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Seirei Gensouki ~Konna Sekai De Deaeta Kimi Ni~ - Volume 2 - Chapter 74


Chapter 74 [Confession]

第74話 自白

TL : Cnine

ED/PF : Shance

Part 1

「I'll ask both sides. Did both of you attack him while being aware of the complication for performing impolite strike? Please feel free to say if you have something as a reference regarding the impolite act done by him」

According to Rio and the employees' testimonies, Aria decided to advance the talk with the assumption that Stead's group couldn't fulfill the requirement for impolite strike.


Stead and Alphonse were at a loss for words for Aria's question.

Those two tried to kill a commoner without being able to fulfill the requirements for impolite strike――, In short, they tried to abuse the system called impolite strike.

Abusing the impolite strike is something that will disgrace the honor of the noble, and will give a punishment according to the law.

By the way, though the punishment is a short time chastisement called imprisonment in the jail, except for an already finished case, they need to call the accused victim for the sake of announcing the judgment of the punished.


Stead's group keept their silence with obviously confused expressions and beads of cold sweat appearing on their forehead.

Incidentally, they wanted to scream as if it's natural ’’Why are you recognizing abusing impolite strike as our real intention’’.

And, ’’this city is the strange one for not allowing us to abuse impolite strike’’.

But, doing that is similar to confessing that they abused impolite strike.

On the other hand, even if they honestly confessed the fact that they're abusing the impolite strike.

There's too many witness and they have no time to prepare a lie.

It was already impossible to be insistent with force.

Though they couldn't expect something like this――, grit, Stead-tachi can only grit their teeth.

「That was trouble right. Since given the situation, we're unable to give a judgment with just me in this place, if we go to the mansion now, we can still ask Liselotte-sama to give her judgment but......」

Aria said that as she slowly placed her hand on her cheek.

Aria's statement was extremely natural since they couldn't advance the talk if Stead's group kept their silence.

「Wa-Wait a minute! Don't tell this matter to father! 」

Stead stopped Aria with a panicked expression.

Though he was shouting that he'll ask his father's help from sometimes ago, ’’Why is he suddenly shouting such contradicting words’’.

Aria's eyes opened slightly wide as if she was surprised.

「Oya, why I wonder?」

And then, inquiring in a theatrical manner.

「Father is....... currently, sitting on the negotiation table[negotiating]. I mustn't cause too much anxiety......」

Stead answered with an unpleased face.

As expected, today's matter is different from the usual situation, Stead also started to slightly noticing that.

Part 2

If she delivered this kind of report about today's event to Duke Euguno, his father, he might be rack his brain in worry, or anger.

After thinking about this, he suddenly hesitated to rely on his father.

Currently, Duke Euguno who's his father is in Liselotte's mansion.

Ever since he was exposed to the event of Flora's fall from the cliff in the past, Stead didn't quite have a good impression from his father.

Though Duke Euguno couldn't shift his attention too much for Stead since he was busy with the government, he entrusted the education and trouble to his retainer and didn't give any chance for Stead to restore his honor.

Though Stead with this stress and rebellious age behaved poorly in the royal academy, Duke Euguno still didn't shift his attention to Stead, which then reached this point at the present time.

If it's the usual case, there's no need for careful attention from Duke Euguno for this degree of event.

But, currently Duke Euguno is in the middle of an important negotiation in this place.

If he knew that Stead caused this kind of problem due to his inferior behavior in the middle of negotiation, it might no end being just a little bad.

He might even unintentionally smear mud on his father face.

When he finally noticed that.

It was already too late――

But, even if Stead noticed it.

He still feared it.

Because, he might be abandoned by his father.

It not like it's not possible for the right of succession to be handed over to his little brother whose age is just separated from him by a bit, or he might be banished after being disinherited.

The worst kind of future is floating in his head one by one, Stead was falling into various kinds of panicked thoughts.

「Haa......... Haa......」

He heartbeat suddenly throbbed loudly, his breath also became disordered.

This is bad.

This matter couldn't leave this place no matter what.

Stead frantically thought about it.

But, Aria might be aware of his intention.

「Oya, your appearance doesn't appear to be well. Were you thinking that your father will be worried when it comes to his cute son's serious affairs? As I thought, this incident should be better reported to Liselotte-sama while we're going to her mansion. Coincidentally, Duke Euguno is also currently in the middle of negotiation with Liselotte-sama」

She said that in theatrical manner.

Stead made a face as if he bit a bitter bug.

「If you keep silent like this, our talk won't advance. Though after receiving the testimonies from each side in this place, afterward I though there is a peculiarity which is mismatched but......」


Stead and Alphonse's shoulders quivered.

The manager should do a persuasion with maximum priority in this case but, it was possible only if the witnesses and the other employees were not in this place.

Part 3

Moreover, it'll cause even more trouble to the store side, the possibilities of Stead's group getting supporters without applying pressure or using a large amount of money in this place is low.

That's natural, something like bribing Liselotte is impossible since she manages Rikka firm.

In that case, if they're investigating individually, they wouldn't be able to do anything as the truth of their crime comes to light.

「......-op. ......Stop it!」

Stead yelled without minding about his own appearance.

The people inside that room were perplexed in seeing him like that.

「Ha-hahaha........... Oi, what do you want? We are gonna make a deal. Is it money? Fine then, if its money I have as much as you want. I'm a high-ranking noble after all. I'll give as much as you want」

The atmosphere of that place was plainly spoiled by Stead who spoke like a madman.


Looking at that Stead, Rio slowly closed his eyes.

「OyOy. I'm not serious you know. That was an attempt. I'm just joking」

Stead who talking like that had a cramped smile on his face.


Aria called his name with an extremely kind voice for someone who was unconcerned by this matter.

Stead body trembled a bit as he looked at Aria.

「W-What's the matter?」

「Please calm down. First, was there something that you can't tell us. Everyone is confused」

Alphonse showed a dumbfounded expression on Stead's side.

As expected, even he was bewildered by Stead's change of attitude.

Stead regained a little of his composure seeing the figure of Alphonse looking at him with a dumbfounded face.


Stead replied with a depressed tone.

「Though it seems presumptuous, I can guess your situation. Please both of you say with『Yes』 Or 『No』 whether there's difference between your story and the actual event」

Even for Aria, any more than this wasn't interesting even as a consumption for normal mischief.

For the sake of advancing the story immediately, she decided to immediately do a cross examination without waiting for Stead-tachi to voluntarily confess.

Part 4

「First, you came to this store and were guided inside, and then couldn't get the room」


「So you came to this place to get the terrace seat」


「Thereupon, they're the preceding visitor of this place」

「That's right......」

Stead and Alphonse just gave subdued replies to Aria who was nonchalantly asking questions to them.

As expected, even Stead's group who couldn't help but want to run away were obediently answering her questions.

Though they're completely led by the questions, Stead's group had nothing but their own testimony.

「In short, you tried to sit on this seats by making them leave, and called out since the women are to your liking」

「Yeah ......」

「That time, though you were being ignored by the girl, you kept on trying to woo her. Though you were warned at that time, you ignored it」


Though slightly faltered, Stead-tachi obediently answered her.

「It then turned into a quarrel with him and you suddenly drew your sword. At that time, you recognized that you couldn't fulfill the requirement for impolite strike」


The change on the expression from Stead's groups was obvious.

As expected, even they will hesitate to confess their own fault.

「Is there something wrong ? Please quickly answer it」

Aria's looked at them with piercing cold eyes.

As if to say, I won't let any excuse pass.

「......There's a requirement. If I say the truth, promise me that you won't report this matter to father」

After coming this far, Stead suddenly said his condition.

He stared at Aria as if begging with desperate eyes.

「O-Oi. Stead-kun」

Though he hesitated in conditional confession, Alphonse hurriedly called Stead.

「There's no other way but this to settle this current matter peacefully」

Stead murmured with an annoyed voice.


Part 5

Maybe because Alphonse also didn't have any other better idea, he let out a vexed voice.

Looking at those two.

「It should be okay. I swear that I won't report today's matter to your father」

Aria nodded easily.


Stead asked as some life force returned to his face.

Even Alphonse's face on his side brightened.

「Yeah, that's why please quickly answer it」

Aria urged them to speak quickly.

That's right, Aria certainly gave her promise.

And she won't report about today's matter to Duke Euguno directly from her mouth.

That's why Aria will report today's matter to Liselotte, moreover Liselotte won't have any problem reporting today's matter to Duke Euguno.

But, having been given hope when shaken mentally, Stead and Alphonse temporarily lost their thinking ability and failed to notice it.

Rio who noticed that smiled wryly to Aria's harshness deep in his heart.

Celia also smiled wryly with an astonished face.

「......The truth is......that......We're the ones who attacked that guy. We were angry at that guy's provocative attitude, so we attacked him due to our recent pent up stress」

Stead confessed bit-by-bit in an awkward manner.

But, he didn't forget to insist that it was also due to Rio's nonchalant attitude, it could be called that he has shameless nerves.

Though Sakata Hiroaki was the origin of their stress, the ones who know about it is just them, and even then they can't even talk about it.

「I see. By the way, may I ask why the blade of your sword is pierced on the floor? 」

「That is...... It was due to that guy's counterattack. Before I knew, he cut our sword」

Alphonse spoke in a vexed tone.

Sword is life for the knight.

When such an important thing is easily bisected, they finally grasped even the taste of someone having the power to decide their life or death.

The humiliation they felt some time ago returned.

「Cut......... Your sword? Though this might be an absurd question, both of your swords are made of adamantine right?」

「Yeah, that's right......」

「I see. ......」

Part 6

Closing her eyes, Aria's examining the severed trace of the bisected sword.

It's beautifully sliced. [Ed: How is a cut beautiful?][TL : It's mean that the severed section is smooth like the surface of mirror]

Maybe it's more correct to say that it was bisected.

It might be due to Rio's talent, or he might unexpectedly possess a demon sword, or both.

Aria ignored the first question which popped in her mind.

「Excuse me. Let's go back to our talk. In short, you're aware that you're not fulfilling the requirement for impolite strike right? 」

Aria repeated her question which poked right at the core of the problem.

Stead, even while faltering.


Replied to her.

「Understood. Thank you for your cooperation」

Aria bowed to Stead and Alphonse as she said that.

「Is there something you wish to say from your side?」

She asked while looking at Rio.

Since Aria's position made her to be impartial, she had no choice but to ask for Rio's opinion.

Rio nodded a little.

「First, it should be right for me to demanding an apology right」

He just blatantly demanded an apology from Stead's group.


Thereupon, Alphonse's angry voice resounded on the surrounding.


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