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Seirei Gensouki ~Konna Sekai De Deaeta Kimi Ni~ - Volume 2 - Chapter 67


Chapter 67 [The End of Trouble]

TL : Cnine

ED : Jake1456

PF :

Part 1

The day that Aishia awakened, after the dinner, entering the bath, it's the time when the veil of darkness descending.

「Maybe we should end it today and go to sleep」

Rio told Miharu-tachi who's already attacked by drowsiness about the end of lesson of the Strahl region language.

Aishia is also participating as today lecturer.

Since Aishia's speaking in japanese and Strahl common language same with Rio, it's then decided that she'll working as Rio assistant.

Though she's unsuitable to become a teacher due to her taciturn nature, there's no shortage as a partner of conversation since she'll answer neatly especially when asked.

Rather, something that couldn't be understood can be asked in japanese, her work as support is splendid.

「Yes. Thank you for today's lesson too」

Miharu-tachi is in a weary state due to learning a unfamiliar language.

In contrast to Aki and Miharu who's bowing politely, Masato's completely exhausted and falling on top of the desk.

「Thank you very much. Aishia too」

Rio's saying his gratitude to Aishia and Miharu-tachi for their effort.


Aishia's nodding her head.

A gentle smile floating on Rio face as he's looking at her figure.

Though there was some mayhem that happened today due to Aishia awakening, somehow one day ended peacefully.

「Will Celia-sensei want to stay up for a bit longer?」

Rio's asking Celia-sensei who's reading a book on the sofa while drinking tea.

「Yeah, I'm staying-up for a bit more. Please sleep first」

Celia was smiling while sending a fleeting glance to Rio.

Celia's often staying up till late at night.

Today too, It seems that she wants to read the book till midnight.

「Understood. Please sleep quickly since it's bad for your body if you're too often staying up till late at night. Well then, see you tomorrow」

「Good night then」

Rio's exchanging greeting before going to bed with Celia.

「Good night, Miharu-san」

「Yes, good night」

Part 2

Following that, he's exchanging greeting before going to bed with Miharu.

It seems Aki and Masato is drinking a cold beverage in the kitchen.

After that is going to their own bedroom at their own timing.

「Aishia too, good night. You remember the room that I told you from before right? 」

When Rio's speaking to Aishia who's right by his side.


Aishia was nodding a little.

In the first place, what's the standard sleeping for spirit, though their ecosystem is full with mystery, he gave a private room for Aishia.

Incidentally, though it seems that she didn't need a meal, what she eats can be converted into magical power. [TL : A perfect 2D GF and Idol]

「I'll sleep peacefully too today. Though I think I'll be sleeping soon, how about you, Aishia? 」

「Uhn, I'll sleep too」

Somehow Aishia's also sleeping.

「I see. Then, see you tomorrow. Good night」

「Yeah. Good night」

Aishia also returning his greeting, Rio then turned his heel and smiling lightly.

Going toward his bedroom, when his hand is on the door of the room.

Thereupon, at that time.

「.........Eh, stop right there!」

Celia stopped Rio with a startled expression.

Rio turned around and looked with a dumbfounded expression at Celia who's shouting at him.

Miharu-tachi is also looking at Celia with a puzzled expression.

「This place is Rio's room. Aishia」

It seems the one being called by Celia was Aishia.

Aishia was standing right behind Rio as if it was really natural.


Rio's calling Aishia with his eyes opened wide.

Since he can't feel something like malicious intent and her sign is extremely thin, it seems that even Rio himself failed to notice her.

her extremely natural movement is too natural to the point that the surrounding people won't even notice her out of place movement, even Celia who's calling her with a loud voice was unintentionally noticing it.

Part 3

「Uhm, could it be that you forgot your room?」

「Uhn. I remember it. But, together with Haruto when sleeping」

And, Aishia's reply is really natural.


Rio's jaw is flapping open and close.

In a dumbfounded moment, he truly became astonished.

「No, how should I say this, we can't do something like this ...........」

Rio answered as if being troubled by it.

「T-That's right! You can't you know! U-unmarried Y-Young woman and man shouldn't do something like sleeping in the same room you know! 」

Celia was cutting in vigorously while standing from the sofa.

And then, Aishia's tilting her head with a puzzled expression.


And she frankly asked for the reason.


Since Aishia was staring with a puzzled face and extremely pure look, Celia was unintentionally at a loss for words.

But, she immediately pulled herself together.

「A-Anyway! Why do you want to sleep with Rio? You have your own room right? 」

She strongly rejected her.

「The spirit is receiving the supply of odo from the contractor. the efficiency increasing the closer the distance」


(I see.) [Celia]

(It's certainly make sense) [Celia again]

(But, it's still a problem morally. ) [Angel Celia]

(Moreover, sleeping together with Rio while disregarding me, too cunni -, No, this is a moral problem.) [Devil Celia]

Celia should be managing the disordered public moral as the elder.

Or so she tells herself, Celia decided to resist till the bitter end with determination.

Part 4

「Can't I get the odo supply from Rio within 24 hours?」

Certainly worthy of consideration if that was true.

But, it won't be easily approved if it come to them together even when sleeping.


The answer that came was, a NO.

Celia's sighing a little.

「If that was the case, please sleep in my room」

After replied in that way.

「I believe that sleeping in the more pleasant environment is the primitive urge for human 」

But, Aishia didn't move from her place.

「Y-You're a spirit right?」

(Could it be that there's also some kind of desire for the spirit?)

(No, she's certainly an intelligent-life form, that's why it's not strange even if she has that kind of impulse)

「Even spirits sleep. We love sleeping in a cozy place」

Rio's staring at their quarrel with a cramped smile.

Before they noticed, Masato's approaching right on their side.

「Haruto-anchan ........... Will you sleep together with Aishia-neechan?」

He was asking with a voice that was mixed between aspiration and anxiety.

Though he might be not understand the conversation between Celia and Aishia, it seems he guessed the situation from the atmosphere of the place.

Or rather, that's just natural, Masato's strongly aware of Aishia.

That's because he was unintentionally spewing 「Wooow, so beautiful......」 or that kind of words from his mouth when they met.

Maybe it could be said as something like love at first sight.

Incidentally, at that time, he received an elbow strike at his abdomen along with 「Your first love is way too much」 words which was filled with disgust from Aki who's by his side.

「No, I won't」

Rio replied while pressing his temple.

Aki and Miharu on the side is smiling wryly showing their sympathy to Rio.

Part 5

「Even so, Ai-chan also won't back up right」

Miharu said that while looking at Aishia with her deadpan look and the flaring Celia.

Though she didn't know the content of their conversation, it's extremely obvious that it'll be hard to persuade Celia by looking at their appearance.

Incidentally, Ai-chan is Aishia.

That's how Miharu is calling Aishia.

「That's ........ Right」

The quarrel between those two still goes on.

Rio felt as if his headache became even stronger.

Even so, he can't leave them alone like this forever.

Thinking so, Rio stepped up between Celia and Aishia.

「Both of you, can I have a moment?」

He called to them with a slightly dejected look.

「Just at the right time. Let's have the saying from Rio」

Celia's wanting Rio's assistance.

Rio nodded a little.

「Aishia, as Celia-sensei said, man and woman who's not in a intimate relationship shouldn't sleep together」

He decided to persuade Aishia too.

「Haruto and me isn't intimate?」

Aishia asking with a vacant look at Rio.

The lonely feeling in her eyes is as if floating on the surface.

「No, it doesn't mean that we're not intimate but, or should I say we just met .........」

Rio's unintentionally at lost for words.

「Just met ..............」

Aishia's whispering in a low voice.

「I don't quite understand」

Aishia keeps shaking her head.


Part 6

Rio's groaning as if being troubled by it.

A man and a woman who's not in definite relationship[marriage] won't look good if they're sleeping together was a commonly known common sense in human society.

It might be hard to understand for a spirit girl.

Aisha's speaking in their language but, it seems she was lacking the common sense of the human society such as morals or sensitivity.

But, it's possible to make her understand by explaining it clearly.

The problem is how to explain it to her.

「Celia also keeps saying ’’You can't’’ without telling me the reason. Why I can't sleep with Haruto? 」

A young man and woman who's not in especially intimate relationship shouldn't sleep together.

Assuming that the guided common sense is leading to more misunderstandings of it, it seems sleeping together will cause a bad misunderstanding if there's leaping logic even if they're explaining without listening to the other party.


However, due to that very reason there's hestitation in vivid[adult story] explanation.

By all respects, it seems Celia's also slammed on the same wall.

「I'll sleep with Rio if you can't explain it. I'm sleepy」

Aishia seized Rio who's lost for words on his arm.

As it is Rio's walking toward the bedroom that he always sleeping at.

「DAAAA! FINE THEN! In that case, I'll also sleep with Rio! 」

Thus, Celia dropped gigantic class bomb.


A dumbfounded expression's floating on Rio face.

It's seems that it couldn't be turned more unpleasant.

No, it's certainly unpleasant.

「What. Even though you're sleeping with Aishia, have any complaint with my suggestion? I-I'm just keeping a watch so nothing will happen」

Celia's glancing at Rio.

Maybe because she's desperate, Celia's eyes was strangely steady.

Cold sweat is flowing on Rio's back.

「No, I don't have such a complaint」

(The problem is too great right.)

Though he said that tsukkomi in his mind, the current Celia didn't let Rio to choose.

Part 7

「See, we should go then」

Going to the opposite of Aishia, Celia seized Rio's other arm.

(I'm checkmated)

(At this rate it'll really be three people sleeping while forming the kanji of river[川]).

Finally Rio decided to make his stand.

「W-Please wait a minute! Sensei, you didn't want to sleep yet isn't it? 」

「S-Shut it. I changed my mind」

Celia said those words with a flushed face.

Rio felt the cramp on his face.

If he didn't do something――.

「......That's right! Aishia can turn into spirit form right? Then, you can sleep in your spirit form right」 [TL : The raw said ’’Spirit Body Form’’, but I think I should use Spirit Form]

It stumbled upon him immediately when he's thinking around restlessly, so Rio told it to them as if it was a brilliant idea.

「Spirit form?」

Celia's tilting her neck with a puzzled expression.

「Though Aishia is materializing like this now, the spirit can transform into their spirit form. Since basically spirit dislike appearing in front of the public eyes」

That's right, spirits have a inclination to not make an appearance in the public eyes.

Nonetheless, there's also spirit who interact with people like Dryad amongst them, so it doesn't mean that they absolutely won't make an appearance.

Actually, not to mention Rio who's also Aishia's contractor is appearing to be calm even in front of Miharu-tachi.

「In short, she'll lose her human form?」

「Rather than that, it's more accurate to say that that she'll turn into an existence that's unaffected by this world's law 」

When Rio said that, Celia was looking troubled with her hand placed on her lips.

「I............ See. If that's the case....... well, is it okay....... I wonder? 」

Celia's fumbling with a delicate expression whether to give her consent or not.

In the first place, it's a problem about them sleeping together in material form or maybe the problem itself is them sleeping together even if she's not in her material form, even Rio couldn't grasp the core of the problem.

As Rio originally prefered to sleep alone.

But, he can't escape without making any sacrifice.

Even if he managed to avoid being misunderstood by Miharu and can sleep alone quietly, the only thing about sleeping together with both of them is something that he absolutely must avoid.

That's why, the chance is nothing but now.

Rio decided to press forward in one go.

Part 8

「Aishia too, how do you think about it? It seems Celia-sensei is also agreeing if you do it with your spirit form.」

Though the current situation is not the consent from the bottom of Celia's heart is understood even by Rio, he still asked Aishia.


Thereupon, Aishia nodded a little.

Just like that, her form instantly disappeared and, Aishia's figure is outside of the perception except for Rio who's her contractor.

「......... This is the spirit form?」

Celia's asking while staring with dumbfounded expression at the place where Aishia absurdly disappeared.

「Yes. Though she's nearby even now. It seems that they can enter the body of the contractor again after taking this form」

Rio's explaining the current condition of Aishia.

「Uhm, it's not a problem if it's like this right?」

Sighing in relief as it is, Rio asked Celia following right after his explanation.


Celia's speechless while having a cramp on the edge of her lips.

She's showing a brief conflicted expression before closing her eyes and then, soon she's seemingly giving up.

「Ha, understood」

She said that with her head slightly hanging down.

Rio sighed in relief with those words.

But, in that place.

「Even so, you can't since it seems that she was sleeping with you when she materialized this morning right」

Suddenly closing one of her eyes, Celia's pressing with her words.

「Yeah, of course. Since I'll persuade Aishia in this matter」

Rio nodded vigorously.

(As if I'll let something like that to happen)

Even Rio wanted to avoid the incident that's bad for his heart like this morning.

Part 9

「What. Are you saying that you didn't want to sleep with me? 」

With Rio feeling relieved, Celia's muttering those words.

Though contrary to those words, Celia's also feeling relieved.

Celia's voice didn't reach his ears, Rio walked into his bedroom and disappeared from the living room.

After entering his bedroom, Rio threw his body on the bed and looked absentmindedly at the dark ceiling.

His drowsiness is completely dissapear and instead replaced by just mental fatigue.

Inside the room is not just Rio, The spirit girl who's also the source of that is keeping silent in Rio's body.

「Ha~.... 」

When he's looking back at the beginning of this day, he let out a big sigh.

And then, at that time.


Aishia spoke in Rio mind.

Rio's eye opened wide as he was surprised by the beautiful voice that resounded in his mind.

Aisha kept speaking.

『You call me in your mind. Since I can feel it』

So she told him.


Rio's transmitting his words and timidly calling Aishia in his mind.

『Uhm. Yeah』

She gave affirmation for his reply.

Somehow, the Aishia in her spirit form can understand his intention like telepathic communication.

(――By some chance?)

Though it's something that he thoroughly understood during this day, Aishia has a taciturn personality.

Or rather, it might be more correct to say that her emotion is extremely thin.

The feeling such as human emotion almost didn't come to the surface even if she knows the situation by communicating with words, she won't even speak unnecessary things thing toward another person by her own will.

Though it doesn't mean that she's suffering from the mutual silent.

Maybe that means ’’can I help you’’.

(That's just right)

(If I can persuade about the previous matter for Aishia to willingly change it herself)

When Rio's thinking in that way.

Part 10

『Teaching me ............? 』

Aishia suddenly said those words.


Rio's pressed by Aishia's words while feeling that it's a little unexpected.

Maybe because she's inside his body, Rio felt that it seems Aishia's emotion is slightly shaken.

If to explain it in single word for that emotion, the word ’’Bewildered’’ is more appropriate.

『What kind of living being the human is? I, want to know. And about Haruto too』

In that moment, Rio felt that Aishia's existance inside himself is murmuring those words.

(I wonder what emotion is it)

(If I'm using something as comparison――.)

(――It's okay but, should I teach her? By me)


Rio displayed a slightly self-mocking smile.

What kind of living thing a human is.

They have a very ugly side, on the contrary there's also the beautiful side.

The both side is contradiction, it felt as if both side is the opposite side of the same coin.

For Rio, it can't be helped that he looks at those kind of human as a arrogant living being. [TL : It's a fact that you must tolerate dude]

Thinking like that is extremely loading his nerve so Rio chewed his lips.

「It's possible. It's possible if it's Rio. I think that anything can come true if I'm with Rio」 [TL : two word, PURE BS!!!] [ED: with the power of friendship anything can happen][TL : He have almost Zero friend but lot of harem mate]

It's the same emotionless voice as ever.

But, when he noticed, Rio felt that his chest is filled with warmth.

It's as if the noise in his chest a while ago is just a lie.

It's warm.

As if there's something that's singing a lullaby in it.

It's that kind of feeling.

When he noticed that the drowsiness was inviting him, Rio fell asleep soon.


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