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Seirei Gensouki ~Konna Sekai De Deaeta Kimi Ni~ - Volume 2 - Chapter 93.2


Chapter 93.2

Chapter 93 [Presenting This Hand]

+++第93話 差し出すその手

TL : Cnine


Part 6

「Yeah, unfortunately, since I already gave my promise to dance with Liselotte-sama, I'll be delighted if I have the chance for that later」

Rio's replying that way since he don't mind it to that extent.

In regard to the dance setting of the evening party, the unmarried young man is not really admirable if they're participating in the dance event without inviting the girls.

Though it doesn't mean that it was absolute, at least they won't need to save their face to the surrounding if they're not dancing by themself.

It's better if they can dance with two or three people.

But, despite not very interested himself, Rio's accepting duke Euguno invitation by treating it as a lip service.

「Ooh, I see. If that was the case, then it's a special chance. I shall introduce the daughter of our country」

Saying so, duke Euguno's throwing his line of sight to the back.

On that place is the daughters of the noble and the male noble who's following duke Euguno like remora.

With just how many nobles and acquaintances that he met today, with the self-introduction of the nobles is still going on forever.

Rio's sighing deep in his mind and then showing a smile which is not showing his inner feelings.

Liselotte who's beside him is also showing the same smile.

「Nice to meet you. My name is Elise from the house of earl Brandt」

「I'm Dorothea from the house of earl Albert」

Saying so, the noble daughters is introducing themself one by one.

Their age is maybe around the same age as Rio and Liselotte.

Or not even ’’maybe’’, some of them is basically an old acquaintance of Rio when he was still in royal academy.

There's no doubt, Elise and Dorothea and the others, according to Rio memory, they belong to the Roana faction.

With everyone of them dressed beautifully, despite they're showing modest elegance whether in their actions or words, their eyes are filled with curiosity.

「My deepest gratitude for the polite words. I definitely will commit everyone's name and appearance into my memories」

Rio's nodding lightly while showing a sociable smile.

He has become quite used to making himself look pleasant to others.

「Hahaha. I'm glad then. Haruto-kun is someone who you should paid close attention even in this evening party. Nothing is lost from remembering his face」

Despite saying that with joke-like tone, duke Euguno's eyes isn't laughing at all.

That was the eyes of someone who's gauging of how much utility value Rio has.

The noble daughters are laughing delightfully as they're nodding in agreement to duke Euguno's words.

「My face? It must be a joke」

Rio asked duke Euguno as if surprised by it.

「What are you talking about. Even if it's just by calling you a partner of miss Liselotte you are already attracting much attention you know. Moreover, didn't you just say that you're a completely nameless person. The person who're not interested by that is an interesting person himself」

「...... I see. You might be able to say it that way, I see」

Part 7

Rio agreed while showing a wry smile.

Jealousy, promotion, self-protection―― The nobles and the likes who are participating in this evening party is always keeping their eyes on the people of their surrounding who have more power than themself.

Though the excessively selfconcious thing was something that he'll undertand, maybe Rio's noticing that more than what he thought.

But then, since there's no meaning in currying a favor to him no matter how much he's paying attention, it's nothing but only a disadvantage*―― [TLC* : not too sure -もっとも、いくら注目されたところで自分に取り入る意味など何もないのだから、ただの注目損にしかならないのに]

He thinks of it as nothing but a farce as he's interacting with the nobles.

「Oops, it seems that it's about the time for dance」

Duke Euguno said that as he already estimated the time the performers is finishing their preparation in the venue.

「Liselotte-sama. It's a bit faster but, how about dancing with me for a song? 」

Rio's smiling while presenting his hand to Liselotte who's standing by his side.

「Yeah, of course you can」

Liselotte's nodding happily while answering his offering hand by seizing it.

「Well then, we'll excuse ourself, your highness duke Euguno」

Liselotte turned toward duke Euguno and said those words.

「Yeah, let me see your dance from this place」

After finishing with their separation greeting with a light nod, the two of them then move toward the dance space in the middle of the venue while holding each others hand.

How many set of pair who'll come with the same timing is currently making a preparation to dance.

「Hou, miss Liselotte is dancing too huh」

「The other party is that youth partner huh」

「This seems interesting. Let's see them for a while」

When they're looking at the dancing figure of Liselotte and Rio, the crowds of people was starting to leave to the vicinity of the dancing space.

Everyone is looking at them with a really interested face.

After they've arrived at the center space, the two of them are glued closely as if embracing at each other in order to dancing the dance.

「We're becoming the center of attention aren't we」

Rio's saying that while smiling wryly as he feels the line of sight which is pouring on them without reservation.

「Fufu, that must be it. Is it unpleasant being looked that way? 」

Liselotte's saying so while looking at Rio's face from the range in which she can feel his breath.

「Though I won't call it unpleasant, it feels itchy since I'm not used to it」

「You're feeling nervous then?」

「It's because Liselotte-sama is my partner right. It's natural that I feel nervous you know」

「How unexpected. How should I say it, it's because I never think that Haruto-sama will feel nervous at all」

「If that was the case, maybe I'll be more skilled in expressing myself without using words in this evening party right」

Part 8

They have that kind of conversation while the musical performance is starting.

Moreover, the two who's matching together is starting to dance.

「You're a good dancer aren't you」

Liselotte's praising Rio dance.

「It's definitely my partner is a good dancer too right」

「................ Truly skillful*」 [TL* : this can also means as skillful in flattery]

Liselotte's showing a bashful face.

「Uhm, as I thought pairs of handsome-beauty truly make a picturesque scene only when they're dancing together」

「Nonono, it's become picturesque only because that youth is skillfully leading the dance right」

「Fumu, miss Liselotte's also perfectly matching the breathing of her partner you know」

Though it'll cause scorn-like evaluation if they're presenting a shameful dance in this place, the evaluation of their dance is the best.

「Aah, we're too late to start because of the prolonged greeting. And I've been painstakingly practicing my dance with Roana you know」

Hiroaki's also looking at them dancing along with the other audience.

He didn't even have the time for a short break since he must keep accompanying the nobles who keeps coming to give their greeting till just a moment ago.

When left in the environment in which he's not used to, a bit of stress and fatigue is starting to accumulate.

「There's still much more of them you know. Uhm, please dance with me when the music changes」

Cleverly guessing that Hiroaki's mood had become slightly dampened, Flora who moved along with him said that by his side.

「Ou, that is so. And with Roana too. Uhm..............」

Hiroaki's running his line of sight in the venue while nodding to her.

「Oh, there she is. Let's go over there, Flora」

A while after he found the one he's looking for, Hiroaki started to move his feet in a casual manner.

Somehow, Roana's looking at the dance along with the noble daughters of the same generation as her.

The noble daughters in that place is making a merry conversation which is filled with wicked conversation.

「Haruto-sama over there must be an excellent person right」

「Yeah, if we're going to be used as a political tool, it'll be better to approach that kind of generous young noble like him after all」

「His composed atmosphere is making you feel safe right. Having a composure is a good thing right」

It's as if they're commenting on the knight in the shining armor who's currently dancing a dance.

「You two, you're saying improper words you know」

Roana who's astonished by their conversation is not scolding them who's doing that kind of conversation on her side immediately and only ended up with cautioning them while sighing shortly.

「E~h, So Roana-sama also don't think nicely of Haruto-sama?」

So, A certain noble daughter was asking with slightly sharp tone.

She's the noble daughter who came to give a greeting to Rio a while ago―― Elise.

Part 9

「..................... I'm not judging a gentlemen just by their appearance」

Roana's giving a firm answer.

「He~, things like assets and status is certainly important but, there's nothing better than a nice appearance you know. You might even say that it won't be good unless the other party have both of them right? 」

「Though I won't deny it, please stop with chasing after your ideal. Since eventually, you can't attract the gentlemen who excel in their wealth or appearance」

「Didn't you unexpectedly keep staring at Haruto-sama since some time ago?」

Elise's teasing her while letting out a wide grin.

「WHA, I'm not looking at him with that kind of intention!」

Roana's panicking as her face flushed red.

「I know that. Your favourite is hero-sama, Haruto-sama is eye candy right. Your future is secured if you can marry hero-sama you know」

Dorothea supported Elise without holding back.

「Geez, I don't know anymore」

Roana was turning her face away while puffing her cheeks.

Despite saying that, her line of sight is unconciously following after Rio.

「Yo, Roana. A~h, what's the matter, so you're looking at the dance of Liselotte and Haruto huh」

Hiroaki was coming to their location.

Roana's noticing the fact that she's glancing at Rio who's dancing in the center of the venue, her lips are unconciously slightly pouting.

「Yeah, I think that their dancing is extremely skillful and elegance. They're a nice example even for Hiroaki-sama」

「A~h, that's so」

「The current musical performance is going to end soon. Please dance with me after you've danced with your highness princess Flora」

「Ou, Okay. But, what are you going to do while I'm dancing with Flora? 」

「I can't dance with the other gentlemen in the first turn except with Hiroaki-sama. I'll be waiting in this place」

Hiroaki's smiling in satisfaction with that words.

「Yeah, I see so that is. Fine then. Well then, I'll try to invite Liselotte afterward」

「In that case, please call her after my turn. Since the musical performance just ended, I'll see you later then」

「Yeah, best regards. Let's go, Flora」

Hiroaki was leaving for the sake of dancing bringing along Flora with him after leaving those words.

After seeing them off, Roana is letting out a sigh of relief while walking toward the location of Liselotte and Rio who's just coming back from the center of the dance space.

「Haruto-san, Liselotte-san. Thank you very much for today. Your dance is wonderful you know」

「Ara, Thank you very much, Roana-san.」

Part 10

Liselotte told her gratitude with a smile on her face.

Rio's also saying his gratitude with a light nod.

When Roana's smiling as if slightly troubled about something,

「The truth is, Hiroaki-sama saying that he definitely want to dance for one tune with Liselotte-sama, though I think that a woman of your caliber should be busy with accompanying the other gentlemen, would you be willing to become his dancing partner later? 」

She's asking while facing at Liselotte.

「Yeah, of course I will. It's my honour to be granted with a honor to dance with hero-sama」

Liselotte is laughing while nodding at her.

「Thank you very much. Please let me say my gratitude in place of Hiroaki-sama」

Roana was bowing back at her.

「Well then, it's impossible for me to always monopolize Liselotte-sama right. In that case, I'll be moving alone for a while」

Rio who was watching their conversation said that.

When it comes to this time slot where the dance also started, the number of the people starting to move separately with the partner they're coming together with is also increasing.

Soon will be the suitable time for Rio to move separately from Liselotte.

「That's not true. Since I can spend enjoyable time in evening party that I never felt before is thanks to Haruto-sama」

「I've used up my fortune to be born as a man by receiving that words」

Rio's stated his gratitude while smiling lightly.

「Well then, let's meet again later. Since I've prepared the coach to go back」

「Yes, my gratitude. See you again」

After leaving that words, Rio left Liselotte.

「Ah, Haruto-sama」

「Who you might be greeting after this?」

He keeps hearing this kind of whispering of the noble daughters, When he's walking through the hustle bustle of the venue.

It seems Rio face was extremely recognized in this evening party.

Now is the time slot to relax by dancing, since no one is applying for a dance in his current situation, walking alone aimlessly like this is also not uncomfortable at all.

But then, he couldn't get used to a request for dancing which is coming from an unknown woman.

Since the second tune of the dance have begun, maybe it's better to gain some time by pretending to look at the dancing.

When he thinks so,

「Uhm, Haruto-sama」

Someone was calling to Rio.

It was the noble daughter who was moving along with duke Euguno a while ago.

「Yes, what do you wish to ask? 」

Part 11

Rio responded with an insincere smile.

「Uhm, since we were only doing a self-introduction a while ago, I want to chat with Haruto-sama for a while longer」

「You're Elise Brandt right. It's my honor to have someone like you talking to someone like me」

「Well, it's because you remember my name right. Thank you very much」

Elise's happily saying her gratitude.

「Yeah, it's because you introduced yourself just a while ago right」

「Ara, it's just Elise, so sly」

The one who said those words while pouting her lips is the noble daughter who stood beside Elise.

「Of course I remember your name too you know. Princess Dorothea Albert」

Rio said Dorothea's name while smiling as if being troubled with her.

「Well, don't tell that you remember the name of all people you meet」

「No, well though it's impossible to remember the name of the people you meet today, I'm doing my best to remember the name of everyone who gave a strong impression」

「Ara, I'm anxious in what ’’kind of impression is left’’ by us」

「It's because everyone is so beautiful」

Rio answered while smiling wryly.

「Well, it's a flattery right. Could it be that you're accustomed with woman? 」

The noble daughters are getting lively with Dorothea and Elise at the top list.

Maybe they're not dissatisfied at all with being praised as beautiful.

But, Rio couldn't said it.

The fact that Elise and Dorothea is the former classmate who went to the royal academy along with Rio long time ago, thus he recalled about them when he heard their name and saw their face.

Even more so, it's because Elise was secretly courting him when he's in royal academy.

Though it then comes to her having a hand in spreading a bad rumor when he indirectly gives a cold face to her.

「There's no such thing you know. Though I'm ashamed for saying this, being surrounded by many girls like this is the first time for me. So I'm a bit nervous right now」

That's true, he's too nervous to not let them to find his origin by chance.

Rio was showing a slightly cramped smile while sweating a cold sweat inside.

He wants to take some distance with these noble girls in this place in one way or another.

Just when he thinks so,

「I've finally found you. Haruto-san................. Wasn't it」

Suddenly, someone is calling Rio from behind.

When he's turning around, a girl is standing at that place.

Pure white dress which wrapping on her body body is fastened with pin on her back, she was looking at Rio with a slightly belligerent look.

Rio's also bravely staring back at her.

「You definitely will not unsatisfied to dance for a tune with me aren't you?」

Her bell-like voice is resounding.

Looking at her with slightly widened eyes in surprise, Rio was nodding at her while smiling broadly.

「................... Yeah, with pleasure. Satsuki-sama」

Answering that way, Rio was respectfully offering his hand toward Sumeragi Satsuki―― The person who's his reason for coming to this evening party.


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