asked.

「I mean, to think that I could see the two of you quarreling like this as if we were in Japan. I'm glad that I got to see that after a long time, and somehow I felt it's funny」

Part 8

Satsuki explained the reason why she suddenly started laughing.

「A~H, I see」


Masato and Aki smiled wryly feeling awkward.

「That certainly is true. If it's the usual, Miharu-oneechan or oniichan will stop us before it gets too heated up」

Aki showed a slightly lonely expression.

「Lately, it's become the duty of Haruto-anchan and Miharu-oneechan」

Masato's earnestly told her that.

「......I see. So you've not heard about Takahisa's location yet? 」

Satsuki asked that question as she guesses from the change in Aki's expression.

「Yes. It seems Haruto-san is still trying to look for him but................ ................How about Satsuki-san's side? 」

Miharu agreed and then asked that.

「I don't know」

Satsuki shook her head as if feeling apologetic for that fact.

「Is that so......」

Miharu replied with a slightly dejected expression.

Masato also sighed in disappointment, Aki hanged her head down feeling downhearted.

After confirming their reaction, Satsuki,

「But you see. After hearing the story from before, I thought that there's only one possibility」

After she said that.


Aki vigorously straightened herself.

「Please calm down. I thought that there's a possibility for it but, I've no proof of that」

「E-Even that is okay! Please tell me! Where's oniichan? 」

Aki asked with her feelings on the edge.

「Saint Stellar Kingdom. A certain country south from Galwark kingdom. Maybe you guys have already heard about that country? 」

「Yes. We were taught by Haruto-san」

Aki replied immediately.

「Come to think of it, Haruto-anchan did say that. There's a possibility that there's a hero in that country」


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