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Seirei Gensouki ~Konna Sekai De Deaeta Kimi Ni~ - Volume 2 - Chapter 91


Chapter 91

Chapter 91 [The Scene of Evening Party]

+++第91話 夜会の風景

TL : Cnine

ED/PF : Jake1456

Part 1

The full moon is floating in the beautiful and cloudless evening sky.

Anyone is dressing up to their preference, the nobles who was gathering in the hall which became the venue of evening party has reached 1000 people.

Though the maximum capacity of the high ceiling hall is reaching 2000 people, it seems just half of that number is the optimum number to hold an evening party with some leeway.

The inside of the vast hall is flourishing to the point that it didn't give a crowded impression.

Tonight, those nobles who are gathering from inside and outside of the country was surely the people who held central position in many countries.

Which means that one needs that kind of status to gather in this evening party, and it's the gathering of envy and jealousy from the nobles who can't participate in this evening party.

Splendor ornaments is scattered in various places such as ceiling, wall and, the floor, in case of the chandelier where the magic to ignite the light is loaded in it, the palace resident should be built with that much.

Whether it's the facility which became the venue or the people, everything is the best, that thing always tickles the superiority complex of the participant.

And then forming the groups amongst their own circle or country by scattering in various places, just tonight they're unaware about such boundary and is having a lively conversation amongst the participants.

「It's finally the debut of the hero-sama of our country」

「I heard the rumor saying that she's only a 17 years old girl」

「I've heard somewhere that this lady is extremely beautiful」

「Hou, I'm looking forward to meet her. Young people might be not so desperate to tie their hand in marriage」

Though various conversation and discussion as if probing at the others true intention, bragging or, gossip have been unfolding, most of it was regarding Sumeragi Satsuki, the star of this event.

Because the concrete information regarding Satsuki is only shared between the people who hold central position of the country, that information usually couldn't appear in the market.

So much interest is gathering on her tonight, the nobles are tired of waiting or eagerly waiting for the day of the evening party, which is tonight.

「By the way, it seems the hero-sama who served under the banner of revolution government of Bertram kingdom is also participating today」

A group of nobles who was gathering on a certain place said that.

「Aah, him huh」

A noble give an immediate reply.

He's the person who came under the revolutionary government of Bertram kingdom who goes under the government of duke Euguno.

「Ooh, you're the person who was invited from the revolutionary government of Bertram kingdom aren't you. In that case, have you met the hero-sama? 」

「Yeah, I got the honor of having an audience with him once」

The male noble is showing a slightly triumphant look as he replied.

「Hou, what kind of personage was that person?」

When one representative is asking, the line of sight brimming with curiosity is gathered at the male noble who have met Hiroaki.

「Though it seems that he has quite a strong personality, he's in the end still young.......... Like that maybe. Maybe because he came from another world, he's still ignorant regarding the way of this world」

「Hahaha, when it comes to that, maybe he'll learn much with tonight's experience. I'm wishing for a wonderful hero-sama for our country too though」

「Please rest assured. Though it's a fortune that our country's hero-dono has extensive knowledge, it seems he was also a flexible person. Duke Euguno is also admiring our splendid hero. Moreover, maybe because he's supported by the daughter of duke Fontine and your highness princess Flora, he came to agree with our ideal」

Part 2

The male noble explained the favorable relationship with Hiroaki with his own position.

「Hou, that's a nice story. So it's like the saying, if you have the support of two young and beautiful girls, the man will make his stand. Someday, it'll go down on the history that he's a hero who devoted himself to save the country right」

「It's as you say. We're clasping our hands for that result, we can't help but to guide hero-dono to the appropriate stage for him」

And so forth, due to the occasion, even the topic regarding Hiroaki is spreading everywhere.

In today's evening party, the people who's coming from Bertram kingdom revolutionary government was the perfect public relation staff.

Because compared to Satsuki, they're not hiding any information regarding Hiroaki, and actively using that for their propaganda.

「Hahaha. For that reason we must devote ourself to him more than to ourself」

「Yeah, it'll become much more easier to guide if hero-sama is willing to improve himself. By all means, I want to become acquainted with Hero-sama tonight」

The surrounding nobles are nodding with a smile on their face.

Their glittering lust for power was hidden under that mask, some of them was the people who showed their ambition to become acquainted with the hero tonight.

Hero, they're a sacred existence who is also called as the apostle of the six wise god who is being revered in Strahl region.

The most suitable candidate to get powerful authority, they can give the power for nobles to sprung to the top in the power struggle in one go by stealing march from the other faction when that faction is facing their own faction.

Therefore, if they've the chance of currying favour to the heroes, they'll make use of that chance to currying a favor to them.

「Come to think of it, maybe it's almost the time for all the nobles of our country to appear together」

The noble of Galwark kingdom said that.

「Since the people of duke Gregory house have entered a while ago, the next one should be the people of duke Kretia house right」

「Ooh, I happened to heard about it. That house prospering again is very enviable. It seems that they're basically rushing ahead, especially after their daughter is born」

「The most talented woman, Liselotte-sama isn't it. The words that's most suitable to describe her is definitely ’’The woman who is gifted with both brain and beauty’’, right. She has no fiance yet, but, the most suitable candidate to approach duke Kretia house is............」

「Currently, she's slightly more like a unattainable flower for the youngsters around her age. Though the rumor of her marriage is never ceased, I wonder what kind of personage can capture her heart」

The topic regarding duke Kretia house is also rising in trend.

The topic regarding Liselotte is also highly popular outside of the country, to the point that someone who doesn't know about her in the noble circle of Galwark kingdom must be hiding themself deep underground, it was turning into one talented woman who was gathering considerable attention.

Therefore it's already everyday gossip for them to ponder who will become her fiance.

Thereupon, at that time,


The voice of the soldier who is guarding the venue is resounding in the hall.

When the name of duke Kretia is announced, it's synonym to the big-shot for the domestic nobles, thus, the nobles in the hall fell into silence for a while.

It's been decided that they, the nobles of Galwark kingdom, when the time comes to enter the venue of the evening party, they'll be entering together, the remaining ones is part of the nobles who come from outside of the country, the royalty of Galwark kingdom and then, Satsuki as the last one.

And then, when they arrived after several seconds of silence――、

Part 3

「.......... Did that knight just say ’’A visitor from a far place’’?」

「Yeah, I definitely heard that」

The people who's talking in small voices started to appear in various places of the hall.

If one asks ’’where is the house which is currently most prospering in Galwark kingdom’’, then the existence of duke Kretia house will certainly become the topic for the conversation.

In short, it was the house which became the most trending topic in the Galwark kingdom.

And the soldier just said that this duke Kretia house is inviting someone from a far place in this most important evening party.

The people who have gathered in this place are only the people who are sensitive to the information amongst nobles, therefore, there's no way they won't have any interest in this news.

Inevitably, most of the nobles in the hall gathered their attention toward the stage regardless of their faction.

The nobles who belong to duke Kretia faction amongst them is quickly gathering toward the nearby stairs which is extending from the stage to the hall and then starting to wait for the entry while showing their respect.

The door is opening soon, and every member of the aforementioned duke Kretia house is making their entrance.

「.......... OOOh」

A murmuring commotion is spreading in the hall a while after that.

Everyone's letting out a surprised voice.

Even so, that might be natural.

Because the scene at that place by no means was not something that they can see everyday.

The first entering in the foremost is Cedric and Julianne, there's no problem at all with them.

There's ladies and gentlemen who's fascinated by their combination of beautiful and handsome couple who's brimming with youth even after so many years, though the scene where there's a gathering of envious looks from the companion of the partner is seen in various places, if speaking of a problem, it's only that much.

The one who entering next is Liselotte older brother, George Kretia and his fiancee, Collet Varie.

Though they're spending their time together with the marquis Varie couple, Collet's parents in the separate room, in the case of entering the venue in this occasion, they decided to enter together with Cedric and the others sometime ago.

Though those two who are famous for their mutual love which is rivaling the duke couple is known for the next generation of the duke couple, currently the people in the venue didn't focus on them.

「As I thought, they're gathering the attention huh..................」

George letting out a wry smile as he promptly guessed the perplexed atmosphere drifting in the venue.

「It's not unnatural. Since I'm still perplexed too」

Collet's agreeing in a small voice.

Because they know that currently, the line of sight of the nobles in the hall is gathering to the two people behind them.

Yes, currently, the fact of the matter is resounding amongst the nobles who's inside the hall.

One is George's little sister, and also the sister-in-law of Collet, Liselotte―― Who's currently being hailed as the most unattainable flower in Galwark kingdom, the impregnable beauty which have never had even one rumor of her romantic story up till now,

And then, the other person, where the line of sight of the nobles in the venue is gathering at―― Rio, the man who's affectionally linking his arm with the girl at his side.

No matter how Liselotte thinks about it, this method of entrance can be seen as nothing but treating Rio as her partner*. [TL* : as explained before, ’’Partner’’ for unmarried male/female almost like they're in relationship(especially if they're always come together to a party)]

That Liselotte, who never came along with a partner to a evening party up-till now.

Part 4

Just by that, it's a big implication for her to come along with a partner to an evening party.

Regardless of domestic or foreign, there's many nobles who's planning to make Liselotte their wife.

That's also natural.

The lovely appearance that will charm the person who sees her, her gentle personality which is in favor to men, the connection with the distinguished duke Kretia house, the Rikka firm whose name is famous in the neighboring country―― It's because they'll gain everything of those if they marry Liselotte.

Therefore, though the marriage proposal is always coming and didn't die out, she kept refusing all of that up till now.

On the contrary, they're not happy with her bringing along a partner toward the evening party.

Though recently, a secret rumor is starting to spread saying that she's actually a lesbian, that expectation is magnificently overturned.

「............ Is there someone who knows that youth?」

「No, I don't think so」

「Me too. Then, who is he..........」

「His hair color aside, his features is giving a slightly exotic feeling」

「When it comes to that, I wonder where this personage came from」

The whispering of the male camp of the venue is talking about Rio while looking at him as if to ascertain his identity.

「Ara, he's a wonderful gentleman isn't he」

「Yeah, I wonder which house he comes from?」

On the other hand, there was the people who sent an inquisitive gaze toward Rio amongst the young noble girls.

His hair which made one wonder whether it's glossy along with the smile on his androgynous face which have sharpness in it, his appearance as he slowly descends the stairs which is extending from the stage with a magnificent manner made one think that he's a young noble.

His appearance where there's no nervousness can be found in the line of sight which unreservedly gathered on him from the nobles, his appearance was no way inferior even when standing beside Liselotte.

He's brimming with manner as he entering the hall.

「Your excellency duke Kretia seems in a good mood」

A person was greeting duke Kretia as soon as he descended from the stairs.

It was a tall and slender man in his prime.

「Lord Varie. My son is always indebted to you. It seems that he was always under your care even during this stay in the capital」

Cedric replied with a smile.

It seems that the man in front of him is the father of Collet, George's fiance.

The woman who seems like the mother of Collet is waiting by his side.

「What are you talking about. Our daughter is also always under your care too. George-kun is really a good son. I'm also proud to become his father-in-law」

Collet father's replying with an intimate smile and then, sent a fleeting gaze at Rio.

「By the way, your excellency. For some reason, it seems that you're taking along a new visitor from a far place today. By all means, you should introduce him to us right? 」

「Hahaha. It seems the attention of the people in this venue is gathering at him」

Cedric's answering while smiling pleasantly.

Part 5

「It's not like it's unnatural either. When it comes to the partner of your daughter, the young nobles of our country won't keep their silence」

For some reason, those two was chatting happily.

It seems that they're enjoying the current atmosphere of the venue.

「Let me introduce him to you, Haruto-kun. His name is marquis Lionel Varie. the father of Collet-kun, our George's fiancee. Lord Varie. He's Haruto-kun, a personal friend and the benefactor of Liselotte」

「Hou, a personal friend」

There's profound meaning in the way he said those words, Lionel's looking at Rio with a expression of great interest.

「I'm glad to meet you. Following the introduction. My name is Haruto. It's my honor to be able to meet your excellency marquis Varie」

Rio showed his manner as he greet Lionel.

「Uhm. I'm glad to meet you. It's a pleasant meeting you know」

Lionel's smiling with a courteous smile and quickly reaching his hand for a handshake.

「Thank you very much」

Rio quickly stretches his hand to clasp Lionel's hand.

「Let me introduce her. She's my wife, Camille」

After nodding at each other, Lionel introduced the woman who stand at his side to Rio.

「I'm glad to meet you. My name is Camille」

Camille pinched the cuff of her skirt and smiled with a lady-like smile.

「I'm glad to meet you. It's my honor to meet you」

Rio's bowed lightly to Camille while placing his right hand on his chest.

「I want to chat with you for a while longer but, the other people seemingly want to greet your excellency too. Since it seems there's so many people who's interested in you. So, I'll be stepping back for a moment. Well then, I'll excuse myself」

Thereupon, while giving a simple greeting of nodding to the others who was in this place, marquis Varie couple left from that place.

「Well then father, since me and Collet also need to give our greeting, later」

George and Collet is also leaving after saying those words.

Only four people are left at that place which is the duke Kretia couple, Liselotte and, Rio.

But, the other nobles are approaching right away as if replacing the ones who goes before them.

Though they greet Cedric and Julianne in the beginning, they came to greet Liselotte and Rio as if it's natural.

If it's the usual case, though those people will come closer to become intimate with Liselotte even just a little, they have a slightly different intention today.

Every one of them are seemingly interested in Rio, everyone who came want to introduce themself and know about Rio.

Part 6

Everytime a new one comes, it becomes a cycle of repeating a similiar introduction but, Liselotte who is used to this situation is certainly normal, Rio, who is also fed up with this situation is responding to all of them without showing his inner thoughts.

Though, currently the man who's standing in front of them has a slightly ruffian manner.

「Ooh, there was that kind of event huh. It's only natural that you're the benefactor of miss Liselotte」

He who said those words with a hearty smile was a plump man with a stout and proturding belly.

By the way, he is in the middle of his forties, and a big shot noble who holds the title of duke in Galwark kingdom.

「You're definitely talented aren't you. By all means, let me see with my own eyes, your great sword skill」

Duke Clement Gregory said those words while showing a smile on his face.

But, his eyes is looking attentively at Rio.

「If a nice opportunity came upon us」

Rio's sighing lightly deep in his heart and replied with the most harmless and inoffensive answer while smiling a humble smile at him.

Though most of the nobles are lightly probing at Rio while doing their best to greet Liselotte, Clement's probing is bold, and straightforward.

If it's the usual, the manner is to end the conversation after one or two minutes and yield to the one who have the superior position but, unfortunately, currently no one in the hall held a superior position than him.

Cedric and Julianne already moved to another place, no one can cover for them, Rio and Liselotte who got struck with calamity already accompanied Clement for 10 minutes.

During that time, Clement asked with lively speech the information about Rio.

He's boldly breaking the boundary without holding back, deliberately thickening his skin to ignore the atmosphere of the venue, moreover, he's talkative and tenacious, as expected of a veteran noble, they have no choice but to play along with him.

Though the given information was something that he don't mind even if given since the very beginning, or to put it in another words, Clement was a conversation partner which tired him out of his mind. [TL : And almost made me snap during translation]

「I'm eagerly waiting for this chance to come you know. I want to become closer to you」

「I feel honored if you say so」

Answering respectfully, Rio send a fleeting gaze to Liselotte who was standing by his side.

She's accompanying Clement's wife by herself and have no leisure to participate in his conversation.

Clement's wife was also quite shrewd herself, she's talking to Liselotte while showing a derisive smile.

Thus, following after.


The important guest from Bertram kingdom starting from Flora and Hiroaki is notified with a voice loud enough to resound in the hall.

「Ooh, it seems one of hero-dono is finally entering the stage」

Clement's facing the door on the stage with a inquisitive gaze.

「By the way, has miss Liselotte met lord Sakata before?」

Continuing their conversation, Clement sent his line of sight to Liselotte.

Part 7

「Yes, I already have had an audience several times with him」

「Hahaha. It seems he already taken a liking to you. As expected of you, our country's talented woman. If hero-dono also fell into your hand, I wonder what will become of a pure-hearted youth? 」

「Well, I don't think such things will happen. The likes of me is just like a baby when compared to someone like your excellency Gregory」

She's exchanging a line of sight while making a smile which made it difficult to read her emotion.

In the meantime, the door on the stage is opened, Hiroaki's party entered the venue.

First that appeared is an influential noble of Bertram kingdom starting from duke Euguno. Duke Euguno's son, Stead is also appearing amongst them.

Discovering his appearance, Rio was looking at Stead while slightly squinting his eye.

Behind them, Hiroaki proudly appearing from the door while puffing his chest. Flora and Roana was waiting upon him from both sides.

「Hou........................ Beauty who's not different from the rumor. Your highness second princess of Bertram kingdom」

「Yeah, but, the girl who's on the other side also quite of outstanding talent. She can even be compared with your highness princess side by side」

「Certainly, she's the daughter of duke Fontaine house is it?」

The line of sight of the nobles in the hall is gathered to the three of Hiroaki's party.

Amongst them, the young noble of relatively close age with them is sending a passionate gaze to Flora and Roana.

Though the're also like that when Liselotte's entering, as expected, it might be already in the nature of men to have their line of sight snatched away by beautiful women.

「Please come Haruto-sama, since there's people who I want to introduce to you no matter what. I'll excuse myself then, your excellency」

The atmosphere of the venue is luckily changed with the entrance of Hiroaki and co, Rio and Liselotte decided to finish their conversation with the Clement pair.

「Ooh, It was hard for you to be detained for so long right. My son also wants to meet you. Since he's in this venue, please come to meet him by all means」

「Certainly. Certainly, if chance come upon us」

After saying that while showing an insincere smile, Rio decided to heading toward the nearby terrace taking along Liselotte.

「How about a drink?」

「I'll take it with gratitude」

After receiving beverage from a waitress which they meet on the way, they appeased their throat which was being abused by talking for so long.

Rio drank the perfectly chilled cocktail in the glass made of silver.

The slightly lowered alcohol content color is quite murky yellow.

「You're tired aren't you, Haruto-sama?」

「No, it's still not a problem」

Rio was gently shaking his head while showing a friendly smile.

「Duke Gregory was quite a lively person right? Yeah, he's someone to whom you can't show careless action. The good side is that he won't greet you if he didn't like you though」

Liselotte's speaking while showing a troubled smile.

「A friendly personage right. Though he's a different type from Cedric-sama, I felt that he's someone who has mastered the art of conversation」

Part 8

「He's someone who belongs to a different faction than father. Though he's not that hostile, he's not friendly ether. He might be interested in Haruto-sama who I brought along right」

「It's not a wonder that he can boldly ask various things right」

Rio replied while smiling wryly and sent a fleeting gaze to inside of the hall.

The venue became quite lively, currently, many nobles are swarming to give their greeting to Hiroaki and co who just appeared in the venue.

It seems they're fully enjoying the party after meeting him.

「By the way, have the person who you want to introduce already in the venue.........?」

「Fufu, that's just an excuse to escape from that place. Since it's quite long ahead right. I think that you want to have a short break」

Liselotte showed an impish smile as she said that.

「As I thought, so it's that」

Rio also replied with a amusing smile.

There's not many people nearby the terrace.

It might be the most ideal place for a short break.

「Hero-sama and our royalty will be entering soon. Since I'm going to be introducing myself at that time, if you're okay with it, please use that chance to make contact with her」


Rio's expressing his gratitude with a light bow.

「By the way, I catch a glimpse of one of the nobles who was making trouble in the incident in the restaurant of Almond..........」

So, Rio told that to Liselotte about Stead who he caught a glimpse of a while ago.

For the time being, it might be better to share this information.

「I see. Since I never told you about why he's here, though I've thought of possibilities......... My apologies」

It seems Liselotte understand his intention right away.

「No, my side is told that he wants to come to this place, him being in this place is an act of god. Please don't mind about him」

「Thank you very much」

Rio nodded while smiling to Liselotte who he tells his gratitude.

「There's the matter of the contract, though it's hard to think that he'll come to make a mess of something, please report to me if you want something. Is that okay? 」

「Yes. Of course. Please say if there's something since you gave an indirect warning to me」

「My deepest apologies. I ended up troubling you」

「It's not like that you know」

Part 9

Liselotte's gently shaking his head.

After that, they decided to chat for a while in the corner of the venue.

He received a brief introduction of the influential nobles of Galwark kingdom from afar by Liselotte, Rio's putting in his head the human relationship diagram with their influential power.


Soon the informant knight told that the main guest and her sponsor is entering soon.

「It seems it's the time. Please follow me. I'll introduce you to hero-sama and your majesty」

「Yes. I'm looking forward to working along with you」

And then, the two of them started to walk to the vicinity of the stage.

Just when they finally arrived under the stairs which stretching from the stage, the leading actor finally made their entrance.


The atmosphere of the place changed rapidly as the people is obediently waiting for their entrance.

Rio and Liselotte also stood while showing admiration pose, they're waiting for the entrance while gently hanging their head down.

And finally, the sound of the opening of the door on stage is resounding in the silent hall.


The imperial knight replaced the king to send his words.

When everyone heard the permission, they raised their gaze toward the stage as if couldn't hold back their curiosity. Even Rio was looking on the stage. On that place, there's the figure of royalty starting from the king.

And then, a slender black haired girl was standing in the middle of them.

Tightly straightened her back, she's releasing a pressure which won't lose to the royalty at her surrounding.

Yes, She certainly is Sumeragi Satsuki, the person which became the reason for Rio to come to this place.

Author Note :

Since many new nobles made their appearance in this chapter, here is their brief introduction. Please check it when you have some time.

Cedric Kretia : Liselotte's father.

Julianne Kretia : Liselotte's mother.

George Kretia : Liselotte's older brother.

Collet Varie : George's fiance, Liselotte's sister-in-law.

Lionel Varie : Collet's father, a marquis.

Camille Varie : Collet's mother, a marquis lady.

Clement Gregory : The most important noble of Galwark Kingdom, a duke.

Stead Euguno : the person who made trouble with Rio in the Almond restaurant. Under house arrest until just recently.

Francois Galwark : King of Galwark kingdom.


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