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Seirei Gensouki ~Konna Sekai De Deaeta Kimi Ni~ - Volume 2 - Chapter 72


Chapter 72 [The Intrusion of The people of The Same Academy]

第72話 同窓者達の乱入

TL : Cnine

ED/PF : Shance

Part 1

Rio was coming towards Almond City's prominent restaurant along with Miharu-tachi.

They were guided to the open terrace which was tailored as a closed off private room while conversing with each other, and then ate the lunch course dish.

The weather is clear, the wind blowing on their faces was refreshing, while the gentle sunlight rained incessantly toward the terrace.

「Hm~, it's not bad but, I prefer the dishes cooked by Miharu and Haruto. I mean, this meat dish is not bad but, the taste is bland compared to what we usually eat」

Celia said those words, as she recalled the taste of the various dishes from various styles[Japan, china, western] made by Miharu and Rio that she always ate while enjoying the main course composed of a meat dish.

「Thank you very much. But I still lose in regards to the Main Chef's specialty」

Rio showed a humble attitude though he was happy with Celia's praise.

「That specialty might be higher than the specialists who work in the royal court if you go by with just the degree of perfection but, do you know of the degree of perfection in the dishes made by the two of you?」

Celia who was used to eating many delicious foods as a noble frankly told her impression.

In a word, it's a luxury called as delicious food.

New ingredients, new seasoning, with that kind of preparation and then combining them together with trial and error, delicious food is born that way.

Therefore, it is inevitable that the main person who created such dishes is most likely to become a cook who works under wealthy people, the civilian cooks can do nothing but wait for the cook who was employed by rich people to spread the art of cooking, their delicious food, on the street.

That's why the delicious foods that are spreading through commoners is being raised to perfection bit by bit followed by long months and years of work.

「That is thanks to the pioneers who created the dishes that we know. I mean, we only make a dish with a basic recipe. We can cook since there are an abundant amount of the seasonings and ingredients necessary to reproduce the recipes. That's why it's our loss if we meet a professional under similar conditions」

Even so, Rio and Miharu are aware that the recipes have been polished throughout long years of history in earth.

Moreover, many of Rio's ingredients and seasoning are gained during his journey in the continent, the majority of them are not even from Strahl region.

That's why the dishes were made to a higher degree of perfection than any other dish Celia has eaten as a noble up till now.

「Hee~, so the food culture in Miharu and Haruto's world is already that advanced. May I ask what kind of world it was? 」

「My former world huh..........」

Rio said that while his hand touched his chin.

「I'm sorry. Could it be that it's not that enjoyable a story? 」

Celia asked while looking at Rio's expression.

Part 2

「It's not that, I'm okay with it. I'm just thinking about where to start from. Ah right......」

Rio shook his head while making a wry smile as he said those words.

「I think it was a nice world. Though it's depending on the country, the place where I live was warranted with rich and natural resources. There were a lot of delicious things to eat, enough to be called as something like a Gourmet Era」

And so he told her.

「Gourmet era..... A child of Miharu's age making that kind of delicious food. There should be a lot of delicious food that I have yet to know right? 」

「That's right. There are still heaps amount of them. It'll even become completely different dishes with various arrangement of the basic recipe, we'll make many of them after this. So please look forward to it」

「Yeah, I'll be waiting for it. The liquor yesterday was also delicious」

Celia recalled the taste of the liquor that she drank last night with an entranced expression.

After living with Rio, Celia has been enjoying feasts of high-grade liquor that couldn't even be tasted by most royalty every night.

It's not like she was a drunkard nor that she drinks an absurd amount of liquor.

But, nowadays, drinking liquor every night became one of her enjoyments.[Ed: Hobbies?]

「The liquor that you always drink is completely from this world though. If it's related to the liquor, I think the one in this world is more special」

「Ara, is that so?」

「Yeah, I can't say for sure since even I never drank the so called top grade liquor in my former world. I don't think that there'll be liquor in the former world that could match the liquor that you always drink」

「He~, well certainly, even if you say that there's an even more delicious liquor than the one we always drink, it might be a bit difficult to imagine it」

Celia voiced her agreement.

Many liquors being manufactured in Seirei no Tami village are surely fitting to be called as top-grade liquors.

The Elves with their abundant knowledge of medicine are also proficient at making liquor, naturally the dwarves and the beastmen tribe is creating the manufacturing method of liquor that surpasses even the cherished manufacturing method known.

The human tribe who live in Strahl region who tasted it commented that it overshadows numerous brands, not to mention from earth.

As for Celia who drank that kind of liquor every day wasn't able to easily think of a brand or product that surpasses it.

「Yes. Though I've saved some in reserve, those will be taken out in case of a special event since there are not many of them」 [Ed: I guess top grade liquor from Seirei no Tami Village][TL : It is]

「Though I'm very interested in those, the fun mustn't be put on hold right」

Such like that, Rio conversing with Celia who sat on his side, suddenly;Rio felt the line of sight from Aki who sat diagonally in front of him.

The truth is, Rio wondered how many times Aki looked at him since some time ago, Aki quickly averted her line of sight when Rio looked at her.

「Is something the matter, Aki-chan?」

Now since their line of sight matched, he tried to ask whether she had some question.

Part 3

「Ah, no, it's nothing!」

Aki shook her head with a flustered expression.

「Then, if there's nothing...... Are you feeling unwell, you can say if there is something that feels wrong with the dishes? 」

If the person herself said nothing, there's no need to push her further.

So he first tried to confirm whether her physical condition is bad or not.

「Yes. I'm really okay」

Thus, Aki answered with a smile even if seemed a bit strained.

It seems that she really is okay.

Aki sighed shortly and then, after that she stopped looking at Rio. Rio also didn't mind it much more.

Though a short while after that, each of them happily conversed in a cozy atmosphere, at that time, the chaotic situation from inside of the building was arriving to the terrace on which Rio-tachi was.

「......It's a little noisy right. What is happening inside? 」

Miharu, who sat closest to the entrance of the terrace, said that referring to the situation inside the restaurant which didn't match the peaceful atmosphere of the store.

「That's right. It seems there's no violence but......」

Rio replied to Miharu's question.

There's no sound of crashing objects due to violence, though there is the voice of someone who was talking in a rude tone, that voice resounded in the peaceful passage.

The owner of that voice was slowly approaching the place where Rio's group was eating.

「Look, this place is the most popular location in this store」

「Eeh, it has quite a nice view!」

「Wonderful. Since I heard that you want to eat the cuisine in this store I'll listen up for once!」

Soon, the cause of that disturbance showed themselves in the open terrace where Rio's group was in.

The two men who entered were almost at the same age as Rio, and there were four girls glued to those two.

It seems the situation became annoying due to the inappropriate shrill voice of those girls.

The intruders rudely made their entrance into the private room without minding about Rio and the others.

「Hou, I see. It's not bad scenery. It's not such a bad place to vent our piled up resentment. Stead-kun」

「Yeah, I think so」

Part 4

The two men wore cloth armor for knights, a good quality sword hanged on their waist.

Looking at the appearance of those two, Rio and Celia felt bewildered.

Because those two are, Alphonse Rodan, a former classmate of Rio, and Stead Euguno, an underclassman who was flaring at Rio for something in the academy.

Incidentally, these two were travelling along as Flora's bodyguards who were making a short stop in Almond.

Currently is in the middle of the conversation between Liselotte and Flora's group*, since they decided to stay in her mansion last night, they're pretending to be in a holiday to flirt around with women in the city. [TL* : The intermission in chapter 68]

「I'll be troubled, honored guest. This place is currently occupied by guests」

In order to control the intruders, a middle-aged man who looked like a manager sent advice during the confusing situation.

「You should say those words to them right? I've said to prepare the best seat in this shop right? These girls say that the best seat in this store is this open terrace seat」

But, Alphonse-tachi didn't pay any mind to the advice.

Perhaps they think that settling with money will protect them.

Actually, they're still sticking thoroughly to their arrogant act like what they did in Bertram Kingdom.

Maybe because they think that such attitude is reliable, the women in their surrounding also showed impudent smiles.

「Here is a popular seat and it's hard to be guided in here without reservation. The seat that I'm showing to you before is also the best seat in this store which won't lose to this seat. How about it, shouldn't you accept the previous seat?」

「We won't. We've decided. We will sit on this area」

The manager explained the situation.

But, maybe because they were trying to look cool since they were leading a group of girls, Alphonse shook his head resolutely.

That way, Alphonse looked towards Rio's group who sat there.

「Naa, You gu-......」

He lost his words when he tried to speak to them.

He was captivated by the girl's appearance.

Alphonse, and then Stead's eyes were especially rooted due to Aisia's beauty.

Aisia's beauty was a mythical type of beauty to the degree that even Alphonse and Stead who had seen many kinds of beauties as nobles had never seen an equal.

「H-HeyHey, look at there. You're really beautiful, O beautiful ojou-san」

They gulped their saliva and then, Alphonse spouted pompous words with a theatrical attitude.

But, he immediately noticed that he forgot to introduce his name.

「Ah, how rude of me. It's truly a blunder for I of all people to make such mistake. For me to not even introduce myself when I meet such a beautiful lady」

Part 5

He said that while shaking his head as if truly regretting his mistake.

「We are nobles of the Bertram kingdom your neighbor. My name is Alphonse Rodan. I'm a person of Marquis Rodan house. And, he's Stead Euguno. You know what? He's the eldest son of Duke Euguno house」

Maybe because they held pride in their lineage, Alphonse introduced himself with a smile full of confidence.

Stead who stood beside Alphonse was smiling not dissatisfied with the introduction.

Though both of them caused various kinds of emotions to attack RIo, maybe because he changed his hair color or because they couldn't remember male faces, those two didn't notice Rio and Celia's identity.

Maybe because Celia also disguised herself by changing her hair color, or maybe because they were charmed by Aisia, they completely didn't recognize her.

Rio could recall the time when Celia was being extremely yearned by Stead.

Rio was looking at them with shocked emotions that even surpassed his disgust toward those two.

「Well, how about it. If it's okay with you how about having lunch together? I feel that we can offer a very enjoyable moment」

Alphonse said that while mainly looking towards the female camp and disregarding Masato and Rio who are male.

The women who came with them were standing behind awkwardly.

The three of Aki, Masato and, Miharu felt bewildered as they were unable to follow the situation.

Celia's sighed deeply to Aisia who was eating the dishes showing she was extremely uninterested with the offer.

「I refuse. Please leave from this room immediately. Your annoying attitude is unbearable」

Rio who was the representative of the six frankly said his refusal.

Then urging them to leave immediately with a movement of his hand.

The expression of Alphonse and Stead warped to an unpleasant one due to Rio's attitude.

「I'm not asking you. I'm asking those girls」

After quickly putting back his smile, Alphonse approached Aisia, and took her hand with an elegant movement wanting to kiss her hand.

「Stop right now. And don't touch me」

But, Aisia refused him with a absolutely cold tone in astonishment.

And quickly withdrew her hand while frowning slightly.


Alphonse was shaken by Aisia's reaction.

Up till now, he conquered every girl with a kiss on their hand and his smile.

Part 6

As a costume of nobles, when someone requested to kiss the back of their hand, there's a custom that the girl should accept it as long as there's no special condition.

That's why even today, as if it's natural, he felt that Aisia will present the back of her hand to him.

If it goes well, he thinks to make her a captive of his well-ordered appearance.

But, Aisia ignored him.

After his hand roamed as it lost its place of refuge, Alphonse reluctantly withdrew his hand.

「Hahaha. Please excuse my companion」

Seeing Alphonse like that, Stead apologized to Aisia while laughing happily.

「For Alphonse-senpai who always acts a little too over-familiar to women. Please, allow me to kiss the back of your hand」

Stead shook his head in disappointment.

Alphonse was slightly angry at Stead's words.

But, maybe because he thinks that it's improper to get irritated in this place, he just shrugged his shoulder while smiling wryly in an awkward way.

「Well then, Ojou-san. If you don't mind it, may I ask for your name? How can I not even know your name even though I met your goddess-like beautiful self, it's so unbearable to me」[Ed: Do people seduce like this? Anyone had something similar happen near you or to you, or done by you?]

Stead said those words that were unbefitting to his age.

Though Alphonse appearance is quite well ordered, Stead also had a well-ordered appearance which does not lose to him.

Though, Alphonse is the type of man who's closer to masculine but, Stead was the owner of the beautiful face of a young noble.

As a result, Stead also had an extraordinary confidence in his own appearance.


But, Aisia kept her silence without even looking at Stead.


Stead's face cramped, maybe because his pride was provoked by completely ignoring him.

Alphonse was slightly taken aback with a sour stomach in seeing Stead's situation.

Though, crushing the honor of Stead and Alphonse who are high-class nobles isn't something amusing.

「Hahaha. It seems this Ojou-san is quite obstinate. Is this what they say, a beautiful wild rose has thorns. But, we're a little unsatisfied with that reaction」

Though he's still smiling, Alphonse said those words with a tone that filled with threatening color.

Part 7

Though she might be an Ojou-sama of a well known family since she can eat in this store, Alphonse firmly believed that it was not to their level of class as nobles.

In the first place, though there's a question on how much power they can flaunt in Galwark kingdom as foreign nobles.

「I'm sorry, it seems she's in a bad mood when ill-mannered people suddenly trespass. I don't need to say it twice. The exit is over there」

When Rio cutt in front of Aisia after standing from his seat, he told that with a tone full of malice to Alphonse who showed an evil look.

Shameless people who do something like seducing a woman who sits in a place to eat while obviously doing nothing but looking down on others deserve no respect.

In the first place, though Rio was expecting the mediation of the executive manager, the man, maybe because he felt it unwise or being awkward with the current situation, is watching the situation carefully with a confused face.

There's no reason to give their seat to the impolite person who destroyed their long awaited enjoyable moment, Rio was facing toward them with a firm attitude much less to say he didn't even consider the thought of letting them do whatever they wanted.

Alphonse and Stead clearly showed a sour face as if unable to stomach Rio's attitude.

「In the first place, who're you? What's your relationship with those girls?Introduce yourself. Name your lineage too」


Rio's unintentionally letting out a scornful laugh.

Their side just arbitrarily introduced themselves.

He let out a deep sigh as he thought about it.

「There's no need to introduce myself to insolent people. I'm something like the guardian of those girls」

Maybe because they thought that they're being made a fool by Rio's attitude, Alphonse-tachi eyebrows frowned.

「Fuhn, maybe your house isn't even considerably big nor it's name worth mentioning, or else, based on your appearance, you're just lowly adventurer with little income. Though I know that you want to push your limit, aren't you talking with such extreme self-importance towards high-ranking nobles. Your barbarous appearance is suited with your position」

He guessed that Rio is someone not from an important social position, so he's glaring at Rio with an obvious despising glance.

For the time being, even if Rio social position is quite important, he can't just leave after being made a fool of till this far.

「I have no intention to wasting my time interacting with thugs who don't even know how to keep their manners, which even child can do by being silent in the restaurant」

Rio said that while sighed deeply.

「What did you say......?」

Alphonse and Stead's expressions froze when they heard those words.

Though they were not yelling those words, their glare pierced Rio while releasing a dangerous atmosphere.

「You must be have the resolution for what you say so far right?」

Part 8

Raising their hands to their sword at their waist. Alphonse and Stead's prepared to draw their sword at any time.

Miharu and Aki started to shiver due to those two.


Celia called Rio's alias with a whispering voice from behind.

Though Alphonse-tachi can't hear it, Rio heard it clearly.

「It's okay」

While replying in that way, Rio smiled gently to give relief to the group behind him.

「It seems you've too much composure but, I'll overlook it if you leave this place right away along with that youngster over there and leave the girls. Hah, How about that. By the way, we can lend the girls behind us to you. They're prostitutes but, they're suited for a lowly adventurer like you right? 」

Alphonse said that as if trying to make a fool of Rio.

A color of agitation ran on the expressions of the girls behind them with those words.

Maybe because they're unable to bear the tingling atmosphere in this place, their body trembled as if becoming slightly frightened.

「The way you're threatening is very cliche huh」

Rio told them that while grinning widely.

「You got some guts to say that huh」

That was the signal of the war.

Even if rotten, they were knights.

After drawing their sword with flowing like movements, they swung their sword to cut Rio.


After waiting for his opponents to draw their weapons, Rio flash-like slash swooped as if being absorbed by Alphonse and Stead swords.

Rio's sword cut their blades as if they were butter.

Soon, the severed blades of the swords made a sound as they pierced into the floor without even wounding anyone.


Stead and Alphonse's eyes opened wide in astonishment to the spectacle that happened before them.

Even Miharu-tachi was blinking in astonishment to the phenomenon that happened right now.

’’Clink’’, and Rio sheathed his sword to its scabbard which caused that sound.

The people in this place, except Rio[and Aisia], finally snapped back to reality.

「What-the hell...... It's admantite sword......」

Part 9

The admantite sword which boasted the highest durability amongst the swords manufactured by the human tribe's hand was easily severed.

At an abnormal slashing speed.

They couldn't even catch the movement with their eyes.

In short, if Stead-tachi was currently standing on the battlefield they would surely be cut down.

Those two were trembling in fear and disgrace while looking at their unshapely sword which already lost its blade.


Alphonse was shouting while looking at Rio's sword which hanged on his waist inside its plain looking black sheath.

(It might be a magic sword.)

(Moreover a quite high one)

But, Rio just sighed shortly without even answering that question.

「Listen, you really should go back, NOW. The next one is your neck that will fly」

He muttered those emotionless words in low voice as if only targetting those two.


Stead and Alphonse shivered after hearing that freezing voice as a clear illusion of death appeared in their consciousness.


「I-Will-Kill you. Kill. I really will kill you......」

Those two threw those complain to Rio with clear hostility.

Rio's staring without any interest at those two without even flinching back.

(You can try if you can do it)

If you're escaping in this place, where do you think you will escape?

Besides, he really would kill them before. If he said that, he really wants to kill them.

For the time being, the opponent is a noble, there's Miharu's group in his vicinity, thought he hesitated in thoughtless killing, if he kills, he won't leave any trace in the place when there's no Mihahu-tachi nearby.

When he noticing that they were not even put into consideration, Stead-tachi emotions were rubbed in the wrong way even more.

This kind of disgrace was the first time in their life.

Their graceful face warped with the color of hatred and they sneered while glaring at Rio.

As if they want to completely etch Rio's face in their memories.

And then, at that time.

「That's enough. What has happened, may I ask about the situation? 」

A voice of young woman resounded in the terrace where they were.


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