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Seirei Gensouki ~Konna Sekai De Deaeta Kimi Ni~ - Volume 2 - Chapter 63


Chapter 63 [Toward the Daily Life after This Point]

TL : Cnine

Part 1

「You're asking about something a little exorbitant. Do you believing in the previous life or the people who's reincarnating? 」

Rio asked with calm tone.

It's an unbelieveable story if it was the normal case.

Will Seria believe it.

Though he feel a bit anxious, he hide it, Rio was looking at Seria with gentle smile.

Seria also staring back at Rio face with her eyes widen.

「....... I believe it」

A moment of silent, but, she replied.

No sceptism in her words.

Rio thought so.

After being amazed by Seria who answer that didn't even take an instant.

「Thank you very much」

Rio told his gratitude while smiling at her.

「When we met for the first time, Sensei felt out of place feeling in me isn't it?」

「......That's right. I thought that you're abnormally calm for a 7 years old child. Also strangely knowledgeable for an orphan, I feel that there was also many mismatched place」

Maybe because she noticed something, Seria answered while looking as if pondering about something.

「That's natural. Because there's the memory of the previous life in me」

「Memory of previous life ......」

Seria's muttering in low voice.

「It'll become a rather long story but, please hear it」

Rio's telling her.

The thing about him who's originally a student that was living in a place called earth.

About the thing that someday he just suddenly living in the slum of Bertram kingdom.

About when he happened to meet Christina and Flora at the abduction place by chance right after regaining the memories of his previous life.

About when he was captured as a suspect in royal castle right after that.

About him being arranged to enter the royal institute when he noticed.

「Following after that, I also become acquinted with Seria-sensei」

Rio's shrugged his shoulder a little while saying that.

「........ When you met me is the time when you just recalled the memories of your previous life. How old was your age?」

Though Seria was hearing silently, showing the pose of her hand on her lips, she asked.

「I'm 20 years old」

「20 years old you say, that isn't that much different with my current age isn't it」

Seria's looking at him dumbfounded.

「Well, I'll become older than sensei if you add the age from my previous life」

「Older ....... That's mean ........」

Seria's looking at Rio with serious eyes while muttering those words.

Looking him from top to bottom, then from bottom to top, finally her line of sight fixed at his face.

And then, when she's looking at Rio face, he's looking back at her with confused face.


Seria's face dyed in red color and then turned her line of sight from Rio.

「Is there something wrong ?」

Rio's asking curiously.

「U-Uuhn! It's nothing! 」

Seria's answering with slightly trembling face.

Seria heart is beating rapidly, she felt that her whole body become hot.

「Is ........ That so. Are you really okay? 」

Rio's looking at Seria face that seems a bit suspicious.

「Y-Yeah! I'm okay! Hey, please continue your story quickly since I feel bad for making Miharu's waiting」

Seria said that with flustered face while looking at Miharu and co who's watching silently while sitting on the sofa in front of them.

Rio also looking at Miharu's.

Though Masato who can understand their words was showing a curious face, Miharu and Aki was showing a little awkward smile.

「Uhm, understood」

Rio consenting with slightly hanging face.

Though he feel that Seria reaction a bit strange, he feel bad for asking more since the person herself saying that she's okay.

It seems no problem with her health.

Looking at Seria who clearng her throat, Rio's decided to back to his story.

「Though I've nothing more to say but. By the way, now you know the reason why I can speak in their language right? 」

「Yeah. Since all of the circumtantial evidence by this point come to the point of the conversation with those children in a language that doesn't exist in this world. Moreover, even without that ...... A-Ehhm .......」

Though Seria was talking with serious expression, her words suddenly faltered in the middle of her sentence.


Thinking that it's strange, Rio pressing her to continue.

「Ah, Ehm, S-Since I say that i will trust Rio whatever you say, I........ J-Just kidding」

Seria answering with red face.

Thereupon, Rio's eyes opened wide.

「Uhm ...... Thank you」

He awkwardly telling his gratitude.

Several seconds of awkward silence happened between them.

「Uhm, please don't tell anyone about this story. Since I might be deemed as abnormal person for people」

And then, breaking the previous silent was Rio.

Part 2

「U-Uhm I won't tell anyone about this story. Okay」

Seria also answering a little flustered as if trying to match with Rio story.

「Well, please then」

「Yes. Nevertheless, no need to say inconvenience words right」

After saying that, Seria's looking at Miharu's.

Miharu's replied with slightly awkward smile on their face.

Though there's a saying ’’The eyes cannot belie one's true thought’’, there's limit of exchanging plotting with just line of sight.

Currently, it seems that they must take maximum priority for Miharu's to learn the local language.

「Yes. I'm planning to teach the local language to them as fast as possible」

「I see. I also think we should do that. Please just say if you need my help, I'll help you if possible」

「My gratitude. I'll be happy if you're taking an active approach by speaking to them as much as possible even if they can't speak in local language」

「Okay, that's what I'm about to do」

Though they can communicating in japanese with Rio, they're unable to have a conversation in this world language if they're speaking with Seria.

Seria's wording is beautiful, that's why she'll make a good companion.

「Well then, since there's something that I want to teach a little, please chat with them」


After nodding to Seria who's nodding at him, Rio was looking at Miharu's.

「Sorry guys. It'll become a bit heavy talk」

He's apologizing as he want to have a conversation with Seria, just the two of them.

「It's nothing, the matter that you want to talk is something important right?」

Miharu answered while smiling kindly.

「Yes. She's asking why I can speakin your language. So I briefly explained regarding my previous life」

Then, Rio's explaining the situation.

「Uhm, is that okay to tell us about that? Uhm, you didn't need to explain about it if not for us, right? ......Sorry」

Miharu apologized with perplexed face.

Rio, except for the matter regarding Amakawa Haruto, Miharu know the matter of Rio reincarnation.

And then, she said that she want to hear about it someday.

Even Miharu can't imagine what kind of story it is.

But, she know that it won't be lighthearted story, that story is extremely important for Rio.

Their existences become the impetus for him to tell another person about that story.

Because she feel guilty for that, Miharu's apologized to Rio.

「It doesn't matter, since it was a story that I should tell Seria-sensei someday. I think that it's okay by starting to know from that. It might have nothing to do with Miharu-san's. That's why please don't mind it」

To not causing anxiety to Miharu, Rio talked to her with light tone.


Even so, Miharu still hanging her head as if still feeling responsible for it.

Since Aki and Masato never heard about Rio previous life, they're not very knowledgeable about that fact.

「What do you mean by previous life?」

Masato's asking with slightly carefree voice.

Aki who's sitting by his side muttering 「Uwaa, now he asked it」 in low voice.

Seeing that reaction, Rio's noticed that those two have similiar misunderstanding with Miharu.

That's right, they misunderstand that Rio is a summoned person like them and not a reincarnated person.

「I've said it before right? I was once live in japan. I was a japanese」

Rio quickly explaining that fact to correcting their misunderstanding.

「A ............ Japanese?」

Aki asking with a little perplexed face.

Rio didn't look like a pure japanese by outsider view.

His face was look like a half with mixed blood between westerner and oriental person, his hair is dyed in silver color due to magic tool.

Moreover, due to long time gap, his japanese pronounciation also somehow become awkward.

「That's true」

Rio nodded while smiling awkwardly.

He's looking at Aki face as if looking at a little distance place.


Aki also silently staring back at Rio face.

「Is that's the reason you could speak in japanese. I used to think that you're something like a foreigner」

Masato who sit next to Aki showed an enlightened expression.

「Certainly this face didn't look like a japanese. But, the true color of my hair is black you know」

Rio lifted his necklace while saying that.

The color of his hair instantly changing from silver to black.

「OOH! Is this also some kind of magic? 」

Masato eyes are sparkling.

「Yeah, it's called magic tool. There's magic built into this necklace. The magic that I put into this is the one to change hair color」

「He~, that's truly convenient. The magic is」

Masato's groaning as if admired it.

「Yeah, you can put many color if you have adequate knowledge for it」

「Plaease teach me to use magic too someday!」

「But, you've to learn this world language first」

「Aa, Un. That's still long way to go huh ......」

Masato's showing a bitter expression.

Looking at his condition, it seems he's not to eager to study.

Part 3

(Is it really okay? Magic equation is quite complex though)

Rio answering Masato with dry smile while thinking about such thing.

「By the way, there's something that I want to tell to everyone」

Rio spoke to those three while sending a line of sight which containing some meaning.

After making sure that Miharu's attention is gathering on him.

「It's just a possibility but, I might know what everyone acquaintances doing now」

After saying that.


Aki raising a surprised voice.

「But, I've no confidence in it」

「What are oniichan's doing right now?」

「Maybe they ...... are the hero」

Rio frankly pointed that answer.

「...... Eh?」

Aki couldn't believe in what she heard.

No, Aki isn't the only one.

Miharu and Masato also looking dumbfounded along with Aki beside them.

「A hero. Y- ....... Is that how they call oniichan and Satsuki-san. Maybe they're being summoned to this world as a hero」


Aki muttered with dumbfounded voice.

「Are they a hero like the one that become the protagonist in game? Seriously? 」

Masato asked with slightly cramped smile.

The story suddenly turning to an unbelieveable direction.

Maybe their reaction just natural.

「Maybe. I think that's the best possibility for the present」

「Well, if it's aniki I mean」

Masato groaned as if to say that he somehow predicting it.

「Then, is the so called hero strong?」

「Even I didn't know the full detail but, according to the legend, it seems they're quite strong At least stronger than your average knight of this region. Nevertheless, maybe because they're using some sort of magic tool, they can speak in local inhabitant」

「Eeh, how nice! They didn't have to study then! 」

Masato's letting out envious voice.


Rio's replying while smiling wryly.

「And, there's six of them. I know the name of the two of them by chance but, it's not your acquaintance. And I don't know where the remained four are」

Rio's saying that with troubled face while looked at Aki's.

Though when it comes to the hero, there's high possibilities that they're belong to a country in someplace, even that is not absolute.

There're also the possibilities that they're wandering around the place with no one else in which they're summoned to.

In that case, their where about can't be found so easily.

(But, they'll always feel anxious as it is due to their family safety ..........)

Rio also understand the anxious feeling if they didn't know the safety of their important family.

Rio know of that feeling since Amakawa Haruto always lived in that way.

That's why, to Rio, he want to make Aki's to meet their acquaintances as fast as possible.

(But, what Mii-chan will do when they're reuniting? Will we ............ Separated?)

Imaginating the worst kind of future, Rio assailed by the feeling as if he's suddenly lost his footing.

He was happy that he could met Miharu, to the point of forgotten such possibilities.

In the fist place, he's wondering what kind of existance is the youth called Takahisa to Miharu.

Could it be her lover.

Or maybe not.

But, Rio intuitively percieved.

That man was the person who he saw next to Miharu during the high school enrolment.

(I see ............)

Rio showed a self-mockery smile on his face.

Seria who's taking a casual glance at him from his side noticing that slight change.

But, Seria was silent without saying anything.

Though Rio didn't know what he should say, that smile instantly vanished when he's looking at Miharu's.

「For the time being, I'll also looking for more information but, I want you to waiting patiently for a while. Because whichever country is, they'll make an announcement to the fact that they're sheltering the hero sooner or later, basically if that's happen we have no choice but to wait」

The country will make a big announcement for the sake of authority if they're sheltering the hero.

Though that timing is depending on each country, he doubt that they'll keep that fact in the dark.

If he's waiting patiently, one or two rumour about hero might come to him.

He won't miss it if he keep his ears on the rumor when he goes out to the city.

「Don't worry since we're also asking for unreasonable things to you. Please」

Aki's asking while bowing her head to Rio.


Rio answering that while letting out a little lonely smile.

「Well, maybe we must give up or must not do the story in such place*. Though the five of us will live together in this house for the time being, best regards」[TLC* : 「さて、とりあえず話しておかないといけないことはこんなところかな。]

「Yes. Please take care of us too! 」

Miharu's also bowing at him.

Seria who's receiving that also bowing while smiling at them.

After completing the first stage, Rio's looking back at Seria. [TL : The first stage is freaking long]

「The talk has ended. I think I should guide sensei to your own room」

「Room, I'll get a private room?」

「Yeah, since there's still unused room, this way」

「Thank you very much. Rio」

Part 4

Seria was smiling delightfully with ’’fufufu’’.

「Miharu-san, sorry for bothering you but, since I need to prepare Seria-sensei room, can I leave the preparation for dinner to you?」

「Yeah, leave it to me!」

Miharu's answering with clasped hand as if being enthusiastic about it.

「Please then」

After saying that, Rio line of sight returned to Seria.

「Well then, Seria-sensei Please follow me since I'll guide you to your room」

「Yeah. Please then」

Leaving the living room as it is, Rio was walking toward the unused room while guiding Seria.

「Please use this room」

「Waah, it's quite wide isn't it. Is it really okay for me to use such splendid room for myself? 」

「Yes. Basically the room arrangement is similiar」

「Similiar to space-time warehouse? This is completely haphazard article huh. I mean you can also bring such splendid house」

Seria's looking the interior of the room with great interest.

Though she didn't object comfortable room, she can't hide her astonishment at the same time.

「If there's necessary article with the item taken out from the laboratory I'll take it out, how is it ?」

Rio's asking while smiling wryly at that Seria.

「Uhn, it seems we need to skilfully arranging everything. By the way, can you take it out one at time? 」

「Understood. Since I'll taking it out one by one, please say in the front if there's something that you want. Since I'll help you with the arrangement」

「Thank you very much. Well then――」

After that, on one occasion he's withdrawing indoor furniture then taking out the items that was in Seria laboratory.

First is to decide the arrangement of the furniture, after setting it's place he taking out the small luggage and the magic tool.

「What is the function of this magic tool?」

Rio's asking while holding a magic tool in the form of a dark crystal.

「Ah, that's ......... That's right」

Seria's answering with a face of pondering about something.

「Rio, do you want to try to measure how much your magical power is」

And so she said with a little proud expression.

「My magical power?」

「Yeah, I managed to develop the magic tool which can measure the approximate amount of magical power. Please touch the surface of the crystal for a while」


Having interested with the aggregate amount of his magical power, Rio's placed his hand on the crystal surface.


Seria's chanting the spell to activating the magic tool.

Thereupon the crystal started to cast a light.

「Though just the rough amount, It can measure the amount of magical power according to the intensity and the color of the crystal light」

Seria explaining the ability of the magical power that she invented by herself.

The color of the crystal will be graded into 12 stage according to the depth of the purple, blue, red, yellow, white, and black according to the amount of the magical power. [TL : It's mean that each color divided into two grade. BTW the grade is, Highest->Lowest, honestly the numbering of the stage is rather vague]

「The previous model limit was a little bit around the aggregate amount of 200 imperial mage but, the reasult was unmeasurable when that type used to measure the hero. Thus I made a measurement till double of that which is a bit over 400 imperial mage but, I didn't devise it for fine measurement」

Taking the large amount of magical power into consideration, it's not suited for the detailed numerical value.

But, since currently there's one of that tool in Seria hand, she couldn't helped but want to use it to measure Rio magical power.

「Well, be patient then since it can't be helped. How can it be something absurd like aggregate amount of 400 imperial mage .......... EH? 」

Even while Seria talking, the color of the crystal rapidly changing starting from pale black, deep black, pale white, deep white, pale yellow, deep yellow, pale red.

Seria staring dumbfounded to that rapid change.

「No way ....... Deep red is around 180 imperial mage you know. It's still rising .......... Deep blue, 280 imperial mage ......」

Soon the color changed to purple and then returning to the initial stage of black after reaching the limit of measurement.

Though Seria was dumbfounded, she's moving toward Rio with curious face.


She's orz-ed While shouting that way.

「Ahaha. It's ........ Failed product right? 」

Rio's asking while smiling wryly.

「Don't you understand! I was someone who's fiddling with it's numerical value of magic equation! There's no way it'll be FAIL! 」

Raising her head vigorously, Seria giving a strong denial to Rio question.

「Well, look like my magical power is large for human tribe ......」

That's being pointed in Seirei no Tami village that the aggregate amount of his magical power large for human tribe.

Though he never expected even in his dream that the aggregate amount of his magical power is more than 400 imperial mage.

「There's a limit you know, A LIMIT! I mean, my magical power is quite large for human. Even that, pale white is the limit with this device! It's mean that mine is roughly around 20 imperial mage! 」

It's not just her trying to put an air as the distinguished family of magician, Seria's aggregate amount of magical power is prominent even in Bertram kingdom.

But, the aggregate amount of Rio's magical power is more than 20 times of her.

「W-Well, let's stop this discussion for now and going back to work. As for the amount of my magical power, let's examine that later」

He's pacifying Seria who's approaching him with face as if she want to knock him down.

It seems the amount of Rio magical power can't be measured with the current device in this place.

It's not something that can be understood even if they discussing it.

Part 5

「Muu. Well, I've no choice but to acknowledged it since reality is the truth but ........」

Seria's staring intently at Rio face while saying that.

「Well then, where should we place this desk」

Rio started to work as if trying to escape from her line of sight.

Even after that, Rio's continously being stared by Seria for full ten seconds.

After unintentionally sighing, Seria also moving to work.

Their work reaching the point of pause in one hour, during that time it seems Seria also forgotting the previous matter.

They're facing at each other while sitting on the chair that installed in the room.

「Thank you very much, Rio. I'm one-sidedly bringing such trouble for you but, as long as I can do it. Just say it if you need something」

Seria said that with gentle smile.

「It's nothing, please just enjoy your live to the fullest in this house, sensei. Though I might be moving around to some place, I'll make sure to coming back frequently」

「I see ...... Understood. Please take care of me after this」

「Yes, best regards too. In order to leaving to outside, I have to make the magic tool to change the hair color soon」

「Yeah, currently Rio's using magic tool right. Certainly, the impression with different hair color is very significant. Please do so then」

「Yes. After we can leave, let's go to the city to buy your everyday goods」


And then, they're having a discussion.

「Haruto-san. The dinner is ready」

Miharu called out to them while her head appearing from the door of the room that was slightly opened.

「Sorry, Miharu-san」

Rio's replying while smiling happily.

Seria on his side was nonchalantly peeking at his expression.

「Seria-sensei, it seems the dinner is done, let's go then」

「AH, U~hn. It'll become a feast then」

Being called by Rio, Seria's answering while smiling suddenly.

At that time, Miharu and Seria line of sight overlapped.

Miharu's letting out a sweet smile.

Seria's also smiling back to her.

Looking at their exchange, Rio thought that they might be communicating about something. [Se : She's so big, in every place. Mi : She's so cute]

After nodding a little.

「Well then, let's enjoy the feast, Miharu-san. Let's go, Seria-sensei」

Rio's smiling lightly and urgerd them to go toward the dining room.


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