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Seirei Gensouki ~Konna Sekai De Deaeta Kimi Ni~ - Volume 2 - Chapter 69


Chapter 69 [Preparedness]

TL : Cnine

ED/PF : Jake1456

Part 1

Thereupon, one month after starting to learn the Strahl language, Miharu-tachi reaching the point in which they can simply communicate their intention, Rio decided to teach spirit arts and self-defense art to Miharu-tachi.

Although in relation to spirit arts, there's many things that they should do starting from the stage of percepting the flow of odo in their body, odo manipulation, odo visualizing and then, intervention toward mana.

Though he could greatly shorten the time as far as just odo perception if he teaches them magic, when it comes to teaching spirit arts, Rio's estimating that it'll take around half a year even by short estimation of learning period just for practicing the basic level.

Though naturally that period is depending on Miharu-tachi's talent.

The first training is fairly simple, since many of it have something to do with intuitive problem, for the time being there's visible result to see yet.

Therefore, for the time being he decided to teach them self-defense art first.

He decided to teach hand-to-hand combat and pole arts for Miharu and Aki.

「I want to learn swordmanship!」

So, due to forceful demand of Masato, he decided to teach swordmanship to Masato.

Thus, since they need to buy pole and sword for training use, Rio's visiting Almond while taking along Miharu, Aishia, Aki, Celia, and Masato with him.

For Aishia, Aki, and Masato, today is their first trip in this world, Aki and Masato's seemingly quite excited since the day before the trip.

Though today trip also served for the sake of venting Aki and Masato's stress, since it's the first time they're doing the trip bringing a large number of people, Rio's quite anxious.

Anyhow, since all the member of women camp have a striking appearance, they'll be gathering unneeded attention as they're walking in a group within the city.

Thus, for the sake of decreasing his anxiety even just a little, Rio decided to make them wear an extra robe with hood to them.

For the time when their face is exposed by some chance, Miharu-tachi's black hair will also a little conspicuous, so he lent them the magic tools to change their hair color.

They're moving till they reached the vicinity of Almond by flying in the sky with spirit arts after gaining Aishia's cooperation.

After descending on a place with no one around, they're walking toward the city by using the highway.


Masato's shouting with a excited voice when they saw the city's appearance.

「Are you talking about RPG? You really like it right」

Aki who was walking behind him said that with a slightly perplexed voice.

Their current formation is Masato and Rio walking as the vanguard, Miharu and Aki in the middle, Aishia and Celia at the end of formation's walking forward.

「Well. The real scenery of the city is somehow giving that kind of feeling. Hee~」

Masato's enjoying the scenery of the city with sparkling eyes.

Once, he was about to become a slave, though he already tasted the danger of this world with his own body, it seems he already forgot it as the heat of the event has passed his throat.

Today, it seems as if it's a bit exhausting, or it might be because it feels like playing.

Though it seems to be okay if they're going out in the city of Japan, the place they're about to go after this is a place where crime could easily happen and truly incomparable to the city in Japan.

Part 2

City is a breeding ground of crime.

At most if they're being careful on the main street toward the pickpocket, they'll never encounter danger that will be affecting their body or life.

But, if they're moving toward back alley, something like robbery, blackmail, extortion, threat, assault and, rape is an everyday occurrence.

「I've already said it so many times but, there's so many dangers in the city. Even if we're taking separate action, you must never carelessly wander in the back alley and, be careful with pickpockets too. When you're bumping with someone, make sure to confirm whether that person is stealing your wallet or not」

Rio was reminding the three of Masato, Aki and, Miharu again just like before.

Though when he brought Miharu Miharu before, Rio was always with her, today he might not be able to put all of his attention due to the number of the people.

Though the public order of Almond city is better compared to the other cities, the current situation made him feel that they haven't found a way to cope with the increasing population during the current development.

The increase in the number of people who have a hard time with their job is inevitable, which will also increase the crime rate.

Rio knows that since he used to live as an orphan in the slum before.

The human beings who have no home or job and falling into poverty is especially desperate to survive.

They might be treated like a sitting duck if they're looking around inside the city like a country bumpkin.

Much less to say all of their members is composed of only women and children.

Though it's still acceptable if it's just pickpockets, the women might be forcefully taken toward the inn or back alley.

The city is just a dangerous place for Miharu-tachi and he want to make them prepared in advance.

「Yes. I'll be careful」


「OKAY! 「了解! 」

So Miharu-tachi answered with a firm voice.

「Miharu-san. Please notify me immediately if you meet a danger even if it's just a little. When I'm not here, it's to Aishia or Celia-sensei」

He's telling Miharu to call the more experienced people.


Miharu nodded deeply while making eye contact with Rio.

Rio's confirming with a nod and then,

「Cecilia, Aishia. Please make sure to not carelessly move in a place with less people」

He's turning toward Aishia and Celia who's walking at the end of line and speaking to them in Strahl region language.

Cecilia was Celia's alias that they decided before this trip.

「Fufu, thank you for worrying about me. Even in worst case, Rio'll come to protect me right? 」

Celia's eyes opened slightly wider and then she was smiling happily as she guessed Rio's intention.

Part 3

「Though I'll certainly do that, that's problematic attitude. While Cecilia-tachi's shopping, I'll be moving alone, please don't leave the store at that time」

Rio replied while smiling wryly.

Though it's just natural that they'll be able to deal with the problem if they're together with Rio, today, Rio and Masato's taking different actions when the women camp are shopping.

Though the place where Miharu-tachi shopping is geared only toward women, except for the worst case, there's some possibilities that they'll be separated.

「Okay. I will protect Miharu-tachi. I mean since I can use 『Body Strengthening Magic Hyper Physical Ability』, I won't lost to the local thugs」

Celia's showing a posture of clenching her fist with her small hand.

「That's a relief but......」

As what she said, though he have no worry about her being defeated by some thugs if she's strengthening her body with magic, even so, Celia's child-like appearance while clenching her fist made him worried.

「Haruto, I'll protect Miharu-tachi too」

After suddenly coming to his side without him being aware of it, she already pulled his sleeve and said those words with a calm and nice voice.

Though it might be because her blank expression or it might be better to say that she's as expressionless as ever, it seems that her intention transmitted exactly as what she said.

「okay. I'll leave it to you, Aishia」

Rio replied with a smile on his lips.

「Wait a minute. Don't you look like you have more faith toward her than when I say the same words? 」

Celia stepped forward and spoke to Rio with a sullen expression.

「Ahaha. It seems it's because Aishia's a high ranking spirit」

Rio said that as if rebuking.

Aishia, a high ranking spirit is also an existance that should be called as the originator of spirit arts.

She can have complete control of spirit arts by using the odo supply from Rio.

If it's come to the combat potential that's hiding inside herself, it completely can't be compared to Celia.

「Humph, I wonder how strong her power is?」

Somehow, Celia's become interested to Aishia's ability.

「I'm also wondering how strong she is. If she feels like it, she might be able to cause quite a natural disaster」

Part 4

Rio's telling her with nonchalant tone.

「N-Natural disaster?」

Thereupon Celia's face magnificently cramped.

「Though well, it's necessary for me to immediately supply the necessary amount of odo right on her side. When we're separated, at most she just......」

While saying these words, Rio's showing a gesture of touching his lips with his hand.

「At-At most?」

Celia gulped her saliva.

「Well should I say that she couldn't use more than spirit arts around the level superlative magic?」


Celia shouted with a flustered expression.

Speaking of superlative magic, though it'll take a while to invoke it, it's power is certified as a wide area extermination magic.

When invoked during the time of war, it's estimated that it'll be producing around 300 victims in one strike, that number will be further increased if it's fired at the crowded area.

It's power consumption is vast, since no normal magician has the necessary amount of magical power to use it, it's a grand scale magic which needed large quantity of magic stones to cover the insufficiency in the amount of necessary magical power.

For human tribe, even Celia's exceptional amount of magical power will instantly be exhausted if she uses it without the aid of magic stones.

Moreover, the users is low in number since the magic equation precision is low, the user will become a priceless existence no less than the user of healing magic in the military.

「It's not that, I'm just thinking of it based on my standard but, even I have never used offensive spirit arts on the level of superlative magic. So I don't know how much the odo needed or how powerful it might be」

Practically he didn't know the exact power output since he basically never went all out.

In short, currently Rio's answering with a humble answer.

Moreover, it can be said that Rio's magical power is almost inexhaustible.

(Just how powerful will it be if those two are using spirit arts together?)

Celia's face became even paler.

「You hear that, Aishia? You ABSOLUTELY must not use spirit arts with ALL OF YOUR POWER in the middle of the city! 」

Celia's persuading Aishia with a flustered expression.

Though he never meaninglessly using such overkill power in case of Rio, she thinks that it might be a bit dangerous since Aisha just awakened.

If by some chance it might not be possible for adjusting her.

Hearing Celia's words, Aishia showed a surprised face.

Rio's smiling wryly on her reaction.

Part 5

「That's right. Moreover you'll be standing out since there's no human in this area who can use spirit arts. As long as it's not something too dangerous, you should stop with just using body strengthening and strengthening physical ability with spirit arts」

So he decided to insert some words from the side.

The phenomenon is triggered along with small amount of light and magic equation in the middle of air when invoking magic. [TL : The best way to describe it is that the magic invocation is similiar to the one in Denyuuden]

The spirit arts is only triggering the phenomenon along with small amount of light with the absence of the rising magic equation.

Therefore the difference is quite obvious for the people who saw it even if they see similiar phenomenon invocation.

Though, if it's only limiting to strengthening body and physical ability, since it's invocation aren't visible from the outside, it'll be incomprehensible for the outsider that she's using spirit arts from the outsider perspective.

It's also the most suitable spirit arts for self-defense.


Aishia nodded her head.

While having that sort of talk, Rio-tachi arrived in Almond.

The women speciality shop of Rikka firm in which he brought Celia and Miharu before became their first destination.

「Well then, let's meet again later」

「Thank you. Well, we should go then」

They're separating from Aishia-tachi after entrusting them to Celia.

After confirming that the four of them entered the store.

「Well, shall we go then」

Rio called Masato who stands beside him.

They're going to buy the equipment for Masato in the weapon shop while Miharu-tachi's shopping.

「Ou, Best regards. Haruto-anchan」

Masato's replying while smiling happily.

Maybe because he knows what they're going to buy after this.

Rio's moving his foot toward the weapon shop while letting a short sigh.

And then, after visiting several weapon shops, they couldn't meet the sword that's quite for Masato.

「Heey, Haruto-anchan. If it's impossible, isn't it okay even if you didn't get a good sword for me ? Isn't it okay for me to start with a cheap sword first? 」

Masato was saying that with shy look.

「It's something that you will use by putting your own life on the line. So I should choose the best that I can get. Fortunately there's still some surplus in the money」

Part 6

Rio explained the reason why he is choosing a high quality sword and not the cheap one with a serious expression.

Though there's saying that ’’A good workman doesn't blame his tools’’, if there's two people with same level of skill, the reason for victory laid in the superior weapon.

Though he might be restraining himself, his statement which said that he didn't mind cheap item is an evidence that he was never thinking of putting his life on the line or belittling his own life.

It seems that Masato is the first type.

「Is that okay. Masato. I'll teach you swordsmanship. That's something you will use to kill something. Human is also included in those targets. And, when you swing your sword, you must put your own life on the line to take your opponents life. I mean, you don't want to be killed right. I can't teach you swordsmanship if you're not prepared to kill or be killed by someone」

Feeling that this is the best chance, he stopped for a while, Rio told that to Masato.

「EH, AH....... Haruto....... Anchan?」

Masato was flustered and unable to say anything to the sudden change in Rio's atmosphere.

Now, the Rio that is standing before Masato is losing his usual kindness as if becoming a completely different person.

His heart tensed, Masato's attacked by the feeling as if he suddenly lost his footing. [TL : similiar to how you feel when a lift is going down]

「So, it seems that you want to say something right. Unfortunately, this world is a place where the weight of life is cheap. Even if you didn't want to kill someone, someone might be trying to kill you. You still remember those guys who you met when you first arrived in this world right」

Rio's continuing his words after a short sigh.

「This time, it's alright if I'm by your side. But, that won't continue forever. That's why I'll teach you swordsmanship even if you didn't want to put your life on the line. Your body is your own, and then I want you to learn a means to protect someone who's dear to you」

「Ah-Oh, I......」

Masato clenched his teeth till it made ’’giriri’’ sound.

He's clenching his fist tightly with his head facing downward.

His extremely troubled appearance was known by Rio.

「Currently, you have no such resolution. Someone who is immediately saying that they're preparing to put their life on the line immediately definitely have a broken mind」

Rio was saying that with a sold tone as if surpressing his own emotion.

Masato's raising his face with dumbfounded expression.

But, Rio's showing his gentle smile.

「Well, I'll teach you swordsmanship for the time being. Let's leave the difficult talk for now. When I'm not around of Aki-chan and Miharu-san, please protect them, Masato」

After lightly patting Masato's head, He told that with his familiar tone.


In a moment, Masato's staring at Rio's face as if being engrossed with it and then smiling in the next moment.

「Yosh. Then, let's go to the next store. From the story of the previous store, the next store is also doing order made swords. In term of skill, it seems to be the best in this city」

After saying that, Rio started to walk again with a bit faster step.

Masato was happily chasing after his back.


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