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Seirei Gensouki ~Konna Sekai De Deaeta Kimi Ni~ - Volume 2 - Chapter 76


Chapter 76 [Melancholy of Liselotte]

第76話 リーゼロッテの憂鬱

TL : Cnine

ED/PF : Shance

Part 1

After making sure the conclusion of the reconciliation contract between Stead´s group and Rios in the restaurant of Rikka firm, Aria returned to the mansion where Liselotte is living.

Liselotte had yet to finish the dinner with Flora.

Though the previous event is something that should be reported quickly, she needed to consider the situation too since she had her promise with Stead and Alphonse.

After this, Flora's group will rest for one night in the mansion, Aria decided to wait for the dinner to end before letting Liselotte know about today's event.

Until the dinner ended, Aria wrote the report about today's incident while also dealing with the matters handed to her quickly.

There are some matters that can't be dealt without her as the grand chamberlain, under normal circumstances huge mountains of documents would be waiting for her.

She could name it as greed, because she really wanted to have an excellent tea time after meal to make up for the mess during the lunch break even just a little, since she wasted time proportionate with the amount of time for today's event while she didn't have the liberty to waste time at all.

A while after she silently immersed herself in her work, a report came from her subordinate informing about the end of the dinner, Aria left towards the office of her master.

「Thank you for the hard work. Liselotte-sama」

After knocking on the room's door and gaining permission to enter, Aria bowed deeply[Ojigi].

「Are, Aria. What is the matter? 」

Liselotte's smile was blooming towards the visit of her chief vassal who was aware of her nature.

「Yes. There's one matter that I should convey immediately」

Aria lamented slightly while saying those words.

「What's the matter I wonder?」

Liselotte's train of thought changed as her expression sharpened immediately.

That expression wasn't the expression of the cute Duke's daughter who looked gentle during the dinner.

Maybe due to spending quite a long time together, Liselotte can judge that it's not quite good news from her subordinate's thin expression.

「Two nobles belonging to the Bertram kingdom that are currently staying at Almond have caused a problem in the restaurant under the management of Rikka firm. The leader of that event is the heir of Duke Euguno's house and the second son of Marquis Rodan' house」

And Aria frankly reported it.

「What did you say?」

Liselotte let out a somewhat out of tune voice.

The master of the event is the son of the person in the most prominent position even amongst the anti-revolution troops of Bertram kingdom.

Those two won't be able to even negotiate calmly after causing this kind of incident.

’’What the heck did they do in such an important time――[1]’’, thinking like that, Liselotte placed her left hand on her face while showing a languish expression.

Part 2

「Though I also doubted the inside of their head from the bottom of my heart, the truth is beyond doubt」

Aria said that while shaking her head left and right.

「And then, I wonder what the heck they're guilty about?」

She felt reluctant to hear the details of the incident but, due to her standing it couldn't be helped even if she didn't want to hear it.

Liselotte asked timidly.

「They barged into a room in which another guest was having their lunch, tried to make a pass to the women in that room which then developed to a quarrel, finally they tried to find fault in the other to abuse impolite strike」

Liselotte balance was destroyed and her body collapsed[on the table].

「H-How could they do such a thing? Judging from your way of speaking, it ended as an attempt right? 」

「Yes. It is as you say」

Liselotte was relieved after hearing Aria's reply.

If they had really done that, they would be thrown to jail, no questions asked.

If it's an attempt, the imprisonment can be waited depending on the complaint of the victim.

For Galwark kingdom, for Liselotte's personal reason, they should not hold on after this for Duke Euguno.

The son of that person is thrown into prison for disgracing the honor of the nobles, he'll be in a really bad position.

Because a noble puts a lot of importance in their reputation, it won't be strange if such a scandal causes a change in the morale of the anti-revolution troops.

「One of them?」

「The possibility of desertion is low due to their background, I'm limited to monitoring the inn which they use」

「How about the victim?」

「After the outbreak of the incident, though he was showing the attitude of wanting to complain at the two noble perpetrators, he withdrew it right after the offer for mediation came from me. Though I offered them to come together to the mansion, it seems they have some business today so I couldn't hold them back. Instead, he'll come to this mansion 5 days later」

After they settled with the reconciliation agreement, Rio refused to come along to avoid further trouble.

Rio was almost sure that Liselotte is a reincarnated person.

Since her hair color was changed, though it won't be noticed from afar, in case that she was a Japanese, there's a very high possibility that she'll feel a sense of deja-vu if she saw the appearance of Miharu's group when she met them.

At that time, how the situation will come to couldn't be predicted, Rio refused to go along to Liselotte's mansion and bring along Miharu's group when such a chance exists.

Though Aria wanted Rio to come along, Rio's group were the victims, since it was the fault of the store, she couldn't force them to go with her authority.

Though even for Rio it's not a bad choice to have a brief acquaintance with Aria or Liselotte for the sake of gaining more information regarding the hero and the relationship between Aria and Celia.

Thus, 5 days later, Rio will come alone, showing his good will to the end, they left that place.

Part 3

「Due to this event, the price of the meal was free, and I promised that they'll get a hearty welcome if they come to the store to eat again」

「Good. Since Aria was coping in that situation as best she could for our side, right? Thank you for your effort. In short it can be said that We barely made it out safely」

Liselotte said that as she let out a relieved sigh.

「Nevertheless, it's unusual for an abuse of impolite strike to end just as an attempt. Please tell me in detail how it ended with just an attempt.」

Though the abuse of impolite strike, in the case it is carried out, usually ends with a mortal wound or death of the commoner, in the first place the nobles who abuse impolite strike attack with the intention to kill the commoner.

More or less, though self-defense on the side of commoner is allowed, there are extremely few case in which it ended as an attempt.

「Rather than ended with an attempt, it might be more suitable to say that the youth in the victims side made it end with just an attempt. Somehow the victim severed the swords used, by the two aforementioned nobles, to attack him」

And then, Aria explained the chain of events which made it end as an attempt.

「......HAH? Eh, EEEEEEEEH? 」

Liselotte stared in amazement.

She learned swordsmanship for self-defense during the period in Galwark Kingdom's royal academy, and still receives training from Aria even now for the sake of self-defense.

For this reason she could tell how amazing a feat the so called severing the swords was.

It's a different story if it's some mold-made[2] sword which is made for mass production and neglects the endurance, even if rotten, the high-ranking nobles have their own swords.

It might be possible they have a sword tempered with top quality adamantine steel.

The adamantine sword, when it comes to the one tempered by top class blacksmiths, is very durable to the point that it won't be chipped even after cutting at stone.

And it means that Rio severed that kind of sword.

Moreover, two at the same time.

It's definitely not by a stroke of luck but the person himself aiming for it right?

Though not by much, even if for example she's given the same adamantite steel-made sword, it's not a feat that can be reproduced by Liselotte.

Though it might be possible if she launched a strike to a part of the sword blade with an absurd physical power, you could say performing that in the midst of combat is a superhuman feat, and his two opponents were nobles who received training.

No, it might be more simple if he had a famous demon sword.

「Uhm, did the victim youth have a demon sword?」

Liselotte asked the most possible option while trying to calm down as much as possible.

「Yes. Just by looking at the severed trace, rather than smashed, I judged that it's more correct to say that it's cut with an edged tool. I fear that it's likely a demon sword loaded with magic to increase its severing power to an absurd degree. But, judging from the way he moved his body, I judged that the person himself is quite capable. It might be a feat that comes from his skill and the demon sword together」

Part 4

Aria replied by adding her evaluation based on the real situation.

Liselotte had a very high evaluation for Aria's ability.

She could even say that she wouldn't be able to find a master of swordsmanship stronger than her even when she looks in neighboring countries.

Since it's that Aria who said those words, the credibility is high.

Liselotte groaned slightly.

「I see. Could it be that he's a master of swordsmanship? But, it is strange right? How come an adventurer who has a demon sword and can perform that kind of feat is nearby but not in my intelligence network. Moreover, he's young right? What kind of person is he? 」

She probed on Rio's identity as the victim.

「Though it seems he's called Haruto, there's no one with that name amongst the well-known adventurers in this area. His age is maybe around Liselotte-sama's age, or slightly older」


Liselotte fell into silence with a slightly distant face as she muttered that name.[Ed: Another victim...]

「Do you know that name?」

When Aria asked that question, Liselotte shook her head left and right while smiling wryly.

「No, I don't know about him. ...... When it comes to that, he might truly be nameless, or using an alias, in the first place isn't he an adventurer? I think it might be one of those[3]

「Just in case, though I'm using my subordinates to look for information in the guild, it seems they don't have the relevant knowledge of him. But, though I got some idea in it, I don't know whether the guild of this city is telling the truth or not......」

「He's attracting a bit of curiosity right」

Liselotte said that while smiling happily.

「Assuming that he really was an adventurer, we'll truly gather hate from the guild if we lure any more promising adventurers than this you know?」

Aria said that with a voice slightly filled with amazement.

「That's an exaggeration right. I'm not using forceful mean, I'm just INVITING them. What happens next depends on that adventurer. Moreover, I'm paying attention to not over-fish」 [TL : the raw said ’’I'm paying attention to not inviting too much of them’’]

Liselotte replied with an amused tone.

「To match the schedule of Ojou-sama, please come to this mansion 5 days later for this youth. How about you try to judge him even if only by greeting at that time」

Aria told that while sighing a little.

「As expected. For you to say so much about someone. If he really is that kind of person I want to know him by all means, can I hear a bit more about what kind of person he is? 」

Part 5

Liselotte's truly satisfied, she's really happy to get informed before acting.

「His features is a little different with the human of the country in this area. He might be a foreigner. Though the other five who were accompanying him were also from different human races」

「He~, could it be they're a group of immigrants? In that case, he's not nameless」

「Though it was just the aforementioned boy taking the full brunt of the conversation, his speech is fluent」

「I see. I wonder what kind of person he is? 」

Liselotte asked about Rio's characteristics.

「Basically, I feel that he's a polite and gentle person. Though not a bright one, his conduct is good, and doesn't seem to be timid to others. He's calm and composed, and I think he's the type who thinks fast on his feet」

「He's much too talented to remain as an adventurer right?」

Liselotte said her admiration to Aria's character evaluation.

Basically, she means that adventurers are only ruffians.

The adventurers are normally vulgar, short tempered, and disordered. It doesn't mean that they're a haphazard, but roughly very few amongst them have education.

Though it's not a problem if they're skilled, since there's a place to make use of them, an excellent person even in character is more desired.

「Is there something else you're worrying about?」

「Though it might just me thinking too deeply about this, in spite of the result there's a part in the negotiation which was being guided by the victimized youth ......」

Aria replied with a slightly bewildered expression to Liselotte's question.

「Why do you feel that way?」

「This time, it was the fault of Rikka firm for being negligent in the mediation beforehand, the store manager was unable to restrain both Alphonse Rodan and Stead Euguno. And, though I decided to offer mediation from Rikka firm with my discretion......」

Aria showed a pensive look as she recalled the event at that time and, slightly hesitated to say it.

「After reconsidering it, I'm wondering ’’isn't the flow of the conversation till reaching this point strangely smooth sailing?’’ Completely guessing the situation which our side is aiming at, I think that youth is the one who directed the flow of the conversation」

「So you feel that was the reason?」

「Though it's mainly intuitive, the start of my uncomfortable feeling is maybe when I brought up the talk about mediating and the youth easily withdrew his complaint」

Fu~hn, I can't say anything with only that much but... since your intuition is reliable. If that was true, then he's a great person. Which means that he has ample knowledge even of something like the current international situation

It could be said that the flow of conversation was normally a matter of chance.

The impression is greatly different because a person who only talks and another that knows to follow the flow of the conversation, even when talking about the same thing, the party that talks without thought can't hold on to the matter, and would end up revealing their mistakes even when talking about a desired subject[4].

Part 6

But, based on the way the other party felt, the narrator could even manage the flow of the conversation to some extent.

For Liselotte, she doesn't think that being the talkative type means they are skillful in conversation.

Furnishing the subject by accurately seizing the flow of the conversation, saying an appropriate amount of words, stating his own opinion, the kind of person who holds this kind of skill is skillful in conversation.

Though it's different when it comes to daily conversations, the fellow person who excelled in this type of wiles will become extremely difficult when it comes to negotiation.

「Well whatever. And then, speaking of the mediation, what kind of specific matter was in it? 」

「Basically is giving my utmost attention from the start to end to the reconciliation of both sides. Roughly, the subject of the reconciliation contract is something like prohibiting the meddling in everything starting from now on from both Alphonse Rodan and Stead Euguno, direct or indirect, to the people who came with the person called Haruto. In case of violation, Rikka firm will make an official announcement with their connections for their crime, moreover they'll pay the penalty which amounted to 20 mystic coins」

In addition, for this contract, they must devote themselves to avoid Rio's group from even just touching save for unavoidable situations.

Though the punishment is invoked regardless if it's intentional or an error, for the sake of judging the other party whether they're lying or not, it's been arranged for special paper loaded with contract magic to be used.

This is by soaking the blood of the contractor's side on the contract, is something that will reveal truth or lie when the contractor violates the condition of the contract.

「It's effective but, the punishment is quite a nasty one right. For nobles, the announcement of their shame is more painful than money. If they're violating this contract, they might crush even Duke Euguno's face」

Liselotte face cramped slightly when she heard the content of the punishment in case of the violation of the contract.

Though it's not a problem as long as they fulfill the content of the contract, it's a little scary when imagining that it's exposed by untactful means.

「My deepest apologize. Because I kept my neutrality from the position as a mediator, I hesitated to do too much meddling. Though those two nobles are way too lacking in their negotiation skill, I basically could do nothing but watch the progress and direction of the reconciliation.......... it sounds like nothing but an excuse right? 」

「No, it can't be helped. When the other party is a noble, you should make sure to secure your safety」

「We already made the duplicate of the contract」

As she said that, Aria presented the main duplicate of the reconciliation contract.

Liselotte received it and quickly scanned over it.

「I'm astounded. Isn't this just forcing a one-sided prohibition clause? If the victim's side feels like it, he can announce today's matter without any kind of punishment」

Liselotte frowned to the flaw in the content for Stead-tachi.

When writing the contract, it was normal to include advantageous clauses for themselves as much as possible and predict possibilities so as to resist against all existing weak points so that it won't bite them back in the future.

Though there is a clause that should be left for explanation space, basically it's more desirable to not completely leave behind even the space of explanation to protect their own selves if a dispute occurred.

If it's a judgment from Liselotte, the person who can't see thorough in how the condition of the contract carries out or couldn't predict the consequences beforehand, without exception, is obliged to their word.

Part 7

For the reconciliation contract which was made today is, in contrast with completely advantageous clauses for Rio, she can say that she couldn't find clause that can be taken advantage by Stead-tachi.

Though Stead-tachi is a noble and not a merchant, this is just too much.

「One person was withering way too much when he realizing the seriousness of the matter as if playing with fire, another one was losing his composure and too angry. Though no objection for this subject after it was confirmed by them, the two on the nobles side agreed easily, so the contract was concluded. Even their opponent seemed slightly surprised」

Though it's definitely not the case for many of them, there are some unskilled people who sometimes bind such contracts.

Their only consideration is towards things like pretension or honor, many of them dislike persisting for profit in negotiation.

If one looks at this contract, it can be inferred that Stead-tachi has this kind of characteristic.

「Though it doesn't seem that anyone would cause useless struggle as long as they see the content of the contract, now that the situation has come to this, in order to not recklessly disclose this matter it might be better to bribe for secrecy by bowing to him. The truth is this kind of contract isn't impartial」

Liselotte sighed deeply while saying that.

Even as she glares, she has no intention to struggle against Rio.

And, she has no influence or connection to intervene.

But, Liselotte wouldn't do something like this, for example, while it might be possible from her position, it's not like it's a big problem when completely left as it is.

「Yes. Rather, we called him for the sake of requesting about this matter. Since I assume that he's open for negotiation if we're dealing it rationally, there's no need to worry too much about it」

「You're the one who said it, so it seems to be true. But, this person called Haruto is quite a villain. The contract requirements are done nicely considering he made them in a brief moment」

Liselotte rolled up the duplicate of the contract as she said that.

The contract included clauses for dealing with all the future problems that Liselotte's mind could come up with.

Though the model of the reconciliation contract used in this country is slightly different, she thought that it's a nice contract without any gaps even when looking from her perspective―― at least when she's looking from another point of view.

Rather, there are many points which can be used as reference.

「Yes. Though the person proclaimed himself as just a commoner, when I consider his skill, it's highly possible that he might be a young wealthy merchant or a foreign noble who's currently traveling incognito. There's a possible noble amongst his companion, or that youth might be working as an escort」

「I see. Agreed」

Liselotte turned towards the report up to date while nodding deeply as if carefully investigating it.

「For Duke Euguno to not take a rash action, it should be better if you report's matter precisely」

「Yeah, that's true. Should I report this? 」

「Yes. This is the summarized report regarding today's incident. At the time of explanation to Duke Euguno, please use this for reference」

Part 8

Aria presented the complete set of documents.

「Thank you very much. Your work is as fast as ever isn't it」

After receiving that, her practically business-like talk came to halt, Liselotte's atmosphere became softer as she let out a gentle smile as if saying her gratitude to the excellence of her subordinate.

「Even if their parents are capable, it doesn't mean their children are too. Well, it's proof of a country of historical heredity system 」

Liselotte said it in quite a blatant way.

「It's as your statement says. Though, the Liselotte-sama that says it is a noble」

Aria agreed while smiling wryly.

「Ara, you're a former noble too, right」

「That's true. Nonetheless, it's already long ago」

Aria replied easily without even showing that she particularly missed the tittle.

「Frank as ever huh」

Now, it was Liselotte who gave a wry smile.

「Well then, I'll read this report while you call Duke Euguno here. Thank you for the hard work, Aria. You may go back to your work again」

After a light and pointless chat for a change of pace, Liselotte declared resumption of work.

「Yes. I'll take my leave then」

Bowing deeply, Aria left from the office of her master.

Liselotte who was left alone in that room was looking at the scenery of the lake reflected by the windows.

「Well, today's matter might be a lucky coincidence when thinking of the prospects in the future. A favor is available for Duke Euguno」

She muttered that after a short sigh, she sipped the already cooled black tea with a lady-like elegant movement as her eyes scanned over the document.

[1] [TL : Liselotte's speaking in informal tone now, Yaaaaa~y]

[2] [TL : Sokka Meteorite sword from Avatar The Last Airbender should be a good reference for mold-made sword]

[3] [TL : What a sharp girl]

[4] [TL : Controlling the flow of conversation means controlling the other party without mistaking the timing even when the desired subject coming out][Ed: past couple of paragraphs I have been out of my depth][TL : I've out of idea this past few paragraph]


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