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Seirei Gensouki ~Konna Sekai De Deaeta Kimi Ni~ - Volume 2 - Chapter 94.2


Chapter 94.2

Chapter 94 [Confidential Discussion]

+++第94話 密談

TL : Cnine


Part 7

「Fu~hn, I see..............」

Satsuki's suddenly approached Rio face.

And then asking.

「............... Only that?」


「Yup, it's only that」

Rio's nodding deeply.

After that, Rio was taking a brief look at his surrounding.

「By the way――」

「......What? 」

Satsuki's tilting her head in a lovely gesture while replying to him.

「It seems we're gathering a bit attention from our surroundings. Maybe we should distance ourselves」

Rio said that while smiling as if slightly bewildered.

Because Satsuki's looking at Rio face from close by, their faces are quite close right now.

They're glued together to the point of making one feel that they might be kissing in the next moment.


Even while being dumbfounded, Satsuki's looking at her surroundings in panic.

Because she was focusing all of her attention on Rio, it seems that she somehow neglected her surroundings.

Being aware that many people in their surroundings are sending inquisitive gazes toward them, Satsuki's face is blushing in a surprising way.

As a strong embarrassment is poking through her entire body, Satsuki's immediately taking one step away from Rio.

Rio who's looking at her appearance was laughing as if slightly amused by her.

「................ What?」

Satsuki's glaring at Rio with scornful eyes.

「Ehm, it seems that the next tune of musical performance is about to start soon but, shouldn't we go there?」

Rio's proposed after clearing his throat.

「............... That's right」

When she's looking away from Rio who give slightly blunt reply, Satsuki was walking at brisk step toward the dance plaza.


The people who're going to dance during the next tune are on stand by on the right side of the dance plaza in the middle of the hall.

Roana and Liselotte were in there too.

When Satsuki's going there to stand by along with Rio, the people in here quickly turn noisy.

Part 8

「It seems they have noticed but, I have to give my gratitude to you since this brief moment without getting greeted by anyone is really comforting, isn't it. I don't want to receiving a greeting from anyone right now, so let's just keep pretending that we are having an enjoyable conversation while laughing on occasion」

Satsuki's muttering with tired face due to the looks which rudely poured on her.

Though they have taken some distance from the surrounding, they have no knowledge of when will the people who I yet to give their greeting to Satsuki will appear.

Today main guest is Satsuki, so it can't be helped and not an exaggeration to say that every participant in this evening party is wanting to make small talk with Satsuki.

「Yeah. That's right. By the way, there's something that I want to ask, is that okay?」

「Uhm, I don't mind...................」

「I'm pondering about what made Satsuki-san to want to become a hero. Would I be able to hear it? 」

Maybe Rio's trying to guess what Satsuki will be trying to do in this world.

Though it's hard to think about it just from the impression about her tale so far and the image of her personality which he heard from Miharu, Satsuki definitely isn't limiting nor is she hiding a common desire like wanting to adventure and have things such as fame and fortune as a hero.

If for example she has those kind of wishes, Miharu and co's value will be useful for having a vast amount of magical power.

Despite not wanting to attract too much suspicion, Rio wanted to make sure whether there's even a sign of Satsuki wanting to make use of Miharu and co.

「................ It's not like I want to become something like a hero. I didn't even wish to become one」

Satsuki said those words while showing a serious expression on her face.

「Well then................. Why did you become one?」

「................... I, you see, I just want to go back to earth. My family is important to me, so are my friends, and there's so many things which I left undone. Suddenly being summoned to this world is just incomprehensible, there are no people who I know in my surroundings, the people whose faces I don't know, everyone is telling about me being a hero...............」

After speaking that much, Satsuki's sighing lightly.

「Around the time I first came to this world. I, couldn't accept what happened to me. I requested the royalties to send me back to my original world right away after I received a brief explanation about the circumstances but, they said that there no known method...................  I was embarrassing myself while speaking with them but, even after a while, it was no use. I was staying in the room of the royal palace which was given to me, and after a short while, I became really suspicious that the people of the castle might know a way to return me so I'm secretly walking around the castle to investigate that」 [ED: CoolStoryBob]

Maybe it because of recalling those times, but Satsuki's tightly clenching her teeth.

When thinking about the situation she is placed in, maybe the day were painful in a way which she couldn't express with just words.

It's different from Miharu and co who were transferred along with other people, because Satsuki truly was alone.

「But, I wonder what becomes of these days. Even tho I'm still learning, continuously wasting time like this is really scary. Say, at this rate, won't I become a granny in this world if time keeps passing by like this..............  And then, I wonder if it's by that point that I'm finally facing forward and saying 『I can't stand here without doing something !」. I was thinking about looking for a method to return to earth. Although in the end everything has been a waste, because it was really vexing giving up like that without even doing anything. But, I don't have the knowledge to do something alone, do I? That's why I thought about borrowing the power of this country. Since fortunately the other party wants to use me as a hero, therefore, in exchange for becoming a hero, I will receive their help for the sake of returning to my original world.  I wonder if you feel this way. That's the reason for me to become a hero」

Part 9

Saying that, Satsuki's showing a frail smile to Rio.

That's an extremely brave act, and yet her smile was extremely transient.

「............... I'm sorry. I just asking about a bitter story」

「It's okay, it's nothing at all. You're trying to test me, aren't you, if it is okay to let the current me meet Miharu-chan and co? Somehow, you can't place your trust in me, so we're about equal in this regard, aren't we. With that question just now, I somehow understood that you really are worrying about Miharu-chan and co」

Rio was staring at her for a while after hearing her question.

Surprisingly, it seems that Satsuki's seeing through Rio's intention.

It seems that she's more or less possessing an excellent insight.

「Then, how you think I wonder? The result of your test. Have I passed your test? 」

Satsuki's staring intently at Rio face.

Rio's floating a smile on his face.

「.......... Yeah, I'll let you to meet Miharu-san and co」

Was his answer.

「It seems the next dance is about to begin soon. Shall we continue our conversation while dancing」

Rio said that after sending a fleeting glance at the dancing hall.

And then, he presented his hand to Satsuki.

「I see. I more or less have the experience of ballroom dance in my original world but, the step of the dance of this world is marvelously different. May I receive your guidance, O gentleman? 」

After saying that and seizing Rio's hand, Satsuki was smiling lightly as if enjoying it.

「Yes, with pleasure. My lady」

Rio's also nodding while smiling widely.

Thereupon, this time, the sound of applause is reverberated in the hall.

It seems that Flora had little mistakes but, there's admiration to her and Hiroaki who finished their dance.

Many people in the venue's seem to have noticed them.

But, the people who've been waiting for a chance to dance on the stand by place including Liselotte were carefully assessing the situation of Satsuki and Rio much more than there were of Flora and Hiroaki.


「A~h, both of you. If it's okay with you, won't you dance with me? 」

Hiroaki's returned to the waiting place along with Flora in good mood.

Just like that, he's applying for a dance to Roana and Liselotte.

「Yes, I was waiting for Hiroaki-sama with Roana-san for this sake」

「Yeah, no matter how much the two of us want it, for the two of us to be dancing at the same time with Hiroaki-sama is impossible. It can't be helped since you only have one body. Please come and dance along with Liselotte-sama first」

Part 10

Roana who smiling politely when giving the first turn to Liselotte.

「That's right. Well then, let's dance, Liselotte」

「Yes. Well then, I shall accept that offer. Excuse me then」

Liselotte's nodded while smiling widely.

Rio and Satsuki's happen to be passing by that place.

「Uhn, Satsuki and....................... Haruto, isn't it. Yoo」

Hiroaki's called to them.

「With this, everyone is going together」

Hiroaki's figure who was waiting upon by three beautiful high-ranked noble girls to choose is expecially more conspicious than that of Rio and Satsuki.

When those four entered Rio field of vision, he greeted them with instantaneous smile.

Satsuki's also nodding with forced smile floating on her face.

When he see the figure of Rio taking Satsuki hand as if leading her, Hiroaki is sniffed with ’’fuhn’’.

「Hee, Satsuki after Liselotte huh. Your relationship doesn't look very good. It appears that guy's a lady killer. Right, Liselotte」

Hiroaki saying that with strangely disgusted smile.

「E, A, Yes. Uhm................ Ahaha」

Liselotte's agreeing while smiling wryly as if troubled by it.

When her eyes met with Rio's, Liselotte was bowing lightly without minding her surrounding while moving her mouth to say 「I'm sorry」.

Rio's nodding back with a smile.

「But, don't mind nameless guy who's standing out beyond his position. There's this kind of proverb in my world. It say, ’’Hammering the nails that are sticking out’’. It'll stink if you're going too far」 [TL : I can't believe he said this this to a former liberal arts college student]

Hiroaki's saying that while lightly shrugging his shoulder.

「My deepest gratitude for your warning. This humble self learnt something great because of this one inexperienced act」

Rio's bowing deeply while giving a sociable smile after answering that.

Despite speaking with extremely condescending attitude, Rio can't understand whether he give a plain advice with good intention, or is he just being sarcastic on purpose.

But, he was being poured with scorn and terrible sarcasm by the young noble back in the royal academy.

Because of that, even if Hiroaki's saying those words with sarcasm, it would be too little to even scratch Rio's feelings.

「Ah, be careful. Yosh, shall we dance then. Liselotte」

After saying that, Hiroaki's moved his hand around Liselotte shoulder.

「Uhm, yes. With pleasure」

Part 11

Despite her body being slightly stiff, Liselotte's nodding with beautiful smile.

Hiroaki's sending a fleeting gaze toward Rio's face while he's leaving, then turned his body and revealed a smile with ’’humph’’.

Just like that, they're walking together toward the dance hall to have a dance .

Thereupon, a muttering as if displeased is resounded on Rio side.

「What is, that? He's too cocky. Has suddenly getting the position of a hero made him that splendid? 」

Maybe because she feels something in Hiroaki attitude, Satsuki's glaring at his back.

Though at first she was watching Hiroaki's speech with stunned expression, it seems anger's gradually seething in her heart.

「I'm sorry」

Roana's bowing deeply while saying so.

When she's changing her attention to Flora who's standing awkwardly as it is,

「Flora-sama, won't you want to see Hiroaki-sama's dance with us?」

Roana has invited Flora.

「Ah, yes. Uhm................」

Despite nodding, Flora was hesitating whether she should leave this place.

Just like that, when her eyes were wandering between Rio and Roana,

「M-My apologize. It would hurt your feelings, right? For some reason, hero-sama is tired due to his inexperience in evening parties......」

Soon, she's bowed to Rio as if determined to do that.

「It's nothing, I think Flora-sama isn't the one who has to apologize though」

Satsuki's replying while pursing her lips.

「Au. I-I'm sorry. Uhm................」

Flora is trembling while she's curling herself as if her body is withered.

「I say, Flora-sama has no need to apologizing」

Now, Satsuki said that while smiling wryly to Flora.

During that Rio's looking at Flora condition,

(The timid and clumsy parts of her didn't change after all this time huh)

He heartly thought so.

In the first place, a royalty shouldn't that easily apologize to another person.

Even if saying the words of apology, it's better if she shows a self-important attitude as if not minding it or feeling it's hard to do.

Maybe Flora's just too kind as a royalty.

Rio thought so.

Nonetheless, he had no intentions of conveying that to her.

But, seeing that Flora's become the center of attention of the surrounding people who see her withered figure apologizing in front of Rio and Satsuki.

It seems that having found that it's difficult to interpose the words to pierce this silence with her being a retainer, feeling that the state became slightly uneasy even from Roana. [Alt TL: Roana in her position as retainer finds it difficult to break this situation ]

Rio has no choice but to devise a plan to control the situation as the one who she apologized to.

Rio's sighing lightly and then,

Part 12

「Please stop it. If you make Her highness Princess Flora do something like that, it will result in a situation just like Hiroaki-sama warned of*. Please don't worry about it. Please look at the dance of Hiroaki-sama along with Roana-sama」[TL* : Fixed, courtesy to kittenbitten-san from NU]

He kneeled respectfully as he say that.

「Y-Yes............... Thank you very much」

Flora's telling her gratitude with downhearted face.

「Well then, Flora-sama. Please come here」

Being invited clearly by Roana this time around, Flora's left him with slow steps.

Just when they're about to leave, Roana's bend her body lightly toward Rio.

「We're going too, Haruto-kun. It seems that the dancing has started」

Satsuki's said that after sighing lightly as if to change her feelings.


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