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Seirei Gensouki ~Konna Sekai De Deaeta Kimi Ni~ - Volume 2 - Chapter 95.2


Chapter 95.2

Chapter 95 [The Interstice of Ethic]

+++第95話 倫理の狭間

TL : Cnine


Part 8

Satsuki said those words with a slightly unpleasant tone.

「Yeah, it's as I said right. I said that I'll manage it somehow」

Rio's tone while replying to her was calm.

「That's so but, you mean you are raiding the castle alone?」


Rio's replying nonchalantly.

「............. You, you're actually a spy of a foreign country right? Doing something like climbing the wall in the midst of this darkness isn't something that can be done by anyone right? 」

Satsuki's sending an inquisitive gaze to Rio.

Doing something like raiding dozens metres high spire by climbing it's wall in the middle of darkness isn't something that can be done by a normal person.

The possibilities are only someone who's received a harsh training to do this kind of work.

Though it might be because she's watching too many dramas and movies, Satsuki thought was along that way.

「You're wrong. I'm really nothing more than an ordinary person」

Rio's shaking his head while smiling wryly.

「There's no way that's true, since you can't just simply invade the royal castle alone...........」

Satsuki's face cramped.

「Certainly you might say so」

Rio's agreeing with a puffed smile.


Satsuki finds herself unable to retort to Rio's words, several seconds of silence are descending inside of her room.

「............ Riight, even more so, nobody noticed? If this kind of thing is leaked out, you might be receiving a death penalty. It's still possible to back off now, for you to be brave and risk something like this............」

Satsuki told him that with an awkward expression almost immediately.

Despite it being in the cover of darkness, Rio could feel the guilt that was released by Satsuki for some reason.

And then, vaguely guessing what she has in her mind in this situation.

「Could it be that you're having cold feet?」

So Rio asked her with a plain tone.


Satsuki unintentionally gasped for breath, it's a bull's eye.

Part 9

「I'm sorry. My explanation is insufficient right. This action of me raiding the castle is an action that obviously should be punished, and the action of me sneaking out with Satsuki, the hero, is.............. despite not a subject to punishment, it might be a deed that is going against the law. Though I have no intention to be provocative, I don't mind to go back if you've no intention to meet Miharu-san and co by going as far as breaking the law. I mean, if you, Miharu-san, and her friends all want it, it's possible for you to meet them in the castle. The thing that is certain is that I'm in a hurry」

Saying so, Rio's looking at the place where Satsuki's standing.

Despite being unable to see opposite party's face clearly due to the darkness, Satsuki couldn't help but notice a bit of the bottom of Rio's heart.

「......... You don't think I did something wrong, do you? Meeting with Miharu-chan and co even if I have to break the law」

Satsuki's asking timidly.

Her heart is beating heavily with [dokundokun].

「Mistake............. Is it. Though I don't understand about that matter very well, I'm not particularly concerned about that. So as to not regret it later, I choose the best methods as necessary. Of course the talk about my moral value is within the scope of not ringing a warning but, it's only that much」

Rio's reply was truly a light way of reasoning.

It's same as him saying that he won't even hesitate to break the established law of the country if he deemed that it was necessary.

Because in reality, currently Rio's already breaking the law of Galwark kingdom.

Though Satsuki knew with their conversation till now that Rio's a rational person, that kind of impression she had toward Rio was repainted in an instant.

「So the current situation isn't contrary to your moral value, is it? 」

「If it is, I wouldn't have even come to this place, you know」

Rio's smiling wryly while answering her with a composed tone.

「You................. Despite knowing what going that far means.............」

Satsuki's whispering those words with an appearance of being tormented by guilt.

He's intentionally breaking the law while knowing full well of what he is doing.

So far, Satsuki's never even considered to do that kind of action.

「Do you disdain such a action?」

Rio's calmly asking her.

「!!!..................... There's..................... No ..................... Way」

Satsuki felt that her face became hot.

It's a lie. She indeed feels so.

indeed, Satsuki disdained Rio's action.

Even if it's necessary, for Rio to easily commit this kind of crime.

Because she couldn't see Rio as nothing but a man outside of her common sense.

But, Satsuki was somehow ashamed that Rio can see through about that aspect of herself.

Part 10

(Why is he in this place right now? It's for me, Miharu-chan, and co, right. It's not for himself. And yet, here he is............. Offering choices to me. And yet, I.............)

What she really should disdain is herself.

It was prepared till this stage by Rio, who's unrelated to this matter.

And yet, despite there being a chance to stop it, she's retreating at the last moment due to impending crisis and for her own self-protection.

Despite it's for herself, just pondering all over the place from a safe place won't change anything.

Satsuki was truly ashamed at that personality of her.

「What should be disdained is me, right..........」

Satsuki was muttering absentmindedly with self-derision.

But, that instantly changed to a serious expression and,

「Sorry. Please let me meet with Miharu-chan and the others. Please help me meet them」

She's bowing very deeply to Rio.

There's still the feeling of repulsion in her to not commit a crime.

She was sure of that.

But, her wish to meet Miharu and co is stronger than that.

She didn't think that was a mistake when she thought about it that way.

Of course, the matter of them doing a secret meeting is just unreasonable and maybe only served to delay the problem.

Even so, the gist of it is, she can meet Miharu and co without any kind of problems.

Would there be a better reunion than this.

The youth who was standing before her has made that preparation.

In that case, she should tell her gratitude to this youth.

Other than disdaining from him for his action.

Satsuki felt so.

「..................... Is it okay? 」

Rio's asking as if slightly surprised by her response.

「Yeah. I mean, I want to meet Miharu-chan and co. I want to meet and chat with them. That's the reason why you're preparing that situaiton, right? 」

「Yeah, well, that's true.................」

Rio made a slightly evasive answer.

Maybe because he's slightly bewildered by the change of Satsuki's attitude.

「I want to meet Miharu-chan and co. I can't lie to that feeling. Not like I want to lie either. So that I won't regret it later, right」

Satsuki's smiling gently as she said that.

Rio's eyes are opened slightly wide.

「In order to not regret it, is it? 」

「Yeah. These are your words though, aren't they」

「Is that so」

This reason is somehow easily resounding in Rio's heart.

「That's why, please. I'm really sorry for the change of my attitude at this late hour but, please take me to where Miharu-chan and co are」

Part 11

And then, she's addressing to Rio with a sincere expression.


Rio said that as a light smile blooming on his face.

「But, it's a bit too late for this now, I mean it's as Satsuki-san said that there's a possibility that I'm a spy right? And yet, aren't you curious about it? 」

Rio asked while looking at Satsuki.

Thereupon, Satsuki's chuckling lightly.

「What are you saying. I thought that I never said something like you being a spy you know? 」

Was her answer.

「I might be trying to assasinate you, you know?」

「There's a time and place for everything. But if it comes to that I'll fight with all my power」

Satsuki's replying that way while slightly shrugging her shoulders.

Rio replied to that with smile on his face.

「Understood. In that case, shall we go. Toward the place where Miharu-san and co are」

「Yeah. Please take me there. ...................... Even so, how can you climb the wall of the spire? It means that we're going to be descending the wall of spire to return right? 」

So, Satsuki's asking Rio about the method he was using to arrive to this room.

When thinking about the height of the spire, to be honest, she wants to be spared from descending along its wall.

But, the answer that came from Rio was greatly betraying her expectation.

「I didn't climb it you know」

「EH? 」

The moment she understood the meaning of his words, Satsuki's tilting her neck.

「I descended toward it」

Maybe because of Satsuki's expression, Rio's tone when he replied to her is slightly pleasant to be heard.


After holding Satsuki on the balcony, Rio's soaring high in the sky while being covered by the curtain of the night sky.

Their bodies keep ascending slowly.

(N-No way? How can we fly? Levitating powers?)

Satsuki's doubting her own eyes seeing the phenomenon which is completely defying the rules of gravity.

Slowly but rapidly, their bodies are soaring toward the sky.

「Uwa~a! No way! Amazing! 」

In the blink of an eye, the view of the royal castle became smaller, Satsuki couldn't help but to say her admiration. [TL : Another sinker]

Though she can see many tiny light spots in the royal castle far below her, Satsuki's voice isn't even reaching the royal castle.

Part 12

「Amazing! Amazing! See, it's amazing you know! 」

Satsuki's raising a joyful voice.

Up till now, she never saw the sky from so close. [TL : Airplane?] [ED: Not all people can afford plane tickets you know]

When she turned her face upward, the night sky was decorated by countless shining stars, when looking below, the light of the full moon is gently shining upon the world.

It can't be helped that she feels happy and is really enjoying that.

「See, have you seen that? See! That place, the stars are so pretty and the moon is so close! 」

Satsuki's laughing innocently while pulling Rio's sleeve like a child.

「Yeah, I've seen it you know」

It was a scene that he has seen so many times up till now.

So Rio replied with a wry smile.

「Fufu, that must be right. So you understand right. Fufufu」

Satsuki was laughing as if she's really happy.

As if she's completely released from the stress which was haunting her up till now.

Rio's looking at Satsuki who makes that expression.

That was the purest expression which she'd shown to Rio so far.

He can't even feel the slightest inch of her stouthearted expression which she'd shown in the evening party.

Yes, the one who's on Rio's arms is she who was showing an expression befitting her age, it was the expression of a normal girl who you could find anywhere.

「N? What? 」

Before he noticed Satsuki's facing toward him, and she asked Rio while leaning closer toward him with a delighted face.

「It's fun, isn't it?」

Rio's asking and,

「Yeah, it's fun you know! 」

Satsuki's seemingly slightly embarrassed but, she's still answering Rio with a wide smile on her face.

「But, I wonder if it's a bit cold here」

Though currently Strahl region is in the spring season, it doesn't mean that the cold night can be compared to Japan.

Moreover, when it came to their position which is high in the sky, the cold seeping into their bones is mercilessly coming upon them.

Despite putting on the overcoat she borrowed from Rio, she's only wearing her pajamas below that.

Despite no matter how much she's getting excited due to the adrenalin, it's impossible for Satsuki to not feel the cold.

「Please hold a bit more, it's just a bit more till we arriving at the meeting point」


Part 13

Satsuki's letting out a slightly pouting voice.

「It can't be helped then. Well then, could you fly a bit faster, please」

Satsuki nestles closer to Rio.

「It's warm」

And mutters so.

The dream-like moment for her is coming to an end in the blink of an eye.

「We've arrived you know」

After slipping out of the royal castle and flying on the air, Rio suddenly told their arrival.

「Is that so? This place, seems like inside of the forest though..........」

Satsuki timidly said those words while looking at the surrounding ground where they're about to land.

This place is the open space located inside of the forest which they can reach after advancing for a bit more from the grain producing region in the surroundings of the capital.

Maybe he is saying that Miharu and co are waiting inside of the forest.

After finishing a miracle-like flight, Satsuki has slowly regained her composure.

(As expected, this is a trap after all.............)

Satsuki's drenched in cold sweat after pushing her anxiety.

At that time.


A voice who called Satsuki's name is resounding in the vicinity.

Satsuki's sending her focus toward that direction by reflex.

Thereupon, she could see the figure of several people approaching her from inside of the darkness.

The voice which she is familiar with, and which she missed.

They're inside the darkness but, Satsuki knows.

Yes, the one who is standing right in front of her is the three of Miharu, Aki and, Masato.


Satsuki said that with a voice filled with emotion.

 ’’There's no doubt about it’’.

That is the figure of her companions.

And then, despite extremely moved by their reunion, for some reason, Miharu and co stopped their feet several steps before reaching her place.

「N? What's matter? 」

Satsuki's tilting her head as she was asking for the reason of their delicate sense of distance.

Miharu and co, each of them are looking at Rio and Satsuki.

For some reason, Masato has a grin on his face as if understand the situation, Aki's looking while having a light smile on her face as if feeling embarrassed.

And then, Miharu was smiling awkwardly as if slightly bewildered by the situation.

 ’’There's something strange here.’’

Satsuki who thought so is tried looking at her situation.


And then she noticed.

The fact that Rio's carrying her like a princess. [ED: You know, In a bridal/princess carry]

The thing about them glued together for safety reasons is something that can't be helped but, more than that, the distance between them is strangely close.

The fact is that Satsuki is clinging to Rio as if embracing him.

Part 14

「Hey, how long you're going to hold me on your arms?」

Satsuki's asking that while looking at Rio with glaring eyes.

「Uhm, I would like to release you so very much but, I need you to release your hands first..............」

Rio's replying with a dry laugh.

Therefore, Satsuki finally noticed the fact that she was the one cuddling with Rio.

Maybe because she was excited, it seems she had let her guard down.


Satsuki released her hands which was coiling to Rio's body in panic.

Thereupon, Rio immediately dropped Satsuki on the ground.

Satsuki then quickly took some distance away from Rio.

Without understanding what she should say in this situation, a delicate silence has descended on this place.

Clearing her throat with a cough and then,

「Uhm, Yah~ho . Is everyone healthy? 」

Satsuki's saying that with a smile as if trying to deceive them.


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