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Seirei Gensouki ~Konna Sekai De Deaeta Kimi Ni~ - Volume 2 - Chapter 84


Chapter 84 [The One Who Stand in The Way]

第話 立ちはだかるもの

TL : Cnine

ED/PF : Shance

Part 1

It happened in a moment.

The moment he thought Rio faced the ghouls in his way, the wind blew gently and Rio's figure vanished from alphonse's field of vision


Due to becoming a ghoul, he used his strengthened five senses to the maximum, but even though his eyes' looked around at once, he couldn't find Rio's figure.

How could it be?

Alphonse instinctively felt danger to his life and immediately jumped backwards.

He flapped his wings to overlook the ground from above and, he saw Rio's figure circling around the back of the ghoul who stood at the end of his field of vision.

The ghoul's neck was blown away in that instant.

The sound of blood gushing came afterwards, it scattered darkish fluid which can't be though of as something that came from a human, the body of the ghoul who lost its head swooned heavily and fell.

What just happened

No, he knew the answer.

Though he couldn't see the sword line with his eyes, there was no doubt that it was due to Rio's slashing attack.

But, he couldn't catch that series of movements.

When he noticed the first move, when he noticed the end is approaching, that person had already delivered a godspeed-like slash.


When he sent his instruction with a loud voice, the ghouls frantically turned their heads.

But, before he noticed, Rio had already returned to the place where he stood at the beginning

Naturally, since there was no Rio when they turned around, the ghouls were perplexed.

Rio started to approach them for the second time by using that gap.

Instantly readying his loosened sword, he started to make a move in which the pre-motion couldn't be read at all.

To the beautiful, fluttering petal-like movement, gulp, Alphonse could only swallow his saliva.

But, when he noticed that he was completely captivated by the opponent he wanted to kill, bulging veins appeared on his forehead.


The moment he circled to the back of the ghoul who stood in the end of his field of vision, he decapitated another head.

Seeing that figure, Alphonse gnawed on his teeth.

Only one ghoul that he could use remained

Seeing that the brains which send orders to the body are being separated from their body, the ghouls that were decapitated fell to the ground and stopped moving.

Even for ghouls, when they are decapitated they'll die out in 10 minutes at most.

Though it's possible to reattach the separated parts by relying on their regenerating ability if they are reattached right away, Alponse hesitated as it seemed he would be killed if he did that.


Part 2

When he thought that, the remaining ghoul rushed at Rio after noticing him.


Alphonse tried to stop the subordinate ghoul right away.

But, that ghoul's movement was already unstoppable.

Howling with its entire muscles, it dived towards Rio's flank.

As fast as a beast hunting its prey, it was a flexible defensive movement.

One ultrahigh speed blow which would be unmatched if it was an ordinary person.

That sharp and pointed nail was about to pierce Rio's body with unparalleled accuracy.

But, to Rio that series of movements had been seen as clear as day, to the point of being able to deal with it with some leeway.

Since along with strengthening his physical ability, he had also strengthened his body, reaction speed, and kinetic vision.

As for the upcoming nail spear, Rio dealt with it by sidestepping.


As a result, that attack hit empty air.

Rio observed that movement vigilantly from the side and then, he easily sliced the arm of the ghoul that missed its target.

He withdrew his sword before even the ghoul realized that its arm was severed, and added another horizontal slash.

Easily bisecting the body of the ghoul.

Several seconds later, the body and the arms of the ghoul crumbled down on the ground while raising a cloud of dust.

Even so, though the ghoul was groveling on the ground, it died due to massive damage when Rio chopped off its head.

The individual who could still move against Rio was just one, Alphonse.

And, not even 30 second had passed since the start of the battle.

「No wAy」

Alphonse shouted in an extremely surprised manner.

He was reborn.

For the sake of killing those annoying guys, and to deliver every agony and disgrace in this world to those who dared look down on him. He happily advanced filled with delight and pleasure.

He sees everything in this world in a different way, which was exactly the highest pleasure.

He gained a power which was worth of that and a strong body, his current self was undefeatable.

He was definitely standing on top of the food chain, those mobs, every one of them must prostrate themselves before him.

As the first step, for the sake of enacting the new rules, today's raid is certainly the best moment for that.

When he found Liselotte, he would kill her after thoroughly disgracing her.

When he found those guys who looked down on him, he'll kill them after displaying his newfound power. [Lol]

It should turn that way. It was supposed to turn that way.

And yet, why is this guy trying to obstruct him.

It's just fine if you become bait to lure the women and be beaten till becoming a rag-like form.

The current Alphonse was living by following his instincts, his mental state lost all the restrain called reasoning.

Part 3

If there's one, it's just one, I'm the rule.

That's why he can't forgive it if things don't go his way.

Ah, THAt'S RigHt. ThIS Man AnD tHaT WomAN ArE UnFoRGiVeAbLE

Therefore, it's inevitable that murky dark feelings were swirling inside Alphonse's head.

It even washed away his fear with hatred.

He didn't feel like mocking Rio since he was feeling the threat since sometimes ago.

Why him, a noble existence must fear this kind of diminutive thrash.

To those ignorant people who live beyond their own position.

He recalled about Aisia, the owner of unparalleled beauty, something which wouldn't come to be even if the best artisans bet their whole lives to produce a woman.

Even if she's impolite, the image of that shameless woman who brushed aside his hand just won't go away and is imprinted in his heart even now.

The other women too, every one of them was a beauty which he didn't mind keeping as mistress.

They surely will make a good face if he brings this man in a half-dead state.

Alphonse showed an ear to ear smile filled with joy on his face.


Rio sent a doubtful glance at Alphonse who let out a laughing voice even if its just from his suppressed heart.

But, even that doubt was just momentary.

Alphonse dashed towards Rio like lightning.

Without even being disturbed by the quick approach, Rio twisted his hips and stepped with his right foot first, he took an extremely low stance with his sword draped on his back. [TL : Maybe similiar to Kenshi Himura ’’Battoujutsu’’. ]

Their figure overlapped the next moment――


Liselotte unintentionally gulped her saliva seeing Rio fighting against those ghouls.

Strong. Moreover, overwhelmingly strong.

Though she couldn't perfectly grasp his figure with her eyes, he was making no useless movement from what she could see from the side.

Rio slaughtered those ghouls one after another in a short time while adopting a stance to draw his power from natural movements.

We're saved since Haruto-sama came

While shocked by Rio who displayed a power beyond her expectation, the feeling of delight due to her luck came and settled deep inside of Liselotte.

The ghouls who appeared in the mansion were six in total.

In the case of this six ghouls attacking Liselotte right away, she certainly would fall under the hands of the ghouls.

But, four of them somehow rushed towards Rio, only two of them came towards Liselotte.

In addition, 3 of the ghouls who attacked Rio have already been slaughtered, the only one left is that black ghoul which could be considered as a variation.

Though the black one was deemed as troublesome since it had more power than the normal ones, it doesn't seems to be trouble after witnessing Rio's power.

Part 4

This side hasn't even beaten one yet but, as expected, demanding them to show the same level of ability as THAT[Rio] is just too cruel right?

In front of Liselotte, Natalie who was equipped with her twin daggers and Cosette who had her short spear equipped were confronting the two ghouls.

They could battle with ease thanks to Rio.

Despite looking like child's play compared to Rio's battle, it didn't mean that those girls were weak.

Since both of them held high rank in power even amongst the chamberlains who serve her when it comes to close combat.

Their physical abilities which were strengthened by magic were almost on par, Cosette and Natalie were winning by a great margin compared to the ghouls who were following their instinct.

If they were equipped with adamantite steel weapons, they might even be able to deliver a clean hit on the steel-like skin of the ghouls.

Despite the steel-like skin and the restoration ability of the ghouls, as long as it's a one on one battle, it might be just a matter of time till they deliver damage surpassing the restoration ability of the ghouls.

It moved

And currently, the battle between Rio and the black ghoul approached the finale.

After the black ghoul let out a strange laugh, it suddenly sprung at Rio.

Facing the ghoul who approached like a wild beast, Rio took a stance which aimed for a counter.

The moment their figure intersected, Rio moved his leg to the right and avoided the ghoul's punch by a paper thin margin.

The jet black fist that could smash even a rock if it hit, just barely grazed the place where his left arm was.

Rio brandished his previously low stance sword upward and then released a slash aimed for the ghoul's body from its right hip diagonally upwards towards its left shoulder.

A slash in a flash. [TL : 紫電一閃 - shinden issen - flash of sword]

His sword that ended raised overhead diagonally bisected the body of the ghoul clean.

But, as the upper half of its body was about to crumble to the ground, the black ghoul noisily howled.

It had an astounding vitality.


An astonished voice unintentionally leaked from Liselotte's lips.

The black ghoul twisted its body by using the falling momentum of the upper half of its body and circulated its nerves to release its spear hand at Rio.

The tenacious blow was aimed with unmatched accuracy towards Rio's heart from the back.

In that moment, the black ghoul showed a wide sinister grin.


Liselotte shouted at him right away.

But, at the same time as Liselotte's shout, Rio evaded the attack.

After he moved with a light footwork that left one wondering whether whats left is an afterimage, he drew a line with his sword, counter slashing as he turned around, bisecting the neck of the ghoul.

The vision changed to the body which lost its head, the black ghoul then realized its reality.


Part 5

That was its death throes.

At the place where it crumbled down, it showed an angry expression, the black ghoul finally died. [TL : Sayonara.... OgaPhonselol]

Even its lower-half body which squirmed after losing its upper-half stopped moving, the jet-black plating which covered its entire body started peeling off.

「Ah, Haruto-sama 」

Though Liselotte called his name, Rio ran without even turning his face.

The only thing left in that place was a mere shadow of the ghouls leaving behind only their magic stone.

Just a little bit, Liselotte who saw his retreating figure could unexpectedly feel impatience which couldn't be felt from the normal Rio.


And then, going back in time a little.

In the central plaza of Almond, Aria was slaying the approaching monsters one after another.

Her glasswork-like peerless beauty, her snow-like faint and delicate skin, her appearance released an overwhelming presence to her surroundings, especially in the midst of battle.

Though she already slaughtered more than a hundred monsters, there was not even one speck of blood on her chamberlain clothes.

Suddenly, Aria's figure vanished from the men's field of vision and then, numerous monsters heads fluttered on the air the next moment.

Though the other monsters looked dumbfounded at the necks of their companions that fluttered around, the head of those monsters just kept floating on the air as Aria's sword line kept killing them.

Though they could see nothing but a gruesome scene from the side, whether they be men or women, all were being captivated by her.

It truly was the dance of a goddess.

「Aria-chan is as beautiful as ever right?」

Seeing Aria playing an active role, the people were cracking jokes with a light tone.

One of the chief soldiers who work in the Almond soldier brigade, the man who was also known as the strongest soldier, Matts.

After seeing off Natalie who was rushing towards the alley, Matt hurriedly went towards the central plaza bringing along soldiers and adventurers.

Though not as strong as Aria who participated in the battle earlier, the number of monsters he slaughtered were already more than a hundred.

Aria and Matts, even if only one of them were in Almond, because those two strong people were competing in the battle, the battle situation of the central plaza was already on the safe track.

It might be just a matter of time for the monsters in this place to be completely annihilated――.

When they felt that way, two grey ghouls appeared in the corner of the plaza, they then rushed to attack the adventurers and the soldiers who were fighting in the plaza.

「W-What the hell is this guy」


Due to the intrusion of the new species of monster, the frontline was temporarily in chaos.

After Aria gazed for a moment and confirmed their power from a distance, she called Matts.

Part 6

「Matts-san. Since I am going to kill those new demons, I'll leave this place to you」

「Leave it to me. But, won't you call me without honorifics?」

Without even responding to the out-of-place talk which made one think that they were not in the midst of battle.

Aria let out a short sigh, and then she rushed towards the ghouls who were exhibiting their fury in the corner of the plaza.

Swinging her sword rhythmically almost at the same time as she approached the ghouls, they were beheaded.

Despite being an unknown demon, Aria slaughtered it with her usual indifferent expression.

If one saw from Aria's viewpoint, whether they were ghoul or goblin they are both demons that must be exterminated.

After taking some distance before the spraying fresh blood stuck on her cloth and coagulated, Aria approached another ghoul.


The ghoul was startled when Aria suddenly approached it.

But, in the next moment, another head jumped in the sky.

「Fumu. Is this the aforementioned new demon? It certainly is troublesome when a number of them gather......」

Sighing, she delivered the final blow to the ghoul who was writhing on the ground and then picked up its magic stone.

If by some chance the ghouls formed a team and went to raid the mansion, she knew that the defensive battle would be hard with the current combat potential in the mansion.

Therefore, truthfully she wanted to go to Liselotte's side right away but, currently Aria came to this place because she receiving the order from Liselotte.

The content of the order was the extermination of the demons in the plaza.

Seeing that she had left some personnel in the mansion as her guards, she might not be able to escape from being reprimanded by Liselotte if she returned to the mansion right away.

Aria's current job made her unable to leave before seeing the end of this crowd of demons, finishing this job was also connected to Liselotte's safety.

Aria who decided to remain in this place would never imagine that the demons who were intruding in this place, all of them, were just a diversion;she would never imagine that their real target was Liselotte.

But, the existence of the ghouls was more worrying at the moment, there's also a need for risk management.



When Aria called that name, one chamberlain that was near her replied.

「10 minutes is already enough if I'm in this place. You'll go back to the mansion bringing along half of the chamberlain squad in this place, please serve as guards for Liselotte-sama. The demon who left behind this magic stone is heading towards the mansion. The remaining chamberlain will scatter in the city as the core personnel for a search-and-kill mission」


After giving a clear reply, the chamberlain called Grace immediately started to move.

「Now then, I should quickly eliminate the demons in this place」

After muttering that, Aria moved her line of sight to the demons who were exhibiting their rampage in this place even now.

Part 7


After leaving Liselotte's mansion, Rio sprung towards the sky and left the city immediately.

Rising till he was close to the clouds in an instant, he accelerating rapidly by manipulating the wind.

His think is only to going straight forward, and going straight toward the house with Most of all the moment of control bit, he arrived at the vicinity of the house with a fourth of usual time.

When the rock house was projected in his vision from far away, and he could confirm the safety of Aisia and the others with his strengthened eyesight, he felt relieved.

But, somehow the surroundings of the house had fallen into ruin.

As if a battle had just happen――

And, at this time, Rio saw a flying object heading towards him from the direction of the house.

It seems the other party also noticed Rio's figure, and decided to meet him mid-air.

If there's something that really surprising Rio, the other party was a man who put on a black robe.

His appearance is that of a human and he was flying in the air, same as Rio.

「Oh my goodness, you are......」

It seems the other party was also similarly surprised, he looked at Rio with extreme curiosity while his eyes opened wider.

「A spirit arts warrior at the level of flying in the sky. I see, so you're the contractor of that human type spirit」

This man―― Reis muttered as if realizing something.

Rio's strengthened hearing ability picked up his voice without missing it.

「What do you mean」

Rio's asked while glaring at him.

「Oo, so scary. Please stop glaring at me with such eyes. You certainly have no need to get worried since all of the people who live in that house over there are safe」

Rio knitted his eyebrows to Reis who was talking in an easygoing manner.

「You, what was your business with that house」

Rio inquired about the suspicious point with a firm tone.

「I don't have any sort of business in there you know. I'm just a passerby」

Reis shook his head side to side while shrugging his shoulder.

「......Sorry but, I won't buy your lie」

Even if there's no definite evidence, Rio gazed at Reis vigilantly without being bewildered by those kinds of words.

And then, at that time.

Part 8


The telepathic communication has connected from Rio to Aisia.

Most likely because she could feel that Rio had entered the telepathic range.

Aisia. Are you alright

Despite observing Reis without letting any gap behind, Rio replied to Aisia.

 ’’――Sometimes ago, the house was surrounded by demons. But don't worry since everyone is safe. I think that the other party in front of Haruto was the instigator. The barrier of the house was also neutralized by that guy.’’

The safety of the others confirmed, the hazy mist in Rio's head completely vanished.

But, when the information conveyed from Aisia said that Reis was guilty, his expression became grim.

 ’’――Be careful. I can feel something unpleasant from that guy. He might not be human.’’

And then, Aisia sent a warning.

Understood. I'll do something about this guy. Just stay over there since there might be a comrade of this guy

Rio decided to leave the protection of everyone to Aisia and nodded in return.


A reply came back from Aisia, and then their telepathic communication ended.

「I want to know the reason you have for attacking that house and instigating those demons」

Rio demanded an answer from Reis with a determined attitude.

「Oya, so it's already leaked out huh. Fu~mu......」

And then, Reis showed an action of thinking while touching his chin.

「Why, isn't it Honestly speaking, it is because I failed to notice this place」

Soon such words were said when he opened his mouth.

「That's not your reason」

Rio replied with a low pitched tone.

「That is so, isn't it?」

Reis kept his action while smiling wryly.

Part 9

「Well, it should be fine right. I was just extremely interested in the strength of the spirit in that place. Though I planned to eliminate it if it became a hindrance by scouting its power, if you turn a blind eye on this case, you'll receive a promise from me that I won't harm you and your colleagues」

He smiled boldly as he said those words.

「As for me, it's meaningless for the one that partnering with you」

「So it came to that has it not?」

Reis nodded with an arrogant-like voice.

「...... You're the one behind the demons who were raiding Almond right now huh」

Rio inquired the fact as he guessed based on the information from Aisia's testimony.

Though it was an extremely miniscule movement, Reis squinted his eyes.

「Bulls eye huh」

Rio drew a conclusion from that minuscule reaction.

「It can't be helped, right? Well, I promise that I will not attack you and your comrades, which includes my subordinates. Though the condition that you not become a hindrance is still there, I also won't actively harm you or your colleagues」

And then, Reis kept going on with more conciliated term than before.

「And that's about it, what do you think Along with overlooking this case, will you keep the secret about the fact that the mastermind behind the raid of the demons in Almond was me 」

He kept going on, adding this kind of proposal.

「I have no room to do an honest transaction with someone who has been manipulating demons. I'll restrict you in this place and hear more information. Getting rid of you is safer for my side right 」

Rio shook his head while smiling wryly.

But, his eyes that were watching Reis with a sharp blade like glint weren't smiling at all.

「So it comes to this huh? As far as I'm concerned, the side who chooses to flee is wiser right?」

Receiving a merciless and hostile glare from Rio, Reis shrugged his shoulder as if truly distressed.

「Do you think I'll let you go」

「Yeah, how I wonder. I don't know unless I try no-......」

Though both of them were talking in a carefree manner, the critical atmosphere was surely drifting around them.

Several second later, the first move was from Reis's side.

After gaining tremendous acceleration, he opened a distance of 40 meters in an instant. [TL : 40 m/s ]

But, Rio easily overtook that speed and stuck behind Reis.

Part 10

「I'm astonished. Are you really human 」[TL : Yeah, a new type called ’’Riaju’’]

Reis asked with a slightly perplexed expression and stopped for a moment.

「That's my line」

Rio asked back while knitting his eyebrows as he felt suspicious.

「....... I see. It seems you really are human」

Despite Reis staring at Rio as if examining him, he muttered as if understanding something.

But, a slight color of surprise floated on his face.

「I won't be able to escape at this rate will I ?」

Reis let out anxious words.

「Then, how will you deal with this」

After saying that, multiple balls of light appeared in the surroundings of Reis, and he fired them at once.

Every one of them was precisely guided and rushed at Rio drawing a gentle arc.


Thereupon, Rio glared at him while clicking his tongue.

And then, moving his line of sight, he seized every one of the approaching balls of light without missing any one of them.

In the next moment, Rio took a random orbit, and dodged all of the balls of light which approached him with an unbelievable reaction speed.

「Well done」

After praising Rio's skill who perfectly dealt with his attack, Reis released a second wave of attacks.

Their number is twice that of the previous one.

This time, Rio avoided the approaching balls of light without even doing a barrel roll.

Even the ball of light which almost hit him was flicked off as he creating a storm with spirit arts.


Even Reis made a short stop to start another attack.

Despite firing the third wave of balls, Rio advanced steadily towards Reis as he skillfully evaded the attacks even while looking very casual.

When Rio got in front of him with an unstoppable speed, Reis tried to retreat in a hurry.

But, Rio's speed was faster, his knee landed on Reis body.

It was accompanied by the sound of his bone creaking.


Reis was instantly blown to the forest below with the force of Rio's flying knee, Rio flew to chase him.

Part 11

Thereupon, several extremely conspicuous balls of light, which were bigger than previous one, came from inside the forest.

After dodging the first few balls by twisting his body immediately, Rio poured a somewhat large quantity of magic power into his drawn sword.

The sword which reacted to Rio's magic power released a bright light.

After he mowed down the incoming ball of light with his sword, Rio fell straight without obstacles.

Thereupon, Reis showed himself from inside the forest.

Reis's collecting his magical power in his right hand as he shaping it into a swordhand and tackled from Rio side. [TL : Swordhand is similiar to aura sword or qi sword which coming out in many xianxia]

The next moment, the two of them intersected in midair, Reis arm was chopped and floated a moment in the air.

Reis immediately seized his chopped arm and took some distance from Rio.

「Dear me, that was a close one. To think that you're this much......」

Reis gave his praise to Rio while letting out a gloomy smile.

The damage he received on his body from the knee strike, his dominant arm was chopped, the current Reis had wounds all over his body.

And yet, the color of pain wasn't rising on his face, it's as good as to say that the wavering of his feelings was completely unreadable.

He was an extremely eerie man.

「How about now, further resistance is useless, want to surrendered now, it'll be better if your chopped arm re-attached quickly right」

「Though I really want to surrender, the circumstances won't let me to do so. Moreover, even if I surrender you will dispose of me after I blurt out all the information, will you not 」

Reis spoke with in a carefree manner even when the situation reached this point.

But, it absolutely does not mean that he was getting ahead of himself, much less to say he went mad.

He guessed something as he felt the composure behind that tone.


When he noticed the intent behind it, Rio sent a piercing glance towards Reis.

Though overwhelmingly powerful as expected of Rio, he felt something wasn't right.

Though he wanted to get that information, talking with this man more than this might get him tricked――

Though Rio was entering combat with the intention of capturing him alive, in accordance to his own intuition, even the matter of killing Reis was included in his calculation.

It's okay as long as he can use his mouth. There's no need to leave his legs or arms.

Even so, he won't confess if he doesn't make him feel powerless, he might even kill him if there is a counterattack.

He is the man who tried to harm Miharu and the others by instigating the demons in the first place.

There's no pros and con in killing him right here right now.

「Oo, so scary」

Maybe because he's cleverly reading this kind of change in Rio's objective, Reis showed an exaggerated joke.

There's a daring smile traced on his mouth.

Part 12

「Funu, you're a calm person aren't you? It seems that beyond this is truly a life or death situation」

Maybe everything was calculated including that arrogant-like attitude, Reis sent a line of sight as if admiring Rio for not being provoked.

「Imprudently reaching my hand toward you is truly a scary thing. It's not as if you'll only become a hindrance of our side right. Then let's not forget the matter of today」

Though Reis was saying that while shrugging his remaining left shoulder, it was unnecessary since Rio already knew his intention.

The prolongation of the conversation to try and buy some time is definitely the trick of this man, Rio threw a gale by manipulating the surrounding atmosphere with spirit arts toward Reis.


Reis balance slightly crumbled, weakening him even more with this move.

Rio didn't miss that chance.

After accelerating himself by creating a jet of wind, he approached Reis in an instant.

And then, at that time.

「!!!!! 」

Rio immediately created a jet flow and strayed from his orbit as if hopping.

The next moment, a bright red hot flash passed through the place where Rio was supposed be.

「Over there ......」

When he looked at the direction where the flash was coming from, a black dragon could be seen hovering in the far distance.

It seems that the flash just now was the breath of the dragon.

Reis grinned from ear to ear.

「Since it seems my reinforcement finally came. In that case I'll excuse myself for now」

After leaving those words, Reis started to dash boldly.


Despite Rio chasing in panic, Reis threw countless balls of light to disturb him.

It was not even a threat for him with just this much.

In the place where two or three of them hit, despite his speed falling slightly, he could flick them with the storm of spirit arts which covered his surroundings.

But, the black dragon that kept sending it flash attacks from far away couldn't be ignored.

It's just one attack of many but, if it's hit him, the power put into it is incomparable even if he's diverting it's orbit with the storm.

Moreover, it's aim is quite accurate, despite its straight orbit, it seems minute adjustment of the emission inside is possible by changing the direction of the mouth that breathed the flash.

Completely focusing on avoiding that flash, bombed by several balls of light, Rio's speed kept falling.

And then, despite he choose to slightly destroying his balance, the flash is fired and aiming at Rio.

Part 13


He reluctantly stopped on that place and then, Rio decided to intercept the dragon breath from the front.

By gathering a great amount of magic power in his right hand, he converted it to pure energy with spirit arts and then, fired it toward the direction where the flash was coming.

Though Reis saw that image with an astonished expression from the distance, overtaking him after this should be impossible.

Despite the fired spirit arts, lightning strike, for a final blow, Reis cleverly avoid it.

The black dragon also turned around and then fled to a different direction from Rio.

Rio sighed deeply as he looked at the two shadows which vanished to the distant sky.

And then, after he relaxed his battle state, Rio retreated towards the rock house.


One month later.

Rios making sure to not leave Miharu and the others side as much as possible, despite consolidating the protection along with Aisia, everyday life in this one month passed by peacefully as if the riot from before was a lie.

Though he was secluded in the house, maybe because he felt something as soon as the demon approached one month ago, Masato started tackling his swordsmanship training even more earnestly.

That is also the same with Aki, she didn't interfere with Masato's training by saying that it was too extreme, she was a bit embarrassed as she asked Rio to supervise her training.

Though he felt that these two were somehow a bit too enthusiastic, Miharu's already held them back to not overdo it.

And then, despite one month having passed in the blink of an eye, Galwark kingdom has announced the existence of the hero just a few days ago.

The name of this hero is Sumeragi Satsuki*, from the fact that she had the same name as the acquaintance of Miharu, it definitely is the person herself. [TL : Her Kanji name means ’’Empress of one hundreth-million Moon’’/皇沙月, the middle kanji read as ’’Sa’’ not ’’Suna’’]

Currently, in the Galwark kingdom there is every day gossip about rumors about her.

Though Almond successfully repelled the demons, the damage by no means could be ignored.

The traces of the damage made by the demons could be seen everywhere in the west part of the city, it was currently in the middle of restoration.

But, the atmosphere of Almond also turned really good due to the good news of the hero summoning who appeared again after more than 1000 years.

In order to fulfill the interview with Liselotte, Rio visited Almond again one month later knowing that she have the information and to gather the information.

By doing so, he wanted to help Miharu, Aki and Masato in meeting with Satsuki again but, seeing that the whereabouts of Satsuki was the capital, some kind of connection is needed to meet her from the front.

Though he could just raid the capital bringing them along, it would cause many kinds of trouble when he thought about the consequences.

After laying out his thoughts, whether the plan is good or not, Rio arrived at Liselotte's mansion.

He had an appointment to meet her after one month, his business was to report about the contract regarding the supply of liquor.

While at the same time he was bringing along a few samples of the liquor.

Though Liselotte felt exhausted by restoration work which is in progress, she met him with a full smile when Rio showed himself.

For the meantime, when he presented the native liquor of Seirei no Tami, Rio was led towards the inside of the mansion by Liselotte.

While doing a light chat, Rio decided to mainly tell her the aftermath after he left the mansion, and after finished hearing the general situation he delivered the liquor.

Part 14

「Regarding the magic stones of the demons beaten by Haruto-sama, would you accept it if they are bought by us Since you're unexpectedly the reason that the mansion evaded a crisis, we'll give our best price」

There, Liselotte asked to check whether the magic stones of the four ghouls beaten by Rio could be sold to her.

「Yeah, I don't mind it but......」

Rio easily nodded to her.

In the first place, he desperately flew back to his house at that time, the matter regarding the magic stones of the ghouls didn't register in his head.

It's similar to a throw away item for Rio, Liselotte unexpectedly noted that Rio had the ownership over it.

「Thank you very much 」

Liselotte nodded delighted.

Rio was also delighted with the unexpected income.

「But, it shouldn't be enough for a reward by just adding an extra amount of money to the sale of the magic stones, right? Though I'm thinking whether I can compensate you with another thing, would you tell me if there's something you wish for 」

「Reward is it」

Rio stared wide eyed at the unexpected proposal from Liselotte.

「Yes. Because it is thanks to Haruto-sama that the demons that appeared in the mansion could be vanquished, the damage on our side is at minimum」

Though Rio did not even think anything as he left right after beating the demon who kept hindering him, nevertheless many people were saved by his actions.

Though the rest of the ghouls that wandered in the city were completely exterminated by the capable personnel like Aria, since the ghouls appeared in the mansion which lacked war-potential, they definitely wouldn't be able to repel them if not for Rio's cooperation.

「Is that so. I see......」

Rio muttered as he placed his hands on his chin as if thinking about something.

Rio didn't beat the ghouls to save Liselotte.

Therefore he had no intention to receive a reward, though he was originally going to refuse the reward, he was suddenly struck with a really excellent idea.

Though he hesitated slightly when he was thinking about the validity of the plan, he felt as if it was not a bad choice.

He felt so,

「Then, I will tell you my wish」

Rio cut short the talk with a dignified voice.

Hearing that manner of speaking and stare as if he became determined in something, Liselotte straightened herself to hear what kind of wish he wanted.

「I want to have a meeting with the hero of Galwark kingdom」

Liselotte eyes opened wide due to the unexpected request from Rio, and let out a smile that was a bit childish. [TL : This line made me wondering what's the wish she expect from Rio]


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