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Seirei Gensouki ~Konna Sekai De Deaeta Kimi Ni~ - Volume 2 - Chapter 64


Chapter 64 [Celia Reminiscence]

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Part 1

The stone house in which Rio and co living can accomodating more than 10 people, the dinner table located in the kitchen.

Furthermore, with Miharu cooking along, the range of cuisine expanded.

Maybe in consideration to Celia, today menu is mainly western style consisting of rice, bread, cabbage roll of boiled tomato, terrine, and salad.

「Uwaa, the aroma is truly appetizing. Did Miharu made all of this? 」

Celia asking while her nose is twitching and savoring the aroma of the dishes.

「Yeah, since cooking is one of Miharu-san forte, she's sharing cooking allotment with me. For today, I leave the decision of the menu to Miharu-san」

「Hee, maybe I should learn how to cook too? I want to get along quickly with Miharu」

Celia said that while smiling widely to the many dishes that lining up on the table.

「That good then」

Rio replied while smiling lightly.

Teaching how to cook will also served as Miharu practice for conversation.

Maybe he have to become the middle man when they need interpreter.

「Haruto-anchan. Let's eat quickly! 」

Masato who'salready sitting on his chair seemingly can't endure anymore.

Rio's smiling lightly.

「Ah, sorry to make you waiting」

Then he apologizing to Masato.

「Please sit over here Celia-sensei」

He offered Celia by pulling the chair on his left.

Incidentally, on his right is Miharu seat, in front of him become the seat of Aki and Masato.

「Thank you very much」

After telling her gratitude with pleasant mood, Celia sitting on her seat. [TL : Flower in both hand]

The one that come last is Aki and Miharu who then sitting on their seat after came back from the Kitchen.


The meal began.


Celia's asking Rio.

Maybe she's puzzled why all of them except for her saying the same word.

「This is similiar to the words of honoring the meal, it's to express our gratitude to everything that giving this meal such as the ingredients and the cook」

Rio's teaching the meaning of that words to Celia who's tilting her head.

And then.

「He~, me too then. Itadakimasu」

Celia also said it by mimicking them.

Miharu's who's looking at that smiling happily.

「Then, should we eat the terrine first」

Celia skillfully using the fork and knife to put the terrine inside her mouth.

「There's the flavor of the raw ingrendients which leverating the good taste. Maybe it's light roasted like this lukewarm salad」

And giving her impression with a pretty smile.

As expected of Celia who is a noble, the maybe more people in that area is gourmand.

Miharu dished can made that Celia to singing her praise.

「Then next, how about this boiled cabbage」

After saying that and tasting the cabbage roll, Celia's stiffened while her eyes opened wide.

「S-So delicious! What kind of flavor is this! It's sooo rich! The melting cheese inside of the meat is the best! 」

Celia's giving an extremely high praise.

Rio didn't even need to translate it, Miharu was bashful knowing that Celia praising her dishes.

「What is this red colored thing?」

「That's a type of ingrendients called tomato. Though this ingrendients not exist in this region, it can be gathered in the center of the continent」

「Hee, this stew also really delicious. The meat is soft and tender, the taste also perfectly permeated in it. Any noble will be pleased with this! 」

Celia saying that and giving her stamp of approval.

Miharu's happy being showered by such praise, Rio face also unintentionally forming a smile.

「Aah geez! Now I want some liquor! 」

「In that case .......I've a nice one.『ReleaseDischarge』」

The space next to Rio was distorted and a drinking vessel made of metal appeared out of the thin air.

Celia eyes shining brightly when she heard the word ’’liquor’’.

Rio's line of sight shifting to Miharu's.

「Though I want to treat Celia-sensei with liquor, how about Miharu's also tasting it?」

He's turning the liquor to the three.

When ones have a meal in Strahl region, many people prefer to have liquor than water to accompany their meal.

Or rather, basically the possibilities of natural unboiled water being used as beverage is none.

Though recently Rio was avoiding to drink liquor to matching Miharu's, if Celia's there, he won't be stingy.

「EH? Liquor? 」

「Yes. Since even underage drink liquor in this world. Well, drinking too much isn't good but, I think how about trying mouthful of it」

Rio easily recommendation to Miharu's as if didn't put any guard on it.

「E-Eh, then, only one mouthful please」

Though Miharu seemingly a little worried, maybe because she feel bad for rejecting such sprecial recommendation, she accepted Rio invitation.

「Ah, I want to taste it too!」

「Me too then .......」

Thereupon, Aki and Masato also following after her.

It seems being lured by the metal drinking vessel that was taken out by Rio, both are also curious.

Part 2

「Okay. Then just a little」

While saying that, he's pouring the nicely chilled liquor into five metal karaffe.

Though his and Celia parts is normal portion, Miharu's portion was truly just a little.

「Let's drink then. Toast」

After all the glass is distributed to the member, they're toasting with their glass.

Miharu's brought the glass liquor to their lips with timid movement.


「S-So delicious!」

「Amazing, was the so called liquor is this delicious」

Miharu's saying their impression with dumbfounded face.

Following after that, Celia who's entranced by the aroma sipping the liquor.

「!!!!! What is this liquor! It's way too delicious!」

She was shouting with her expression changed to that of amazement.

The best liquor amongst the liquor that kept by Rio is certainly spirit liquor but, the amount isn't that much either.

With Celia's liquor tolerance, it might be bettter if they didn't drink too many of this liquor.

The one they drink right now is the most famous brand of liquor made in Seirei no Tami village but, even excluding spirit liquor, the taste is in a different league in quality compared to the one made by human tribe.

Celia reaction was just natural.

「Though it's easy to drink, the liquor itself is strong, so please don't drink too much」

「Something like this, where did you get such famous brand of liquor! If you sell it, several gold coin isn't too much! 」

The best liquor that appearing in the human tribe society is priced several gold coins.

But, after drinking the spirit liquor, Celia declared that it's price is more than that.

「Because this liquor isn't made by human tribe」

「Aah, I see」

Rio briefly explained about his exchange with Seirei no Tami till they arrived at the rock house.

Maybe that's where Celia guessed the place in which he obtained the item.

After she's inhaling the sweet and mellow fragrance of the liquor with her nose.

「The noble who enjoying liquor will have their expression changed for negotiation when they know about this. Uhhn, no doubt about it, many people will desire it」

After saying that with entranced face.

「But, I have no plan to introducing it to the world」

「Aah, to think that we're the only one who drink this delicious liquor, what an unthinkable luxury ........」

Celia's sighing as if lamenting about that fact.

The delicious liquor at this level has yet to come out, it's to the point that she didn't think that there'll be a liquor more delicious than this.

Rio ate the beef stew made by Miharu in silent.

The beef stew that boiled well and tended is oozing out with delicious flavor, Rio's smiling ear to ear.

「Well, now we should enjoy the meal that Miharu made. What is the white grains that served on this plate? It's ..... Not wheat right? 」

「That's rice. Though I couldn't say unconditionally the many of the type, it's features is that it doesn't have any taste. But the other flavor will attached to it, thepopular way to eat this is to eat along with the other dishes」

「Hee, then, let's taste it as it is ........Uhn, you're right, it have no taste. I wonder which dish is the better match. Ah, it's good when I ate it with this cabbage. It's also a match with the meat stew」

She's enjoying the meal with full smile.

From beginning to the end Celia was eating the dishes made by Miharu with that kind of feeling.

Now is time to bath after the the dinner.

「Here is the dressing room. The bathroom is on the other side of that door」

Rio's guiding Celia who didn't know the culture of bathing in order to teach her how to use the bath.

「Such splendid dressing room. At this rate, the bathroom might be larger too. Is what I thought but, this house didn't seems to be that wide right? 」

Celia's asking that while looking restlessly into the dressing room.

「Yeah, it's because the space magic is being used to enlarge the inside. Looking from the construction perspective, though there's a limit to how much I can enlarge it, it's really handy」

And, Rio's answering her with calm tone.

「S-Space magic. Is that also something that you got from the people called Seirei no Tami? Now I feel the reality of how much the human tribe is falling behind」

Celia face cramped.

「At first, I also deeply moved by such convenient. Then, let's move into the bathroom」

He's making a gesture to Celia to following him to enter as he opening the door of the bathroom.

「Thank you very much」

After entering the bathroom, she said her gratitude with low voice.

「W-What is this? WAAAAOW! Is this, a bathroom? 」

Celia unintentionally shouting loudly .

「This is what we call bathroom, after washing our body, we warm our body by soaking it inside that hot water」

「It's really different from the bath of human tribe right」

After looking at the bath that was being surrounded by rock, Celia's taking a deep breath in emotionally moved.

There's no culture of immersing oneself in the bath except for some unexplored area with hot spring in the Strahl region.

Though Celia also aware about the hot spring, she practically never immersing herself in it, that's why she's truly interested in her first time to trying it.

「I think you'll be addicted one you try it」

Rio said that while grinning widely.

He turn his line of sight toward the indoor open space as it is.

「Please wash your body and hair over there. The hot water will be coming out if you touching the installed crystal magic tool with your hand. There's 5 kind of soap, each with different function――」

Part 3

Then he's teaching Celia in how to use the soap and the magic tools installed in the bathroom.

「The way to use that place. Since the hinoki cypress and stone bathtub have different temperature, you can enter whichever you like. Please try it later. Since I'll go back to my room」

「Yeah, thank you very much」

The two of them returning to the dressing room, Rio goes back to his room, leaving Celia alone.

After locking the dressing room, she's taking off the one piece that she wore and leaving only with her plain underwear.

After taking off her underwear, her straight white hair that was stretching till her back was spread with a thud.

Though no one in the dressing room, she just couldn't calm her heart when she's alone and naked in the spacious bathroom.

Celia was hurriedly entering the bathroom.

「There's no doubt that immersing myself in the hot water is feel good」

Though she unintentionally have an impulse of wanting to jump with a ’’plop’’ into the bathtub that was raising the white steam, she must first washing her body and hair following Rio instruction.

「Uwaa, this is the first time I see liquid soap. But it have a really nice smell」

Celia's astonished to the height of the soap quality.

That's right, first, the smell is different.

The soap that appearing in the human society is soft thing that called soft soap, the smell also not very nice either.

But, the soap prepared by Rio's have gentle fragrance of flower to the point that she unintentionally sniffing it with her nose,

It's definitely even better than the hard soap that recently invented by Rikka firm.

「Rio said that he made all of the five type, the amount of his income will become unthinkable only by teaching the recipe for this[soap]. Well, that child won't do that though」

Rio is the type who prefer a calm and quiet life rather than something like fame or social position. [TL : All riajuu is like that]

Even if he teach the recipe, she feel that he absolutely won't let his name to be published.

Incidentally because the soap provided in this house is using ingrendients that couldn't be found anywhere except for Seirei no Tami village, it can't be made even if the recipe is taught to human tribe.

That quality with the one certified by Seirei no Tami is superior to the point of absurd even if comparing it with the soap made in Strahl region.

Furthermore, the recipe that he passed down to Yuba village in Karasuki kingdom have lower grade than the one made in Seirei no Tami, it was the one that easy to made.

「Well, maybe it's okay with this degree of cleanliness」

By the way, she gently washed till nook of her body with the bubble soap and then pouring it with the hot water from the hot water tap magic tool to wash the bubble.

She noticed by this point that her skin became glossier than usual.

「Next is face. Uhhm, maybe this one」

After pouring the lukewarm water in the bucket to her face, she picked up the container with ’’For face’’ written on it and taking out suitable amount of soap from inside.

Aplying the bubble soap as it is to her face while gently massaging her face without scrubbing it.

「Uwaa. It feel nice」

The filth that sticking on her face is washed clean, there's only springy feeling and moist left on her skin.

「Then, next is head. Uhm, starting with shampoo then using the treatment next」

After carefully washing her hair with shampoo in the beginning, she throughly applying the treatment next from the center hair of her head all the way to the tips.

「Maybe this is enough? 」

After wrapping her head and long hair with warm towel following Rio instruction, she immersed herself in the bathtub as it is.


An agonizing like coive leaked out from Celia lips.

「It's feel ni~ce~. I might be addicted to this」

She's languishing to the comfortable feeling that wrapping around her body.

After immersing herself in the hot water till her lips while shutting her eyes, her whole body relaxed.

When she raised her face, beautiful stars was reflecting in her eyes.

A smile floating on her face.

「So pretty. It seems the feeling that the world is about to end half day ago was a lie」

Suddenly, Celia's recalled the time that became the trigger of her getting along with Rio.

The place is the library of the royal institute of Bertram kingdom.

The time is around one month after Rio enrolled in the institute.


[Past Scene]

(Ara, that child ........ He's still doing it)

Though Celia was always confined inside of her library, she often coming out like this to the library to looking for book.

In that place, Celia witnessed Rio who's reading a book alone.

Thus Celia's catching a glimpse of Rio reading the book in the library.

Though at that time Celia have a bit of interaction with Rio.

But, Celia remembered about Rio as she's the one who teach him the arithmetic symbol right after the entrance ceremony and being impressed in the way he solving the problem using mental arithmetic with unusual speed at that time.

(He always stacking up book but, I wonder what kind of book that he read?)

As expected, she become a little anxious after frequently seeing him in there.

Though she was always looking at him from afar, Celia was slowly approaching Rio.

(Are, did he sleep?)

When she's approaching, Rio was breathing calmly in his sleep while holding the book.

There was so many papers written with closely packed letter on top of the desk.

(Could it be that he's trying to learn about letter while reading the book)

Celia guessed.

The book that he read is the book that aiming for the children but, he also putting picture book, and literal text book on the desk.

Maybe he's reading the book while trying to find something with what he didn't know.

(Which remind me, he said that he's an orphan)

She's recalling Rio circumtances.

Originally there's almost no one who's originally an orphaned child know commonsense .

Though the book's aiming for the children, reading it is quite troublesome.

(Even so, this boy shouldn't be able to read letter right. He didn't even know arithmetic symbol one month ago. Don't tell me ....)

Could it be that he's learning the letters to read in just one month.

Moreover by self-learning.

Celia noticed that fact.

(But, his lesson won't be able to progressing forward .......)

Part 4

The royal institute is the school in which the noble child goes to, the teacher also won't have such spare time.

And they won't simply delaying the pace of the lesson just because a former orphan child didn't undertand it, or rather they won't even take some of their time outside the lesson to teach a former orphan.

That's why, as the lesson steadily advancing forward, Rio's left behind since he's unable to follow it.

Though Celia herself didn't aware of that as she's quite busy, she could imagine how's that feel if she just think a little.

(Even so, this with just one month of self-study ....... This child is too brilliant. If it's at this level, it might be why he's also knowledgeable about arithmetic?)

Taking one note that was left on the table, then she's taking a look at it.

The handwriting is beautiful without any futile movement from it's trace.

Moreover, it's put in a way that it'll be easy to read, the detailed explanation being writtenon it is incomprehensible.

There's even as far as hand made flash card amongst it.

(He might be tired. Well it's just natural if he continously reading the books in this place after the lesson finished)

Though his tranquil sleeping face is well ordered, he seems to be really innocent.

Celia face unintentionally forming a smile.

「Hey, you'll catch a cold if you sleep in this kind of place you know」

She shaked Rio shoulder.

「........ Uhn........ Celia............. Sensei?」

「Ara, so you remember my name. You're called Rio, right? 」

Celia displayed an attractive smile to Rio who's still half-asleep.

「Yes. You're right but ........... 」

Rio turned his line of sight to Celia as if he want to ask ’’What can I help you?’’.

「Won't you want to have some tea for a little rest?」

「Eh, but .......」

「It's alright, now follow me」

Celia's pulled Rio hand who still bewildered.

She's avoiding Rio eyes since she's a bit embarassed.

(I wonder why did I do such bold action)

she's now wondering it in her reminiscense.

But, now she's glad that she choose to do that.

It's her real feeling.

Since she won't be on good term with Rio if she didn't do that.

With that as trigger, Celia's preparing to drink tea with Rio.

When she noticed, she's meeting with Rio almost everyday, and talking about many things.

Time passed in the blink of eyes, Rio receiving a false charge and she was extremely shocked to the fact that Rio's missing, since he'll die unless escaped from the country.

After he left, though Celia and Rio connection was cut, Celia preserved the memories of her with Rio in her mind.

Incidentally, she's always carrying the letter that she got from Rio without leaving it too far from her, she read the letter as a change of pace whenever she feeling down.

[End of Reminiscense]

「I wonder what kind of face he'll make if I tell him that I always carrying his letter」

Celia's leaking out ’’fufufu’’ smile.

To Celia, Rio isn't simply one of her pupil.

Maybe because she became a lecturer of the royal institute at young age and due to envy, for Celia, there's almost no one who she could call as friend.

Rio was the only companion to whom she let her guard down in that kind of living environment.

There was also the day in which she's lamenting in her own powerlessness who couldn't do anything but seeing him off after being chased out from the country with false charge.

There was even a day in which she think that they might be never be able to meet again for the second time.

Even so, she couldn't throwing away Rio letter which become their sole connection.

They might be met again someday.

Because Celia's wished for it.

Because for Celia's, Rio was an important person similiar to friend, or younger brother.

But, it might be a little different now.

No, though he still that kind of existence for her even now, a little different emotion starting to bud in her heart.

Though she couldn't explain it, Celia could feel that emotion.

Even now, her heart beat is raising whenever she think about Rio.

To the extent that she wanted to laugh at her past self who think that she didn't need something like marriage.

To the point that she's wondering about her own self who's immersing in her research, what kind of maiden her current self is.

「In reality, it's not just a gratitude toward Rio」

For the sake of a reunion with her, he was coming back to the Bertram kingdom which he have nothing but unpleasant memories.

Though he might be making the enemy of a country, he readily saved her knowing that she'sin dangerous situation.

Though the relationship between Celia and Rio is nothing more than a bit over five years.

「...... Maybe it's almost the time」

She might be immersed herself in the bathtub for a bit too long.

After washing her body and washing the treatment that she applied to her in the end, Celia's left the bathroom.

「Rio, the hot water is nice. Thank you」

When she returning to the living room after changing her clothes, Celia's told her gratitude with slightly blushing cheek to Rio who's chatting with Miharu-tachi while drinking black tea.


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