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Seirei Gensouki ~Konna Sekai De Deaeta Kimi Ni~ - Volume 2 - Chapter 79


Chapter 79 [The Meeting of Reincarnator]

TL : Cnine

ED: Jake1456

PF :Algebra

Part 1

Rio was heading to Liselotte's mansion by himself.

Her mansion is on a lake side hill where you can have clear view of the lake adjoining Almond, located on the northeast from the center of the city.

The mansion made of wood radiated elegancy with its white color foundation fitting for a noble.

There's a plain geometric style garden spread around the mansion, complete with a towering wall to enclose it.

The surrounding of the mansion has become a residential area of the rich, the abundance of space around the area overflows with a sense of freedom.

The contrast of forest and mountain floating behind the lake makes for a very beautiful view, it makes strolling in the area feel refreshing.

「Nice to meet you. My name is Haruto. May I ask if Liselotte Kretia-sama is living in this mansion? 」

After introducing himself, Rio asked the name of the owner of the mansion to the soldier who is stationed as the gatekeeper.

「Ha. That's right indeed」

The young gatekeeper gives a salute of respect after looking at Rio who's equipped with a one-handed sword and a cloth armor, both of excellent quality.

He thought that maybe it was a standard follow-up for a noble.

「Haruto-sama. This way please」

And, contrary to his expectation, it seems the gatekeeper was already told beforehand.

Though the gatekeeper soldier is doing a simple body-check, he didn't keep Rio's sword and invited him toward the inner garden.

Rio seemed worried that an armed man was invited inside with only a few guard soldiers, but it seems that some guards are placed where they can't be seen by humans.

It might be a measure for erasing an undesired guest.

When he shifted his line of sight at the garden, he noticed that there were two chamberlains standing.

After the gatekeeper soldier is explaining the situation to the two chamberlains that's waiting in the garden, he returns to the gate after saluting to Rio.

And then, the young chamberlain is taking over the gatekeeper's job to lead Rio.

「Nice to meet you. Haruto-sama. My name is Cosette, the chamberlain of this mansion. This one is Chloe, an apprentice chamberlain」

「P-Please treat me well!」

The chamberlain called Cosette is older than Rio but, she might be just 20 years old.

Her appearance is in order, she's a beauty who definitely will be receiving an invitation from men if she's walking in the middle of the town.

Cosette's conducting the introduction of the girl called Chloe and then gives a deep bow.

Chloe possess a young and cute appearance, she's younger than Rio and her age should be around Latifa and Aki.

「Yeah, please treat me well」

Part 2

Rio's line of sight is fixed on Chloe, he immediately answered and shifted his gaze to avoid meaking her uncomfortable.

Since Chloe is also looking at his face since sometime ago, though it seems that it is somehow more of a curious gaze, maybe because she felt that it's an impolite manner toward the guest, she quickly bows her head.

「I heard from Aria that you'll come for a visit. I'm told that Liselotte-sama wants to express her apology in this occasion. Since we already made a preparation for lunch, please enjoy your time slowly」

So, Cosette says.

「Though I'm expecting this, having an audience with Liselotte-sama is like having your wish come true, right」

Rio's showing a surprised appearance.

「Yes. I heard that even the society president of Rikka firm want to meet you personally. Please don't overexert yourself. Because even my master wishes for that too」

「Indeed. I agree」

Rio's smiling lightly as he expresses his agreement.

Cosette's slightly amazed of his show of calmness, and lets out a deep breath to cover it.

「Well, follow me this way」

Cossete started to lead Rio after saying that.

After entering the mansion, the bright white color giving a sense of freedom, the simple and beautiful interior design is coming into his view.

As for Rio, more than the design, the profound feeling in the ornament is in accordance to the master of this mansion's preference.

Thus, he's walking while he's enjoying the interior design of the mansion with a sidelong glance.

「This way please」

Cosette and Chloe was standing still in front of a certain room.

They're opening the door slowly and then he enters the room.

Inside was a dining room made for a meal for a small number of people.

The room is not too narrow nor too spacious and, with a comfortable space for a mean for a small number of people, elegant furniture and small articles are placed to color the room.

Sure enough, in this place, Liselotte Kretia greets Rio with an elegant smile.

Aria's waiting right behind her.

「It's my pleasure to welcome you. Haruto-sama」

Liselotte's bowing gracefully while pinching the hem of her dress.

Though there's still trace of her childish feature, her slightly gentle face is endowed with charm and elegance which can fascinate anyone who sees her.

Her dress' basic theme is dark blue that coils around her and highlights the line of her body and the well-ordered artistic balance despite being slender herself, it'll captivate experienced men or women, not even counting the naïve ones[1].

Seeing her figure as a lady in this way, Rio's eyes opened slightly wide.

But, that reason is by no means, because it is a feast for his eyes.

Part 3

(Ah, so that's how it is, as I thought)

Several puzzle pieces that were missing in his head were finally laying in complete form, the complete picture emerged in Rio's head.

Rio already met this girl on one occasion.

Light blue colored hair isn't that common even in the Strahl region, endowed with natural beauty by birth, and more than anything else, exudes elegance just by standing there.

Few years ago, in the frame time after he left Bertram kingdom till entering the savage land, the number of people who met Rio is extremely few in number.

The people who have had a direct conversation with him can be counted.

Therefore, there's no way his memories could be wrong.

Liselotte was, the girl who once welcomed him in the store of Rikka firm.

Though the reason for her to mix with the store attendants a few years ago is a mystery, contrary to her appearance, she might be a tomboyish girl who loves to do some pranks.

(It's troublesome)

After coming to this mansion, Rio already encountered two of the people that he was acquinted with in one place.

He's wondering just how all of this is overlapping.

Though he has some kind of premonition, he feels that it can't be helped.

Even Chloe who he met sometime ago is showing a sign of having deja vu in looking at Rio's appearance but, it seems that Liselotte is also experiencing similar feelings.

「Uhm, I feel that we met somewhere before?」

Liselotte asked that question while slightly inclining her head.

Even her, it doesn't mean that she raised the young Rikka firm for show as the first class firm.

Whether as a merchant or as a noble, the skill of memorizing someone's face and name is indispensable for them.

Though she already met numerous people up till now, the name and the face of important people is already firmly memorized by her.

Though it doesn't mean that Rio's case is important, from the fact that black colored hair is a extremely rare case in Strahl region along with noble-like upbringing, left a deep impression in her.

Therefore, Liselotte is looking at Rio's face with a curious look as she feels a strong sense of deja vu is nothing more than because of the change of his hair color.

If it's a man of adulthood age, it'll be strange if he suddenly replies 「I have met you before」 when he had never even met her before.

「.... Though if my memories serve me correctly, I think this is the first time I met you who's a duke's daughter」

Rio was feigning ignorance while weaving a reply at once.

He answers obediently in this area as he recalls the letter he sent to Celia once before since it'll most likely turn into a bothersome matter even if he only references this matter.

It might even turn into one if Liselotte recalls later if he says「I never thought that a duke's daughter is working as a staff of the store」.

「That...... Must be it, right. My deepest apology for this. Though you might know about this, I'm Liselotte Kretia. Serving as the president of Rikka firm and the prefectural governor of Almond. Please take care of me after this」

Part 4

She feels out-of-place but, maybe because she thinks that further inquiry might be a discourtesy, Liselotte started her self-introduction while shaking her head.

「 This one is grateful for your polite greeting. My deepest apology for the late greeting. This is the first time we have met. Liselotte-sama. The one my lady is waiting upon is called Haruto. On this occasion, I would like to offer my gratitude for my lady」

Though suitable respect is included in his speech, Rio also calmly introduced himself without adding anymore than that.

Just like that, after bowing respectfully, Liselotte was taking a short breath as if admiring his mastery in etiquette.

「Please stop with the formality. Since the one who's in trouble is us. Now, in this moment, I'm not acting as the eldest daughter of duke Kretia house, I'm standing in this place as the president of Rikka firm. A few days ago, we harmed your mood due to the ineptitude of our side. We're offering our deepest apologies for that」

After Liselotte's slowly shaking her head, she offers an apology for that one case.

In this moment, she leaves behind her standing in the duke Kretia house and bows deeply to Rio.

「I'm giving my forgiveness. Because of your assistance in the reconciliation, I received enough gratitude from Rikka firm. On top of that, having myself receive an apology right from Liselotte-sama is truly painful on my side」

Rio's a commoner, when it comes to Liselotte who's someone from duke Kretia house, the words that he said are truly correct.

Though it isn't disrespectful by taking a somewhat haughty attitude with his standing of the victim in this place, on the other hand, showing a high-handed attitude without even thinking whatsoever is just a disgrace.

Even if he's maintaining the standpoint of a victim for self-protection, the matter of showing maximum amount of respect due to the standing of the other party as to not being treated as a parasite when thinking about their relationship from now on is acceptable[2].

「We're grateful for that. Because we'll deeply engrave this in our mind so this one matter won't happen for a second time, We'll be grateful if you keep using our service even after this」

「The problem I encountered was due to a visitor, I have no problem with your service and I swear that I'll use your service again when I come to this city again.」

「We're truly glad that our service satisfied you」

Smiling as if feeling relieved, Liselotte's bowing for the second time.

「My apologies for making you stand so long, by all means, please take a seat, we have prepared a meal to show our apology.」

After the talk regarding the matter from a few days ago started a stream of conversation after self-introduction calmed down after a suitable time, Liselotte recommended Rio to take a seat.

Cosette who was positioned at his side already approached the table and pulled out a chair for him.

Rio sat on his chair as he nodded slightly to Liselotte.

In Strahl region, the meaning of the invitation for meal that is coming from a noble is 「Even if it's just a meal, how about it?」, means that you're receiving their invitation for meal.

In this case, the right action when it's the meal time when he comes to visit is to not show refusal just enough as it's a tacit manner for having a meal to show their gratitude.

Part 5

Doing things like returning and rejecting the invitation for a meal, and not serving the meal when invited for lunch is an act of discourtesy.

Of course it's a different story if one's informed in advance when being invited.

Though commoners are ignorant about this kind of manner, Rio was aware about this since he learned the manners of nobles when he was in the royal academy.

「I'm truly obliged by your conscientious. By all means, please receive this as a sign of my greeting」

As he said that, Rio took out a small wine cask and presents it to Liselotte.

「That is?」

Liselotte's asking about the content of the cask as the landlord.

「It's a liquor in my possession. Though I'm not sure whether it's according to Liselotte-sama's palate, please enjoy it if it's alright with you since it's quite a delicacy. You can also enjoy it as an after meal liquor since it's a sweet-kind of liquor」

The liquor inside the cask was one of the liquor made by Seirei no Tami.

Because the elder dwarf from somewhere passed in a large enough amount to the point that he can't drink it all, there's still a large quantity of liquor residing in Rio's item box.

「Well, my pleasure then. I'm also quite fond of liquor. I'm curious about the sweet-liquor. I will receive it gratefully」

Liselotte's showing an innocent and sweet looking smile as she expressed her gratitude.

「Since this is valuable, shouldn't we drink it after lunch?」

「Yes. Of course we can」

Contrary to his humility of sometime ago, Rio has absolute confidence in the taste of the liquor that he gave to her.

Since the liquor was praised as an extremely exquisite item by Celia who's knowledgeable about those exquisite items in her position as a noble. Though it was a standard level for a liquor made by Seirei no Tami.

But, it's plenty enough as a bait for Liselotte who never drank anything but liquor made by human tribe.

And based on the information that he gathered for this purpose beforehand, Liselotte was a person with quite a good sense for a noble.

So there's nothing better than making a good impression for the sake of receiving a guarantee in the effect of the reconciliation contract of the previous case.

Though in reality, it'll bring even more of her attention if he gave something like miso, soy sauce, or rice, it'll be hard for him to answer even if asked with something like ’’Which area of Strahl region that cultivates this?’’, and many more demerit for hiding the information.

「Chloe, may I ask you to set the table for lunch and preapre the liquor given by Haruto-sama?」

「Yes. Ojou-sama. Certainly」

As she answers, Chloe's retiring for a while while carrying the wine cask.

Liselotte's returning her line of sight back to Rio.

「I couldn't help but want to know why I couldn't see the people that came with Haruto-sama in the previous case. Though I would like to offer my apology for the inconvenience by meeting them directly, If it's possible, would you convey my apology to them? 」

Part 6

First is on the level of wait-and-see, she referred to Miharu and co who's not in this place.

「Certainly. Since I feel that it'll be a bother for the master of the house if we're visiting with a large number of people, I'll convey your words without fail」

Rio's giving his full agreement.

「It's alright even if you bring them all you know?」

Liselotte is looking at Rio's face with a expression as if feeling sorry for them.

「Well, they never had any chance of meeting someone of noble peerage before, that's why they say that something like visiting will make them feel out of place. Since they're also unfamiliar with the language of this region. They're really regretting that fact.」

Rio expressed his apologies with a bow while smiling at Liselotte.

「So that's the reason? Though when you say it that way, I feel that Haruto-sama's face looks somewhat different from the one that is common in this area, you're truly proficient with the local language as if it's your native language」

There's a standard language to communicate with every nation in the Strahl region which later developed into the style for each area.

「It's because I was born in the country around this area」

「Oh dear, so that was the reason. Then, is the acquaintance of your hometown amongst the ones who was with you? 」

「Yes. Something in that way」

Rio's nodding while answering vaguely.

And then, at that time.

「I'm sorry to keep you waiting」

Several chamberlains including Chloe who retired before came while carrying the dishes on the dining table.

First is the appetizer consisting of salad and terrine along with apperitif, after setting the table, the two started their lunch.

The apperitif is foaming wine, it was an orthodox one of the slightly dry sweet flavor and low alcohol content.

After holding the leg of the glass and toasting at each other, they're eating the salad and terrine while enjoying the flavor of apperitif.

Liselotte's sending an admired glance at the elegance conduct of using the knife and the fork for Hors-d'oeuvre. [TL : I'm actually spending 30 minutes to transcribe ’’hodobe’’ from Japanese to Hors-d'oeuvre]

「Uhm, though I'm truly ashamed for asking this out of curiousity, Haruto-sama's occupation should be adventurer right? Though it might seem impolite for the adventurers for saying something like this, Haruto-sama is showing manners that is polished to the point that I couldn't think of you as an adventurer」

Liselotte called on Rio's job.

Part 7

In this kind of place, the subject about beautiful manner and meal is only the natural flow of conversation, it doesn't mean that doing something like asking about a subject that derived from those are an impolite manner, Liselotte's question is still within the range of manners.

「Well, to be honest I'm not an adventurer」

Rio was shaking his head while smiling lightly.

「Though it's embarrassing for me to say this, I'm traveling to various places, the beaten monster is sold for their magic stone, I'm living like a vagabond. Manners is something that I learned in the educational institution of a certain country which I went to in the past」

This kind of question that most likely will be coming from Liselotte is something that he already predicted beforehand.

Though he doesn't tell everything, he also included lies in it, so he decided to tell that fact to obscure the information about him.

「Ara, so that was it. I was asking something private....... My deepest apology」

「It's nothing, it's already in the past」

Rio's smiling lightly with appearance as if he doesn't really care about it.

「Then, you stopped for a while in the middle of your journey in this place?」

「Yes, I'm travelling in the territory of Galwark Kingdom, and made a stop here in Almond because it's comfortable staying here.」

「Well, thank you very much. It's my honor to be able to receive such praise」

Liselotte's smiling delightfully.

But, a shadow cast upon her expression immediately.

「It's just recently but, I feel that there's a little disturbance. The monsters in the vicinity of Almond is more active. Though we did a culling by dispatching group of adventurer at regular intervals up till now, the disappearance of the adventurers in that place is increasing too」

Liselotte spoke of the origin of the cause of restlessness in the vicinity of Almond with a gloomy face.

「The increasing activity of monsters. This is the first time I heard about this」

Though Rio's living place is in the forest southwest from Almond, he can't sense unusual phenomenon.

From the fact that there's barrier magic enclosing the vicinity of the house, normally monsters won't come to trespass inside, because he came to Almond by means of flying, he almost never had any encounter with monsters.

「Yeah, the black dragon that was sighted before by the public is causing a panic while hiding in the forest of this area. Even the matter regarding the increasing activity of the monster might be because their fear toward the dragon. The cause of it is currently under investigation」

「Black dragon?」

Rio's asking with curious tone.

Liselotte's unexpectedly raised an 「Oh my」 voice.

「Could it be that you don't know about this matter? One black dragon was sighted flying in the territory of Galwark kingdom around ten days ago. Though it's trail can't be grasped, as for the direction where it was flying to was just right around the direction to Almond. Since there's no witness of it in Almond territory, that dragon might be causing a panic in this vicinity」

Part 8

「I see, so it was that rumor」

Liselotte's telling that information to Rio with a polite manner, even Rio slowly accepted the situation.

「The matter of missing people started to stand out starting around ten days ago in this place. Though it won't be a problem if it's something like goblin, the report is coming up after the figures of orcs and ogres appearing in various places. In addition, because it's also confirming the sighting of another kind of monster and magical beast. Though it has yet to cause any harm on the highway, if you have any intention on leaving to another place, please hold that plan for the time being」

Goblin, orc, ogre――, everyone of them was bipedal monster of human form.

does it have some kind of wisdom, though they're wearing clothes and holding a simple weapon, you can't communicate with them, they're a ferocious and warlike existence.

Though Strictly speaking, goblin and ogre is considered as demon race, and orc is considered as pig race, both will conceive their child with the women of human race as their preference.

Though it's possible even for an armed adult to fight if it's just a goblin, when it comes to orc and ogre, an amateur is truly no match for them even when they're armed.

「Certainly. My deepest gratitude for passing this precious information to me」

Rio's nodded slightly as he expressed his gratitude.

Though the thing like unusual phenomenon can't be found in the current residence, if the excessive activity of the monster is becoming more increasing, it might be because they're migrating, after he left this place, it might be best for him to do a large-scale hunt of monster in the vicinity.

After he expressed his gratitude while thinking about that, Rio tasted the soup and bread that was placed on the table during their conversation.

After finishing the soup, cooled white wine is being poured into his glass with exquisite timing.

The cream sauce pasta is also coming immediately, calculated as if meeting this timing while enjoying the white wine, he's enjoying their pleasant talk for a while.

Soon the meat dish is being carried, after enjoying it with the exquisite red wine that promotes the flavor, in the blink of an eye, the time for dessert and after meal liquor has come.

「There's so many really wonderful dishes. The skill of the head chef is truly excellent」

「Thank you very much. I'll take the place of the head chef to express my gratitude」

After having this sort of conversation, along with the sweets of the dessert, the liquor brought by Rio is set on the table.

Liselotte's sniffing the fragrance of the liquor that enters the glass with a elegant manner.

「This should be fruit wine right. There's a really sweet and mellow smell in it. Yeah, this is wonderful isn't it. With just this smell, I know just how wonderful this liquor is」

She told her impression as if being entranced by the liquor.

When she held the after meal liquor in her mouth, it's sucked in just like that.


Her eyes opened wide.

Her body trembling too much of her impression, and her eyes unintentionally sparkling brightly.

She already drank the liquor before properly savouring it's good flavour.

Even if she's enjoying the flavor, she's regretting the fact that she carelessly drank it, she held the liquor in her mouth for the second time.

Since the quantity that entered the glass isn't that much, she carefully enjoyed the flavour while rolling it on her tongue.

Part 9

「The strength of the alcohol is profound. And yet, it goes down smoothly like that of water. The flavour is rivaling or might be surpassing even the best liquor that I know of. But, for me to have never heard about this kind of liquor......」

Though being soaked in the after taste of the liquor, after she finally regained her composure, Liselotte coughed a little and told her honest impression.

Though Liselotte has tasted several kinds of high grade liquor having lived so far, the fruit liquor she drank now stands out above the rest even amongst the best liquor.

If it's that level of liquor, it won't be strange even if the price attached to it is reaching 10 gold coin when sold to the nobles who love to drink.

No, if it's put into auction and adding the point in the rare exquisite flavour, that price will raise even higher.

In addition, it could be used as a present toward important people and, so many ways of raising the price is circulating in her head.

But, since a carved seal telling about the manufacturer and producing area aren't embroiled on the wine cask that is placed on top of the desk, she feels that was the sole problem.

「That's a celebration gift. It's an Item worth to be presented right」

Rio said that while revealing a light smile.

「Uhm, Haruto-sama. Just where did you find this kind of liquor? 」

Though asking a question like this does not breach her manners, she feels compelled to ask further to start a conversation about this topic.

Liselotte asked that question with her body slightly outstretching forward.

「That liquor was the work of my acquaintance. It's an item that never appeared in the market since he hates humans」

「I see. Indeed, so that's why the carved seal isn't embroiled on the wine cask. Is there really no way for introducing us to that person? 」

「My apologies, he doesn't wish for that. Thing like relationships with humans is what he hates, since he's that kind of staunch person to the point of hiding in seclusion from humans」

Thus, Rio saying that while slightly shrugging his shoulder and smiling wryly.

「I...... See」

Liselotte's face is getting cloudy.

But, even when he says that he won't tell his location, for her to do something like simply giving up on this kind of liquor is something that she couldn't do.

「Then, can't I make a request to Haruto-sama to become an intermediate party for selling this to us? If it's this level of liquor, 10 gold coins with agency fee added for the same volume of this wine cask is the price. Though regarding your portion will be left to your decision」

Therefore for finding a common ground, she's trying with the suggestion of offering the plan that she came up with as a start.

Part 10

「Ah, you're right. ........Though I think it's possible to get his agreement, I couldn't guarantee a constant supply if you're okay with very small quantity for it. The concealment of the information should also be included in as the absolute condition」

Rio put an end just by replying his affirmation in low key to the severe condition. [TL : Not to sure about this sentence]

He's sending a fleeting gaze at Liselotte to gauge her reaction.

「Yes. I don't mind even if you can only offer a small amount of it. By all means, please. We will definitely conceal the information, rather, if you can give us your promise to not offer this to another party, we'll give individual reward in addition to agency reward to Haruto-sama」

Liselotte must bind an exclusive contract, she's even going as far as saying to pay hush money to Rio.

Should it be called as expected, or more than what he expected, it seems that she's attaching extremely high evaluation on the value of this liquor.

「Certainly. But it should take around one month for me to get his answer, is that alright? Since for now, I can only convey this talk」

Not quickly giving his promise, Rio demonstrated his stand while considering the future matter.

「Yeah, we have no problem with that. The matter regarding remunition and fee, is it okay if we estabilish an official contract? 」

「Yes, I don't mind. In case of the matter of me reporting his reply, is it okay for me to come directly to this place? 」

「Certainly. By all means please. But, though I'm basically staying in Almond, there's many occasions in which I go to another city. In case of my absence, the matter will be handled entirely by my chamberlain」


Thus, the provisional negotiation was set between the two of them.

Liselotte's smiling in satisfaction and, she poured the after meal liquor on her tongue once again.

Rio also carrying the tip of the glass to his lips, enjoying the flavour of the liquor while feeling delighted about the development that is beyond his prediction.

After that, they're enjoying a pleasant chat for almost one hour.

And then, Liselotte suddenly showed an apologetic expression.

「Haruto-sama. I have one final request」

「What might it be?」

Having guessed the change in Liselotte's atmosphere, even Rio showed a serious expression.

「The matter of my request is regarding the previous event in which Haruto-sama became the victim」

「Is there something about that event?」

「Yes. Did you know that currently a coup d'etat occurred in the Bertram kingdom, the country next to our kingdom」

「...... Yeah, I'm aware of that」

「Then, it'll make this matter faster. Currently, Our Galwark kingdom is giving their support to the counterrevolution army of Bertram kingdom. And then, the noble who tried to harm Haruto-sama during the previous matter, both of them are the sons of the people which is standing on the position of the leader of the counterrevolution army. When I say this much, you should understand what I mean right? 」

「I see. Do you want to ask me to overrule the reconciliation contract?」

Part 11

Rio asked while smiling as if showing his amusement.

「As if. The punishment of that contract will be executed in the name of Rikka firm. Quiet direct isn't it. ......This request is not as the president of Rikka firm, it's my wish as one of the nobles of this kingdom」

Liselotte's saying that while sighing a little.

「That agreement contract didn't put any limit to Haruto-sama regarding the disclosure of the information regarding the previous matter?...... And then, when revealing that matter to others by Haruto-sama's side, it'll give Galwark kingdom who's supporting the counterrevolution army a bit of trouble」

「So that was the case」

Rio withdraws the smile on his face and shows a serious expression again.

He places his hand on his chin to show that he's currently thinking about something.

「The son of the leader thrown into jail due to causing a stupid quarrel. It won't appear too pleasant in the eyes of noble society right. In short, you want me too keep quiet about the previous matter right」

She asked.

「Yes. I'm saved since you catch on the story quickly. ..... While we're standing as a mediator, we feel that doing things like making a request as a proxy of your opposite side like this is undesirable though」

「Because it made it difficult for the guardian of those guys to have contact with my side due to that contract. I understand where this talk is coming from. Even I was slightly surprised by their thoughtlessness. I'm considering this in my heart」

Rio's showing a slighly wry smile while telling her that.

Liselotte also smiled wryly as she nodded in agreement.

「If you could grant my request, I don't mind taking it as a favor toward me. I will return the favor as long as it's counter balance with this matter」

After saying that.

「....... I see. If I am able to get my request that came from our side granted, I don't mind even if I grant your request. With this I don't mind to accept this debt and loan agreement」

After slightly considering the situation, Rio gave his agreement with conditions attached.

「And that request is?」

「When the worst case situation occurred in the future, I would like to receive the protection to the people I designated to. The number of the people for protection is up to 5 people. The time I want for them to receive your protection is when a request for protection coming from their guardian, which is me. Do you agree with that? 」

Hearing Rio's words, Liselotte's ponders deeply for a moment.

「I see. May I ask the origin of the people who will come under our protection? 」

Part 12

She asked.

「The five people who came with me in the restaurant. One of them is a foreign noble but, the other four are just commoners」

Rio's telling frankly.

「I see..... Noble huh. In short, they have their own circumtances so that they have to be protected? 」

Liselotte's guessing the reason in a moment and then looking softly with squinted eyes at Rio.

「Yes. It's along that. Mmy deepest apology, I would like to have the privilege to hide their name. If you like it, I don't mind if you prepare a contract for concluding the term and agreement」

「Certainly. Certainly, I would like to talk for a bit more please」

Though If there's a certain circumtance that he wants to hide, she plenty much understands that he wants to hide their name in the stage where the contract has yet to be concluded, and doing something like binding a contract without asking anything is a reckless act.

As Liselotte might want to know the information about him as much as possible.

And then, Rio and Liselotte's discussion went on for more than one hour.

Though the situation isn't tense, they're negotiating without holding back.

「Fufu, I could spend a truly wonderful time today. I could even talk sincerely, I hope that we'll be on good terms even after this」

The contract between them is completely concluded.

Though the the time of closure has come when their contract is established, Liselotte sent him off with a quite good mood.

「Yes. I'm truly grateful for receiving today's invitation. Or should I say, Please treat me well from now on」

Rio also told his gratitude with smile as if feeling satisfied.

Though he felt that today he might be stopping only to know a bit about her, he gained a harvest more than what he expected.

With this, he could request for the protection of Miharu and co to Liselotte during the worst case situation.

「Well then」

「Yeah, I'll be waiting for the time when we'll meet again」

After shaking hands with each other in front of the mansion, Liselotte's watches the departure of Rio.

「Well then, Natalie」

When Rio's back was already out of sight, Liselotte called the name of a woman.


Thereupon, a chamberlain suddenly appeared amongst the chamberlain that saw Rio off.

Part 13

「Follow him and please collect the brief information regarding the people in the vicinity of Haruto-sama」


Following the order of her master, Natalie went quickly toward the direction where Rio goes to.

「Is it really okay to scout him?」

Aria who's waiting on her side asked while looking at Natalie's retreating figure that gradually grew smaller.

「I've just done it today. Especially when it looks like we'll meet more often afterward. There's no need to be in a hurry since he's not an adventurer. I pretty much grasped his personality, and I consider this is enough for what I could gain on my own」

Though she signed a contract for sheltering commoners and a noble of special circumstances during the time of emergency.

Her biggest harvest was that high-grade liquor.

As a compensation for sheltering up to hiding the detailed information of Celia and co, Rio signaled that he'll be presenting fixed amount of liquor and several kinds of other liquor which could be sold.

Though Liselotte used to think that was the highest-grade liquor, never even in her wildest imagination that there's still several kind of liquor of the same grade[3].

When thinking about the utility value of that liquor, the condition is extremely attractive.

In addition, even the agency of the marketing of the liquor firmly promising and assertively requesting, for the time being, even if the agency didn't establish, if she could be given the periodic whole-sale of liquor, the balance will be tipped off even if she just sheltered one noble of special circumstances without letting her enter the spotlight[4].

In reality, though there's still more variety of liquor with spirit liquor included, Liselotte who chuckled lightly isn't aware of that fact.

[1] [TL : Not too sure about this one] [ED: seems right to me but japanese character descriptions are always strange to me but better than chinese ones]

[2] [TL : not sure but the context is : Rio keep his standing as a victim while at the same times not acting in haughty manner toward Liselotte for the sake of the event that will happen from now on and to not lowering his evaluation]

[3] [TL : Standard lolol]

[4] [TL : Not too sure][ED: not too sure either]->おまけに酒の販売の仲介も積極的に頼み込んでくれると確約し、仮に仲介が成立しなくとも自分が貰い受けた酒を定期的に卸してくれるとなれば、訳ありの貴族を一人くらい世間の目に触れぬよう匿ってもお釣りがくる。


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